Mr. Peabody held his new child up in the air. The flashes of cameras nearly blinded him, but he didn't care. All that was important right now was that he finally was a father. Another accomplishment to add to his never ending list. Still, this felt different than all the other accomplishments. It felt better. He knew that his journey with Sherman was going to be a fun one.

Three hours later

Mr. Peabody was now regretting his decision. The moment the two had arrived home from Washington DC, all the baby had been doing was crying. Of course, like any genius, he had done his research beforehand. Babies needed to eat, sleep, and have their diaper changed. Only the internet didn't quite explain how terrible the crying would be.

The first thing he tried in order to stop the crying was food. Mr. Peabody took out a can of applesauce and placed it before Sherman in his highchair. Within seconds, the applesauce was covering both his and Sherman's faces.

Next was diaper change. He slightly pulled off the diaper and instantly gagged on the horrid smell. The diaper was immediately disposed of, and Mr. Peabody desperately tried to remember the steps to the diaper changing tutorial he had watched on you tube. He finally managed to succeed, but the baby simply still would not shut up.

As a last attempt Peabody tried sleep. He put the baby in his crib, turned out the lights, and went to sit in his office. After five minutes of desperately trying to cover his ears, Mr. Peabody finally gave up and went to check on Sherman again.

There he was, still crying and squirming. He beat his tiny tolled up hands on his blanket.

"There there, calm down little one. What could you possibly need?" he asked desperately. His reply was the child letting out an even louder scream.

Finally the dog picked the child up and carried him to a chair. He sat down and tried to rock the child back and forth, just like he had learned to do online. He was shocked at the results. Sherman immediately calmed down and started to slowly fall asleep.

"That's all it took!" Peabody exclaimed to himself. After a few more minutes of rocking, he finally got up and took Sherman back to his crib. He smiled, turned the lights out again, and walked out the door back into his office. Finally he could get back to work. Just as he was about to sit down he heard a loud noise come from down the hall.

Time for round 2.