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This is a new fic, of Rule 63 in the RWBY universe, and inspired by the artwork of 'Reveresky' and her Rule 63 RWBY artwork. I just loved it so much that I had to do at least on chapter of it.

This'll basically be a retelling of this new(at the moment) and fantastic series, only with more testosterone, YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Stories scattered through time.

Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of hero's and villains. Forgetting so easily the we are remnants, byproducts of a forgotten past.

Man born from dust was strong, wise, and resourceful; but he was born into an un forgiving world. An inevitable darkness, creatures of destruction, the creatures of Grimm, set their sights on man an all of his creations.

These forces clashed, and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning mans brief existence to the void.

However even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, and in time man's passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help them even the odds.

This power was appropriately named Dust.

Natures wrath in hand man lit their way through the darkness, and in the shadows absence came strength, civilization, and most importantly life.

But even the most brilliant of lights, eventually flicker and die.

And when they are gone, darkness will return.

So you may prepare your guardians, build your monuments into so called free world.

But take heed.

There will be no victory in strength.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten," a woman'ss voice said, "Things that require a smaller, more honest soul."

The door of the local dust store "From Dust Till Dawn" opened up, the old woman running the small shop looked to see who it was that entered, and was intimidated from the group of five women.

Leading this group of ladies was a young looking woman who looked dress as if for some special occasion. She wore a small white coat that was open below her chest, the small black shirt she wore underneath showed a large amount of her cleavage. She wore a scarf around her neck, and wore a bolo hat on top of her head. She also had some strange looking cane

The young looking woman looked at the older shop owner with her green eyes, orange hair floating behind her. Her face has a look of sympathy and fright, which intimidated the older woman.

"Hello miss," the green eyed woman said, "I'm so glad you decided to stay open for me, you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find a dust shop that's open this late."

One of the other ladies, wearing a simple black business coat with a red tie and pencil skirt, suddenly pulled out a gun. The sound of it charging up to take a shot sent the poor shopkeeper into distress.

"Oh p-please no! T-Take whatever you want-,"

"Shh shh shhhhh, It's alright," the green eyed woman said stopping the victims pleas, "Believe me, I would rather this not get messy, and don't worry we're not after your petty lien… grab the Dust," she ordered the others.

On cue to other women got to work, on the side were large silos of different types of dust. Three of them took out different canisters and started filling them up. The one who held the gun stayed behind and took out a brief case placing it on the counter.

"Crystals," she ordered, "The best quality you have… now."

The shopkeeper didn't refuse; with her shaky hands she took whichever crystals she could, slowly and carefully. Trying as hard as she could not to upset the people who were robbing her.

One of the other black wearers went to get some dust from the other side, grabbing an empty canister she was about to place it in the silo when she heard a faint noise, it sounded like music. It didn't take long for her to see where the sound was coming from. In the back of the shop was a young boy, reading from the magazine rack, seemingly blissfully unaware of what was happening around him. She couldn't get a good look at him thanks to a large red hood he was wearing.

The woman took out a large butcher knife like red machete, ready to take down the boy if he gave her trouble.

"You! Hands in the air" she said slowing approaching him.

There was no reacting, nor an acknowledgement of her existence from him, and this irritated her.

"Hey! Don't ignore me!" she said again, still no reaction from the boy.

"HeY!" she yelled, still nothing.

"Oh that's it, you're dead," she said grabbing the hood and pulling it down.

On the boys head were a pair of red headphones with a rose like design on the sides, this explained the woman's reason for why she was ignored, but it did nothing to lessen her anger.

The boy in question turned around, his hair was short reaching only past his ears, and his eyes were a strange color of silver. He wore a sleeveless turtleneck sweater along with a pair of black suspender shorts that had small red belt straps around the leg holes. Around his waist was some emblem of that same rose that was on his headphones, as well as a belt of bullets.

The woman pointed to her ears indicating for the boy to take off his own headset, which he did.

"Oh I'm sorry ma'am, can I help you?" he asked her politely.

"I said, hands in the air," she ordered him harshly, pointing her weapon right at his face.

The boy looked a bit confused, but didn't seem afraid of the weapon that was right in his face.

"W-What? Why?" he asked, he leaned a bit to the left of the girl to see a bit of what was going on. Three others that looked like her as well as one in white who was just tucking crystals into her case.

"Uh… is this a robbery?" he asked.

"YES!" the woman yelled at him.

"Oooh…," the boy said in realization, "Ma'am please forgive me," he said.

"For what?!" the woman asked annoyed.

*BAM* "GAAAAAAH!" the woman was harshly kicked by the boys black red laced army boots and crashed into the wall at the front of the store.

The green-eyed woman eying one of the crystals seemed to not care in the least. She just motioned for the other three to get a look at the situation.

One of them nodded and pulled out a gun at the boy, "Freeze," she told him aiming the weapon at him.

"Pfft, where'd you get that? The discount bin? That's one of the most pathetic gun models they ever made," the boy said smug in his own superior weapon knowledge.

"I wouldn't be laughing kid, I'm the one with the weapon," she told him

(Literally 2 seconds later)

*SMASH* The front display window of the shop was shattered, the gun holding woman was launched clear through it. Soring through the air before she hit the ground and fell unconscious and delirious.

The remaining four looked outside, and the green eyed woman looked at the young boy in disgust.

With the sound of the boy's music playing in the background he pulled out a large looking riffle, the riffle extended from the barrels of the gun, the form around it extended and folded out a large crescent shape blade. Soon the riffle had transformed into an impressive looking scythe that was quite taller the short boy.

Easily holding it over his shoulder with one hand he looked over at the others who were in shock, though one was in disgust.

Swinging it around his body with expertly done coordination he eventually slammed the blade into the ground, causing a mini earthquake as it cut through the stone street.

He clicked on the headphones that were in his hand and his music stopped.

"Well… this is quite interesting," the green-eyed woman said, "… well what are you all waiting for?" she asked the other three women.

The all nodded and ran out of the shop through the door with their large butcher machetes.

One of them swung at the boy, but she was too slow. The boy hopped up and using his weapons handle like a balance board he spun his body around horizontally before slamming both his boots into the side of the woman's face sending her flying away.

The boy hopped up again taking his weapon into the air with him before landing on the ground with his weapon behind him, back towards the enemy. He aimed the top of his scythe towards the two who were heading in her direction.

*BANG* With the sound of a heavy shot the boy spun around, the woman heading for her was suddenly hit by the blunt side of his weapon and sent spinning high into the air. The other one was smashed into the ground when he swung his weapon downward with the blunt side first.

The first woman he took down was back up and aimed a small machine gun at her.

Before she could pull the trigger the boy pulled his own first, firing his weapon caused the boy to fly off from the guns recoil, a strange looking trail of rose petals followed behind him.

The woman kept firing, and the boy shot his weapon again sending him to the right, and then fired again flying towards the woman. Before she knew it he had just flown through her legs sending her upward into the air and falling back onto the ground before falling unconscious.

While the others groaned in pain the green eyed woman looked around, still with that same look of disgust.

"I certainly got my money's worth haven't I?" she said sarcastically before facing the boy in red, "Well young red you certain know how to show these ladies a good time."

"Would you care for one last dance, Madam?" The boy asked sarcastically extending his hand to her.

"As fun as that would seem," she said holding up her cane, the bottom of it flipped up showing a small scope and a hollow inside, "I'm afraid I must be off."

As she said that a small flare like shot suddenly came out of her cane and headed directly for the boy.

"Oh CRAP!" the boy quickly aimed the top of his weapon downward and fired it off sending himself flying high into the air and out of the blast range. The colorful explosion left a crater in the ground, rock and debris flying everywhere. When the boy landed again the green eyed woman was gone.

Quickly looking around he saw her climbing up a nearby building up the fire escape. Before heading off he looked towards the owner of the shop.

"Will you be okay?" he asked her.

"Y-Yes," she said.

"Call the police, quickly," he said before heading off in a flurry of red roses.

Up on top of the building the woman was running as fast as she could with the little dust she had. It wasn't long before the boy got to the top as well using his scythe as a launcher and landing on top of the building.

"That's far enough," he said, the woman stopped her running.

"You really need to let go red," the woman said annoyed at him.

"I'd surrender if I were you, your weapons not fast enough to hit me, and you can't possibly outrun me," the boy said, "There's no way for you to escape."

When he was done he suddenly heard a noise, it was like the sound of two very large and high tech hairdryers. The wind suddenly picked up causing the red boys cape to flutter in the air.

A large plane with twinjets on its side suddenly rose up from the side of the building, and the woman looked over her shoulder with the face of superiority.

"That… might complicate things," the boy said sounding less confident.

While he was distracted the woman immediately hopped onboard the open side and faced the small boy holding a red crystal.

"Farewell, young red!" the woman said before tossing said crystal in her hands. It landed with a thunk right in front of the boy before the woman aimed her cane at the crystal, firing off another flare.

*BOOOM* A huge explosion of red covered up the roof before it was replaced with a veil of smoke. The woman smirked thinking the small boy in red was defeated, feeling triumphant of her victory.

"…hm… WHAT!?" the woman then saw something else when the smoke cleared. Another young man was standing right in front of the boy, in front of him was a large purple glyph which no doubt defended the two from the large explosion.

The boy looked up after he had averted his eyes from the blast and saw who had saved him.

A man in a proper looking attire stood in front of him. Wearing a light shade of black over his white dress coat. Hanging from his shoulders was a torn cape of purple. In his left hand was something that looked very similar to a riding whip. The man turned to make sure the boy was okay, and the boy saw that he had blonde hair, and was wearing glasses over his emerald green eyes.

The man adjusted his glasses before swinging his whip like a wand, dozens of purple lights were launched at the plane causing it to shake up a bit with the woman inside of it. Annoyed at the two while still trying to maintain her balance she headed directly for the cockpit.

Piloting the ship was a large looking man wearing simple red robes around him, large yellow glowing runic symbols covered his robes his face covered by a veil of black.

"There's a Hunter on us!" the woman said, that was enough for the fearful looking man to switch places with the two.

The plane attempted to make an escape, but the man was easily prepared. He concentrated for a second before sending out a bright white light into the air right above the plane. Clouds started to form around it and the sound of thunder was heard.

The green-eyed woman looked around trying to see where the next attack would come from. With a downward flick of the man's wrist large shards of ice started to rain down onto the plane tearing it apart.

One shard went through the cockpits glass and nearly sliced through the woman's face.

The heavy fearful looking man walked towards the open side of the plane looking down on his two opponents. The man in purple focused on him noticing the plan he would try.

The yellow symbols on the man's shoulders suddenly started glowing yellow, then a bright red. With his muscular arm he held a sphere of what looked like fire before throwing it at the two.

The man in purple raised up another glyph using it to block off the exploding attack. The sphere exploded like a water balloon causing drops of hot red to land around her. The man was quick and back flipped away before the ground exploded right underneath his previous location.

Using the debris around him from the large blast he suddenly caused them to glow purple. Lifting them up into the air the rocks around him suddenly gathered together and formed a spear like weapon and launched it at the plane.

The frightening man suddenly let lose another volley of attacks one after the other trying desperately to try and stop the attack. The debris separated, but just went back into its original shape. The green-eyed woman tilted the plane to the side trying ricocheting the attack off the more durable top of the plane.

The man in purple just made three different streams of rock, causing them to float around like eels and repeatedly crash into the ship.

Annoyed by this the frightening man then gathered power around him, causing circular glyphs of twilight orange to surround him before letting loose all that power in a wave of force. The rocks around them suddenly lost their energy and just fell to the ground like all normal rocks do.

The boy got annoyed by that and turned his scythe back into its rifle form, holding it from his hip he started firing right at the frightening man.

Using his bare hand he was able to block each one of the boys attack rendering them all useless. He suddenly swung his hand, and the man in purple looked to the ground in fear. Aiming his whip at the boy he caused her to turn purple for a second before he was forcibly shoved away from the blast, the man in purple had just enough time to get away from the attack himself.

The side of the plane closed up and the twin jets turned 90 degrees before launching off away from the two. The man in purple looked kept his eyes on them as long as he could, angry at their escape.

"So… you're a hunter?" the boy asked the man in purple, who turned his attention to him.

"Dude! I am a huge fan, can I have your autograph!?"

The boy went from happy to dread when he was taken to a small interrogation room, the man in purple was not at all pleased with him.

"I hope you're well aware of the consequences of your action," the man said, disapprovingly, "Despite your intentions it was foolish of you, you and others around you were needlessly put in harms way."

"HEY I didn't start that fight!" the boy argued.

"Personally I would rather send you home," the man said. Hope seemed to fill the boy up.

"After giving you a proper lecture."

*SNAP* the man slammed his whip right at the tip top of the boys hand.

"DAH! SON OF A-!" the boy cried out, sucking on the top his hand trying to ease the pain.

"Fortunately for you… someone wishes to speak with you," he told him, he stepped to the side to let someone new come trough the door.

It looked to be a woman wearing a fine business top wearing a long skirt that ended below the knees, a large belt around her wait was a gold looking belt buckle. Around this woman's neck was a green scarf with a cross like symbol on it. A pair of coke bottle glasses were in front of her brown eyes, her long silvery hair reaching past her shoulders.

In one hand there appeared to be a small teacup with steam rising from it. In the other hand there was a large plate of chocolate chip cookies still warm as well.

The woman took a seat right across from the young boy.

"Garnet Rose," the woman said before leaning forward and looking right at the boy he dubbed Garnet.

"Uh… Y-Yes?" Garnet questioned after quickly taking his hand out of his mouth and placing both hands to his sides.

"You… have silver eyes," she stated out of curiosity.

"Uh… y-yeah?" Garnet questioned.

"Now young man," the woman said gesturing to the small screen the man in purple was holding, it was displaying all the impressive feats of Garnets fight against the women in black.

"Please tell me where you learned to do this," she asked him.

"U-Uh f-from Signal Academy," Garnet said slightly nervous.

"Signal Academy," she said with a hint of disbelief, "They taught you to use a scythe, one of the most dangerously designed weapons ever created, they taught you to do that?"

"Well not the academy per say, more like a single teacher did," Garnet corrected.

"I see," she said placing the tray of cookies in front of Garnet. Hunger washed over him as he saw the delicious and still warm tray of cookies, he looked up at the two seeing if this was some kind of trap, it didn't look like it.

Garnet grabbed the edge of the plate and looked up again for some kind of reaction from the other two, which did not happen.

Garnet then quickly lifted up the plate and moved it in front of his face before tilting it in his direction.

From the view of the man in purple it looked as though Garnet was trying to use the plate as some kind of mask. With the sound of a large munch Garnet then placed the tray back on the table leaving only two cookies left out of the two dozen that were baked.

The man in purple was slightly disgusted.

"The only other time I've seen someone wield a scythe with that level of skill was a long time ago, and it was by a tired old dove," the woman said.

"Maf mwy waunt Wuv," Garnet said, his mouth still full of cookies.

The woman looked a bit confused until Garnet swallowed what was in his mouth.

"Excuse me, that's my aunt Dov," Garnet told them, "She's a teacher at Signal, before she taught me I was one of the worst students there, but then she took me under her wing and now I can go HYAAAHH HAAA WUTAH!," Garnet went making different karate chops and noises.

"Yes you certainly can," the woman said placing her cup of tea on the table, "So please tell me, a young boy at a school where you're taught to be a warrior. Why would a nice man like you want to learn to fight?"

"Well," Garnet started, "Ever since I was young it's been my dream to become a Hunter."

"You want to spend your time fighting monsters?" the woman asked him.

"Yeah! I'm really close to! I've only got two more years to go before I'm done and then I can apply to Beacon," Garnet told them, "My brothers already starting this year and he's trying to become a hunter, and so I want to become a hunter because… I want to be able to help people. Our mom and dad was always pushing the two of us to help others and so I thought 'Eh maybe there's a way I can get paid to do this', and Hunters, huntresses, they're just soooo awesome, heroic, everyone looks up to them and if I can do that it's just awwww YEAAAAAH!" Garnet said sounding like an excited fanboy (Which he was.)

The man in purple just looked at him, still with that same look of disapproval.

"Young man… are you aware who I am?" the woman asked him.

"You're professor Elwin, headmistress of Beacon," Garnet said.

"Hmm hmm, it's nice to meet you," Elwin said with a light chuckle.

"Hi, I-I'm… you already know," Garnet said getting a bit nervous again.

"So you wish to come to my school," she asked him.

"Oh yeah! Totally!" he said.

Elwin looked over to her assistant, he just rolled his eyes no longer caring about what was happening.

"Well then, welcome aboard," she said.

Garnets eyes slowly opened up in excitement.

Garnets eyes slowly closed in dread.

"This is gonna be GREAT! My little bro's coming to Beacon with me!" a young man with this long blonde hair said grabbing his brother in a hug/headlock lightly ruffling Garnets hair.

This man was wearing was looked to be like a cowboys casual attire. Leather grey pants with kneepads sown in, belt with different pouches around his waist. He had a light brown coat over a yellow t-shirt that had the symbol of a black burning heart around the lower right. Around his neck he wore an orange scarf, and his eyes were lilac.

"Yin… air," Garnet said weakly.

It was the day after and the two of them were currently riding one of Beacons personal Airships headed directly for the school.

"BrOOOO! I'm just soooo proud of you!" he said letting go of Garnet who almost fell to the floor.

"Really Yin, it's not that big a deal," Garnet tried to say.

"What are you talking about 'nothing'? People will look upon you with amazement and envy! You'll be the cock of the walk!" Yin told him excitedly.

"I don't want to be the cock of the walk, I don't want to be the any kind of walk. I just… want to be a normal boy going on a normal walk," Garnet argued.

"Dude! Bro! What's with the attitude, we're going to Beacon! Together! Family! Compadres! Amigos! Where's the excitement?" Yin asked him.

"No, bro I'm excited, I am it's just… ," Garnet started off looked downwards, "I just got moved ahead two years, I don't want people to think I'm special or anything."

"You're way too late for that, you are special," Yin told his brother.

"The robbery was committed by known criminal Juliet Torchwick," one of the airships TV's was displaying a news report on the same woman that Garnet had tried to take down "If you have any information on this woman please contact the Vale Police department, back to you Lisa. " the news continued on with a report on a Fauna's civil rights protest going violent.

"That's the woman you faced right?" Yin asked his brother quietly.

"Yeah, that's her," Garnet whispered back.

"… she's kind of hot," Yin said smirking a bit.

"Ugh," Garnet facepalmed himself, "I swear to god you'd hit on a rock if I dressed it like a woman," he said annoyed.

"Bro you better start getting into women yourslef, now that we're going to the same school at the same time, you can be my wing man in class now, and I can be yours," Yin thought excitedly.

"I'm not going to Beacon so I can help you score chicks," Garnet said annoyed.

"Oh come on, the ladies would swoon all over us. The intelligent cute little bro alongside the stunningly gorgeous and handsome Yin," he said trying to sound suave on his part.

"The two of us could get any women we want," he said moving his hand all around him.


"Not that one," Yin quickly said.

The 'One' was a young looking woman who looked to be sick. She was a young woman wearing simple blue jeans and a black hoody sweater. Around her body was a simple white breast plate as well as two white shoulder plates. Attatched to her waist was a small sheath holding a sword.

Garnet couldn't see her face as she was leaning over like she was about to heave, holding her long blonde ponytail back.

As some of the students were complaining about vomit, the TV suddenly shut off and was replaced by the holographic figure of a man wearing purple.

"Hello, and welcome to Beacon academy," the man formally said.

"Who's that guy?" Yin asked.

"My name is Lydon Goodwitch."

"Oh… drrr."

"All of you have received the great honor and privilege to attend this prestigious academy. Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace and as future Hunters and Huntresses you all now hold the responsibility of maintaining this peace. You have all shown us the courage and skill needed for such a task, and in return we shall provide you all with the knowledge as well as the training necessary."

The message ended, the hologram of Lyndon disappeared and everyone could see outside the windows looking down at a marvelous city.

Garnet, as well as many of the other students looked outside in awe at the spectacular view.

"Look, I think you can see Signal from up here," Garnet said pointing down, "Looks like home's not to far away."

"Hey don't get all homesick on me," Yin said placing a supportive hand on his shoulder, "Beacons our home now."

As the Airship flew everyone started to see a large castle out in the distance perched over a cliff. The clear blue water could be seen washing down to the ocean that surrounded them.

"Wonder who we'll meet a Beacon," Garnet said to himself.

"I hope they're better than Puke girl," Yin said.

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