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Chapter 7 Little Crushes and secrets revealed

Dean slipped the key into the door and quietly stepped into his room. He wasn't sure how he had managed to walk back, as his body was still trembling after the amazing orgasm Cas had given him. He smiled at the memory as he leaned against the inside of the door letting his mind wander back to the night's events. Cas on his knees in front of him, kissing Cas' mouth, neck…cock and just being wrapped in each others' arms. It was awesome he thought and moved away from the door, prepared to take a shower and get to bed.

Upon walking into his bedroom he was greeted with a sight that caused him to yelp embarrassingly loud. Four figures lay across his bed, grinning happily at him. He didn't miss the way they eyed him suspiciously.

"Pay up!" Balthazar announced and smirked, as Meg opened her purse and began handing over and handful of twenty dollar bills. Glaring at Dean as she did so.

"Seriously, Dean! You couldn't have waited two more days?" Meg snapped at him, while Balthazar sat counting his earnings.

"What's that now?" Dean asked.

"It's nothing!" Lucifer and Charlie intervened. Dean watched them suspiciously and Balthazar quickly put the money in his back pocket trying to hide his guilty grin.

"You guy's have been placing bets?" Dean asked, as realization dawned on him.

"NO!" "YES!" Came the different replies. The four of them were glaring daggers at each other now.

"What was the bet?" Dean asked and sat down on the edge of the bed next to Charlie to remove his boots.

"Balthazar bet me a two hundred dollars that you would jump in the sack with Castiel before the end of the week." Meg answered. "And you, you whore, had to prove him right! I had my money riding on next week at least."

Dean grinned at her, "Does 'jumping in the sack' mean full sex, or does anything count?"

"Full sex." Meg replied and Dean turned to Balthazar.

"Give the lady back her money." Balthazar gawked at him.

"No way! It's written all over your face. Plus, judging by your neck, you've either been well and truly shagged or you've done ten rounds with Mike Tyson." Dean stood to look in the mirror. How had he managed to get that by the rest of the staff? His neck was covered in bruises and bite marks. All strong evidence of his romp in the closet. (No pun intended)

"Just because he looks like he got attacked by a swarm of bees, does not mean that he had sex, you idiot!" Charlie snapped. "Now give back the money!"

Balthazar begrudgingly handed Meg's money back and then settled himself back on the bed. Meg carefully counted every note before glaring back at Balthazar. He sighed dramatically, shifted slightly to reach into his pocket and handed over the other notes he had hidden before flopping back into his orginal position. He and Lucifer were sitting comfortably against the headboard of the bed, while Meg and Charlie lay on their stomachs at the other end.

Dean continued to examine the damage to his neck. He just prayed that they faded a little by morning.

"Don't look so worried, Dean. It's not like anyone will know that Castiel gave them to you. I'd be more worried if you left bruises on him." Charlie offered. He looked at her in the mirror and she could see the blush rising to his cheeks.

"Oh you naughty boy!" Balthazar teased, the previous argument long forgotten at the prospect of sexual gossip. "Tell all."

"As before, there's nothing to tell." Dean replied and took his previous position on the bed.

"That's not fair, Dean. I tell you about all my sexual endeavours." He argued.

"Yes, but Dean doesn't ask you to…in fact he usually begs you to stop." Lucifer added.


Castiel awoke the next morning feeling more relaxed than he had in a long time. The memories of the night before making his cock ache with need. He looked at the clock next to his bed and groaned. He had to make his way off the ship in an hour if he was going to meet Dean and his friends. He felt nervous. It felt more like he was going to meet Dean's parents for the first time. It's always the friends who have to give approval. People will always rebel against their parents wishes…friend's opinions mean more.

He got out of bed, trying to ignore his growing erection and got into a cold shower. The cold water was tough on his aching muscles but he knows he wont have time to deal with the growing problem between his legs. He would have to save it for later.

Getting out the shower, he wraped and towel around his waist and looked at himself in the mirror. Small bruises were dotted around his neck and he felt a blush rising to his cheeks. He shouldn't have let Dean do that but he was beyond caring anymore.

He got dressed as quickly as possible, pulling on a shirt he knew would hide the marks on his neck, and made his way out of the staff quarters and up to the reception area. Two men stood at the desk and he offered them a small smile in passing. One of them looked up at him nervously and beckoned him over.

"You're Castiel, right?" He nodded in response. The young man, 'Garth' his name tag read, was staring at him with wide eyes.

"Is there something you need?" He asked, trying to hide his annoyance at being held back from his day off….and Dean.

"I was just wondering," The man started and gulped slightly, trying to push down his nerves. "You had a massage with a 'Mr Winchester' the other day, didn't you?" Castiel froze for a moment and then nodded, wondering what this kid was getting at. "I was just wondering what you knew about him?"

"Why?" Castiel asked. He tried to make it sound like a casual response but the way the kid jumped, it must have sounded a little too strong. Keep calm, Castiel. He's probably just making conversation.

"I was just wondering if…you know…is he…alone?" The kid was now blushing so badly Cas thought he might faint with all the blood rushing to his face. He tried to hide his smile. Dean has a stalker? He couldn't wait to tell him. Trying to keep his expression relaxed he answered.

"Why do you ask? You know that sort of thing is against our policy." He could have kicked himself. Ever the professional and secretly breaking his own rules. I'll go to hell for this he thought. But if hell did exist he was probably on a front row seat anyway.

"It's just…he was flirting with me the other day. I wouldn't do anything about it while we were onboard. I just thought he…you know…liked me." Castiel was now having a hard time trying to hide the smirk that was forming on his face. He was certain he had bitten a hole through his tongue and could taste the copper tinge of blood in his mouth.

"Flirting? With you?" He asked and the kid nodded in response. He looked so giddy that Castiel felt a little sorry for him...almost

"When he was going for the massage…he started asking me if I knew about certain things…sexual things." Garth was now panting loudly. Castiel knew if he could see the part of his body that was hidden behind the desk, he would probably see a tent in his trousers.

"Did you feel threatened? Upset with what he asked you?" He enquired.

"No…I liked it." Garth replied with the first smile Castiel had seen since he came over to speak to him.

"Well, if he continues to flirt with you…ask for his number when the trip is over." He offered and Garth smiled with delight.

"That's a great idea. Thank you!" He put the palm of his hand out towards Castiel. The older man realised with a groan that the kid was waiting for him to 'high five'. He looked round to make sure no one could see before slapping his hand against the delighted fellow's in front of him.

"Enjoy your day off, Cas." Garth called after him.

"It's Castiel!" He called back. Only Dean could call him that.


"NO! Not doing it! No. Fucking. Way!" Lucifer looked like he was one the verge of having a heart attack. Balthazar was currently clinging to his arm and attempting his best 'pretty please' face.

"It couldn't be any worse than the scooters." Meg offered. Her face was alight with excitement.

"The scooters were safe because I was driving! He wants to drive this time. I want to grown old and die….this is madness! I'm not getting in that thing with you!" Lucifer cried and stepped back out of Balthazar's reach.

"Are they always like this?" Castiel asked from where he was stood next to Dean.

"I've only known them a week…but so far the answer would be yes." He replied and turned to smile at the man next to him. They were standing a few feet apart. Many of the guests from the ship were around them and some knew Castiel was a member of staff. He didn't want to draw to much attention to them by lacing his hand with Dean's. As much as he wanted to.

They were currently in a queue of people standing on the beach. The sun was beating down hard on them and a lot of people were fanning themselves and pouring bottles of water over their heads. Lucifer was stood at the front of the queue, with the rest of the gang waiting patiently for him to man up. Balthazar was sat in the driver's seat of a silver dune buggy. He had a red helmet pulled on and was grinning like a five year old at Christmas. Castiel couldn't help but grin at their antics. They really did make an odd couple.

"I wont do it! Charlie can go with you. I'll go with Meg." He insisted and pushed Charlie forward. Charlie looked at the plea of desperation in Lucifer's face a gave him a reassuring smile. She kissed Meg quickly on the lips before jumping into the passenger seat.

Lucifer sighed with relief, as the dune buggy raced off along the beach. Meg patted him on the shoulder and quickly took the driver's keys for the next buggy.

"Just so you know, I don't have a licence."


"Ok, Castiel, where to?" Balthazar called as their buggies drove side by side along the beach.

"When you get around the next bend, you'll see a dirt road. Follow it through the forest. Stop when you come to a clearing!" Balthazar saluted him before pushing his foot down on the accelerator and speeding off along the beach. Behind them they could see Meg swerving back and forth, Lucifer holding on for dear life and getting soaked every time Meg swerved too far and almost landing them in the sea.

"Maybe we should go help them." Castiel said, as he slowed the buggy down.

"Nah, Meg's just fucking with him. She was driving perfect until she got too close to us. She just likes to wind people up. She'll catch up if we get too far ahead." Dean reassured him.

It wasn't long before the three buggies were driving through the trees. Balthazar and Charlie took the lead, Meg and Lucifer in the centre and Castiel and Dean taking up the rear. Castiel had allowed Meg to drive in front of him. He figured she wouldn't fuck about so much with them tailing so close behind. He was right. She drove the buggy slowly and calmly. He could see Lucifer's arm hanging over the side. From what he could see, he was little more relaxed. The forest made a nice shade for them and the breeze hitting their skin as they drove helped cool their burning skin.

"So, I guess I'm not the only staff you've got your eye on." Castiel stated suddenly, not taking his eyes off the road.

"What?" Dean spluttered.

"Yeah, I've heard you've been flirting with other staff members. Made quite the impression actually." Still his eyes were on the road. His sunglasses were making it impossible for Dean to tell whether he he was messing with him or not.

"I have no idea what you're talking about!" He snapped.

"Well Garth seems to think otherwise. Couldn't stop talking about you. Asking him about sexual stuff and getting the poor little guy all hot under the collar. Shame on you, Dean!" Dean was now glaring daggers at him but he could see the small smile starting to form on his lips.

"Again, no clue what you are one about! Who the fuck is Garth?"

"He works the reception most days. Said you met when you booked the massage with me." Realization suddenly dawned on Dean's face. Castiel looked confused at him. Had he been flirting with the little twerp? He wondered.

"NO!" Dean replied and Castiel jumped. He hadn't realised he had voiced his thoughts out loud.

"So where has he gotten the idea from then?" He asked.

"It's Charlie's fault! I'd never had a massage before. Just what I'd seen on…T.V. She told me that there was no such thing as a 'happy ending' in real life. I had no clue what that was, so I stupidly asked the kid. But I wasn't flirting with him!" Castiel had to pull the buggy over for fear that his laughing would cause them to crash.

"Oh Dean, so innocent." He teased and Dean slumped back in his seat, huffing and embarrassed. Castiel bit his bottom lip when he saw the redness burning on Dean's face. Looking up he could see the other buggies had carried on without them. It would the others a while to notice that they were missing. They had time.

He slid across the seats and placed his hand on Dean's chest. The other man continued to huff and refused to look at him. But Cas could feel his heart beating faster under his hand. He moved his head so that lips where against the shell of Dean's ear.

"Believe me, Dean, if you ever want a happy ending, all you have to do is ask." He could feel Dean's skin heating up and little more and didn't miss the way he groaned, as he breathed against his ear.

"Still don't know what the hell it is." Dean mumbled.

"Oh? Would you like me to show you?" He asked and moved his hand to the belt of Dean's trousers. The other man was quick to grab his wrists and snap his head up to meet Castiel's gaze.

"Cas, we can't. We're out in the middle of nowhere. Anyone could come-" His words were cut off as Castiel pressed his lips to his. Dean fought in vain for a few seconds before melting into the kiss. Both men fought for dominance as their tongues danced together. Dean was so distracted by the kiss he didn't know what Castiel's hands were doing until one of them was wrapped around his cock.

"Shit, Cas!" He moaned as the other man rubbed the hard piece of flesh.

"A happy ending, is the best massage a man can receive." Castiel explained and licked the shell of Dean's ear causing him to shiver and buck into Cas' hand. So that's a turn on for him noting how sensitive Dean's ears were.

"More." He groaned, as Cas ran his thumb over the tip of his cock and smeared pre cum along the shaft. Dean pulled him in for another kiss. This time his brain managing to remind him that he should not be the only one getting off here. He moved his hands to Castiel's belt and undid it with ease before slipping his hand inside.

"God, Dean!" Cas stuttered when he felt Dean's rough hand begin to pump his aching cock. This was better than anything he could have done that morning on his own. Worth the wait he thought and moaned when Dean's mouth latched onto his throat and sucked on his Adam's apple. Both men groaned loudly as they came together.

"That was…if you had done that while I was on the table I don't think I would have ran." Castiel laughed and kissed him deeply before pulling back into the driver's seat. They cleaned up as best they could. Just in time as they heard the sound of another buggy approaching.

"Can you two not keep your hands to yourselves for five minutes. You're missing all the fun!" Charlie teased when she took in Castiel's ruffled hair and Dean's clothes all crumpled.

"I think they're making their own fun." Balthazar laughed and began reversing the buggy back up the path. Closely followed by the one with blushing passengers.


"This is amazing." Dean stated as they got out of the buggy to stretch their legs. The clearing was not what he had expected. The sun shone down into it, making the water from the water fall glisten in the light. Lucifer was sitting contently on a rock by the small pool, Balthazar and Meg were taking it in turns to climb the waterfall and jump into the water below, while Charlie lay in the shade, protecting her sensitive skin from the sun. She was happily reading a book and laughing as Balthazar and Meg tried to throw each other off the rocks and into the pool.

Dean began to strip off his sweaty clothes. He didn't miss the way Cas smirked at the stain on the front of his boxers. But he merely smiled at him and then ran into the water to join the fun. Castiel turned and made his way over to Charlie.

"Mind if I join you?" He asked and she nodded and patted the ground next to her.

"Thought you would want to be in there with them." She stated as she set her book down.

"I'm not the strongest swimmer." He replied. "Why aren't you in?"

"I burn too easily. The sun has been lethal on me the last few days, so I'm giving my skin and chance to calm down." She replied and taped her large sun hat. They sat in silence for a few moments. Laughing as Dean snuck up on Balthazar and pulled his boxers down to his ankles before pushing him head first into the water. Castiel jumped slightly when Charlie next spoke.

"So what are your intentions?" She asked. He began stuttering and none of his words were making any sense.

"I don't… he just…we…what?" He looked round to see her grinning at him. Tears threatening to spill as she tried to hold back her laughter.

"Let me make it simple for you." She started, suddenly sounding very serious. "Dean and I are friends. We've only known each other a week, but I want to keep him around. I'm protective of my friends and like to see them happy. You make Dean happy. But if that ever changes, you have four people here that will hunt you down. So if you think for one second that you might break his heart. End it now." She wasn't looking at him in any form of threatening manner. He could just see worry and protectiveness. He looked over at Dean, as his head broke the surface of the water. Balthazar appeared to be trying to drown him for his little stunt.

"I don't want to loose him." He said finally. "But I am afraid that he will fear the reactions of others when this vacation is over. He's in a place at the moment where he can be comfortable with his sexuality. I don't know how he'll handle it when we go back into the real world."

Charlie placed her arm around his shoulder and kissed him lightly on the cheek. It caught Castiel off guard and he turned to look at her. She smiled at him, in a motherly fashion.

"You don't give him enough credit. Dean's very protective. He would kill anyone who would mistreat his brother for his preferences. He would most likely do the same for himself." She stroked his cheek slightly. "Just remember he's new to all this. Don't push him too hard. Dean isn't overly romantic at the best of times…From what I've learnt."

They were interrupted by water dripping on their faces and a shadow blocking out what sunlight was reaching them.

"Should I be jealous?" Dean smiled down at them.

"No, Dean, my heart only belongs to you." Charlie teased.

"Come on, Cas, before this one molests you anymore." He pulled Castiel to his feet and started unbuttoning his shirt.

"Dean, I can't swim very well." He said trying to wriggle out of the man's grasp.

"What better time to learn? I wont let anything happen to you. I've got you, Cas." He winked at him and Castiel blushed slightly remembering the last time he had said those words to Dean.

Dean pulled him towards the water and he was surprised to find that it was warm. His feet sunk into the sand and little but Dean kept pulling him until the water was up to his waist.

"Castiel, take a swan dive. It's amazing!" Balthazar called as he jumped from the top of the water fall and came down with a splash to meet them.

"No thank you." He replied looking nervously up at the rocks. Dean, who had moved over to the rock and climbed up, was standing on one of the lower ledges. Not daring to go any higher.

"Wimp!" Meg called as she jumped from the top.

"Not a wimp! I just know my limits." Dean called and dived into the water. Castiel watched for a few moments. Dean didn't break the surface.

"Where is he?" The three of them looked around. Even Balthazar looked worried.

"Luc, can you see him?" Lucifer smiled and winked at Balthazar from where he was sat comfortably on the rocks. At that same moment Castiel felt something wrap around his ankle and pull him under. He let out of yelp of surprise before the water engulfed him. He struggled for a moment trying to get back to the surface when he felt a pair of strong arms wrap around him and lips rest gently on his own.

They broke the surface together still wrapped in each other's arms and lips clamped together.

"Get a fucking room! Or a buggy at least." Balthazar snapped and splashed them with water.

"Been there, done that." Dean smiled before reaching over and pushing the flailing English man beneath the water.


Dean lay on his bed that night, bored out of his mind. The others had gone to see some crappy movie at the cinema on board. But he had refused to go along. Sitting with two couples, wrapped in each others arms didn't feel right. It made him feel like a third wheel. Castiel had to work at one of the shows that night. He begged Dean not to go because he knew he would be a distraction. He promised to try and stop by his room later if he could.

So Dean was bored. He had watched television, read a magazine, masturbated and still he couldn't relax. So he did what he did best. Decided to annoy the shit out of his kid brother.

"Hey, Sammy." He said when the younger Winchester answered the phone.

"D-Dean?" Came a nervous response. "Now's not a great time, man."

"Aw gross! You two aren't fucking are you?" He heard Sam huff in disgusted response.

"No, Dean. I am not making love to my boyfriend!"

"What's with the attitude? Is something wrong?"

"No, no of course not. Why'd you ask?" Sam was now being way to polite for Dean' liking. Something was definitely amiss. He heard a door open in the background. Gabriel's presence being more than obvious.

"Honey, I'm home. Who' s on the phone?"

"No one." He heard Sam reply.

"Is that Dean-o? Let me talk to him!" He then heard a scuffle as both men battled to get the phone. A string of curse words and some unpleasant noises later and suddenly Gabriel was on the line.

"Hiya, Dean!"

"Hello, Gabe. How are you?"

"Well someone's in a good mood. Guess all that sex is doing you the world of good."

"What are you talking about?" Dean asked but felt a little jolt of nerves. There was no way Gabriel could know from his voice that he was getting some.

"You and Castiel. You're together, right?" Dean felt like he was going to throw up. How the hell did he know that?

"How could you possibly know that? No I'm not sleeping with him!" He vaguely wondered why he had put it so formally. The idea of saying 'fucking him' didn't sound right when he was talking about Cas. "And how the hell do you know his name?"

"Well Dean, do you know his last name?" Dean thought for a second. Of all the things he had learnt about Castiel…he had never asked what his surname was. "His full name is Castiel Novak…the boy is my cousin…you big slut!" The sound of Gabriel's laughter was drowned out by the outrage that was ripped from Dean. Castiel couldn't have known the connection between them. But he had been the one who didn't want other's to know. And he had been telling his cousin…and Dean's brother all about it.

"I'm gonna kill him!" The last thing he heard before he slammed phone down (cruise phone so he was careful not to break this one) was Gabriel screaming down the phone.


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