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That should be your clue as to what this is going to be about rofl. *innocent face* But really, I needed to practice writing a scene like this…seems to have been a while lol. So here we are, some Sam/Scam steaminess. :P

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Shamelessly In Love

"We…we shouldn't be doing this…" Sam quietly breathed out while her eyelids were pressed tight and her lower lip was stuck between her teeth as her head remained pressed hard against the wall, the crushed velvet of the curtain making a bigger mess of her elaborate hairdo each time she pushed her head back into it following every time that he-

A low hiss escaped her, as her fingers twisted and pulled at the material of his suit jacket's arms as she felt him do it again and once more her head jerked and made contact with the wall, and this time she felt a pearl pin untangle itself and land somewhere on the floor leaving a chunk of her hair to come rushing down.

Not that he seemed to care.

"Now look what you've-" she started to whisper only to have her breath catch in her throat and another moan leave her when he did it again.

Listening to her helplessly moan yet again, letting out a chuckle against her bare shoulder where his face was currently pressed, Tim smirked widely in satisfaction. Lazily tracing his palm up and down her sweat-coated, bare thigh where it was wrapped tightly around his waist, he moved to kiss her lips.

"What's the big deal, Sammie?" he said huskily as he began planting kisses at the corners of her mouth, moving towards the centre as he looked at her with intentful eyes. "We're married."

Sam tried rolling her eyes at his words but was only able to half complete that action as he entered her in another strong thrust which left her shuddering. It took her a long moment to find her voice after that, but when she did she spoke to him, annoyed. "As if…as if being married makes this okay!"

"Makes WHAT okay?" He asked unashamedly, acting as if he really was so innocent not to know just what she was talking about,; what they were doing right now.

A strong blush spread across her face when she realized she'd have to spell it out for him, words and all just because he was acting clueless. She stared at him uncomfortably for a moment then another waiting for him to give it up but he didn't.

He just stood there staring at her naively, a pure contrast to how he was keeping her body firmly in place so she couldn't pull away from him, with a wolfish grin of delight on his lips which told her just how much he was enjoying this.

"You know what I'm talking about," she muttered silently, hoping he'd stop fooling around and catch her drift. But all he did was reach around her back, bring his hands down to her behind and drag her even closer to him which brought him deeper inside her and left her clawing her nails into his elbows and mewling.

"Do I?" he whispered playfully, staring at her with half-lowered, darkened eyes.

A heavy sigh left her. "Ti-" she started only to have her eyes widen when she heard footsteps coming their way. Her cheeks burned at the thought of being caught in the act like this and she threw him a panicked look but he only smiled at her coolly and used his grip on her body to turn them over.

One of his hands reached out and took hold of the edge of the curtain, pulling it over them and effectively hiding them from view. And right at that moment Sam realized that he had had it all planned out, how they could get away with shamelessly having sex in the middle of the WOOHP Christmas party.

Seeing the understanding on her face, Scam couldn't help but grin. "See?" he mumbled, resting the bridge of his nose against hers and looking at her as hungrily as ever. "We can do this all night…"

With that, his hands moved and took down the remaining strap of her gown and her other shoulder also became bare. As he'd already unzipped her dress and unclasped her bra, her whole ensemble started to slip off her frame leaving her practically naked, something which she'd be more embarrassed about than she was right now if it wasn't for the way he made her feel.

Struggling to keep control of herself and be decent, something he was no where near being right now, she shot him a pointed look.

"It's still wrong…even if we can get away with it…"

His fingers left her back from where they had been tracing her spine and moved to the back of her head. Gripping her hair in a fist and fully ruining her updo, he spoke against her lips. "There is nothing wrong with my wanting to show my wife how much I love her. And judging by how you're….moaning," he smirked. "It's clear I'm doing a good job so stop complaining because you obviously love this."

Her face flamed in response to his accusation and she couldn't help but glare at him. As if there was any way she was supposed to stop herself from moaning at what he was doing!

"Can't you wait until we get home?!" she mumbled, exasperated. It wasn't what he was doing that was wrong it was where he was doing it. That was why she was complaining in the first place! "If anyone realizes we're gone, they'll look for us and then…then-"

Another thrust silenced her and she moaned harder while realizing he wasn't about to stop. Not until he was done with her anyway and it didn't look like that was going to be anytime soon.

"You know me Sam…" he drawled, saying her name in a way that made her tremble while his left hand moved down to cup her breast and his lips grazed her jaw while he growled, "I'm not much of a patient man."

Feeling how he was now relentlessly trying to pull her gown off her body altogether as if they were really in the privacy of their bedroom and not in between hundreds of other agents who were just behind this curtain, Sam rolled her eyes successfully this time and muttered, "That's an understatement."

Hearing what she'd said he paused for a moment, giving her impression that he was insulted and was going to stop, letting her believe it before he moved and rammed into her even harder, even deeper, in a way that made her throw her head back and groan while her toes curled inwards and she gasped while digging her nails deeper into his shoulders.

Listening to her panting breathlessly he smirked widely. "You were saying?" he said cockily.

Glancing at his face and noting how smug it was at her state at his hands, Sam frowned. "You're such a jerk-"

Another thrust welcomed her and Sam bit her cheek, nearly biting off a chunk as she desperately tried not to scream out his name and reveal their location to the others, something she would surely do if he kept this up.

But instead of feeling bad for her predicament, her husband just smirked at her deviously. "I'm such a?" he asked, his warm breaths washing over her sweaty skin, making it tingle.

She could only pant in response which made him smirk harder as he reached out and traced her cheek with the back of his index finger. "Tell me darling…what exactly am I-"

This time, it was him who didn't get to finish his statement as she gripped his head and pulled him to her, shutting him up with a kiss.

When the kiss came to end, he looked at her with questioning eyes. "Did you kiss me because you're surrendering or just to shut me up?" he asked.

"Does it matter?" Sam quipped leaving him to chuckle and seize her close.

"No, no it doesn't," he admitted truthfully before pushing his head back into the crook of her neck and covering it with hot, open-mouthed kisses.

"Tim. TIMOTHY SCAM," Sam mumbled powerlessly as he resumed his insidious assault on her senses.

"Mmhmm, I know," he whispered in her ear leaving her to shake her head before she dropped it and sighed.

And hearing her defeat in it…

He just smirked.

…Scam clearly won that round ahem.

This scene is probably from their first Christmas together where they were forced to attend WOOHP's famously boring Christmas party.

Of course, as seen here, Scam found a way to make it entertaining for him and his missus despite her protests. :P


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