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I tumbled onto the wooden floor of the mansion. Was it a mistake? Had I misjudged where I was aiming?

"Wow, I didn't know you were allowed to fight like that" the Pokémon trainer said, coming up to me

"I don't think we are" I said

"Wait, you broke the rules?" Lucario said. I nodded "well, no way you'll fight again"

Before I could respond, I noticed I was holding a box "oh yea, that appeared in your hand as you fell" Aqua said, getting up.

I got up and opened the box "my machine!" I cried in joy

"You won't be able to return home yet" Lucario said

"Why not?" I asked. Then I noticed no one else was around "where's everyone else?"

"Pikachu has been told to go back to his world and be your partner" Lucario said

"Wait, Aqua's my partner though" I said. Lucario looked at me "wait, I'm going to the Pokémon world?"

"You were sent here for a reason, and that reason has been reviled. There's something in the Pokémon world you need to return home, and Pikachu has been told to help you." Lucario said

"So, we can't go back yet?" Aqua asked

"Pikachu can get it to the point you'll need it. Good luck" the Pokémon trainer said.

Before I could say anything else, Pikachu jolted the machine, causing it to activate. We disappeared in a flash of light…and it was black.

And the next story is started! This will be a series that follows the games, just like I did with pikmin. I've decided to do Pokémon because I'd have to research any other game, and I don't really have time for that right now, and I've played every Pokémon game from ruby and sapphire. Remember: I love criticism, reviews encourage me, and I'm open to input. bye for now!