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Awaiting at the cliff overlooking the Emerald Forest were Elwin and Lydon, both looking at their Scrolls. On their screens were live video feeds of the camera's they left all over the forest. Currently the two of them were watching Rei and Nore both joining together.

"It appears we have our last pair Ma'am," Lydon said looking over the charts, "Nore Valkyrie and Lian Rei… poor girl, getting stuck with a person like him, I can't imagine the two of them even getting along."

"Mm… ," Elwin just snuck in a knowing look at her.

"Though I suppose she's better off than Mr Nikos," Lydon said switing over to the next camera, it showed both Pyrrhus Jean walking through the forest pushing past the bushes and branches.

"I find it odd that Jean has not shown a single ounce of talent despite what her transcripts told us, I'm starting to doubt that she's ready for this level of combat," Lydon said, "Well the test isn't over yet, I suppose there's still time for them to show us what they can do. They should be close to approaching the temple… so what are the relics being used this year?"

Lydon was waiting for Elwin's response, however she appeared to be fixated on her scroll at the moment.

"Professor Elwin?" Lydon called to her, Elwin was currently looking through the camera that showed both Garnet and Eis. Garnet was sitting on the ground looking annoyed as Eis walked back and forth.


"It's this way… no wait… no never mind it's this way… it's definitely this way," Eis said as he continued looking around the area. Garnet was examining a small rock he picked up from the ground before chucking it far away, Eis still walking back and forth.

"Okay… I see the problem, it looks like we've gone too far we passed it," Eis said.

"GROAN!" Garnet bounced on his feet, "Will you please stop looking around and just admit that we're lost."

"Lost? Please, men like me don't get lost,"Eis told him sounding proud of himself.

"Oh really? Then where are we?" Garnet asked him, arms crossed.

"We-we're… h-heading for the forest temple," Eis told him.

"Yeah, thanks for reminding me Navi," Garnet said sarcastically.

"Navi?" Eis questioned.

"You know, that annoying fairy from Zelda?" Garnet said.


"You're telling me you don't know- rrgh… you are just about the most uncool annoying boy I've ever met, all you do is make mistakes and boss me around," Garnet complained.

"I do not, stop saying that and follow me," Eis told her.

"Oh certainly, we're sure to find the forest temple eventually," Garnet said sarcastically.

"Stop complaining and just listen to me!"

"Stop bossing me around and admit we're lost!"

"Stop yelling and just do as I say."




"Perfect!?" Eis glared at him angrily, "I might not be perfect yet, but I'm still leagues ahead of your skills," he didn't bother to hear his response, he just turned and walked away.

"… You don't even know me," Garnet said silently angry.


"My dad used to tell me about how he used to work with women all the time, and they fought in those combat skirts. Said it was the best part of the job," Yin told his friend Noire.

"Mm-hm," Noire responded, not really paying attention to him.

"But now they've integrated reflective dust within the inside of the skirts, now you can't see anything no matter what angle you look at them from, ruins the whole point of combat skirts."

"Not… sure if I agree with you on that."

"And have you seen the uniforms that the girls wear… one of the best parts of the school, now it's ruined."

"Perhaps we should focus on the mission," Noire told him.

"Yeah good thinking partner, we can complain about this later… ooh look!" Yin pointed out rushing ahead.

"sigh… had to pair up with him, didn't I?" Noire said to himself.

"Check it out," Yin said pointing to a small space of stones, it looked like some kind of old round ancient patio made of cobblestones, "Think this is it?"

Noire didn't say anything and just looked at his partner, then he walked down the hill with Yin following behind him.

A closer look at the place showed that there were many different columns, a few of them had a small looking relic on each one them that looked like-.

"Chess pieces," Noire said looking over each one, some of them were gold, and some were black.

"I know there's more to a set than what we see… guess we weren't the first ones here," Yin said looking over them.

"Well… let's pick one and go," Noire said.


Pyrrhus and Jean were both standing outside the entrance of a cave, on the outside of the cave painted near the entrance were a bunch of images of what looked like men, all of them battling a scorpion.

"So… think this is it?" Jean asked Pyrrhus.


"I'm not so sure this is the right place," Pyrrhus told Jean as she walked ahead holding a small torch. The cave was slightly illuminated though it was still difficult for them to see ahead. The cave was very humid, Pyrrhus could also see signs of burrowing as well as claw marks everywhere.

"Well probably, but still it'd be a shame to waste this torch," Jean told him still marching forward.

*trip* "WAH!?" Jean kicked a small stone in front of her and tripped dropping her torch right into a puddle. The fire went out and the whole cave suddenly turned dark. All Jean and Pyrrhus could see were the light hues of each others eyes.

"hmm?" Pyrrhus suddenly felt a strange sensation, "Do you… feel that?" he asked.

" The feeling of being an idiot for not have a modern day flashlight?"

"No… something… warm?"


"Minne- miney- moe!" Yin finished saying after pointing to each and every piece in order, his finger landed on the gold Knight piece, "You okay with the horsey?"

"Sure," Noire just answered, a bit happy to finally be done with the test.

"I'm kinda disappointed, I was hoping this test could be a little more fun," Yin said, though he didn't sound like he was disappointed.

"Two Ursa's not enough for you?" Noire said.

"Hey you took down one of them, and you didn't let me desecrate their bodies," Yin complained. "You didn't let me find the other one who messed with my hair, I wanted to piss on its corpse."

"You're aware that this place is riddled with camera's right?" Noire asked him.

"I ain't shy," Yin said grinning.

"sigh, I would much rather we go now," Noire said.

"Hey you think my bro was here yet?" Yin asked him looking around concerned.

"I guess, it's not like this place is difficult to find," Noire said.


"Oooooh," after the two trekked through the cave trying to find the entrance out Jean saw something glowing a bright yellow light. She was suddenly mesmerized by the golden glow and started heading for it, "No doubt about it, this must be what we're here for."

"It looks a little big though," Pyrrhus said.

Jean tried to grab onto it, but the object somehow moved out of her hand, "Wha- hey! Bad Relic, BAD!" Jean kept trying to grab it but the thing kept moving away, leading Jean deeper and deeper into the cave.

"HA!" Jean jumped forward grabbing onto the relic with both hands, she finally grabbed onto the pointy tip and tired to pull it with her, but suddenly she was lifted into the air while holding onto the relic.

"Jean," Pyrrhus said nervously.

"Man they're really making us work for this… rel… ic," Jean's eyes were suddenly filled with fear, in front of her a mere foot away were ten glowing red eyes, a line of ruinic like images glowing the same blood red lit up.

"Deathstalker," Pyrrhus stated.



"What was that!?" Noire asked, he and Yin heard some strange loud screaming.

"Sounds like some Tasmanian Tiger is being forced through a grinder," Yin said, "Someone's gotta be in trouble… Norie?"

Noire didn't say anyting, instead his attention was fixated on the sky for some reason.


"huff huff huff!" Pyrrhus ran out of the cave as fast as he could.

*SMASH* The Deathstalker was right behind him with Jean hanging onto it's tail for dear life.

"PYRRHUSSS! HEEEELLLP!" Jean cried out as the Deathstalker kept trying to bring Jean closer to its claws while trying to focus on the opponent in front of him.

"IT'S NOT A RELIC!" Jean cried while the tail flailed around a much as it could trying to get Jean to fall right in front of it, "IT'S NOT THE RELIC! IT'S A MONSTER!" she cried out on the verge of tears, "PLEASE HELP MEEE!"

"JEAN! Don't worry I'll get you! Just don't-!" Pyrrhus saw that the Deathstalker moved its tail far back before flinging it forward hard.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa…..!" Jean cried out till she was so far away her screams could no longer be heard.

"…-go," Pyrrhus finished seeing his parter being flying off, "Okay now I'm angry," he turned back around to face his opponent, his larger and more powerful and armor plated opponent all alone.

"HISSSSS!" the Deathstalker hissed at Pyrrhus snapping it's two large pincers at him.

"Uh… I got nothing," Pyrrhus turned back around and started running away with the massive Grimm hot on his trail.


"Norie?" Yin called to his partner who was still looking up to the sky, "What are you…?" Yin stopped when he saw his brother falling straight down to them.


Kisdota: This one's short, what do you expect when the episodes are short. Hopefully the new season will have longer episodes now that the shows become a huge hit.