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A girl walked into a dark throne room. The figure sitting on the throne, cloaked in shadows, stared at her with yellow eyes from his obsidian throne. She avoided eye contact. When she was in a three-foot distance of the seat, she kneeled on the red velvet carpet.

"Father," she said quietly.

Her father moved around in the throne, trying to find a better place. "Mm-hmm."

The girl rolled her eyes. "My Lord," she said sarcastically.

"That's better."

"We have located them."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course," grinned the girl wickedly, showing off her sharp white fangs, "You doubt me?"

"Of course not. Why would I doubt The Reaper?"

"Father, I told you not to call me that."

"I can call you whatever the hell I want! Now, where are they?"

"They're coming down from the Heavens. They are... Breeding. They have children, Lord."

"Angels and humans? That is odd..."

"Well, then the Devil mating with an elf isn't odd?"

Her father glared at her. The girl glared back.

"You have no right to talk back to the Devil!"

"Well, sorry... Anyway, do you want to engage in combat?"

"Of course. Those cowardly fools that call themselves angels are finally coming back to the battle field! The next war between Angel and Demon shall commence again! Sakura, destroy all of those who dare set foot on Earth soil. This time, Hell shall be victorious! Heaven shall fall!"

Sakura smirked, blood-red eyes glowing and shining with lust for bloodshed. "I will not fail, Lord."

The girl bowed and exited the throne room of the Devil. She entered her room, and readied for battle, shivering from excitement.

If you were religiously offended by this in any way, I truly am sorry. The idea just popped into my head and I couldn't get it out! So, I decided that I would get this out there as soon as possible. Now, for the OC form:


True Identity (Like how Sakura is the Grim Reaper, just don't make another Reaper):

Age (real age and appearance age):

Side (Demons or Angels):

Breed (Whatever kind of creature/angel or demon):



Angel/Demon Outfit:

Normal Outfit:

Battle Outfit:



Spells/Moves (There may only be six):





Crush (Optional):



Anything Else I Need To Know:

Well, there's only 16 OCs allowed to be submitted. Eight Angels, eight Demons. Here's a list of who's in so far:

(Name/True Identity/Breed/Author)

Sakura Satan/The Grim Reaper/Demon-Elf Hybrid/ShadowSlayer2013 (me!)

Kasumi Deep/The Naiad Sorceress/Naiad-Demon Hybrid/ShadowSlayer2013 (me!)

Iron Ash/The Steel Dragon/Steel Dragon-Demon Hybrid/ShadowSlayer2013 (me!)

Blaze Markaru/Keeper of Fire/Pheonix-Demon Hybrid/RedPheonix10123780

Diamante Inazume/Choris Agapi/Demon-Succubus Hybrid/Chained Princess

Melanie/The Vampire/Vampire-Demon Hybrid/Ryugafangirl

Kiara Summers/The Fire Demon/Demon-Siren Hybrid/FlameSolaria99

Xorn Astor/Child of Destruction/Demon-Ice Dragon/Fallenbey

Alabaster Creed/Demon of Discord/Shapeshifter-Demon Hybrid/DragonFang2011

Alex Lux/The Bringer of Hope/Angel-Elf Hybrid/ShadowSlayer2013 (me!)

Miyako Matsabura/Child of Hydra/Poison-Iron Angel Hybrid/DragonFang2011

Frieda Love/Anarchy Angel Anael/Uprising Angel-Nymph of Eternal Life/CutieAngel999

Ninel Velasquez/Arcadia/Angel-Ice Nymph Hybrid/Grraceful Amaryllis

Bryony/The Assasin/Angel-Dragon Hybrid/TheAlmightyFireHawk

Geno Breaker/The Strumm Tyrann/Basilisk-Angel Hybrid/Star's Roaring Blaze

Alice Rain/Wishes Whispers/Water Fairy-Angel Hybrid/roserain1998

Hope Song/Tragoudi Elpidas/Archangel/Song of Hope

Sierra Crystals/The Water Angel/Angel-Water Nymph Hybrid/Angelfromheaven2012

I no more angels and two more demons.

Okay, now I changed the hybrid parts because some of you wanted pure species. Let me get this straight, whatever side you are on, that's half of your breed.

Now, let me get this straight, some of these are my OCs, so they do not take part in the sigh-ups. That means that I still need 16 more of now, I need seven more. There was one more thing I need to add... Oh! No one can post more than one OC or bribe me into letting me do more *glares at DemonicChickWithaSword because I know she would try*. So, no one author can post more than one OC. And by the way, Ryuga is a Prince of Demons and Gingka the Prince of Angels because I think it would be fun that way :p So to have a crush on those two guys, you have to be on the same side as they are. Guests are allowed to review, but not send OCs. Alright, I think that covers everything! BAIS! HERE COMES DA SLAYA!