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Honey and Mori are in their first year of college.
Tamaki and Kyouya are in their third year of high school
Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru are in their second year of high school.
Kagome is also in her second year of high school. I also made her eyes blue despite her parents not having them. I also changed who her father is, just a heads up.

This is my first time posting one of my stories so be warned!


Kagome wandered around the western lands which was now in Makai. It was still strange to her despite knowing of this place for a year.

Taking step after step, she muses about how surreal everything was... even she can't believe what she has become and what she signifies. In her head, she was a fictional character and her life was nothing more than a story. That she didn't exist because time travel, demons, other dimensions, magic and herself are impossible.

Walking down a path that was made just for her, she believes that what she did and what she has become must be a creation of some twisted mind out there in the real world. The world where she didn't seem to glide, where she did not seem to weigh more than air, where she didn't feel like following the plot that was written for her... like she could make a decision that didn't mean anything to said world. A place where she was just another person living her life.

She stopped walking and looked up at the red sky that looked ominous and yet so enchantingly beautiful.

She knew she was alive and that she was real. She knew that humans just forgot and didn't remember the times when the impossible was possible and the unreal was real. She knew because she felt the pain and sadness of her past. The blood that watered the meadows of each fight and the stabs to the heart she felt when everything was falling apart.

There was no faking the emotional scars she bore. They still ached but dulled as time passed. It was still there though and new trouble always appeared to remind her with every blow and cut that it was real.

She stepped away from the path and moved toward the trees. In this garden that was constructed just for her she was not happy. She wasn't, because she didn't like following a path that was smooth. She knew that a smooth path didn't exist, at least, not for her. There would be obstacles in real life and the gods gave her a path; and it was never an easy one. She wouldn't have it any other way. After all, it gave her friends she considered family and the ability to protect them. So come what may, she will take it as long as her family is happy and everyone can live peacefully, she didn't mind. She will handle it. Even if it kills her.

Let humans be oblivious to everything and believe her to be a normal girl. It was and is better that way.

They don't need to worry for their lives.

They don't need to rediscover the world they believe to be fictional.

They don't need to poke and prod around.

They don't need a new world to claim and make their own.

They don't need to fear for what may never happen.

They don't need to start a war they won't win.

And with that thought she trudged out of the garden, intent on going home.

Back to the world where the unreal is unreal.