Title: Minuet in G Major

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Warnings: Shounen ai, language, AU, OOC Heero, a Duo who's a brat to our Heero....

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Dedication: Gwynn Whitelock who wanted me to write this fic and Ides because..well just because.

On to the story!!!!


Teaser / Prologue


Heero patiently waited for the mailman to arrive, knowing that Mailman Bob arrived with the post at exactly 11:45am on the dot. Heero usually came home for lunch on Tuesdays since he did not have band practice at lunch. His cousin Trowa Barton stood by the stove patiently waiting for their hot dogs to cook. When the post arrived, Heero greedily took the mail from poor old Bob, who had greeted the stoic young man with a polite hello, earning a mumbled greeting back from the eighteen-year-old boy.

Heero quickly scanned through the mail for anything with his name on it, finding one business styled envelope with his name "Heero Johannes Yuy" along with his address neatly typed on it. He dropped the rest of the mail and hastily ripped open his letter. His eyes scanned through the letter and then his pink lips gently curved up in a smile only a select few were ever permitted to see.

"You were accepted at 'Guidonian School of Music' too weren't you? They did accept you right?" Trowa asked while poking the hotdogs with a fork to see if they were ready.

Heero was practically grinning, something rarely ever shown on the young man's face. "Yeah."

Trowa smiled briefly. "Guess we'll be going to University together, but how are you going to pay for it?"

Heero had been glad that he and his cousin would be attending the same University together. Trowa was like an older brother to him, even if Heero was actually three months older than him. Trowa was mature beyond his years sharing his wisdom with his usually broody cousin. Heero's dreams of becoming a profession Jazz musician, playing his trumpet on stage might actually become a reality until his cousin mentioned the whole money problem. Sure he'd been working hard at his job at the gas station for the two years but he didn't have enough money to cover for his schooling, especially now that he was accepted at the best school in the country for music. His parents, who had died in a plane crash four years ago, would have been proud of their son. Heero was lucky that his cousins Catherine and Trowa allowed him to live with them or he'd have been sent off to an orphanage since he had no blood relatives on his father's side. Heero chose that moment to glare at his cousin for his blow below the belt.

"Just being realistic. You know the only way I'm going to the school is because I won that music contest held by the Winner Foundation. The grand prize was my entire college or university schooling paid off by them. It was sheer dumb luck their son was the judge and liked my flute and recorder playing. Besides, I told you that you should have entered the contest, you might have won some money to help pay for school," Trowa said enlightening his cousin. He briefly remembered when he had performed for that contest, vaguely remembering a blonde boy smile beatifically at him while shaking his hand as he handed him the trophy announcing him as the grand prize winner (pun not intended). For once he'd do something right with his life. He loved to teach music and did so at a little music school at a music store but his real dream was to compose music for the Cirque du Solei. He had been fascinated by their music and acrobatics since he was a child when his family went to Montreal Quebec, Canada for a family trip before his parents had died. At first he wanted to be an acrobat but he had a bad knee so he decided to achieve his goal musically.

Trowa never noticed that the hot dogs were done and turned to see Heero eating his lunch as his intense Prussian blue eyes turned up at him from the paper he had been reading. "Are you going to the banquet for your prize Saturday?"

"Yeah. You coming with me?"

"Of course! I'll be there," Heero said chewing his lunch.

"I have to get going in a few minutes, Heero. Don't try to get into a fight with that Maxwell boy again. Catherine will have your head on a silver platter if she gets word from your principal that you've been fighting again. I wish you came to my high school, I'd have made sure you didn't get into these ridiculously pointless fights."

Heero dropped his head, ashamed. "I'll try not to Trowa, but if that braided bastard hides my trumpet in the girl's locker room, calls me Heero the Wonder Bra, trips, or teases me in any form or manner, I will not hesitate to beat that smirk off that bastard's face..." Heero said, angry.

Trowa couldn't help but laugh at the 'Heero the Wonder Bra' comment and gave in to his temptation, laughing out loud.

"Stop laughing Triton," Heero warned using his cousin's real name. "It's not funny. It isn't my fault that prick broke into my locker, stole the bras from the girl's gym class and put them into my locker. That braided fag's lucky Wufei held me back!"

Trowa rolled his eyes before finishing the last bite of his hotdog. "You had better get going Heero..."

Heero looked at his wristwatch and arched a brow. "Yeah, Wufei's meeting me at the corner store in a few minutes."

"I won't be home for supper tonight, I've got band practice," Trowa informed. "Catherine already knows and again, try not to get yourself into trouble again. Ignore that Maxwell kid if you must but NO fighting!" Trowa warned, waving a finger.

"Yes, yes...no fighting..."

As Trowa left, Heero put on his jean jacket and put on his backpack, locking the door as he left the house. He met up with Wufei who had been leaning against the store's sign, reading one of his fantasy books. They greeted each other silently as Wufei put his book in his backpack. Heero hoped the afternoon would be peaceful but remembered that he and Wufei had instrumental music scheduled this afternoon. Maxwell the bastard was in his class, peace was not going to happen any time soon for the poor Japanese student. He sighed dreading the afternoon but definatly looked forward to his high school graduation. No more Duo Maxwell to make his life a living Hell. He braced himself as he and Wufei walked through the classroom door, already hearing Duo's boisterous laugh as he stood in a group of people laughing merrily at some joke someone had just said. Upon noticing Heero's arrival, Duo's eyes took in a predatory gleam as he grinned - widely. Heero gulped and quickly took a seat at the back, hoping to avoid his archenemy, Duo Maxwell. No such luck, a black figure sat in the desk next to him on his right. Heero turned his head hoping and thinking by some miracle that it might be Wufei, but remembered Wufei hadn't been wearing any black, he ended up staring at a pair of mischievous blue-violet eyes and a wide grin that promised trouble to the poor Heero Yuy.



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