Well you guys pretty much guessed what was wrong with Severus, so I'm not going to beat around the bush on this one.

Picks up where the last left off, and then it goes on to see who wins the elections and Harry's appearance at the Wizenagamot. Dumbledore will be present of course, as will Remus, Sirius and Arthur. Expect some drama but not very much.

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"I assure you Lord Potter, he's going to be just fine." After Severus collapsed the girls had positioned him comfortably on the couch while Harry called the family healer, Healer Shoal, one of the best healers at St. Mungo's and top in her profession.

"I know he just fainted, but…"

"Lord Potter, if you should know I was about to tell you some good news." Shoal smiled. "He's pregnant, maybe a month along. I think he just needs to eat a little more, he's quite thin." Harry was stunned for a minute, but smiled.

"I'll see to that then, thank you for coming Shoal."

"It's no problem at all my lord." They shook hands. "Call me if you need anything, and I'll want to see him again in a few weeks."

"Will do, and thank you again." Shoals left through the floo and Harry looked over to where Severus was sleeping. "A baby…he's having the first baby."

"Oh this is so exciting!" the girls were smiling. "We can help put the nursery together!"

"Whoa girls take it easy…" Draco stopped them from jumping up and down. "He's only a month along, and if I'm correct it's still a bit risky for him to get excited during this time."

"And you are right Draco, let's let Severus rest right now but I'll be sure he starts eating more to keep his weight healthy." Harry was relieved it was nothing serious, but a pregnancy, he would have his first child in maybe seven months. Heir or heiress to the name Potter, he felt very excited but of course he had to wait until Severus woke up to discuss it with him.

"Alright everyone, let's let Severus sleep and right now we'll wait for tomorrow's news which I'm sure all of you will want to accompany me to?"

"You mean for the elections? Oh yes." The girls nodded and so did Draco.

"But I think Severus should stay home, all those reporters will be chaotic if they hear the news."

"Indeed so, and we won't mention the news until we're sure it's alright with Severus. For now let's keep this between us." They all nodded in agreement. "Now dinner should be along shortly, after that I think we can all settle down for a quiet evening because first thing tomorrow at eleven thirty, we are going to the Ministry to see the next Minister."

"I agree." Cho gently fluffed the pillow Severus had behind his head. "Draco will you go with us?"

"I will, but only if I'm sure Severus will be alright."

"That'll be fine Draco." Harry kissed his nose. "And remember; say nothing to Dumbledore because you know he'll be there."

"We got it."

"Good, now let's have dinner out here I'm sure that Severus will wake once he smells the food."

"Mmmm…" speak of the devil Severus began to stir. "Ugh…w-what…?"

"Hey Sev, how do you feel?" Severus slowly sat up and rubbed his forehead.

"Tired, but…hungry." His stomach began to growl.

"Dinner should be ready soon, but I need to say that while you were unconscious I called the healer."

"I'm not sick am I?"

"No, no you're not sick. You just…oh the devil with it, you're pregnant." Severus' black eyes widened. "You're a month along, so you have to take it easy and the healer said you'll have to eat more since you're so thin." Severus' hands moved to his stomach, and he acted as though he were cradling it carefully.

"I'm pregnant, a baby…" he had tears in his eyes.

"Are you alright Severus?" Astoria went over to him.

"I'm fine; I'm just happy…" he wiped his eyes. "I think I could use some food though."

"Alright everyone into the kitchen, Severus after dinner you and I will speak alone unless you feel like you need to sleep. We will talk tomorrow after the elections are finished."

"I think that would be best." Severus nodded and left with everyone into the dining hall, where they had plenty of meat and vegetables for him to dine on. He'd eaten two platefuls before finally saying he was full, didn't want dessert, and decided to shower before going to bed. Harry asked Goldie to go with him to make sure he didn't faint again.

"He's having the first baby." Astoria smiled.

"First born to him, and that child will take on the name Potter." Harry led his wives and second husband into the den. "Would anyone care for some hot chocolate?"

"Only if we can have some s'mores too?" Cho giggled.

"Coming right up, Dobby!" Dobby appeared before them.

"What can Dobby do for Lord Potter and his wives?"

"Bring us four cups of hot chocolate and some fresh s'mores please." Dobby bowed and disappeared. A few moments later he returned with the treats, and Harry dismissed him for the night. Harry and his family just sat around eating sweets for an hour before they all decided to retire to their wings for the evening, but when Harry checked on Severus in his bedroom he saw the man was sleeping peacefully.

'That's good, can't have him worrying too much over this.' Harry checked on the others before going to his own rooms. All he had to do now was get ready for the closing polls tomorrow.

The next day:

Harry awoke a little late the next morning, but when he got down to eat breakfast his family saved him a plate and kept his coffee hot and fresh. He read the morning edition of the prophet, but didn't look at it too long before passing it to Severus.

"Severus I want you to stay here today, all those mobs of Ministry officials and reporters would be bad for your condition."

"I agree, I didn't feel like going out anyway." Severus yawned.

"Alright then, I'm going to shower and then we'll leave once everyone else is ready. Will you be alright by yourself here Severus?"

"I'll have the house elves with me, and I know how to contact you if anything goes wrong." Severus touched his pendant.

"Very well, let's get going everyone." They all finished up their breakfast and walked off to their wings to get ready for the day. Harry showered himself clean and picked out his second best pair of robes, made from acromantula silk and colored dark blue and black with a good dragon design on the back. He tied his hair back in a low ponytail and put in his contacts making his eyes shinier. As he made his way back downstairs his wives and second consort husband were all fully dressed and ready to go. Astoria had on a long purple dress with a black robe over it, and her hair was curled and pinned back to keep it from framing her face. Draco had on a black outfit, but it had a dark brown coat that went with it, and Cho had on her favorite blue and silver dress with her hair tied back in a braid. Everyone had on their jewels given to them by Harry, so they were all ready to go.

"Off we go." Draco let the girls step in and then Harry stood between the three with a handful of powder.

"Ministry of Magic!" the flames engulfed them and they ended up in the main lobby of the Ministry. It was mostly empty, but right as Harry and his family stepped in reporters came at them like a stampede.

"Lord Potter are you here to support Kingsley Shacklebolt?"

"Lord Potter where is your first husband Severus Snape?"

"Lord Potter are you expecting any children yet?"

"No comments." Harry stated but they kept coming. "I said…NO COMMENTS!" they backed off when Harry waved his hands. As they made their way towards the stands put up for the candidates and Harry took his spot next to Kingsley. Draco and the girls sat in the front in the three seats saved for them, but when people began to see Harry up there with Kingsley they began to whisper.

"How are you Harry?" Kingsley smiled.

"Well actually, yourself?"

"Want to get this done; you think the people made the right choice on this?" Harry smirked.

"After all they've been through, they'd better have made the right choice." They shared a laugh. Harry saw Scrimegour on the other side of the podium with a man he didn't recognize. Didn't look like a nice one, but he had on a straight face.

"Your family seems happy, but where's Snape at?"

"He didn't want to come, and I think he needed some time to himself." He would tell Kingsley about the pregnancy later on.

"I'd say so." They stayed quiet until Amelia Bones came up to the stand with a paper in her hands. The polls had closed at eleven, and it was nearly noon so it was time to announce the winner.

"Alright everyone, for starters thank you all for coming to this event. We have been under the rule of several…unfit Ministers in the past, and so let's hope this time whomever we've chosen will bring the peace back into our world. Between the two candidates, Rufus Scrimegour…" only some applauded. "And Kingsley Shacklebolt…" most applauded. "I would say there's not much of a vote, but it's you the people who've decided our next ruler so let's hope it's the right choice." She pulled out the paper inside the envelope.

'Here we go.' Harry stared at the paper though he couldn't see the results.

"After counting every single vote by hand, twice might I add, the new Minister of magic is none other than…Kingsley Shacklebolt!" the audience applauded and when Kingsley stood to shake Amelia's hand camera flashes went off in every direction.

"Thank you, thank you all." Kingsley waved his hands upward and everyone fell silent. "Now before we all go on our way today, I'd like to point out a few goals we'll be heading for." He took a breath. "For starters, the Ministry is going to help all those who lost family and homes in the war. Though we have rebuilt a lot there are still those out there who need more assistance. Secondly we will be working to adjust some of the laws having to do with Magical Creatures, to make sure we can all live peacefully and not make any of them feel less than ourselves. Thirdly we will be creating a fund for those who suffer through Lycanthropy, since several were bitten or severely injured in the war by Greyback and his friends. We will give them a chance to work and live their lives, with support and aid during the time of the full moon and that includes medical care. Also, I'd like to point out that I have chosen a new second in command and I'm sure you can all guess that it is none other than our very own Lord Harold James Gryffindor Peverell Black Potter." People continued to applaud as Harry stood up and bowed.

"Minister! Are you going to allow Potter to create his own laws?"

"Not unless the entire Wizenagamot gets a say in it all first, but as of now Lord Potter has no ideas for the laws just yet."

"Is it wise to have such a young man help control the Ministry?"

"Harry is more than capable; he's been through and seen more terrors and pain throughout his life than any of us could think of. He's seen the real world at a young age, and I trust his judgment so yes."

"How does Lord Potter's family fit into all of this?" Kingsley let Harry come up so he could answer.

"My family and I discussed this and they all support me and my choices, it's time to move this generation out of the darkness and back into the light. We've not had any peace even after the war finished, and so it's time for a new era where everyone can coexist happily."

"Lord Potter, while we can see you have your wives and one husband here, where is the other?"

"He is at home relaxing; Severus has never been one to socialize in big crowds. Now I think that's enough, so I think you can go fill out your reports and get them ready for the prophet because the new Minister and I have some things to discuss." Everyone seemed to understand, and so Harry motioned for his family to follow him and Kingsley into the Minister's office.

"That was an easy win Harry, you were right." Kingsley sat down in his chair.

"Yeah, so when you do wish to start the new world orders?" Kingsley laughed.

"For the time being we'll have to work on those goals I was speaking of, and I think I'll need Hermione's help on that."

"You know she'd love to."

"Yes indeed, and you'll have to claim your titles in front of the Wizenagamot next week when the new members are in."

"I'll do that then, oh and for the real reason why Severus hasn't come…" Harry leaned in. "He's pregnant."

"Oh, I knew it had to be that. Well congratulations to you and him both Harry."

"Thanks, and could you keep it secret please? I don't want anyone badgering him or me about this."

"No problem, now if you'll excuse me I have to get settled into my office, again." Everyone laughed. "Nice seeing you again Consort Black, Lady Peverell, and Lady Gryffindor."

"You too Minister." They all shook hands and so they left. Thankfully the reporters had cleared out, but right as they got back to the lobby Dumbledore, Black, Lupin, and Arthur Weasley were all there.

"Harry, we'd like to talk to you."

"I've got nothing to say to you, now get out of our way."

"Harry please we just want to talk." Remus stepped forward.

"Well I don't want to talk."


"He said move wolf." Draco growled. "He said he doesn't want to talk to you so let us go."

"You keep quiet Malfoy, this doesn't concern you." Sirius snarled.

"Don't talk to our brother like that fleabag." Cho glared angrily.

"Harry, just hear us out please?" Arthur tried.

"No, no you're going to hear me out and we'll just see who's in the mood to talk when I'm done. You all betrayed my trust when you set up my marriage to Severus, you knew I wasn't ready to get married and yet you still believed I would turn dark like Voldemort. You opened the door to my other inheritances, and so I chose these three gorgeous creatures to be my wedded partners. They are good people, they are not dark, and I'm going to live my life with them how I want and not what everyone else wants. I actually thought I could trust all of you, now I'm sorry I did."

"Harry we only did that so…"

"Save your excuses old man, I don't want you anywhere near my family. I'm going to help rebuild this world, and this time…you have no say in any of it."

"Harry I'm sorry we betrayed you, but we just wanted you to be safe."

"Oh really Lupin?" Harry snarled. "I was fine on my own until you all put up that damn contract. You want to know something else…I was never going to be like Voldemort because I took a vow on my parents' graves." All their eyes widened. "I swore that out of respect for them I would never be like Voldemort, and Ron and Hermione were witnesses to it. I will be a part of the Ministry, but I won't let this power go to my head. I'm doing this, so no one will have to suffer the way I did. Now get out of our way."

"You took an oath, on a grave?" Sirius whispered.

"Did you not just hear him you mangy dog?" Astoria snarled.

"Alright that's enough, now we have to get home to Severus c'mon everyone." They made their way over to a floo, but someone's hand on Draco's shoulder made the blonde gasp and turn around.

"Hello Draco." It was Blaise.

"Get away from him Zabini." Harry stood between them. "I told you to stay away from my husband."

"I was only saying hello Potter, besides Draco looks good." Zabini's eyes were full of lust.

"Go near him again and I'll have you arrested, got it?" Harry got in the guy's face and shoved him away.

"Remember what I said Potter, you won't love him like I did." Harry didn't hear that as he left back home with the girls and Draco. Once they returned Severus was in the den reading a book, and Draco got hugs from both the girls and a kiss from Harry.

"How did it go?" Severus asked.

"Good, Kingsley won and next week I appear before the Wizenagamot to take my titles. Dumbledore and those dogs showed up, as did Arthur but I told them to get lost."

"I see, and let me guess Zabini was there too?" Harry nodded. "Are you alright Draco?"

"I'll be fine." Draco nodded. "I just need some tea to calm my nerves."

"Alright, it's about time for tea anyway." The elves soon came with tea trays and biscuits, but as they all drank and talked Harry saw Severus lost in thought.

"Are you alright Severus?"

"Yes, just thinking about the baby." He touched his stomach.

"Do you want a boy or girl?" Severus shook his head.

"It doesn't matter to me, as long as my child is healthy."

"Same here, for future reference I don't care if the firstborn babies are girls or boys as long as they are healthy they will be fine."

"Oh good, because I really want my first baby to be a girl." Astoria giggled. "But if I have a boy it'll be just as good." Harry laughed.

"So Severus, how do you feel about this?" Harry set down his tea cup.

"Happy, but…scared."

"Why scared?" Harry approached him. "You don't think you'll be a good parent?"

"My parents…" Severus looked away. "My mother did what she could, but my father hated me. Half the time they'd argue and forget me, but when my father saw me he always called me a freak of nature. I don't know why he stayed, but he didn't make it pleasant for any of us. On top of it I was horrible to my students, so how can I be sure I won't be the same with this one?"

"Severus all that is in the past, and the point of it all is that the past stays in the past. We have to look forward to the future, and for what it's worth I don't think you could ever hate your child. So what if your father was a piece of shit, that doesn't mean you'll be the same." Harry touched the pale cheek and stroked the skin. "You have eight months to think on this, and you don't have to worry about being a poor father because you'll have all of us to help."

"I know, but I'm still so scared." Tears began to flow down his cheeks, so Harry wrapped his arms around the older man to sooth him and the others joined in.

"It'll be alright Sev." Cho kissed his head.

"Yeah, we'll all be here with you." Astoria cuddled into his neck.

"You don't have to worry about a thing." Draco hugged his back. "We'll all be in this together." The family held onto each other for a long while, but by the time they let go all of their limbs cramped up so Harry summoned some muscle relaxing potions to fix that.

"Alright, now that that's settled what's say we all go outside and walk since it's a nice day?"

"I'm in." they all agreed and spent the day talking about the baby and how they would split responsibilities with each other. Harry was glad he was going to be a dad soon, but he couldn't help but feel that while Severus was pregnant first, someone else could be coming up right behind him.

Sorry about the wait again, been crazy all over the place. Now I realized that I do want to include a fifth mate for Harry and I want it to be a woman to even out the numbers. However I can't decide who to pick, so I'll let you all do it.

The next chapter will have a time skip in it, not sure how long but I want Severus to at least be showing in his pregnancy. Blaise will likely show up again, but it might be the last time for him or that could happen in the chapter afterwards. Might even put in a spot for Sirius, not sure on that yet.