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Photo Day

A sleepy sigh left her unglossed lips as she felt the first rays of sunlight seep in through the space beneath her eyelids and wake her from her peaceful slumber. Blinking her eyes twice, she finally opened them when she realized it was morning.

Smiling to herself as she thought about the pleasant memories of last night, Sam raised her left hand and ran it through her long, red hair, trying to untangle it while blushing softly as she remembered exactly how it got so tangled in the first place and who was responsible.

Wanting to see the culprit, Sam rolled over to her side biting her lip to contain the need to moan at the soreness she felt in certain, unmentionable parts of her body. But she bit her lip harder a moment later to stop her grin from cracking her face in half out of joy when she finally saw her husband laying next to her.

He was right beside her looking oh so adorable with his dark, brown locks ruffled and scruffy and that calm look of complete comfort on his face, the one he almost never had when he was awake choosing to smirk mostly instead. His full lips were slightly parted as he took breaths every other second as his arms rested at his sides, his hands clutching the edge of the black blanket which was rolled down mid-way between his waist and hips.

Her eyes, lovesick and fascinated moved from his handsome face down to his body. To his strong biceps to the well-built muscular planes of his wide chest; the sun's golden rays bouncing off of them almost ethereally then trailed over to his broad, powerful shoulders before slowly, lazily drifting down his chiselled abdomen to his clearly defined six-pack…

Before finally settling on the wedding band on his finger that reminded her that he was all hers and hers alone.

Sighing to herself in a pleased way, Sam's eyes remained glued on him, unable to look away and she knew just why. He was the perfect image of male beauty, a man in his prime, like real-life construction of an ancient Greek marble sculpture of which every inch was so satisfying to look at.

Her eyes narrowing, Sam couldn't help but shake her head in amusement as she recalled something strange about him, something she had learned early on that always baffled her.

Despite being so good-looking he hated getting his picture taken. She only had to think back to how many times just in this one week that they had been on their honeymoon to remember just how hard he worked to hide from the camera. He didn't like posing for a photo, the whole idea seemed silly to him.

Suddenly a sly grin was spreading across Sam's lips as an idea came to her and before she could stop herself she had pushed the covers off her body, put on her robe and slid off the bed.

Tip-toeing across the floor not to wake him Sam quickly located her camera and stealthily made her way back to where he lay sleeping unsuspectingly.

Smirking deviously she turned the flash on before aiming it so that the frame caught him in his entirety from his head where it lay nestled on the pillow cozily, down to where the blanket started covering his legs from view.

Happy with the positioning, Sam's smirk widened before she hit the "capture" button. The flash of light made him stir immediately as she'd expected and she let out a giggle when she saw him press his eyes together tightly indicating he was nearly awake before she took another picture of him this time speaking to him loudly and cheerfully.

"Smile, Tim!" she called out before releasing the shutter.

She watched his ear twitch before a grunt left him and then his hand flew up to shield his face from the flash right before he muttered to her in a disgruntled, sleepy mumble.

"…Sam? What are you doing?"

"Oh nothing!" Sam said airily, aiming the camera towards him for another shot. "Just taking some pictures seeing you won't let me take any when you're wake."

"In this state?" he said, his eyes now fully open as he glanced at her incredulously, clearly talking about his lack of clothing and sleep-ruffled hair.

"Yes," Sam said with a goofy smile on her lips leaving him raising a questioning eyebrow at her.

Seeing the sour look on his face Sam smirked, leaning in closer to him and slightly poking him in the shoulder. "What's the matter?" She said teasingly, eying his face. "Scared I'm going to take them and post them all over the internet for everyone to see?"

Scam rolled his eyes before returning her smirk with one of his own. "Darling, I think you'd have more to lose if you did that."

Sam's face turned red at the meaning of his words before she shrugged. "Well they're not for the internet or for anyone else's eyes, they are for my own private collection."

"Really?" Scam smirked now sounding interested and looking devious and amused leaving Sam to wonder what he was up to. A moment later, she found out.

"Well if it's for your private collection then you're leaving out the most important part," he said before moving fast and pushing the blankets off his body so she could see all of him.

A loud gasp left Sam as her face grew hot and she dropped the camera in her flustered state. The camera fell out of her hands, the flash going off before it landed on the mattress next to Scam who was grinning at her reaction.

"Okay now that you've gotten your pictures…" he whispered slowly sitting up and coming closer to where she stood at the edge of the bed rapidly blushing at the view he was giving her. "It's my turn." His hand shot out grabbing her wrist and pulling her down against him.

Sam let out a squeal of surprise when she felt his hands begin to pull and tug at her robe clearly in a quest to take it off of her.

"Wha-what are you doing?" Sam screamed, twisting against him and trying desperately to get herself out of his clutches.

But Tim just smirked at her and kept up his pursuit. "If you get to take pictures of me like this then I get to do the same thing," was all he said before his fingers snaked over to the tie of her robe and expertly undid the knot.

Seeing where he was going with this clearly now and knowing she had to stop him Sam began shouting in panic. "No! Stop it! TIM!"

Soon she was half-giggling and half-shouting as he tickled and groped at her at the same time leaving her breathless. When the both of them had had the equivalent of a wrestling match, Scam finally gave up on trying to undress her.

Sighing and holding her against himself with her waist, he leaned back against the pillows and spoke to her. "Fine, I'll stop…and you can keep those pictures of me as well."

Sam's eyes narrowed at his sudden and uncharacteristic generosity and she looked up at him immediately to ask him why he was being like this only to stop short when she noticed the smirk sitting on his lips.

"Because I already have pictures of you in my private collection," he said, leaving her looking at him with wide, curious eyes.

"Everyday pictures of me…" she bit her lip and whispered anxiously. "Or pictures like I took of you just now…

"Ones exactly like the ones you took of me just now… and even better," he whispered, giving her a suggestive wink.

Sam's jaw dropped open at what he'd just told her. In the back of her mind she wondered if he was bluffing about this but Tim…he was sneaky. It could be very possible that he did have these pictures of her stashed away somewhere. Embarrassed, her face turned nearly scarlet before she started yelling at him again.

"No! Give them to me! Where are they?!" she screamed as she pummelled at his chest with her hands, pushing him back on the mattress. Crawling over and sitting on his chest to keep him there Sam looked at him with expectant eyes before muttering demandingly. "GIVE. THEM. TO. ME."

But he just laughed long and hard obviously enjoying her predicament as he shook his head no to her many requests for him to hand over these inappropriate snapshots he'd taken of her.

After some time Sam let out a defeated sigh and slumped her shoulders, giving him a sad pout and he finally stopped laughing.

"Okay, okay… I'll tell you where they are," he said, taking mercy on her at last and making her eyes light up. Lifting his hand he pointed to his temple with his index finger. "They are up here, in my memory." He smiled faintly. "And there isn't a thing you can do to take them away from me."

A soft blush bloomed across Sam's cheeks at his words as she realized that was what he had meant all along and she nodded her head slightly, letting out a contented sound before she straightened out on top of him.

Wrapping her arms around his neck she gave him a short, sweet kiss while he pulled the blankets on top of their bodies and relaxed, hoping to get back to his slumber which she had interrupted .

But before he could close his eyes Sam tapped his nose with her index finger and quipped. "Yea but I can have the ones I took of you framed and hung."

Scam let out a growl before tightening his grip on her waist and looking up at her with dark, dangerous eyes.

"…You wouldn't dare," he hissed leaving her to erupt into a fit of giggles because somewhere in that predatory, commanding voice of his she could detect a small note of nervousness.

Hi! So this was the first "moment" in what could be a moments collection. ^_^

I figured I had too many Sam/Scam scenes floating around in my head to keep track of so I might as well write them down. These are scenes that didn't end up making it into The True Mission and won't be in The True Motive due to chapter length, plot needing to go on, etc BUT these moments are meant to accompany those stories.

More clearly, these "moments" take place in the time period around the end of The True Mission and before the beginning of The True Motive which is about 2-3 years of Sam and Scam's lives together.

There may be more to this collection than just this 1 snippet but I don't know if there will be. For now this is it. Hope at least some of you enjoy this idea. :D

Please feel free to comment/review if you did and that will help me DECIDE if I should write out more of these scenes or just leave them cooped up in my head lol.


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