Alright, this is a rewrite of my fic 'I Can't Love You', the reason I decided to change it was because after I reread the fic and that other fic 'The Choices We Make', I wanted to switch it around to where instead of Harry dying or getting upset about how miserable he's been he decides to put everything under his control as best as he can.

I can honestly say that after I read my fic over I wasn't happy with how I ended the thing. Plus every time I read that other fic I kept getting a new idea. So I decided to switch around the plot, cuz I don't exactly like fics where Harry chooses to die or commits suicide out of grief but everyone's got their own ideas so who am I to judge?

The original version is still up, I decided not to take it down but this is a rewritten version with a switched up plot.

Now if the summary was a bit confusing here's a little briefer:

Harry is forced to marry Severus Snape, but instead of taking the marriage like the Order and Dumbledore would want him to Harry decides to come into his other inheritances and becomes the dominant male in the marriage. Once they wed Harry decides to bring out his family's power, and in doing so decides to take over the Ministry by force.


Dominant Harry, submissive Severus

Bashing of Dumbledore and most of the order, not sure what I'll do about Sirius and Remus yet

Fred, George, Charlie, and Bill are all on Harry's side with Ron and Hermione

No rape, no abuses so don't take things the wrong way in here there's actual consent.

Written with my sister fic author AnnaBoleyna1536 and we don't own Harry Potter.

Enjoy and if I see flames I'm not gonna hold back.

London, Harry's flat:

A year had passed since the war ended, and Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived now Hero of the Wizard World, had finally avenged his parents and everyone else who died in the war. Harry had done well for himself, he'd fixed up his vaults and moved into a flat in London. He was planning on moving into Potter Manor when it was fixed up, as for the house in Godric's Hollow he decided to let it be since it was a memorial to his parents. The Ministry had a plate made to put on the fence, detailing what happened to the Potters and how their son defeated a monster though since Muggles lived in the area they had to be discrete about the details.

He had been glad he would finally be ready to take control of his own life, he would live the way he wanted and how he wanted. The Dursleys were on the other side of the country now, living close to Marge and Vernon's company had a branch over there he started working with; Petunia had taken up part of a book club which she enjoyed and Dudley had only part of a year left before he graduated and from his letters he was thinking of becoming a businessman like his dad but he was still thinking of alternatives in case that didn't work out.

Hermione and Ron were doing well too, Hermione had taken her NEWTs and made great scores; she was now employed at the Ministry under Kingsley but her position hadn't been filled out just yet. Ron had been going around trying to figure out his own career path but in the meantime he was working with the twins at WWW which he enjoyed.

"Hmm…" Dumbledore and everyone else had survived; even Sirius and Remus which surprised Harry to no end because Sirius had nearly been killed by Bellatrix yet somehow the curse barely missed him. They kept in touch with Harry but for some reason they had been acting a bit distant from him. Either way everyone was alive and safe, and free from Voldemort and the death eaters.

"Master Harry Potter!" Dobby the free elf called him from the kitchen. After the war ended Dobby had asked to stay with Harry instead of working at Hogwarts. Kreacher asked to come too and Sirius gave him the old elf since he and Dobby seemed to get along for the most part.

"Yes Dobby?" the elf came in with a letter from Dumbledore. "Dumbledore…."

"It just arrived."

"Thank you Dobby, where's Kreacher?"

"Kreacher be resting Master Harry Potter, Kreacher did not sleep much last night."

"Why not?"

"Dobby's not sure, but Dobby be helping Kreacher." Harry smiled.

"Alright then, but let me know if anything's wrong with him alright? Oh and if you want you can both take the rest of the evening off." Kreacher was very old, maybe not too old to hold a tea tray but old regardless. Dobby nodded after and then left back into the kitchen; Harry opened the letter and of course it was short and to the point.

Dear Harry,

How are you my boy? I understand you've moved out into a new home, and I hope you're doing well. I must ask that you come to Hogwarts immediately after you get this note. It's of great importance so please come soon.

See you soon my boy, the password is Cockroach Cluster.

Albus Dumbledore

"Hmph, what could he want now?" Harry had been trying to avoid Dumbledore as much as possible, but being the BWL that wasn't very possible.

Dumbledore had manipulated his life since that night in Godric's Hollow, and though the man wasn't evil sometimes the way he ran things seemed to benefit himself more than others. Harry had figured out what was going on before the war ended, now while he didn't hate Dumbledore he wished the old man would leave him be and let him have a life. Hermione and Ron agreed with him, and they knew that Dumbledore would never let Harry be himself he was still too worried about Harry being like Voldemort.

Harry took his floo to the Leaky Cauldron, and then disapparated in the bar to the gates of Hogwarts. To his surprise he spotted Ron and Hermione there too, just arriving.

"Hey mate, what're you doing here?" they shared a couple of hugs.

"Dumbledore owled me, said it was important you?"

"Same here, he said he had some big news for us." Hermione answered and all three suddenly felt a wave of suspicion overcome them. All three cautiously entered the school and made their way to the gargoyle guarding the headmaster's office.

"Cockroach Cluster." The statue moved aside to let them through, and as they made their way up to the office they heard voices behind the door. Once it opened Harry saw the whole Order there, including the Weasleys minus the twins, Bill, and Charlie, Snape, and the Malfoys.

"Ah Harry there you are, Hermione and Ron welcome, welcome." They were greeted by Dumbledore, the cheery fool.

"Headmaster why exactly is your office full of wizards and witches?" Hermione stopped referring to them as the Order; since the war was done she saw no reason to do so.

"We are here because we all have news for Potter, good news."

"Good news?" Harry wasn't fooled; he could see Sirius and Remus looking unsure. "What news?"

"Well Harry, we all realize that you have wanted to start a new life after you defeated the Dark Lord and we all want you to be happy. However, a matter has come up and despite some objections we all feel it is best for you…"

"Dumbledore with all due respect would you please get to the point, I don't have all day."

"Ah yes forgive me Harry, the matter at hand is in fact rather good news. Harry, you're engaged." Harry's heart stopped for a moment.

"Engaged…what the devil are you talking about?"

"Harry you're engaged, you're to be married." Molly tried to sound cheerful. Harry looked at Ron and Hermione, whose eyes widened in pure shock and horror.

"Engaged, you can't be serious…"

"Oh but my dear boy we are, you see we all see that it's good for you to settle down and start a family at such a young age. You're already through with school, you have a mass fortune, you're the hero of the wizard world and so you're the most eligible bachelor right now."

"So you've basically set me up with someone who I don't know?"

"Oh no Harry we wouldn't set you up with a complete stranger, in fact you already know him."


"Harry it's no secret that you're gay."

"Dumbledore…I always knew you were manipulative and meddlesome but this is low even for you! You and all these other bastards spend all your time standing around deciding my future? I am not some tool or prize to be won!"

"Harry this wasn't to hurt you, we just feel that it's time for you to settle down and get your priorities straight." Arthur tried but ended up getting punched by Ron.

"How can you do this to Harry? After all he's done for you?" Ron shouted.

"Ronald please, this is good for Harry."

"Molly you said Harry is like a son to you, and yet you would force your sons or even your daughter to be married unhappily?" Hermione put on her stern tone.

"Unhappily? Believe me Ms. Granger Harry will be anything but unhappy in this marriage."

"What're you now my keeper? Dumbledore I am not agreeing to this."

"Harry I'm afraid you have no choice, you see your godfathers and myself made the contract and…"

"CONTRACT?" Ron shouted really loud with Harry.

"You made a marriage contract are you crazy?" Hermione slapped her forehead. "Don't answer that."

"You made a contract? You're forcing me to get married?" Harry glared hatefully at his two godfathers who flinched in fear.

"Harry we just…we want you happy but we also…"

"Also what? What's the penalty if I refuse?" Harry turned back to Dumbledore.

"Well Harry, you see this is a good marriage and it's something we wouldn't want you to take lightly so…either you get married or you lose your magic and have your memories obliviated." Harry stared hard at the old man.

"You would obliviate me?"

"A permanent obliviation, one that wouldn't be reversed under any other spell Potter." Moody answered. "You wouldn't remember your parents, basically nothing to do with the magical world and you would lose your inheritance."

"So you're basically whoring me out?" everyone in the room stared at him in horror. "You're making me into this man's whore?"

"No Harry they'd never do that!" Snape spoke up and Harry froze.

"You just called me Harry…" the man had never once said his first name, and then a thought occurred to Harry and apparently it hit Hermione and Ron too. "Don't tell me it's you…" Snape stared at him with soft eyes. "It's you? Oh Merlin it's you!"

"Yes Harry, you are engaged to marry Severus." Dumbledore spoke up again. "It's a perfect match for you both."

"Oh really? A man who spent most of my school years bullying and taunting me and my friends not to mention constantly trying to get me into trouble just because my father and idiot godfathers bullied him is a great match." He spoke with clear sarcasm. "Plus he tried to get Voldemort to spare my mother and didn't care if I or my dad survived, and he didn't care in my third year if I got arrested for freeing Black!"

"Harry all that is in the past now, this marriage is good for you and Severus we all think so."

"We don't." Hermione and Ron spoke up.

"This is absurd, how can you do this to Harry?" Hermione snapped. "Arranged marriages are one thing but to a man like Professor Snape a man who's old enough to be his father?"

"And you threaten to take away his magic and memories? How cruel and sadistic are all you bastards?"

"Ronald that's enough! Harry is going to marry Severus…"

"You be quiet!" Molly shrank back at Harry's angry voice. "I think I know what this is about, you're all worried that I'll become the next Voldemort. This is all for the sake of politics; it has nothing to do with my interests it's all about you keeping your power!" he pointed an accusing finger at Dumbledore.

"Harry that is not the reason…"

"Don't you dare lie to me again; I'm fed up with all of you trying to destroy my life for your own pleasures. I actually thought I could trust you when I was young, but I was obviously wrong. Now I wish I'd never met any of you and so help me if I could turn back time I would make sure all of you would pay!"

"Harry please, we just want you happy." Remus tried.

"Cut the crap werewolf!" Hermione snapped and everyone gasped. Remus looked ashamed and Sirius touched his arm.

"Hermione Granger apologize to Remus right now!"

"You are not the boss of me Molly." Hermione growled that time.

"Look I know this is all sudden right now but Harry you and Severus will be married soon." Harry shook his head.

"Oh no, you're not getting an immediate answer from me. Living as a squib with no memories or married to an ex-death eater? Both sound like Hell to me, but you'll get my choice tomorrow." Without another word Harry, Ron, and Hermione all left, or better yet stormed out of the office and port-keyed back to Harry's flat. Harry punched the wall in anger, just enough to bruise his knuckles but it still hurt.

"Harry calm down…" Hermione tried but Ron stopped her.

"I can't calm down; dammit I'm fucking sick of all their Ministry bullshit!" he turned over a table. "Now I have to marry the dungeon bat of Hogwarts or I'll have everything I've loved taken from me!"

"Don't worry mate we'll find a way around this."

"That's not possible; once the contract is made it has to be fulfilled especially magical ones." Hermione ran a hand through her hair.

"Exactly, ugh!" Harry punched the wall again.

"Well every contract has a loophole, I mean if we could actually see the contract then we could find a weak spot." Ron did have a point.

"Yes Harry, even if the contract is around there is always a way to…?" Harry turned slowly to his friend, and Hermione gave him a sly smirk.

"What're you thinking about Mione?" Harry knew that smirk all too well.

"I think it's time we paid Gringotts a visit, you know the goblins love you since you have a mass fortune." Goblins loved any wizards with money, and bundles of it at that. Harry of course knew his family had more money; Griphook had told him weeks ago and had been busy getting all the vaults together.

"Yes, I'm certain that old Griphook will be happy to see me again." Harry quickly fixed his injured hand with a few simple healing spells and went to his floo.

"Master Harry Potter?" Kreacher and Dobby came to meet him.

"Hey guys, I know I gave you the rest of the day off but would you mind making a good meal for me and my friends tonight?" they smiled happily at him.

"Dobby and Kreacher would be delighted!" they ran back into the kitchen after hugging Harry.

"They are too cute sometimes." Hermione laughed.

"Yeah, let's go." The golden trio flooed directly into the lobby of Gringotts, and while Harry was looking ready to kill, he was about to take control of his own life once more and this time everyone was going to pay.

Is this a good start, I know that some of you weren't too happy about me creating a lengthy fic from 'I Can't Love You', but the old version is still up and I will say now some parts will be different as I said before.

I will say now, that while Harry isn't walking into the marriage blindly, he is going to make everyone who's messed up his life regret everything.