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Chapter 3 (Don't know what to call this one)…Banana


"NO!" Dean yelled at the offensive noise and threw a pillow across the room in an attempt to get rid of it.

"YES!" Came three happy voices from the other side of the door. He rolled over and rubbed him eyes. He hadn't slept this well in months and momentarily forgot where he was. He could see the warm sun peaking through his curtain and heard the waves slapping agains the side of the ship. Wish I could wake up every morning to that sound, he thought to himself. He pulled the bed sheets around his waist (who needs pyjamas when you've got silk sheets against your skin) and groggily walked towards the door. He opened it a crack to see who has disturbed his peace and immediately had it flung backwards out of his grasp.

"Rise and shine, sleeping b-e-a uty!" Balthazar gave a slight whistle when his eyes fall on Dean's naked chest. All he could do is stand there and blush because if he pulled the sheet up he will reveal way more nakedness (swoon). Charlie is giggled slightly and tried to smoother it with her hand, while Meg stared openly and unimpressed at his chest.

"I think we'll just wait up on deck!" Lucifer snapped and dragged his eye fucking lover away. Charlie and Meg stood there grinning after them.

"Dean, when people come to visit, its customary to invite them in." Meg stated and pushed past him, not bothering to wait to be asked. Charlie just rolled her eyes and mouthed the word 'sorry' before walking in along with her. Dean grabbed his jeans off the floor and moved to put them on when he noticed Meg watching him.

He raised his hand and rotated his index finger with an expression that says 'turn the fuck around'.

"Believe me, its nothing I haven't seen before. And not something I'm interested in." She smilec at him. Dean frowned and looks at Charlie for support. The red head grinned at his embarrassment and walked over to her girlfriend. She placed her hand over Megs eyes and then turned to Dean.

"No rush. Go and get ready." He frowned at her but didn't argue. Grabbing some clean clothes, he slipped into the bathroom and into the shower.

"So where are we going?" He yelled over the running water.

"The ship is docking at one of the more remote islands! There's only a small village on it! But you can rent scooters and drive around the island! It beats being stuck on the ship with nothing to do!" Charlie yelled back through the gap in the bathroom door.

"There's plenty to do here." Dean replied, as he steps out of the shower and begins to dry himself.

"We know that! But you have to get off the boat now and again! It's part of the experience. Plus, we're all going and didn't like the idea of you being here alone." Dean couldn't help but smile at the caring tone in her voice. Just like with Sam and Gabriel, he couldn't work out how she ended up with a girl like Meg.


"Come on, you three!" Balthazar yelled. Dean nearly fell over the small bridge that lead them off the boat when he looked over at the English maniac. They had three scooters sitting waiting. A bright, lime green one, a pale blue one and a bright pink one. Lucifer was currently sat on the pink one, looking severely pissed off, while Balthazar sat behind him waving his hands like a child. It looked all the more ridiculous because both men were over six foot tall and had to practically wrap around to each other to get their feet off the ground.

"I still don't understand why we couldn't get the black one!" Lucifer hissed in annoyance.

"Because, Darling, this one has character." Balthazar replied and leaned forward to kiss his cheek.

Charlie and Meg claimed the green one, leaving Dean with the blue. The kitchen staff of the ship had packed a lunch for them, which Dean strapped securely to the back of his scooter.

"LAST ONE TO THE TOP IS AN OLD MAN'S BALL BAG!" Balthazar yelled, as he and Lucifer set off towards the mountain road. Charlie and Meg laughed, while Dean just rolled his eyes. They let the two men lead the way until they passed through the village. Dean decided to have a little fun and pushed forward on the accelerator.

It wasn't long before he was side by side with the other men and waved cheekily at them. Balthazar was flailing his arms around urging Lucifer to drive faster. It looked like something out of a Wacky races cartoon and Dean couldn't help but laugh.

"I think the extra weight is slowing you down!" He called over to Lucifer, who threw his head back and laughed. Balthazar flipped him the bird and then whispered something into his partner's ear. Dean could see the other man straighten up immediately and knew he was in for a challenge.

The girl's trailed behind, not really bothered about the race. They laughed as Balthazar continued to slide his foot across and try to kick Dean scooter out of the way. At one point Dean caught hold of his ankle and wouldn't let go until another car coming towards him forced him to pull back behind them.

Lucifer eventually raised his hand to signal for the rest of them to follow his lead. He pulled off onto a dirt road and came out at a view point. There were picnic tables dotted around the area and a wall they could sit on to look out over the ocean.

"This is the life." Meg grinned, as she perched herself up on the wall and looked out at the view. "You know, Dean, for a guy who's all heartbroken and shit, you're actually pretty fun." Dean smiled and passed her a bottle of water.

"You should see me on a good day." The rest of them grabbed some sandwiches and opted to sit on the wall as well. They sat in silence for a few moments. The cool breeze felt great against his skin and Dean looked down at the small village a sighed. This was the sort of place he would love to retire to when he was older. Quiet, isolated and without worries.

The silence wasn't broken until Balthazar decided to swear a little too loudly. Many of the bird population scattered in fear at his outburst.

"FUCK!" He was looking around wildly and Dean jumped off the wall, thinking something was wrong. Balthazar was now looking at Lucifer with wide eyes and the other man was smiling sweetly in return. "This is the place isn't it?" He asked him.

"I was starting to think you didn't notice." Lucifer replied.

"What is it?" Charlie asked.

"When Luc and I came here last year…this is the place where he asked me to marry him." Balthazar reached over and kissed him softly.

"Aww, that's so cute." Charlie said and couldn't help but wrap her arm around Meg's shoulder. Dean thought it was sweet too. In fact he thought it was one of the most romantic things he had ever seen. But he couldn't help feeling a pang of despair in his heart. Would he ever have this? Would he ever have a history with someone? Have places they could visit and reminisce about?

"You ok there, Dean-o?" He looked up to see Meg staring at him.

"Yeah, I'm good. Just gonna go and stretch my legs." He turned and walked away, hoping that they hadn't read too much into it.

He had barely made it out of view when he heard footsteps running behind him. He turned to see Charlie hurrying along, getting a little out of breath. It really wasn't the weather for an afternoon jog, so he stopped to let her catch you.

"You…ok?" She asked breathlessly.

"Yeah, Char, I'm fine." He replied and turned to keep walking.

"Liar!" She snapped. "You might be able to lie to yourself, Dean. But you can't lie to me. I saw that look in your eyes. There's nothing wrong with wanting what other people have." She linked her arm through his and walked slowly at his side.

"Were they pissed?" He asked a little nervously.

"No way…just worried." He sighed slightly and they just walked for a little while in silence.

"Hey, you know what you need?" Charlie asked. He shook his head and stayed quiet. Waiting for whatever hair raising suggestion she could come up with. "A massage."

"What?" Of all the things she could have suggested, that was not what he was expecting.

"Yeah, a nice body massage. Get all that tension off you. I really think it would help."

"I don't know, Char. I've never had one before. Aren't you naked for that?" Charlie raised her eyebrows and grinned at him.

"I said a massage, Dean! Stop thinking life is how they play it out in porn. You're just thinking of the happy ending." She giggled. "If you get a back massage then you keep your trousers on. Or wear your underwear."

"I don't wear underwear." He replied and she just rolled her eyes.

"Invest in some then."


After they returned to the ship and changed for dinner, Dean thought more about Charlie's suggestion. Maybe a massage could help he told himself. Sam was always raving about the massages he got down at the gym. Getting the tension out of his neck and shoulders could probably do him the world of good.

On his way down for dinner he visited the reception desk.

"Hello, Sir, how may I help you?" The nervous looking man asked from behind the counter. He looked very young, early twenties maybe. Dean looked at his name tag.

"Hi, Garth. I was wondering how I could go about booking myself a massage." The man seemed to sag in relief. Must be knew Dean thought, he's worried about difficult questions.

Garth typed away at the computer for a few moments and then smiled.

"We've had a cancellation for one tonight. Seven thirty. Would you like me to book you in, Sir?" Dean grinned and lifted his wallet out of his back pocket. "Oh no, Sir, its included with the room"

"Hell, book me down for two then." Garth laughed slightly and took Dean's name and room number.

"Ok that's you booked in. Your masseuse is called Castiel." Dean frowned slightly, funny name for a chick. "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"Yeah, Dean asked. "What's a happy ending?"


After dinner Dean made his way down to the Spa. Garth had given him directions and a map but he still managed to get lost. It was seven thirty five before he finally found the right room.

A woman in a white linen shirt and trousers greeted him as he walked in.

"Mr Winchester?" She asked and he nodded. She checked his name off the clipboard she was carrying and then set it down. The entire room was painted white. There were two doors behind her desk and the only decoration were canvas pictures of a white lilies or pebbles on water. Wow, Dean thought with a hint of sarcasm, I feel more relaxed already.

"Sorry I'm late." He said to the woman as she turned her attention back to him. "I got a little lost."

"Don't worry," She replied. "It happens more than you'd think. Please follow me." He followed her into the room on the left hand side. A massage table lay in the centre of the room, candles flickered from the draft of the door being opened and he could hear soft, soothing music playing through an unknown speaker. "What sort of massage were you looking for, Mr Winchester?"

"Just my back and shoulders." He replied trying not to blush and memory of Garth mumbling an explanation for a 'happy ending'.

"Feeling a little tense?" She asked and he nodded in reply. "Ok, just remove your shirt and hop up onto the bed. Lie face down and try to relax. Your masseuse will be with you in a moment." He watched her retreat, a little confused. He had thought she was the masseuse.

He shrugged his shoulders and began unbuttoning his shirt. Shrugging it off he wriggled onto the bed and lay face down, as instructed. He folded his arms under his face and rested his chin on them, trying to get a little more comfortable.

The door creaked open behind him and he sighed with relief. Finally, he smiled, this better be worth it.

It surprised him that the girl didn't speak. He heard her rubbing the oil into her hands and then felt them touch his shoulders. He tensed for a second and then relaxed, as she began working out the knots.

"So, Mr Winchester, is it a full back massage, or just the neck and shoulders?" Dean's eyes flew open. Dude was a dude! It was a man rubbing him down! He tried to roll over but felt firm hands press hard against his shoulders. "Is everything all right?"

"Y-yeah." He tried to steady his heartbeat. "I just…there was a woman in here a moment ago." He bit his lip and tried not to mentally slap what was left of his brain.

"Anna is with another client. I can ask her to swap if you would feel more comfortable." Dean couldn#t ignore the hurt in the guys voice. Maybe he thought Dean didn't approve of the massage. He breathed deeply a few times and then replied.

"No man, it's fine. You just surprised me, that's all." The man's hands were back on his shoulder. They rubbed deep into the muscle and Dean couldn't help but groan at how good it felt.

"Good." Came the reply. "I was worried your sexual preferences might have made you uncomfortable with being massaged by a man." Dean froze again and couldn't help but roll over. The man took a step back and lowered his eyes slightly. Dean's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw the man's face.

It was him! The crappy magician!

"You!" Dean snapped and jumped off the table grabbing his shirt. "You're the guy who had his hand in the ass of my jeans!" To his surprise Castiel chuckled.

"That was merely slide of hand, Mr Winchester."

"Yeah? Well, I would prefer it if you didn't slide your hand against my ass cheek!" He growled. Once he had his shirt pulled back over his head he made his way to the door. But something stopped him and he turned back to look at the man. "What did you mean by 'sexual preferences'?"

"Oh please!" Castiel huffed slightly. "You couldn't be any straight if someone shoved a stick up your ass and mounted you on a wall!" Dean gawked slightly and the man blushed at his rudeness. "My apologise."

"No, you're right." Dean replied and Castiel looked up. "I am straight. But I would prefer it if you didn't tell anyone that." The man stared at him for a moment and then smiled.

"I have heard of people being ashamed of being gay before…but never the other way round."

"Yeah well, a lot of my friends might be offended if they found out. I let the lie run a little too long. One of them thinks I have a crush on you." He joked .

"Oh?" Castiel asked with no hint of amusement and stepped forwards. A little too much into Dean's personal space. "Why would they think that?"

Dean gulped for air. He could feel a strange stirring sensation in his stomach. "I have no idea." He replied before turning and getting out of the room as quickly as possible.

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