Remus's POV

I stumbled down the stairs of the Potter's house. We'd had a mission that had run late the night before, staking out an area where it was rumored this pesky silent Death Eater would be. We had all ended up crashing here with James's parents. They always had an open door for us boys even though we all worried that we were putting them in danger. But with Mr. Potter's job at the Ministry, they were probably already targets anyway. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and entered the kitchen. Mrs. Potter was bustling about with their one house elf Pygie making breakfast for everyone. Mr. Potter sat reading the Daily Prophet drinking coffee at the table.

"Good morning Remus." Mrs. Potter said beaming at me. "Looks like you're the first one to stumble down. Make yourself comfortable and I'll fix you a plate." I thanked her and all but fell into a chair. Mr. Potter nodded in my direction and slid the section of the paper he had finished over to me.

"Thank you Sir." I said picking it up to read while Pygie placed a full plate of food in front of me. I flipped through the pages looking for something besides death and destruction to fill my thoughts with. As I flipped to the next page my heart stopped. I pushed back and jumped out of my seat. I thanked the Potters and almost ran from the room. Because there on page 6 was the news that Evelynn and Regulus were officially engaged.

Evelynn's POV

I stood watching the new and returning students board the train. As I was now officially Regulus's fiancé, I had a duty to see him off on his final trip to Hogwarts. I stood silently beside the Blacks as they said their goodbyes. My eyes were scanning the crowd for one head in particular. Because if he wasn't here I would personally find him and kill him.

My thoughts were unnecessary as my eyes landed the familiar mess of blonde hair. I watched him joke with friends and make his way to the train. I heaved an internal sigh of relief; I had been unsure if he would complete his final year of school. I thought he might drop out and join the Order. But now I was assured that he would be safe at least for a little bit longer.

"Evelynn dear? Come say your goodbyes now." Mrs. Black brought my attention back to my soon-to-be family. I smiled and walked over to Regulus pulling him into my arms.

"Don't miss me too much." He murmured into my hair. I smiled and stood on my toes to place a kiss on the corner of his mouth.

"Don't break too many hearts now that you're off the market." He grabbed my hand and squeezed, both of us looking at the ring that now adorned my left hand. He laughed and ruffled my hair, saying another quick goodbye to his parents before going to board the train. After the train pulled out of the station and we could no longer see Regulus, we exited back onto the streets of London.

"I'll be home later." I said bidding the Blacks goodbye. They nodded understanding that I was probably going to do something for the Dark Lord. I watched them walk away before turning myself towards the Leaky Caldron. I pushed open the door and headed towards the bar. I pulled up the hood of my cloak to hide my face. I motioned to the bartender and ordered a butterbeer. I soon faded into the background; no one paying attention to the quiet hooded girl at the bar. I was here trying to catch a lead for my mission. You'd be surprised how many people let slip important facts like who they knew was fighting back against the Dark Lord.

I was half way through my second butterbeer when the door burst open and four faces I instantly recognized walked in. James, Sirius, Peter and Remus grabbed a table and motioned for a waitress. The young girl that walked over seemed all too happy to take the orders of the four attractive guys (well really three since Peter was there). She scribbled their orders down and walked away with an extra sway in her hips. I could tell even from where I sat that they were enjoying the view.

I sipped my drink as they leaned forward whispering quietly while they waited for their food. I pushed back from my seat and walked towards the bathroom. If I could catch a piece of their conversation I could confirm what I already knew.

"People are scared Sirius. We can't just expect them to join ranks when doing so puts them and their families in danger." James whispered as I walked by.

"We all joined! Everyone needs to do their part to stop these crazies!" Sirius slapped his hand down on the table. I pushed open the door to the ladies room losing their conversation. But I'd heard all I needed to know. They were part of the Order. I grabbed onto the sink and looked at myself in the mirror. The dark circles under my eyes had become a new permanent feature of my face. My face had also lost some of its fullness making my cheek bones even more prominent. I sighed and straightened my hair. Now was not the time for vanity.

I walked out of the bathroom, a plan quickly forming in my head. I walked toward the door that would lead me to Diagon Alley. Once at the door I lowered my hood and looked back at the table of my former classmates. As I had hoped, I locked eyes with Remus. He stood quickly from his seat and started for me as I let the door fall behind me. I tried to keep a quick pace that wasn't too fast so I wouldn't lose the people that were now following me.

Looking over my shoulder I confirmed that Remus and his friends were quickly catching up to me. I turned down an alley that was almost empty of shoppers and slowed my pace. As I heard their footsteps catching up to me I turned, wand at the ready.

"Strauss what are you doing?" Sirius barked. All four of them had their wands out and pointed at me.

"Is it a crime to be out enjoying myself Black?" I snapped back.

"Celebrating your engagement are you?" Remus said his eyes narrowed. I avoided his gaze. Sirius made a choking noise.

"What?!" He shouted focusing on Remus. Remus shrugged.

"Didn't you see the happy couple in the paper this morning? Looks like you're getting a new sister Padfoot." Sirius smacked a head to his forehead.

"Just what I fucking need. More Death Eaters in the family." He muttered. I glared.

"Can we cut the chit chat? I was doing nothing wrong. It's not my fault you all came charging after me." I shrugged and started to lower my wand. They all looked at me suspiciously as they started to lower their wands as well. They knew I was right; I had been doing nothing wrong when they followed me. Just as their wands fell to their sides, I smirked. Before they could even think I had three of them stunned and started running. I could hear their shouts and the pounding of feet chasing after me. I dipped into a crevice that would give me the perfect shot as the person rounded the corner. They never saw it coming as my stunning spell hit them and they crashed to the ground. I walked forward and grabbed their collar. I could hear the other three closing in on me, having obviously lifted the stunning spell. I made eye contact with them as I turned and apparated away with their fallen comrade. I had just completed my mission for the Dark Lord.