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Previously on Sakura Is Broken

Her Inner was smart ''So it wasn't Naruto who said that? Who was it then?'' Sakura said aloud. ''Oh!Oh! Tobi knows! Tobi's a good boy!'' Sakura turned around Startled and grabbed a kunai knife out of her pocket and went into a defensive position. ''Who are you?'' she asked ''Oh! Tobi's name is Tobi!'' a childlike man in a orange swirl mask. ''Tobi knows who was pretending to be Naruto!'' he said ''Who?!'' Sakura asked ''Its-''

''It was me!'' Tobi giggled, ''What.'' Sakura growled ''Tobi said Tobi pretended to be Naruto!'' Sasuke was shocked even if he didn't show it. ''Why?'' Sakura ground out. if looks could kill (which we have proven they can't) Tobi would have been dead as soon as the words came out of his mouth. ''Tobi can't tell you! Its a secret!'' he dramaticly stage whispered while looking around to see if anyone else might see him. ''Tobi has to go now!'' Tobi announced cheerfully, ''Wait!'' Sakura said ''Bye-bye pretty lady!'' Tobi called back as he disappeared.

Sakura fell to her knees stunned and angry, everything she believed as wrong, if that really wasn't Naruto then Konoha might still be looking for her! ''Sakura,'' she heard someone say her name faintly, ''Sakura,'' there it was again, ''Sakura!'' Sasuke shook her shoulders not to gently, ''Snap out of it!'' he said, ''Why do you care anyway?'' Sakura asked bitterly standing up and shaking his hands off her shoulders ''Sak-'' Sasuke started, ''Just leave me alone.'' Sakura interrupted.

She stormed out of the clearing back into where they where camping, she fumed right into her tent barely sparing Karin, Jugo, and Suigetsu a second glance. Sasuke soon followed going to sit at the edge of camp glaring hard at nothing in particular. Suigetsu whistled, ''You can feel the sexual tension.'' he said to Karin, ''Shut up!'' Sakura and Sasuke said in unison from Sakura's tent and the log Sasuke was sitting on.

Sakura was fuming.

She wasn't entirely sure why she was so angry, only that she had been wrong about Naruto and before her head could stop spinning, stupid Sasuke had to come and act like he cared and knew everything.

Maybe he does, her Inner suggested.

He does not!

Sakura kicked at a sleeping bag, and only succeeded in getting her foot wrapped up and stuck. With a curse, she kicked it off and sat down hard on the ground. Sakura, for a while, just cursed everybody in her head and stared at a bug slowly crawling up the wall of the tent.

Sasuke aside, who in the world was that Tobi man? With that mask on, the only thing she knew about him was that he acted like an akatsuki's three year old. But if Tobi really had been telling the truth, really had been pretending to be Naruto…

First, though, before she could confuse herself with Konoha and going back home, she had to take down or at least beat the crap out of the Akatsuki.

But there was no way she could do that alone. She had already been captured once by Orochimaru, and despite her new strength, she would probably be captured again. Sakura, as much as she hated to admit, needed help.

And the only ones strong enough to help her were sitting outside her tent- even Sasuke.

Especially Sasuke.

Sasuke really should have picked a better place to fume.

The log was hard and uncomfortable no matter how you sat on it, and he was right in plain sight of Suigetsu, Jugo, and Karin, who seemed to be revolving between blatantly ignoring the awkward silence and trying to breach it.

They didn't seem to be bothering Sakura. Instantly Sasuke regretted thinking that, because then all of a sudden his emotions were actively screaming at him, which was annoying.

He rubbed his face and sighed irritably. All he ever did was try to help her, and she acted like he was some kind of villain or something.

You were, his Inner pointed out.

But I'm not anymore. He grumbled in his head. He wondered how crazy it was to talk to yourself in your head.

You betrayed her. Why should she trust you?

"She just should!" he growled before realizing he'd said that out loud.

"You okay over there?" Suigetsu called.

Sasuke didn't answer, just scowled at the ground. A few dead leaves blew past his foot, and he stomped on one, grinding it under his shoe until it was nothing but dust. It was a little bit pointless, but it helped anyway.

But why?

Because I won't betray her again!

Sasuke was so sure of this statement that he almost fell backwards off of the log when his Inner spoke again:Why did you leave in the first place? To get stronger so you could beat Itachi?

Sasuke paused.


You'll leave her again.

Shoot. That was true. Before Sasuke could make any sort of promises, he had to overcome his own weaknesses and avenge his clan. Otherwise it would eat at him until he left again.

But he was stronger now, Sasuke reasoned. Why couldn't he just kill Itachi now and be done with it?

He scowled again. No. Itachi would still be stronger than him. There was almost no way Sasuke could beat him the way he was, alone. The only way would be to get help…

Sasuke Uchiha did not ask for help.

But maybe if he could go after the Akatsuki… Everybody with him now wanted to hurt the Akatsuki. He wouldn't have to ask, only tell. Everybody out there would help him…

…. Even Sakura.

Sasuke stood up, ''Team meeting.'' he announced He walked over to where Karin, Jugo, and Suigetsu were sitting and Sakura came glaring out of her tent. ''We're going after Akatsuki.'' he said, Sakura stopped glaring and her eyes widened in surprise, ''Woo-hoo!'' Suigetsu exclaimed loudly enough that everyone looked at him, ''What? I can get Kisame's sword!'' he said happily, ''I'm good with going too.'' Karin said. ''I'll go if Sakura is going.'' Jugo spoke up, everyone looked expectantly at Sakura, she took a deep breath and smirked, ''Lets take down Akatsuki'' She said. Sasuke let out a silent breath of relief, ''We'll leave in the morning'' Sasuke announced. ''We have a new mission now.''

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