Hello, one and all! I am very excited to bring you this infomercial from Slayer Cable! lol

In between the posting and further updates of Angels and Demons: Rise in Revolution, there will be a spin-off called Angels and Demons: The Questioning!

The Questioning will be a fun game show, held in the very place The Funnest Truth or Dare EVER was forecast, where you, the authors, will be able to ask any character that has appeared in The Great War any question. For example, you can ask Sakura about her secret Gothic teddy bear named Taco-bun. She loves tacos.

Sakura: SLAYER!

Heh heh heh...anywhoozies, Odyssey will be my co-host. We will also be playing fun party games such as Truth or Dare, because why wouldn't we want to completely embarrass our characters in front of all other hundred thousand some authors? Eh?

So, please, tell your friends. Have your friends tell their friends. Get the message to the other authors who have been missing out! Tell everyone, and I swear, you will thoroughly enjoy it! Say, Sakura, where is Taco-bun?

Sakura: *sulking in emo corner* In the wash because you said he smelled like lasagna.

Well, I have a giant stuffed dog named Anonymous. He smelled like lasagna, bean and cheese burritos, and peanut butter crackers in different places. I washed him, and he became beautiful. I'm only helping, Kura.


Awww...but I washed him with cherry detergent. I thought you like cherries.

Sakura: Okay, whatever with lasagna!

*sigh* I swear, my OCs are the strangest people. Okay, folks, the story will be posted soon! Also, check out my DeviantArt. I will be posting updates about all my fanfictions as well as story ideas and plot sketches. Because I like doing that stuff. Also, Ninel is up on there so you can check that out too.

Enjoy, and have a great day!