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Far Away

It was a normal bustling night for Club Demon. The dance floor was filled with gyrating flesh and the club was filled with its usual college crowd. To be here was bittersweet. To be in the place where they had spent every waking hour burned her soul.

She folded her arms around her body as she tried to keep herself together. She kept her eyes glued to the door hoping and dreading his arrival. Because his arrival would mean that she could see him again. She could revel in his splendor, his molten onyx eyes that had the ability to see right through her, she loved the way those eyes caressed her. But it will also mean that she would have to watch him be gentle with another, watch his eyes caress another. She couldn't bear it.

Her friends that had settled at the table with her stared in worry. They had never seen her like this, like her whole heart had been ripped from her. Well, in truth it had been. The two had been inseparable since they first started and then everything went to hell in a hand basket. It was like she had been pushed out of orbit. They watched as whatever heart she had left was brutally ripped from their friend's chest.

She watched as her only love walked into the club with his arm wrapped around her waist. It took all she had then not to break down and cry. She watched as he kissed her temple lovingly. It made her stomach roil. She looked on in disgust, how could he leave her for that? As if he felt her thinking about him, he turned to look at her and she was again trapped in his onyx gaze.

And again she was completely mesmerized at how beautiful his eyes were for they were the only thing she could focus on. For amount she imagined that all the heartache and pain that the two have been plagued with had not ever happened. She pretended that they were still laying in his dorm room in each other's arms just enjoying being together. That the she-devil never traipsed through their lives and ruined everything around them.

But she was plunged back into reality when the devil herself wrapped her arms around his shoulders and he broke eye contact with her leaving her empty again. She stared blankly into the vast abyss of nothingness. She heard more than felt her heart fall to pieces and she couldn't find any reason to try to paste it together again. He didn't want it… he didn't even want her, it was better off broken so that no one would be able to break it. She could just stay broken so no one had to go through the trouble of doing it again. He had already done a terrifyingly beautiful job in doing so. She would just have to thank him for his thorough job.

She stood then making her way to stage taking a seat in front of the microphone and preceded to belt out her feelings to him.

She sang Far Away by Marsh Ambrosia

She just couldn't believe that he had left her…

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