Leo Fitz was adorable. If asked Agent Grant Ward would fervently deny that the word adorable was even in his vocabulary but, in the privacy of his own mind, he could admit that he saw the scientist as something more than a friend. Of course, he would never act on his feelings. He'd seen how Fitz-Simmons worked. They were perfect for one another, and ok, he'd been accused of being an asshole in the past but there was no way that he'd screw things up like that for them. No matter how sweet you are having a man declare affection for your guy was a strain and he'd never do that to Jemma.

Huh, maybe he was more cut out for being part of a team than he'd originally thought.

The point was, he didn't want to hurt either of them. He was a grown man and he could live with the fact that he might have developed a mammoth crush on his colleague. He'd get over it although some time off might help with that. He could find himself a nice out of the way bar, take home a girl, hell maybe even take home a guy. If he was being truly honest with himself though he'd never met another guy he'd wanted the way he wanted Leo Fitz. And that was stupid considering he couldn't understand every second sentence that came out of his mouth. He'd entertained some fantasies about that mouth. About what it would take to shut the younger man up. If he leaned over and pressed his own mouth against those pink lips briefly would the engineer silence? Or would it take more? A firmer touch, a hint of tongue. For a second he let himself imagine what it might be like then he pushed the thought away firmly. That wasn't going to help.

"You should tell him." If he wasn't a well-trained agent he might have leapt out of his skin at the words spoken about two inches from his ear. As it was he managed to turn his slight involuntary movement into a twist of his torso so he could look Skye in the face. He seriously needed to get his act together if Skye of all people could sneak up on him. "Seriously," she continued "It's almost pathetic. Or it would be if it wasn't so cute. The great and infallible Agent Ward pining over his oblivious work college."

"I don't know what you're talking about," he lied smoothly. When in doubt, deny everything.

"Sure you don't," she muttered. "It's so obvious that I'm surprised he hasn't noticed you mooning all over him. Guys really are oblivious."

"Even though I don't know what you're talking about I'm forced to point out that I am an agent and therefore incapable of being obvious about anything."

"Well that's bull. It's so obvious that you might as well be wearing a t-shirt screaming 'I want Leo Fitz'."

"What about you?" he asked. Time to go on the offensive. "You're not exactly hiding your super crush."

"I don't have a super crush." Her voice was that little bit uncertain and he restrained the urge to smirk. Thank you SHEILD training in targeted guess-work.

"Sure you don't," he replied and left it at that. He didn't move when she sighed and left but he allowed his shoulders to relax slightly. Too soon apparently as he couldn't hide the flinch when Coulson appeared to his left seemingly out of nowhere. "Sir," he greeted his superior officer.

"Is it going to be a problem for you?" Coulson asked crisply, gesturing at the lab where Fitz was leaning over his bench, soldering torch in hand and a look of intense concentration on his face. And that, that right there, was the problem with living on a plane full of super agents and spies. It was damn near impossible to keep secrets.

"No, Sir." He wasn't even going to try lying this time. It wasn't worth the embarrassment when Coulson dragged the truth out of him eventually. The older man's face softened slightly.

"You know," he said, jerking his head lab-wards "He could do worse."

"He's already done better," Ward said calmly. As if to prove his point Jemma leant right into the engineers personal space and swiped her finger across his cheekbone. There was no mistaking the intimacy in the movement.

"I used to think that about my partner," Coulson admitted freely. He smiled slightly a spark of something Ward wasn't sure he quite understood in his eyes.

"What happened, Sir?" he asked, curious to know a bit more about his slightly enigmatic superior.

"He proved me wrong," Coulson shrugged, leaving as silently as he'd come.