Title: Rebellion

Summary: Bonnie's disillusioned after Shane turns out to be just another person looking to take advantage of her, and Tyler's anger is reaching a boiling point after his mother's murder. When the two run into each other at a bar, things get physical, and despite (and in spite of) Tyler's relationship with Caroline, they keep getting physical.

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"Do you want to come back to my house?" Tyler asked as Bonnie checked her phone. It was just past two. The bar was emptying, and Tyler and Bonnie were the last at the counter with their drinks in front of them, also empty. They'd both refused refills hours ago.

Bonnie slipped her phone into her pocket and turned to Tyler, pushing her hair behind her ear. "What for?" She cocked her head to the side and smiled, just a little.

Tyler's grin was bigger. "I don't know," he answered. His gaze moved along her body, across the v-neck of her sweater and her formfitting jeans. Bonnie's eyes followed the line of his tongue as it skated across his bottom lip. His shoulders rose and fell in a quick shrug. "Whatever."

His brown eyes seemed to glow with some unspoken suggestion, seriousness disguised as playfulness. There was a safety net there, potential for a quick assertion of a misunderstanding of some sort. His seriousness was fluid.

"Whatever," Bonnie repeated with a soft laugh.

What about Caroline? What about your girlfriend? What about my best friend? What about her?

Bonnie almost asked but then thought better of it. They hadn't said a word about any of that. Not Caroline, not Elena, not Jeremy, not their lives. They'd talked about the funny coincidence that they'd both end up in this bar on the same night, at the same time, wallowing in adjacent metaphysical pits, though they hadn't talked about the reason those pits had been dug.

If she mentioned Caroline now, it would bring them both back to reality, and reality was a place neither of them needed to be. The dim, smoky interior of the bar was good enough. And reality would mean stopping, would mean no hinting to what was being hinted, no coy smiles exchanged, no going back to Tyler's house to do whatever. Nothing.

And so badly, Bonnie wanted something.

Tyler rapped his knuckles against the bar, waiting for her answer. He spun his empty glass around in a circle. Bonnie listened to the quiet rumble as it traveled across the wood. The bartender was wiping down the other end of the bar. Soon he'd have to kick them out. Might as well go before it got to that.

"Yeah," she said. "We can do that."

Tyler let his glass spin to a stop. With his smile back in place, he hopped down from his bar stool, pulling on his jacket and slapping down cash for both their drinks. "Follow me back?"

Bonnie nodded. "Yeah."

The entire drive, all thirty minutes of it, was nerve-wracking. Bonnie opened and closed her hands against the steering wheel, trying to shake the tingling sensation from her fingers, trying to soothe her pounding heart, trying to make the unsettled feeling in her stomach go away.

It wasn't guilt.

It was too electrifying a feeling to be guilt. Caroline existed, somewhere in the recesses of Bonnie's brain where Abby was a vampire and her grandmother was dead and her dad was gone and she and Jeremy were broken up and Shane was a creepy, deranged man who'd only wanted to use her. Caroline was a silvery specter that didn't matter. Nothing mattered. But the rage that had seated itself inside Bonnie's chest and had refused to be dislodged, rage that nothing was as it should be, that the bad things had only gotten worse while good things were a thing of the distant, distant past.

Caroline didn't exist at all.

Bonnie followed Tyler to the Lockwood mansion, looking grand in the dark night. It also looked empty. There were no lights on inside. Just the porch light. The mansion's one resident had been out all night so of course it was dark. She got out of her before Tyler got out of his, and she waited, hands in her pockets. When he got out, he smiled, and she knew he'd thought she'd bail halfway there.

He nodded his head toward the door, and Bonnie fell into step behind him. He unlocked the door and she followed him inside. Only the glow from the porch light accompanied them, and it was snuffed out as Tyler closed the door.

They stood in the dark.

Bonnie stood still. Waiting. Tyler was right in front her, also waiting. Should she make the first move or should he? Technically he'd taken the leap by asking her to come back, even if he'd stopped short of calling it what it would be, what they both knew what it was.


Bonnie extended a hand, surprised when her fingers found him sooner than she'd anticipated. He'd moved closer since he'd shut the door, and her fingers touched the buttery leather of his jacket. She took a step closer but Tyler moved toward her instead, crowding her until she bumped into a table. Something on it swayed and threatened to fall. Tyler's hand reached out to catch it before it could. She opened her mouth to apologize, but Tyler kissed her silent.

It was a good call. Better not to speak.


And his mouth was a revelation. She could taste the beer he'd had at the bar, but it wasn't a bad taste really. He was probably tasting the drink she'd had as well, more fruity than his. His mouth was cold, even colder against the warmth of hers. Her hands wound in the front of his jacket, pulling him closer and holding him in place. When his hands pulled at hers, it was so he could shrug his jacket off, and her hands traveled his chest and shoulders to push it off. It hit the ground in a soft heap, the sound of the zippers loud as they hit the hardwood floor.

Bonnie's jacket was next. It was more fitted than Tyler's and harder to get off. She had to break their kiss to do it herself, but Tyler kept it going himself. His lips landed on her neck, at the collar of her shirt where she felt his tongue leaving a wet trail. Her jacket off, joining Tyler's in the dark land of leather jacket purgatory, she touched either side of Tyler's face to move his lips back up to hers. He came more than willingly and pressed his mouth forcefully against hers. His hand at the back of her neck kept her where she was, not that she was trying to go anywhere, and another at her waist edged up beneath her shirt to stroke her lower back.

When Tyler did stop kissing her, she leaned for more, seeing the white flash of his teeth as he grinned at her eagerness. Then he stepped away from her to pull his shirt over his head, and Bonnie followed suit. Hers wasn't even off completely before Tyler's hands touched her waist, holding her tight enough to lift her onto the table. She reminded herself to be careful of whatever on it might break, though Tyler didn't seem to care anymore. But she promptly forgot all about it when Tyler's palm slid along the plane of her back to brush against the clasp of her bra and unhook it with a flick of his fingers. He pulled it from her shoulders and discarded it somewhere behind him.

When his lips closed over a hardened nipple, Bonnie almost said his name. She swallowed it down at the last second. There was no reason to remind him of who he was - who she was - now. They'd passed the point of no return, no going back, no do-overs. It was what it was.


Twining her arms around Tyler's neck, she relished in the feel of his cool skin against hers. She felt hot, tingly all over, particularly in one spot due south. But Tyler was cool and smooth, like the surface of a polished rock. Steady like one, too. He released her nipple with an audible pop and moved onto the other.

Bonnie pushed herself closer to him. Well, her lower half. Her legs bumped against either side of his waist. Tyler met her halfway, closing what little gap was left between them, and he grinded himself - hard and straining in his jeans - against her. A delighted laugh fell from her lips to be swallowed up by another kiss.

She'd been wrong before. This was the point of no return, the moment Tyler had pushed his erection against her. The moment Caroline's boyfriend had pushed his erection against her, Caroline's best friend. And the moment she'd been happy about it, the moment she'd felt a thrilling little leap in her chest and a throbbing between her legs.

One of Tyler's hands slid along her leg to feel the curve of her thigh. It found the waistband of her jeans then the button at the top and then the zipper. When he tugged on it, pulling it down, his lips paused on hers for a moment. She could practically hear his question in his mind, unwilling to be the one to break the silence. It had been carefully maintained so far.

Is this okay? he wanted to know. He wanted to be sure. It was such a process, this whatever they were doing. Go too fast and it might mess everything up. Go too slow and rightness, morality and memory would crash down on them both, and they'd go their separate ways unsatisfied and guilty.

In answer, Bonnie wrapped her arm tighter around his neck and dropped a hand between them to touch Tyler's belt. It was enough. Tyler's lips were urgent on hers once more, and she thought she felt him sigh in relief as his tongue slipped into her mouth. She tried to concentrate on undoing the buckle, but it was hard with the way he was kissing her. He was much better at multitasking than she was. He worked a hand into her jeans, slipping past the band of her underwear, and he didn't break their kiss as his fingers rubbed against her. They slipped and slid against her where she was slick and warm, focused in their teasing.

Bonnie had to turn her head so his lips fell to her neck instead, and she was finally able to get a good grip on his belt. She smiled to herself at the clang of the metal buckle coming undone. And the rest was easy. Shoving his jeans down, she grinded against his fingers, just trying to get them in. But Tyler kept circling her clit, pressing against it when he wanted and pulling breathy moans from her lips.

Tyler withdrew his fingers quickly to step out of his jeans and underwear, and Bonnie leaned against the wall to catch her breath. She pressed her hair from her face and dropped a hand between her legs to pick up where Tyler left off. The friction was less satisfying with her jeans in the way, and she moved to kick them off. Tyler helped her, pulling off her flats and going for her jeans which he rolled off with swift precision. Her panties followed them.

Then he kissed her again, and Bonnie couldn't remember the last time she'd been kissed so much. And so well. Back when she and Jeremy were an item, no doubt, but those days were far away. Tyler was in the present, right in front of her with his lips on hers and his fingers back between her legs. This time he eased them inside, testing the waters, feeling just how bad she wanted him - wanted this, wanted whatever.

How bad did she want it?




Bonnie sighed against his mouth as he pushed his fingers in to the knuckle in a steady rhythm. He responded with a sigh of his own and a nip at her bottom lip with his teeth.

He had perfect fingers that knew how to get the job done, knew how to curve just right, knew the point they were trying to reach and the most efficient way to get there.

But Bonnie hadn't come there for his fingers.

Bonnie reached for him, wrapped her fingers gently around him and dragged a finger along the vein. When she circled the tip with her fingers, they came away wet, and she spread the dampness along his shaft. He hissed at her light tug, pulled his lips from hers with a smack, and took his fingers away like she wanted. He pushed her knees apart and took himself in hand. He jacked himself a couple of times, and Bonnie could imagine his face, could even a see a shadowy version of it. His tongue glossed across his bottom lip, and Bonnie's body hummed with anticipation.

This wasn't what she thought her night was going to look like when she caught Tyler's eye at the bar. She hadn't even thought he'd acknowledge her even when they were staring right at one another, but he did. He motioned to her with a quick flick of his wrist and ordered her a drink.

And now this.


Bonnie arched her back as he pushed inside of her. They exchanged satisfied groans, and Bonnie looped her arms around his neck to kiss him deeply. His strokes were deep and fast, hard enough that she lost sight of the few perceptions she had left. Whatever reminders of Caroline remained, whatever reminders of everything remained, got pushed further and further away with every thrust and every calculated twist of Tyler's fingers on her clit. Eventually nothing existed but Bonnie and Tyler in this house, with him inside her, her wrapped around him, their mouths fused together as they fucked.

Bonnie had never really been fucked before.

There was sex, but Jeremy had always been fairly gentle. They took their time, moved at a nice, leisurely pace. It never felt urgent, never felt painfully, erotically important that it happen, that it happen quickly, that it happen before either of them changed their minds about it.

Fucking was pretty nice.

Then there was her orgasm.

Bonnie clawed at Tyler's back, having too much fun to worry if she was leaving marks. He threw his arm around her waist to pull her tighter against him, holding her close and very tight as it rushed over her. She felt it in her center first, compounded by a purposeful pinch Tyler laid on her clit, and she closed her eyes to tilt her head back. His lips fell across her neck, kissing along her throat, and he didn't stop thrusting. She almost told him to stop. She always got too sensitive after an orgasm, but she didn't tell him, and he didn't stop. And she was glad she hadn't said anything because this was much better.

The second orgasm was a surprise to both of them.

It came in the middle of Tyler's, as he was grunting in her ear. It was a sound he made, deep in his throat that triggered it. And the breathy "Fuck" that accompanied it.

When Tyler pulled out of her, she felt wetness drip onto her thighs, but she didn't have the energy to do any moving of her own. And Tyler didn't move much further either. He rested his head against her shoulder as he softened against her leg, and she threaded her fingers through his hair and tried to catch her breath. In the process she forgot she didn't want to be the one to speak first.

"Tyler," she said, her heart picking up an anxious beat immediately as she heard her own voice.

Technically Tyler had already spoken. Sort of. But that hardly counted. Now she had gone and wrecked it.

"Yeah?" Tyler said.

Bonnie closed her eyes and stroked the back of his neck wondering if she was going to be asking too much if she suggested another go.

Oh, well. They'd already done it once, no need to find God now.

"Can we...Can we go upstairs?"

Tyler didn't answer at first. She knew he'd heard her. He was probably thinking up a delicate way to refuse, maybe something a little more original than, "I've got an early start in the morning."

Languidly, Tyler pulled his head from her shoulder and angled his lips to hers for a deep kiss. He pulled away from her. She heard his footsteps going away from her, and she held in her disappointed sigh as the lights were turned on.

Bonnie slid off the table and scanned the floor for what belonged to her. Her eyes were too busy adjusting to the light to differentiate her clothes from Tyler's.

"Come on," he said, startling her a bit. He was going for the stairs, not bothering with his clothes at all. He was getting hard again, and he flashed her a grin as he went.

Bonnie grinned back as she stepped over the mess they'd made and followed him up the stairs.

Tyler got to his room before she did, and she found him sprawled on his back across his bed. The overhead light was on, and she could see him clearly, every part of him. The strong plane of his chest, the deep-V of his hips, the muscled arm behind his head, the head of his cock peeking through his fingers as he fisted himself lazily.

Bonnie stepped toward him and smiled when he smiled at her approach. She sat next to him on the bed and rested a hand on his thigh, watching the progress of his fist. Up and down. Up and down. A harder tug of the head, and a hiss at the back of his throat.

When she pulled her hair over her shoulder, she was sure Tyler knew what was coming. He perked up a bit more, gave her a bit more attention. When she lowered her mouth and took in the head, Tyler's hips lifted off the bed just slightly, but she noticed, and it made her proud. She filled her mouth with him, and when she drew up, she looked toward him. He was watching her.

She held his gaze as she dragged her tongue along the shaft, and he grinned. Laughed a little, too.

It was the kind of laugh she wanted to laugh. An I-can't-believe-we're-doing-this-but-I'm-so-glad-w e-are laugh. She would have laughed it had her mouth not been full again.


Take two.

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