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Meeting the Boys of Charming!?

Driving to Charming is bitter sweet. I have only been to Charming once before, but this time is for a whole new reason.

Pulling in To TM seemed strange to me. I have been to Tacoma's Clubhouse many times but this is different. It looks like I'm going to me moving my stuff down here now that He is the Sargent at Arms here and the Nomads folded.

As I get out of my escalade. wearing my normal black pants, combat boots, tank top and Leather jacket, with a pistol in the back of my waist band and a knife on my hip. I looked around not many people were there. I looked over towards the bikes automatically seeing his all nicely lined up. Confirming my suspensions that he was here. I took a breath before I walked in to the club house. I see three people in the main room. Two at the bar and one with a kid at a table. The one with the scars on his face speaks first " why is a fucking broad here?"

I scoffed at his comment. Now the one with the crazy hair speaks " Baby, come back later and I will take care of you." as he was raking his eyes over my body. I rolled my eyes at his pervertedness. I needed to stay cool so I calmly asked " Where Is David?"

Again the one with the scars on his face spoke again " WHO?". I should have known that you not know who I am talking about. "Happy?" Now I was getting annoyed.

The crazy haired one spoke " Sweet-cheeks, you don't need him I got you." No this is pissing me off. " Where the FUCK is Happy?" I said with more force. He would not be happy if I made a scene in his new home. the scared faced man signals the "kid" with the head tats to go get him. Finally someone is listing to me I was not that hard. The crazy haired man come closer. " baby you are hurting daddy's feelings. with all this neglect here." he grabs my ass. THAT IT NO MORE MISS NICE GIRL

I turn around and kick him in the groin and nail him in the nose when he bends over. I try to inflict some more pain, but a pair of arms pull me away. I start to struggle to get out, but the grip is solid. He spoke again " Fisty I like this one" okay that is it he is asking for it . I grabed my knife from my side ready to attack, " say it one more Fucking time and see what happens." Happy switches his grip and grabs my chin to face him. He can see I am ready to kill. He says one word in that gravely voice that I missed so much "stop". Of course i have to rebut " No" I was holding my glair with him. He started to tighten his grip on my chin to the point it really fucking hurt. I started to relax a little bit. He let go but he was still holding me gaze. Hap " What are you doing here" Well this was a shock. I was not expecting him to ask me in front of them.

So just to make sure I understand what he wants " you want me to say that in front of people?" He shrugs yes. I looked at him in disarray. I said two words. " The agreement" and I started to walk away. I got a few steps before he grabbed my hand to stop me. Instinct I automatically pulled to knife to his throat. He was stone cold right now. I lowered me knife. he spoke " what did you just say" in a dark tone Looking back at him. "the agreement" I pulled my arm from his grip. by the time i got tot the door Hap says " where you staying?" I turned back to them. " You can figure out that one. I leave in 48 hours" With that I walked out the door and back to my escalade and drove off.


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