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Chapter 2

"Dean, you can not stay in your room for the entire trip!" Sam yelled down the phone. "You are not going to get violated by anyone on that ship. It docks at different islands, why not get off and go sight seeing or something?"

"Can I get off the boat and get a flight home?" Came the irritated tone from the other end of the line.

"NO!" Came both responses. Gabriel was in the kitchen whipping up some home made cookies and fully intending to use what was left in the bowl as body food. He had the other phone balanced between his ear and shoulder. "Dean, get out of that room and take full advantage of the money we put into this trip. There are so many things to see and do. No one is even going to notice you!"

"How could anyone not notice me?" Sam looked over at Gabriel and rolled his eyes. Trust Dean to still imagine himself as a sex God on a ship full of women who couldn't be less interested in him.

"You're right," Gabriel offered. "Maybe you'll find some young lesbians who want nothing more than for you to educate them on how to properly enjoy cock."

"Don't tease me!" Came a groan from the other end. "Besides, I don't want to get into some random chicks underwear. I just don't want some guy trying to get into mine!"

"What exactly do you think gay men do? We don't march like cavemen into the nearest bar, beat some random hot guy over the head and drag him home!" Sam argued with him.

"Well, how do you explain Gabriel then?" Came an irritated retort.

"Just get the hell out of that room, Dean!"


So Dean, after a much needed pep talk, found himself standing in front of a friendly looking woman. She was stood behind a small desk, smiling at. Dean thought she looked sympathetic towards him being alone, but he beat down that worry as best he could.

"Good afternoon, sir. How many at the table?" She asked and Dean peered behind her into the restuarant area. His stomach gave a low growl at the smell of fresh bacon and bread.

"Just one thanks." He replied and she grabbed a menu for him.

"Right this way." He followed her over to the table. It was in the far corner of the restaurant, adjacent to the window. Dean liked the idea of this seating arrangement. Put him in the corner where no one could see him and he could just kick back and enjoy the view. "What would you like to drink?" She asked and handed him the menu.

"Beer please." He replied and began scanning the menu, as she walked away. If Sam were there he would be telling him to lay off the alcohol...but Sam wasn't there and he was going to take full advantage of that situation.

It didn't take long for him to decide what he wanted. It did take a while for the waitress to return. But Dean wasn't in a rush. Hell, where was he going to go? He looked out over the ocean and revelled in the feel of the sun shinning down on his face. He was beginning to relax and enjoy himself. He could do this. He could have fun while on a gay cruise. He'd spent enough time with Gabriel to know what to expect. As long as the men kept their hands to themselves then he would be fine.

"So, bad break-up, or just lonely?" Dean's head snapped around to the man who was now stood in front of his table. He was tall, thin, with light blonde hair and a cheeky smile on his face. He was dressed in low cut, black jeans and a v neck tee shirt. "I'm going to go with bad break-up." He finished and continued to smile down at Dean.

He didn't say anything for a few moments. He drummed his fingers on the table and looked back out at the ocean, taking his time to collect his thoughts.

"Am I that obvious?" He finally asked.

"Here alone, first time out of your room, from what I can tell, sad eyes and not really enjoying the beauty of the ship…yeah you're kind of obvious." Dean blushed and looked down at the table. The waitress returned with his drink and asked if he wanted anything to eat.

"No thanks, I'm not really hungry." Was all he said in reply.

The blonde haired man bit his lip and looked down at Dean with a guilty expression. "Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you."

"It's all right," Dean replied and took a sip of his beer. "I guess I'm not quite in the 'over it' stage yet."

The guy took the opportunity to sit in the seat opposite Dean. He stared at him for a moment and then smiled.

"So what did the dip-shit do to you then? Do I need to add him to my hit list?" Dean tried not to react when the man said 'him' and couldn't help but smile at the latest nickname for Lisa. He had to remember to add that to the name game.

" It's a pretty pathetic story, to be honest." He offered, giving the guy a chance to escape.

"I'm listening anyway." He replied with a smile and then offered Dean his hand. "I'm Balthazar, by the way."

"Dean." He replied. "Well I met this guy a few years ago. I was head over heels in love, but sh-he was dating someone else at the time. I waited around for a long time and they eventually split up. For while the two of us were together and I thought that would be a permanent thing. I even told him I loved him. Then he up and left and now the two of them are getting married." Dean couldn't explain why he felt the need to let Balthazar assume that he was gay. A straight man on a gay cruise had too many questions that he couldn't answer. "I guess I'm here to get away from romance in general."

Balthazar looked around at the many couples in the restaurant and couldn't help but grin. "Good choice for that." Dean smirked slightly.

"My brother and his boyfriend paid for this for me. They didn't know it was this kind of cruise until I called them and gave them an ear full." Balthazar laughed at this and Dean found himself smiling along with him.

"Well I hate to see a man suffer in silence. I'm here with some friends if you would like company." Dean looked to where Balthazar was pointing. A man with light brown hair and glasses was sat talking happily to a woman with dark red hair and a sweet smile. Dean looked at them for a few moments and then turned back the Balthazar.

"Why not? There's no point sitting here by myself." The two of them stood and made their way over to the table. He would do Sam proud. He didn't really care what Gabriel thought, but he was here so he might as well suck it up and enjoy himself.

"Miss me?" Balthazar asked, as he sat down next to the man with glasses. Up close Dean got a better look at the two of them. The man had pale skin, dark eyes hidden behind the thick framed glasses and a kind smile. The girl had a few light freckles dotted across her face and light green eyes. She was wearing a short white summer dress and, Dean had to admit, she was hot. "Dean, this is Charlie and my partner Lucifer." He shook Charlie's hand and she pulled out a seat to let him sit down.

Lucifer had to stand slightly to reach his hand a grimaced. "I'd prefer it if you called me Luc, most people do." Dean nodded in understanding and sat silently while the three of them continued to chatter.

"So Dean, do you like magic?" Dean looked at Charlie for a moment and grinned.

"Depends what kind." He replied and she laughed a little.

"The illusion kind. Trick of the light or slide of hand, that sort of stuff." She smiled at him.

"To be honest, I've never given it much thought."

"Well Meg, my girlfriend who is currently working on her tan, and these guys hate it. I really don't want to go alone. Do you fancy it?" He could see her giving him a desperate plea with her eyes and smiled at her.

"Sure. I've nothing else to do." He wasn't prepared for her cheer of happiness, or for her arms to suddenly be wrapped around his neck. He patted her on the back slightly and then she pulled away, obviously aware that she was making him uncomfortable. But not really caring all the same.

"We saw the show last year, Dean. You may want to take a book with you." Balthazar laughed as Charlie through a croissant at his head.


He met Charlie out on the deck at seven thirty. She was standing by the railings with her arms wrapped around another woman's waist. Dean stopped for a moment before he approached. Straight men and women rarely had this many public displays of affection. It seemed to be some sort of frenzy aboard this ship. But he did take into account the amount of homophobic people in the world. At least here they could openly love each other without fear of abuse.

"Dean!" Charlie called when she spotted him. "Meg Masters, Dean Winchester." Dean shook the smaller woman's hand and smiled. She was at least a few inches smaller than Charlie, with dark curly hair, a round face and high cheekbones.

"So Dean-o, you're going to suffer the show tonight? Hope you brought a pillow with you." Charlie nudged her with her elbow, as Meg smiled up at him. He was freakishly aware of how much she reminded him of a female Gabriel. He made a mental note to never let them meet.

"Come on, Dean. We better go." She placed a quick kiss on Meg's lips before pulling him below deck and down to the show room where they had been for registration.

"So what kind of magic are we going to see?" He asked her, as they were escorted to their table.

"All sorts. Some come round the tables and do close up magic, there'll be illusions, card tricks and everything you can think of." She rambled happily. Dean liked Charlie from the moment she had opened her mouth at lunch. She was like the little sister he had always wanted. Any attraction he had, had for her disappeared and was replaced by a different kind of admiration. She was super smart, way smarter than Sam. She was very into her sci-fi and all things weird. But that just made her all the more interesting because she constantly had topics for them to talk about, so he didn't get bored easily.

Soon they turned their attention to the stage, as the lights dimmed and a small man walked out.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Please take your seat, as the show is about to begin. Please remain in your seats throughout the show, unless you are instructed otherwise. The waiting staff will be on hand to refill your drinks so just raise your hand if you need them. Thank you and enjoy the show."

Dean watched with amusement as the show began. He laughed along with Charlie, as a man bumbled onto the stage, dropping his hat and sending a pack of cards flying out into the audience. He then proceeded to pick his way through the crowd, instructing them to give back the cards. One man found a card in his wallet, a woman found one inside her shoe and another man embarrassedly removed one from under his toupee.

The next act was a man and a woman. The woman lay down on the table, as the man made it appear that she was in a trance and then made her levitate off of it. It was the oldest trick in the book and even Charlie applauded but looked somewhat bored.

The lights then came up and a few of the floor magicians began moving through the crowd.

"Do you need another drink?" Dean asked, noticing her empty glass.

"Yeah, please." Charlie replied and the two of them raised their hands to get the staffs attention. They ordered their drinks and then watched the other tables being amazed by close up magic. "Are you having a good time?" She suddenly asked.

"I am actually. I haven't had this much fun in a while. I can't even remember the last time I smiled this much." Charlie grinned, glad to see he was having fun.

"It does get easier, Dean. I promise." He smiled back at her and opened his mouth to reply, when suddenly a deck of cards was nearly shoved up his nose. He looked up to see a man in black trousers and a white shirt looking down at him. A few of the buttons on the shirt were undone at the top and Dean could see that he was sweating slightly, probably from all the body heat in the room. But that wasn't what caught him. He looked up to see the most kissable lips he had ever come across. The guys had a little stubble on his cheeks and chin and his eyes were bright and blue. His dark hair seemed to be sticking out in all directions, like he'd just rolled out of bed.

"Pick a card." He said in a low husky tone. Charlie raised her eyebrows at Dean and nudged his leg. It seemed to bring him out of whatever trance he had slipped into and he tore his eyes away from the mans mouth. Reaching forward, he plucked a card from the deck. "Ok, examine your card, show it to your friend, but don't let me see it." He instructed and even turned away slightly so he couldn't see Dean's hands.

Dean slipped the card under the table to look at it. Queen of diamonds. He leaned across the table to show it to Charlie and then flipped it over so it was face down.

"Now slip it back into the deck." Dean did as instructed and then watched as the mans hands moved at lightening speed, as he shuffled the deck. "Is this your card?" Two of clubs.

"No." Dean replied and Charlie had to bite her hand to keep from giggling. The man looked down for a second and looked a little lost. Before he could say anything the lights flashed signalling that the show was about to restart.

"Enjoy the rest of the show." He muttered and quickly walked away.

Charlie looked at Dean, still biting into her hand.

"Maybe he should stick to serving drinks or something." He muttered and looked at the man's retreating back.

"I saw that." She said giving him a cheeky wink.

"Saw what?" He asked looking somewhat confused.

"You liked him. It's a shame." She replied.

"What is?"

"They have a rule on the ship. Staff aren't allowed to mingle with the guests." Dean looked slightly horrified and opened his mouth to assure her he had no intentions of 'mingling' with the crappy magician. But she raised her hand to silence him as the next act came on the stage.

The rest of the show went by without a hitch. A man cracked an egg in the centre of their table revealing a real baby chick. Charlie cooed over it like a typical girl until it shit on her hand. Dean had laughed so hard he almost fell out of his chair.

"I heard that's lucky." He told her playfully and then had to duck when she tried to smear the crap on her hand on his face.

A woman from the audience disappeared from a box on stage, then reappeared later serving drinks behind the bar, a plain wooden stick turned into confetti, a woman changed her outfit seven times in the blink of an eye and a man shoved many serving utensils into different areas of his body. Dean had flinched uncomfortably at that last one but didn't appear to be the only one.


"I really had fun tonight, Dean. Thanks for going with me." Charlie said, as they reached her door.

"Thank you, Char. I really needed this." They gave each other a hug and said goodnight.

Dean thought about going back to the bar and having a few more drinks but then decided against it. Why spoil a good night with a hangover the next morning? He stumbled tiredly towards his door and reached into his back pocket to get his keys. As he did so, he felt a small, folded up piece of cardboard drop out of the pocket and onto the ground. He picked it up and quickly unfolded it. The Queen of Diamonds lay in his hand. Across it in thick black marker was the words 'is this your card?'.

He stared dumbly at it for a long time. The only thought that crossed his mind, as he walked into his room, was 'how the hell had some random guy managed to touch his ass without him even noticing?'

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