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SPOILER ALERT! This moment mentions something which happens in Season 6!

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Being There

"Alright, what's wrong?"

Her fiancé's concerned voice pulled Sam out of her daze. "Huh? What?" she said, looking at him disoriented where he sat at his desk looking straight at her.

Shaking his head slightly, Tim muttered to himself before closing the file he had been reading for Jerry and walking over to the front of his desk. Leaning against it, he reached out and grabbed Sam by her waist, slowly pulling her to him.

Looking up and into her eyes, he gave her a knowing look before whispering. "Something's bothering you…I can feel it."

Sam's eyes widened at his words and she couldn't help but wonder if her stress over the last few days was really that obvious for him to catch on when she hadn't even told him anything. But then again Tim had always been exceptionally good at reading her as if she was a book which never had a cover.

Letting out a small sigh, Sam bit her lower lip hesitating to drag him into this. But when she saw the expectant stare he was looking at her with she found herself giving in.

"It's about…Clover," she started slowly, expecting him to lose all interest right then and there as Clover was someone Tim was only marginally fond of if at all, and that too only because she was one of her best friends.

But much to her surprise he kept looking at her this time with encouragement in his gaze as if he really wanted her to get whatever it was that was bugging her off her chest even if it was about Clover. And she didn't have to guess that was what he was trying to make her do when he mouthed the words "tell me" to her.

Sighing again, Sam decided she should just tell him. She couldn't make up her mind on her own anyway; maybe he could help her figure things out.

"Okay so you know how Clover and Blaine broke up a while back, right?" Watching him nod, she continued. "And you know how hurt Clover was when she found out he dated Mandy while they were apart?"

"Of course," Scam said, easily remembering the many days and nights Sam had left him to join Alex and go be by Clover's side while she cried out her misery with ice cream and anti-romance movies while she helped wipe away her tears and told her that she could do so much better than Blaine Marshall.

But eventually Clover had found herself another boyfriend, then another, and another making him believe she was back to normal and over Blaine for good. Which was why he couldn't help but wonder why the name "Blaine" was coming up again. A second later Sam gave him his answer.

"…She's thinking of letting him back into her life."

"What?" Tim said, looking at Sam with lost eyes as he couldn't even begin to fathom why Clover (whom he'd always considered as someone who valued her own pride over everything) would ever do that; ever want to be with a guy who had broken her heart in the past.

Realizing she had to explain things more, Sam elaborated on what she meant. "About a month ago, Blaine and Clover happened to run into each other. In that chance meeting he told her he was wrong to ever date Mandy even if they had broken up and that he was wrong for saying he'd never be interested in anyone from Los Angeles ever again because he should have realized that he would never be able to get over her."

A heavy sigh left her lips before she went on. "Initially, Clover was angry with him, very angry for how much he hurt and humiliated her but he kept showing up and showering her with apologies and gifts and telling her how much he wanted to make things right with them."

Tim remained silent, quietly listening to everything Sam was telling him. Yet his face couldn't help but harden a little at what he was hearing; something Sam noticed instantly and couldn't help but wonder in the back of her mind if he did care for the blonde in question just a little bit as she let him know her dilemma.

"And now Clover has agreed to give him another chance and she's asking Alex and I to support that decision and…" Sam paused, looking strained and Tim could tell that this was what she had been wrestling with inside her head for the last few days which had been making her this upset.

Sam chewed on her lower lip, growing pale as she furrowed her eyebrows together looking nothing less than if she were being tortured with this and unconsciously, Scam's grip on her waist tightened in a protective way.

Frowning, Sam finally finished with a small whisper. "And I dunno if I can do that."

Blinking sadly, she looked at Tim miserably. "And this is messing my friendship with Clover up because she thinks I don't trust her to make her own decisions and that is so not it! I'm just concerned that-"

"I think the issue you're having is less about whether you should support Clover's decision and more about the fact that Clover made this decision in the first place," he said having heard all he had to, to make sense of the situation. "You don't believe she should have."

Closing her mouth, Sam looked down and away from his penetrating gaze knowing he was right. That was exactly what this was about even if she didn't want to admit it.

Feeling her tension rolling off her in waves, Tim took a deep breath, figuring out how to do this before he finally spoke to her. "I'm going to try and tell you what I think in as few words as possible," he said before reaching over and taking her hands in his. Holding them tightly, he made sure he had her full attention before he went on.

"You know Clover more than anyone else ever will; you and Alex. The both of you have been there with her ever since you were kids and you have stood by and witnessed her making foolish decisions that have caused her pain many, many times and that is why you're scared that that's what she's doing now…making another mistake."

As Sam listened to him vigilantly, neither she nor Scam notice how the very girl they were talking about was standing in the doorway listening in on their conversation ever since she had happened to hear her name while passing by.

"Right?" he said and Sam nodded knowing that was just what she was scared Clover was doing.

He paused for a second before he smiled softly, looking at her with sincere eyes. "Sam, I'll be the first person to admit that Clover doesn't always make the best decisions. Her intellect is questionable at best-"

Listening to him insulting her like that, Clover could feel her face turning red from rage. She was about to go in and yell at him and Sam too for sharing her personal, intimate matter with a guy like him who she knew didn't like her one bit even if she was her friend when suddenly she stopped short, eyes wide in shock at his next words.

"But she has an incredible ability to read people right."

Sam's mouth couldn't help but part in shock at what he'd just said about Clover either and she watched him with widened eyes of stunned silence waiting for him to take it back.

But he never did.

"When it comes to people, Clover follows her heart. She relies on her instincts to tell her if someone is right, if someone is wrong and if someone deserves a second chance and that's how she's almost always right because she's not using her head which makes questionable choices to make those decisions; she's using her heart and your heart is never wrong."

Easily noticing how lost Sam still looked, he chose an example that he knew would hit close to home, something that he just knew would make her see just what he meant. He felt she had forgotten this with how great things had been with him ever since but he never had and never would.

"For example…It wasn't too long ago that you were in Clover's place and asked her to support you being with a certain, risky man." As he watched recognition flash across her face he knew she understood that he was talking about himself.

"Now Clover could have brought up the past, the many times I tried to hurt her and you… but from what I remember she didn't do any of that. In fact she said if you trust him, I do too."

Sam bit her cheek silently, remembering that conversation word by word. It had lasted barely five minutes with Clover telling her, after asking her if she was sure she was sure she believed Tim, that she would stand by her decision no matter what. Clover hadn't hesitated at all.

"That doesn't mean that in the back of her mind somewhere she wasn't scared, that she didn't have doubts, nor that she wasn't worried sick," Scam said, looking at her pointedly. "But she followed her heart and let us be, she supported your choice and… look at us now."

A small chuckle left him and he shook his head to himself before smirking slightly. "I don't think I need to remind you just who she allowed you to try and build a future with at that time. A criminal, a liar ,a thoroughly untrustworthy man.

Sam couldn't help but frown when she heard him calling himself those names and she opened her mouth to tell him to stop but he just kept talking, knowing she hated him saying this but he had a point that had to be made.

"Any way you look at it, it was a risk, a big risk…." He gave her a serious look. "A far greater risk than you'd be taking if you supported Clover's decision to try and build a tomorrow with Blaine."

Watching guilt start to show on her face, Tim pulled her closer and smiled at her, letting her know he wasn't chastising her for forgetting the past and only meant to help her see things more clearly.

"She may not be the smartest person you know but she has a good head on her shoulders when it comes to this kind of situation. Trust that she's not setting herself up to have her heart broken…." he said, now stroking her hair as if to soothe her as he gave her an almost pleading look. "And please stop worrying."

It took her a moment but slowly Sam nodded her head knowing every word he'd said to her made sense and put things into perspective. Yet she couldn't help but wonder what if? What if?…

"But what if he does hurt her… then what do I do?" she mumbled, unable to stop herself from letting out all her worries to him.

It took him no time to figure out what to say to put her fears to rest. "Then you be there for her just like she was for you, not to judge her or tell her I told u so, but just to be there like a best friend would be to help pick up the pieces."

After he was done talking, all Sam could do was stare at him unblinkingly with awe all over her face.

"…What?" he said after some time of her just staring at him and doing nothing else.

A soft smile bloomed upon Sam's lips as she answered him. "It's just amazing how you always know what to say to make me see things the way I should be seeing them."

Hearing her words, Tim smiled being glad that he had gotten through to her while Sam could just feel all her stress, all her concerns over Clover for the last while just evaporating away as if they had never been there.

And she found herself smirking a little now that it was over and suddenly up for pulling her fiancé's strings a little bit as in his adorable pep talk to make her feel better just now, he'd given her the rare opportunity to do so.

"I also find it amazing how despite claiming to find Clover unbearable… you still quite obviously care for her."

Scams' eyes went wide at that and he realized he was busted. But really, how could he not care for anything that was connected to her in any way? It wasn't like he had much of a choice there and besides like he'd said, Clover had given him and Sam a chance to be together; he was still grateful for that and probably always would be even if for the sake of his ego he'd never say that to Clover's face.

"I like to think of Clover as a little sister," he said suddenly leaving Sam looking amazed.

"A sister? That close huh?" she said, grinning and giving him a small poke in the chest.

Realizing his mistake, Scam bit his cheek in thought before muttering. "No, not close but a distant, very, very, very distant…" he said placing heavy emphasis on his words now. "Far , far, far related, annoying cousin sister."

Sam broke out into a fit of giggles as she listened to him struggle to put as much distance between Clover and him as possible. She knew this was as close as he'd ever come to openly admitting he cared for Clover. And as mean as it sounded , it was very sweet coming from him.

After she was done getting a hold on her laughter, Sam placed her hands on his chest and smiled, looking at him with thankful eyes. "Thank you, for listening even if it wasn't your favourite topic."

Moving, he pressed his forehead against hers and smirked slightly. "I signed up for my share of having Clover in my life when I fell in love with you."

"Any regrets?" Sam asked, meeting his gaze teasingly.

Tim rolled his eyes in response. As if Clover or anything would ever make him regret loving this woman who had put up with far worse to be with him.

"None whatsoever."

A radiant smile touched her lips before she pulled his head down for a kiss.

None of them noticed Clover's soft smile and teary eyes as she glanced at Tim before backing away from the doorway as if she had never been there.

Stepping out of Tim's office with a clear head a short time later, Sam was about to call Clover and let her know what she'd come to terms with when she found her right there in front of her.

Taking a deep breath, she figured she might as well tell her now because she was sick of this tension between them.

"Hey Clover," she said, smiling nervously hoping Clover wasn't too mad at her for taking so long to say this. "I just want to tell you that I've decided to support your decision to give Blaine another chance."

Glancing at Sam, Clover couldn't help but smile, no longer anywhere near angry that she had turned to Tim Scam to make her decision because of what she had heard him say. And she'd certainly never see him the same way again.

"Thanks that means the world to me… and um Sammie?"

"Yea?" Sam said, smiling in happiness now that their issue was resolved.

Clover smiled softly, brightly before touching her best friend's should gently. "You're marrying a good man."


Looking at Clover in shock, Sam couldn't help but wonder if Clover had possibly heard their conversation just now and that was what had triggered such a compliment from her for a man that she often complained was always bugging her.

A moment later Tim came out of his office to get some air before he got back to work and Sam watched him freeze on the spot and let out a startled grunt when Clover suddenly hugged him.

Blinking his eyes a few times, he looked over to Sam who looked a little less confused than him as she was putting two and two together, something which she no longer had to do when Clover pulled away from Tim, gave him a big smile and said thank you.

"…For what?" he asked, still astounded over her behaviour until her smile widened and she whispered two words to him.

"Being there."


And he knew exactly what the hug had been about.

Letting out a sniffle, Clover reached up and gave him a pat on the shoulder. "And I totallyyyyy see you as my annoying, older brother too! You know the one that likes to pick on his little sister just because but wouldn't be able to see her get hurt."

Tim realized she had heard everything he had said to Sam in private and he couldn't help but feel a little sheepish as he had never intended for her to know how he really felt about her. But now it was out in the open and unless he erased her memory it looked like Clover would never forget this.

Normally he would go find a way to erase this entire episode from her mind but seeing the emotional wreck that she was right now he decided he'd let her be. Just this once.

He would even let her get away with saying he was the annoying one between them. Just this once.

When he'd made up his mind he rolled back his shoulders tensely as he said awkwardly, "Glad the feeling is uh…mutual."

Sam couldn't help but smile widely at his response, knowing full well there were many other things he could have chosen to say or do to deal with what Clover had heard instead of awkwardly put up with it like he was.

She really was marrying a good man.

For those of you that don't know, Blaine and Clover are apparently broken up in Season 6 and Blaine dates Mandy during that time and when Clover wants to be with him again, he says he finds L.A. girls too high maintenance for him and says no. (No idea how the writers thought breaking them up was a good idea seeing they were supposed to be in a long-distance relationship *sigh*).

I do see them eventually getting back together, not that I'm saying it will happen or that there will be more TS or anything. Just my two cents lol. :P

Anyway! This "Moment" would have taken place some time before Sam/Scam got married. If you remember when they did marry at the end of The True Mission, Clover helped Scam out by getting Sam painful shoes so he'd have to carry her up the stairs after their wedding. So they were obviously getting along on some level lol.

In The True Motive, Scam and Clover continue having a annoying brother/sister relationship thanks to Sam being the glue that holds them together (as seen in the early chapters so far :P) where they will pick on each other just because they can't help it but would not be okay with either of them getting hurt. :D

More stuff coming soon from me! Updates and that/those delayedddddd long oneshot(s). I promise, don't forget about me and run away while I take forever to post things. ;_; Please?


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