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Here's a new GTA story that I decided to post after being so hyped up from finishing GTA V. I have to say, I love the main characters of the game, but I just couldn't accept that they'd happily retire as millionaires and get on with their lives as friends. I don't know whether I'll continue it as I'm really busy atm, but if I get enough responses, I'll try to continue this story.

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Niko's reddened eyes flickered back and forth as he frantically observed the Russian gangsters in front of him, pouring cans of gasoline all over the casket with perverse glimmers of anguish in their eyes and crimson blood smeared across their grins, and was reduced to begging for a different ending to his adversary.

"You don't need to kill him brutally – Just put a bullet in his head and be done with it, no guy deserves to be burned to the fucking stake!" Niko provokingly sneered; he tried to pull one of the burly gangsters away with his arms, until Agent Swiane butted his sawn-off shotgun into his temple again, and drew him further away as the gangsters continued their work, the former's shotgun now fixated closer to Niko's temple.

"Trevor Phillips has to die either way Niko – Let the Russians have their fun, we owe them anyway, if Karen was here, she'd agree…" Agent Swaine begrudgingly ordered, he watched as the Russians struggled to contain the captive even with all of their might, and were reduced to covering the top of the casket with boxes filled with cocaine that they had stolen days beforehand, it was worth it especially if they could get the violent psychopath out of their lives and get back to business, whilst Niko stood, slowly drawing out a small combat pistol from his tracksuit pants, but at the same time, was unsure whether to go against his orders and save a man who had tried to kill him multiple times in the past.

"ARGH! WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE, I'M GOING TO CELEBRATE WITH FIREWORKS - WITH YOUR ENTRAILS!" Trevor snarled with great temper, he was slowly starting to lose his breath as the casket drew closer and closer to Trevor's Purgatory, his garishly razzed fists began to draw a sleek crimson line of blood oozing onto the dealer's face, and as he began panting with the rising heat, Niko finally made his decision.

"I never liked you anyway Swiane…This is for Karen!" Niko frustratingly thundered, he swiftly swiped the shotgun out of Swiane's hands as his attention was fixated on the coffin, and knocked him to the ground flawlessly with a single clash from the end of the shotgun. Niko then began firing pellets at the Russian gangsters, the victory belonged to the merciless assassin, as the Russians were tired and drenched from trying to move the coffin quicker into the furnace, and were also un-expecting to Niko's sudden treachery, a trait that Niko had at one point detested in people.

"SAVE SOME FOR ME NICKY! GET ME OUTTA THE FRYER!" Trevor frantically screeched, he was tossing and turning inside the coffin, hoping to shake off the boxes of cocaine away from the box so he'd have a better chance of making a daring escape, however his hastiness wasn't necessary, as Niko had finished his bloodlust. "NIKO – HIT THE SWITCH!"

"Gimme a minute!" Niko gallingly pleaded, he began searching around in the small room by the furnace for the switch, or the button, or whatever the convenient device was that would secure the life of Trevor, however time was truly not on his side, and as his cold pale hands began to shake, Trevor's screams grew inhumanely louder, like that of a lion that anticipated an unforgiving massacre.

"Where the fuck is this switch!?" Niko began pacing around the room and wiped the sweat off his forehead, he wasn't thinking straight as if he was, he'd knew to just simply push the coffin off the conveyor belt, and as he was finally beginning to attempt this, he found it was attached to parts of the belt, as if it was a true slaughterhouse.

Niko's pupils widened with fear, as he began to search his mind for ideas, all the while Trevor began accepting his fate, his eyes shutting with a pure mellow tear flowing past his chapped cheek, and his hands clenching whilst shaking repeatedly in an anxious wait….

Four months earlier...

Location - Ginger Street/ Little Seoul – Los Santos

1200 hrs October 6 2013

Franklin Clinton outside the Rockford Hills Church

The glimmer of sunlight left the front bonnet of the Buffalo, and retreated across the street towards the ceremony, submerging the driver back into the shade, letting him wallow as his eyes surrendered with soft tears dribbling across his cheeks. His hands were placed firmly on the leather of the driving wheel, whilst his brows clenched as he fought away his emotions and brought himself to look at his rival, the man who had managed to steal what the young millionaire had treasured most.

He stood wearing a tuxedo, sweat oozing across his face whilst his best men stood patting him on the back, soothing his nerves before he made one of the biggest decisions in his life, but for a brain surgeon, he could not help but show visible natural signs of fear. As every horrid thought rang through his head of what could be and what shall not be, the groom wandered away from the church, into a darkened alley across the road, whilst all of the guests looked in in confusion. As Franklin got out of his Buffalo to give chase, the bride arrived in her Stretch limousine, and despite his resistance, Franklin had to give one final glance at the woman he once called his lover.

"Man, I never thought she'd look better…What kinda fool would run away from her?" Franklin bewildered, then heard the panting of the groom in the alleyway, and continued with his mission. "Hey, wait up homie!"

"I…I can't do it! I can't vow to give my life away just like that!" The groom cried, he loosened the tie on his suit and ran his fingers through his greasy hair, the neatness of his complexion ruined by his own insecurities.

"Look bro, you made a commitment to that girl, and she gave you her heart, now you gonna throw that away? If you don't make your vows, then all the time you spent with her will be for nothing, and she'll be devastated…" Franklin roared, he pinned the groom against the wall by his neck, and forced him to listen to his lecture. "Taneesh, she's not like most girls…She's sensitive – Strong – but vulnerable, and her heart brings out the best in people. If you throw her heart away, you may as well be killing her. And I ain't gonna let that happen. You're gonna go out there, and give her the life she deserves".

"Ho-How do I know, that'll I'll be enough?" He begged, trying to regain his breath after Franklin brought his hands away from the neck, whilst walking slowly out of the alleyway, looking out at the church.

"You don't, and you'll never know. But she does, and that's all you need man. She's stayed with'chu this long, and she hasn't come all this way in a wedding dress just to leave your ass." Franklin encouraged, he picked up the man's tie from the ground, and put it back on the man's suit, and walked out of the alleyway with him. "Now get back there, and keep her safe."

"Thanks bro, I owe you big time…Do you, do you wanna co-"


Franklin jumped to the ground with panic as he took cover behind the white Buffalo, looking back to check on the groom, but it was too late; one swift merciless bullet to the skull was all it took to end his valued life. The sounds of the gunshot continued to scream through Franklin's head, and as he brought himself back up with his face in his hands, he opened his eyes to meet the horror of the crowd across the street, but only one pair was enough to make Franklin feel ashamed; Tanisha's eyes were black with eyeshadow that covered the top half of her face with the matrimonial tears spreading it across her once elegant face. Sirens drew closer to the area, as Franklin knew he had to leave quickly, as no one would believe him; he wasn't even invited to the wedding after all. He threw himself into the driver's seat, and took one glance at the side mirror towards the corpse; the brain had split into two and was pooling into the drains, and the bloodstains on his suit were enough to build an image into Franklin's mind that he would never be able to shake away again.

The car's engine snarled with aggression as the Buffalo drove with haste away from the Church, and towards Vinewood Hills, where Franklin could get back to his house so that he could figure out what he was going to do next. He knew however, only one person would be able to help through the situation, both literally, and emotionally. Franklin drew out his phone and began dialling his mentor's number.

"Hey, what's going on kid?" came a familiar voice from the retired thief, Franklin's heart pumped louder after listening to the calm tone.

"Mike, I'm in trouble dog, I need your help quick!" Franklin pleaded, he was in hysterics and needed someone to help him make sense of the situation. "Come over to my house before five-0 snatch my ass!"

"Whoa Frank, calm down, whatever it is, we should be able to work it out" Michael assured, he could sense that something was truly wrong with Franklin today as his voice was breaking slightly, and he sounded like he had been crying, but Michael knew he couldn't have as that wasn't the Franklin Clinton he knew. "I'll come down soon, and I'll try to get in touch with Lester if it's a big problem, and if you need him, I'll bring T."

"Shit yeah, thanks man, just get here soon, it's all coming apart!" Franklin begged, he was still on the edge of his seat, as the same scene of Tanisha's horrified face kept flashing at him in his mind, and he was struggling to drive his Buffalo on the road.

3671 Whispymound Drive – Vinewood Hills

1245 hrs October 6 2013

Michael Townley and Trevor Phillips are meeting Franklin Clinton

As soon as Michael and Trevor walked through the front door, they were astounded at the sight that Franklin had unwillingly befallen upon them; his clothes carelessly tossed across the dining tables, bags full of money tucked into the corners of dusty suitcases and the framed murderer himself, was in the leisure room, taking one last glance at his recent accomplishments before bidding it all away.

"Aw Frankie, my boy, what are you doing to yourself? Spring cleaning has finished for months this year," Trevor began, Michael stood behind him in the doorway, slowly assessing the state of the house. "You don't need to spruce the place up for your elders like us, well elders like him, but hey, Michael could lend you his housecleaners if you really need some; they'd beg for the opportunity to be around a young man of stature like yourself, instead of some sugar-daddy trying to relive his youth!"

"Not the time T, and for the record, nothing ever went down between me and Eva; I'm the guy who gets people hooked up on him, not the other way around." Michael chuckled, Trevor gave him a polite smirk and began preparing his comeback, but they were interrupted by the startling sound of Franklin throwing a cache of rifles onto the kitchen table. His aggressive glare gave them reason enough to enter the mansion.

"Eh, we got more shit to worry 'bout then your middle-age bromance scare!" Frankin shouted, his outburst gave Michael a slight chuckle that he managed to conceal, whilst Trevor stood amazed by the idea of someone like Franklin giving him grief, after everything he had done for him. "Look, I'm gonna lay it out to y'all like this; I paid a visit to my ex Taneesh's wedding, but before I got the chance to give them both my blessin', some muthafucka popped the brain surgeon in the fucking head." Franklin revealed, Trevor stood playing with the guns, pretending to shoot Michael in the head as he began pouring himself a glass of wine, but Trevor stopped when he heard the irony of the brain surgeon having his head splattered all over.

"Ah, I see what's wrong now Franklin, I got the message, don't you worry," Trevor reassured, he returned the rifles and reached his arm over Franklin's shoulders, then began patting him on the chest. "Love is one of those things that you wish never came to ya', but you just can't live without, kind of like the son who crops up on your doorstep eighteen years after you gave him up for adoption, or an old prick of a friend who returns from the dead…" Michael lifted his brow at Trevor who gave him a brash smirk, and was tempted to spit the alcohol towards him, but kept his cool and swigged it away. "Besides Frankie, I wouldn't blame ya' if you needed to do whatever it takes to keep her heart close; whether it's taking out your love rival or ripping out her heart and putting it on a fuckin' pike-"

"-For fuck sake man, I didn't do shit, that's what I'm not getting!" Franklin interrupted, he pushed Trevor's arm off his slender shoulders, then swiftly took the bottle of wine away from Michael, and poured the rest of it down the sink, with Michael's jaw widening in both anger and awe. "Look guys, I've gotta get out of the city, there was witnesses that knew me, and pretty soon, my face will be plastered on all the fuckin' news channels!"

"There's only one way to be sure." Michael concluded, he picked up Franklin's TV controller off his couch, then turned on the flat screen with Trevor and Franklin following behind, with Franklin's face continuing to worry, and Trevor's still unfazed by everything before him. Michael quickly flashed through the channels, and found a news bulletin by WeazelNews.

"-eaking News, in a wedding ceremony almost an hour ago, a soon to be husband found a knot splattered out of his head – Before he could tie the knot himself. The chief suspect in this case is a young gangster known as Franklin Clinton, the ex-boyfriend to the bride, Tanisha Jackson. Ms. Jackson, has refused to give a statement as yet of time, however other members of the ceremony indeed confirmed the man's identity at the scene of the crime, and even his aunt, Denise Clinton, confirmed the killer's potential motive. This is Bryan Wilkinson, reporting live from Little Seoul, back to the studi-" After his suspicions were confirmed, Michael quickly turned off the TV after Franklin's teeth gritted with anger at hearing that his own aunt didn't bother to try and defend him, and Trevor began to back away slowly from the young two-bit gangster, who looked set to explode.

"A'ight," Franklin began, he was taking deep breaths and trying to hold his hands still as they shook with sweat. "So there's a manhunt going across the state for me right now, what do I do now?"

"Well, you do your best to become a non-existent person; you can't get any money out of your bank account since the feds will close it, so you keep all the money you've got now and keep it, and chuck out your phone too since they'll try to trace you," Michael hastily replied, remembering how he himself tried to go into hiding, and removed Franklin's phone away from him, then threw it onto the ground and smashed it with his foot. "But the main thing is to get out of town now, at least until we can prove your innocent. Only problem is, where you've gotta go that's discreet enough but close by."

"There is that one place you and me could hide in for a loooong time; you thinkin' what I'm thinkin' M?" Trevor suggested in a creepy seductive tone, whinking at Michael who looked at him in horrified confusion, then grew even more afraid when he realised the place Trevor was referring to. "All those nights, hiding behind the curtains as the sirens passed by, Lester jerking off in one room, Amanda tucking the kids in in another room, and you and me downstairs, drinking away our sorrows and arm wrestling; good times…"

"T, that's not exactly the best place Franklin can go to right now, and besides, I know why you want to go with him, and I ain't gonna let you go there; the two of you will spend a night there, then before the crack of dawn, you'll have gone across the fucking desert and hold up the casinos next door!" Michael snapped, he couldn't believe Trevor would even use the situation just for a reason to wreak havoc across the state of San Andreas again, especially regarding Franklin's safety.

"The fuck you two talking about? If it's a quiet spot, then I'll head there asap man." Franklin assured, Trevor pointed his finger at him with a sneer on his face, then looked at Michael, chuckling and shrugging his shoulders, whilst Michael shook his head in a defeated silence.

"It's a beaut-i-faall spot Frankie, a nice abandoned Airfield in Bone County, the abusive next door neighbour to Las Venturas, home to the loosest slots and sluts in all of San Andreas! Now I'm not saying, and I must put emphasis on this, that a trip around the corner into the rundown streets of LV isn't necessary, but if you ever feel like getting some steam off and getting some shame on, then Venturas is for you amigo!" Trevor revealed, Franklin at first was interested at the idea of hiding in an abandoned airfield in the middle of the desert, but as soon as he mentioned Las Venturas of all places, he fell down to the couch next to Michael and imitated his sighing.

"Trevor, do you not remember the last time you were at the airfield? You kidnapped a bunch of Triad goons, had your way with them and attracted the attention of the fucking FIB!" Michael snapped, Trevor held his arms out in disbelief and gloom, whilst Franklin's head fell further into his knees.

"Hey, you of all people don't have the fucking right to talk about bad dealings with the FIB pal, and besides, that was a long time ago, and things are okay now with our old Asian friends, just gotta make sure next time I bump into them and say 'Hello', I don't bump into their balls and say 'Batter up' at the same time. Besides, what's the alternative? Aaand, we've still got friends out there at the Airfield, and maybe that Bulgarin guys still kicking around there, him and Frankie would get on easily!" Trevor snapped, Michael's disrespect was getting on his nerves, but Trevor was still trying to defend his case for Franklin's case, and amazingly, Franklin lifted his head as soon as he heard that Trevor had friends up in the airfield.

"Ray Bulgarin was a psychotic human trafficker who was going to get himself killed, and even if he's still alive, he wouldn't have hung around Bone County; he never even stayed that long there anyway, never could stay on one place, and I wonder way…" Michael sarcastically answered back, and it was a grave mistake as Trevor could not stand his sarcasm. The two men began shouting at each other as soon as Michael pretended to act lost in thought, until Franklin interrupted them.

"ENOUGH! Mike, you're the sensible one here man, but if you've got no other ideas or good places I can hide out in, I'mma stick with Trevor on this one." Trevor jumped for joy and tried to throw Franklin in the way, until he moved backwards. "But we ain't going to Venturas; no casinos, no strip clubs, and no fucking gang wars either. We just staying in the desert till the heat's died down." Trevor's face dropped, and he let out a reluctant sigh of defeat and acceptance, and began finishing packing Franklin's luggage. "Mike, can you call up Dave Norton and see if you can figure out who the fuck killed the Brain surgeon?"

"Course I can, me and him should be able to put all of this to bed in just a few weeks, maybe even less." Michael reassured, Franklin nodded his head, then let his eyes fall to the ground. "Hey, I said I'll put all this to bed soon kid, what's wrong?" Franklin let out a sarcastic laugh, as Michael asked a profoundly stupid question, which he quickly realised.

"I think I'm finally starting to learn another one of yo' lessons man; my legs are starting to give, and I can't keep all this shit up anymore. As soon as all this over and I'm in the clear man, I'll fuckin' retire. I may only be in my twenties, but any age is the right age to retire in this career, and I should spend the rest of my life making up for the crazy shit I've caused, especially to Taneesh of all people." Franklin sighed, Michael looked to him as if he was the son who had finally grown up and was trying to get his life back together, and in many ways, saw a lot of himself in him.

"Come on kid, let's get in the car and wait for T, we'll hea-"

"LSPD! OPEN THE DOOR NOW!" barked the cadre of cops outside the house, the three men were startled at the banging on the door, and quickly realised that the cops now knew that Franklin was linked to some ways in Lester for living in his property, and henceforth, could know that Michael and Trevor were known associates of the gangster.

"Fuck! What'ta we do now?" Michael questioned, he began worrying for his own safety, knowing that he would be arrested as an accessory of murder to Franklin at the very least if not an accomplice, and that he couldn't be seen anywhere with Franklin anymore if he wanted to protect his family.

"Go out the fucking back! I'll slaughter these pigs and give you cover, head out the back and meet up at the airfield in Sandy Shores!" Trevor ordered, he grabbed one of the rifles off the table and armed himself to the teeth, and as Michael and Franklin jumped out the window, Trevor casually opened the front door to let the cops in, then surprised them with a spray of bullets at point blank range, then began to make art in his own perverse way.

Michael and Franklin ran past the swimming pool and began climbing down the cliffs, jumping into the gardens of the houses at the lower streets, and had to get to cover quickly as they could hear a helicopter in the distance.

"Damnit, the best thing we can do right now is split up! I'll head west, and you head east – I'll call Dave when I get the chance, meet up soon at Trevor's Airfield!" Michael decided, he felt disgusted at himself as he was prepared to leave Franklin to be arrested to cover his own skin and protect his family, but he knew Franklin well enough to understand that Franklin could get out of any spot. Michael climbed over one of the wooden fences as an old couple looked on from their bedroom window, whilst Franklin ran out through the main gates, hoping to jack a nearby car.

"You got it Mike!"

Location – Senora Freeway/Grand Senora Desert – Los Santos

1345 hrs October 6 2013

Michael De Santa heading to Sandy Shores Airfield

Michael drove with haste through the traffic gridlock in his Tailgater, almost slipping off the edge of his leathery seat as he held one hand on the driving wheel, and one hand holding his IPhone in the other, with only belligerence in his eyes as he tried to get ahead of all the drivers in front of him.

"For the fourth time Davey, he didn't fucking do it! I believe him, and after everything we've just pulled, he wouldn't just go and ruin it all deliberately just for his ex-girlfriend!" Michael roared, almost as loud as the sound of the car engine, the noise of Pure Shores fading into the background.

"With all the evidence mounting up, the fact that he was two feet away from the victim, and that he even has a clear motive – It is a little hard to believe you. You know he has had a clear head outside of work, but have you been keeping tabs on him recently? Any signs of abnormality that would stand out and would prove or disapprove his situation?" Dave interrogated, Michael kept sighing with every sentence Dave made, and he found it pestering that Dave would even consider the idea that Michael didn't know Franklin well enough outside of business.

"No, none, he's been acting like the same calm, considerate guy I've known all this time. There is one thing that stands out in his case; he said that the brain surgeon guy was sniped, but Franklin was standing beside him, meaning he couldn't have shot him from the right direction. Surely you could prove that in the files?" Michael asked, he was trying to think logically, and after all of his dealings he has had in the past with agents like Dave and Steve. He had begun to slow down in his car now as he turned to head into Sandy Shores, and saw the Airfield coming up to him, and had to swerve out of the way from two hipsters on scooters.

"Hmm, that is one theory we can put to the test and look into, but right now, you need to continue with your plan and get Trevor and Franklin out of the city; both of them. The situation will just let Trevor aggravate it further and cause unnecessary noise, and I need you here; if we are to clean up this mess up, it'll have to be off the books, and just between us." Dave assessed, Michael's face deflated with the mention of Trevor, and gave a small uplifted leer at Dave's insistence of personally dealing with the problem.

"Alright that sounds good, better than dealing with any more leisure-wearing uptight assholes by the name of 'Steve Haines'. I'll wave the guys away now, but we're gonna have to deal with this quick Dave; I mean quick."

"In that case, get off the line and get rid of the other two so we can get to work in LS, it'll all blow off soon, I'll make sure of it." Dave concluded, quickly ending the call as soon as Michael started trying to give the promoted FIB agent orders, which Michael was tempted to make a quip about, until he received a message from Amanda on the phone.

"Michael, just seen the news on TV about Franklin; promise me you'll stay away, we've gone through too much to let it all away now, I know you care about him, but your family have to come first. Come home soon, I miss you x"

By the time he finished reading the text, Michael had already mowed down a hillbilly on his dirt-bike in the desert, and had arrived a few minutes late at the Airfield. In the distance, he could see Trevor loading a few suitcases in the back of his Cuban 800, and Franklin and Lamar were arguing about the situation, with Ron and Wade observing the events before them.

"Look ma homie, I ain't complainin' bout the fact you killed Tanisha's guy, what this dude is pissed about is you leaving him outta all this shit!" Lamar shouted, him and Franklin stood squaring up to each other, with Lamar's lanky figure towering over everyone in the area.

"I told you already you dense muthafucka – My phone is being traced by the cops, so I couldn't call yo' ass! And I can't stay with you here; slingin dope on each street corner, waiting to be napped by One time is bad enough, let alone waiting for my house to be raided every fuckin' weekend!" Franklin snarled, Lamar was beginning to back away towards Ron and Wade as Franklin's temper flared at his ignorance.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realise ma fuckin' lifestyle choices affected you so muthafuckin' deeply, maybe you should continue hangin round with older white boys like those two!" Lamar snapped, his jealousy and anger at the fact that everyone left him out for everything was rising by the minute, but one aggressive glare from Trevor was all it took for Lamar to stop bringing Franklin's friends into the argument.

"He has a point here Franklin; all a gangbanger from the hood wants to do is cover his boys whenever he can! And that's why he's going to willingly come with us and leave all his ties here, and become a non-existant person in the middle of the desert for a couple of weeks!" Trevor laughed, Lamar's face dropped when Trevor was finally involving him into the situation, and Franklin shook his head at the idea of bringing Lamar to Bone County, especially if Trevor was secretly planning on paying a visit to Las Venturas, however an deadly moan from Trevor was all it took to silence the debate. Michael was finally pulling up outside the plane as Trevor finished loading the back of the plane.

"Boss, I still doubt that the company will be able to survive in your absence; what if some of our old enemies return and are just waiting for you to leave, so th-the perfect opportunity to strike wo-would come?" Ron pleaded in a nervous tone, worrying with his usual theories about the worst possible outcomes of Trevor leaving him, when really, he just didn't want to have to deal with running the Enterprises alone.

"Keep nagging Ronald and I'll strike you down! – TPEnterprises is an international corporation, so we need to spread our influence across the state…Now Ronald, I have faith in you, I do, but if you start soiling yourself everytime you see a hairy biker, or a Chinese guy with glasses and a suit, or a fuckin' fellow trailer-trash shithead that don't like me no more, then you've got to step up!" Trevor warned, he placed both hands on Ron's shoulders and spoke so closely, Ron cowered at the smell of Trevor's whiskey breath, whilst Wade looked on and began walking backwards. "Besides, Mikey will be looking after most of our businesses, ain't that right Sugartits?"

Michael stepped out of his car and gave a fistbump to Franklin whilst nodding politely to Lamar. "Eh bite me T, but I've got it covered. I'll buy out Franklin's businesses before the government lease them to another investor with their hands up their asses like Devin. Should be fun, running a weed centre, a strip club and a gun-delivering airfield; Goddamn am I living the dream baby." Michael chuckled, Trevor pushed Ron away towards Wade, and stood with his arms crossed and his eyebrows raised as Michael laughed at the idea of him stealing all of Trevor's businesses. Lamar stood listening to him, slightly disappointed at how the man who had saved him countless times looked.

"So uh, shit, it's good to meet you finally, but uh…Ain't you a little old for all this white-collar crime shit?" Lamar asked, his cockiness was getting the better of him, and Trevor laughed at his dissatisfaction at Michael's appearance.

"Well gee, I'd happily retire anyday from this 'white-collar crime shit', but the youth of today fuck up the world too much for the older generations not to get involved!" Michael protested in a sarcastic manner, Lamar backed down and gave him a civil fist-bump, then Trevor held in his frustration over being classed as an older generation.

"Now Michael, we both knooow you're not one for saying goodbyes traditionally, so let's fly this fucker into the horizon! Las Venturas baby, gotta say though Mikey, it won't be the same without ya!" Trevor sneered, Michael gave him the finger as Franklin and Lamar got into the back of the plane and said their goodbyes to Michael. "Look, Mike, ju-just promise me you'll put all this shit to bed right? I won't be having you covering my back up there in the desert, and I prefer to put my feet up in one place…" Trevor mumbled, finally, the first time Trevor spoke sincerely to Michael in years had come, and Michael was touched slightly at Trevor's words, but brushed them off with a calm hug.

"Hey, whatta I tell ya? I know what I'm doing, and I'll get all this shit done in a few weeks, just lie low and it'll be okay. Now go before we start crying for fuck sake." Michael reassured, Ron and Wade looked on with both confusion and jealously, until Trevor remembered where he was and had to keep his emotions bottled up again, then ferociously jumped away and slid into the plane's pilot seat.

"Oookay, let's go let's go let's go! Ron – Wade, listen to Mikey and don't do anything fucking rash or incest while I'm gone! Oh and Sugatits, say hi to Superagent Norton for me while I'm gone, I hope we taxpayers are paying him fuckin' well!" Trevor decided, Ron Wade and Michael hurried backwards for shelter in the hangar, whilst waving Franklin and Trevor goodbye, whilst Lamar rested his head back, holding back his anger at not being acknowledged for covering his homie.

The three stood watching the plane drift off into the distance, the smoke blowing away with the cold unforgiving wind, whilst the clouds began to darken, and the rain pelted down relentlessly, but Michael didn't feel nor acknowledge it; he was still frozen where he stood, looking out to where he last saw the plane, and kept on hearing Trevor's last words to him over and over; his confession truly killed him, and he hated himself for believing him to simply being a cold tormented psychopath.

Location – Room 53 International Affairs Agency HQ, San Andreas Avenue – Pillbox Hill, Los Santos

1833 hrs, October 6

Agent Pratchett is holding a debrief

"How on Earth could you have lost them?" Karen questioned with frustration, her two lieutenants stood in front of her with almost equal fury, and the hardened female agent rose from her desk-chair, and began pacing around the room.

"As soon as the LSPD got there, it was just a blitz play; the best we can do now is look into his last whereabouts and known associates. Phillips and Clinton are affiliated with the Chamberlain Families streetgang and with one Michael DeSanta; we find them, and we find the two we're looking for." Agent Swiane prostested, the light shone off his murky slicked-back hair, almost appearing as a double for a 1960s Greaser flick.

"Continue looking into known accomplices, anyone; money-brokers, business managers, even fucking neighbours! If they've left any traces anywhere, I want you to look into it, and figure out where they've gone. Now that they know we're after them, they'll go into hiding, and you'll have to flush them out." Karen warned, she sat on the edge of her desk, tapping impatiently trying to figure a solution to the situation, but after giving a wayward glance at the other agent in the room, an idea hatched in her mind whilst looking at him.

"I know you're uncomfortable with the assassination of an innocent man, but it was necessary to justify our actions to the public eye, and there is nothing we can do now. These criminals, have murdered, stolen, tortured and committed every crime under the sun to survive…But out of everyone in this building, perhaps only you can find them; you can think like them, and if you do this, we'll send you and your family back into hiding…I promise." Karen concluded, Agent Swiane was confused at what almost sounded as an apologetic remorse from his boss, but dismissed it as he looked at the special hitman.

"They do, everything you people do for a living…The only difference is they don't lie about it. But if they're really bad fucking people, and if they really did kill Doberman at the Kortz Centre…And for my family…I'll get it done." The hitman concluded, he looked down at his hands which to him were forever covered in blood and filth, and despite knowing how the woman before him acts in order to get what she wanted, he still held a soft-spot for her, but she could never replace what he could have had with Kate. He headed out of the room and opened the door, but stopped as soon as Agent Swiane left in front of him, and Karen stopped him in his tracks.

"I'm not happy about this either, but right now, we don't have a choice; we do what we have to do to get by. You know that better than anyone, Niko." Karen pleaded, she placed her hand on his shoulder, and was tempted to loosen her fingers across his face, but knew her place, and followed her ex-boyfriend turned government hitman out of the door.

Well, that's it for Chapter 1. If I continue with Chapter 2, we'll follow Trevor and his two gangster friends to Las Venturas, and see how long it takes for Trevor to get into trouble with the mafia and triads, and maybe a few more old faces from GTA IV and V will crop up too.

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