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''Thank you''

Sasuke said as he pressed a pressure point on her neck, then he left,

Sakura opened her eyes, apparently Sasuke didn't do it right because she was not knocked out, Sakura saw Sasuke's fleeting figure just outside of town, she masked her chakra and followed.

(time skip)

somehow Sakura had made it to Orochimaru's lair without being found, she saw Sasuke go in with some other ninjas, after about ten minuets Sakura got out of the tree to look around,

''Well, I don't think your supposed to be here,''

someone behind her said, making her jump, Sakura whipped around to see Kabuto standing behind her, Sakura pulled out a kunai knife,

''Tsk tsk, so quick to violence Sakura-San''

''Get away from me,''

Sakura said slowly backing away,

''Of course you know we can't let you go after you found out where we are,''

Kabuto said,


Sakura looked around just in time to see another shinobi hit her on the head with something heavy, it knocked he out and they carried her into the cave

(time skip)

When Sakura woke up she was in a small cell that looked like it was dug out of a cave side, witch it probably was, she had a small toilet area and a rasied rock with a thin blanket on it,

''Glad to see your awake,''

Sakura looked up and saw Kabuto smirking down at her,

''Wouldn't do if you died before we could get any information out of you,''

Kabuto said, still with a smirk on his face, his glasses reflecting light,

Sakura pushed down a wave a nausea, thats right, she was a prisoner of one of the most powerful ninjas in all the land, who also was a S-ranked criminal, and she lived in Konoha, she would most likely be tortured for information,

''Well I'll leave you alone to get settled down now,''

Kabuto said as he left, Sakura sat silent for a couple seconds as she let the seriousness of the situation hit her, she was a prisoner of the most wanted dangerous criminal in the world, she was going to be tortured, she couldn't save Sasuke, and she was most probably going to die here, this was turning out to be a great day.

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