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Now this chapter has some fluffy and sexy moments between Harry, Draco, and Severus, plus a little insight on the elections for the next Minister of Magic. Can't go into pure details, all because of the rules but the first part will be a little view in on the rest of the Weasley clan, Sirius and Remus, and even Dumbledore. Kind of an insight on what they all think when Harry's taken his power and their shock will come later when Harry becomes part of the Ministry.

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At the Burrow:

The entire Weasley clan was in shambles, Molly and Arthur were upset that their older children save for Percy weren't speaking to them, and all they had now were Ginny and Percy. Ron was still furious and moved out into his own flat, and he rarely called or came over since Harry went on that vacation.

Molly had been hysterical after Harry tore into her in Diagon Alley, and Ginny didn't know what to do since no one knew where Harry and his family lived. Arthur tried asking around at the Ministry but no one would talk to him or anyone else. Molly had hoped Harry would at least speak to Sirius and Remus but they hadn't heard from him either, they were still looking around but no one knew where Harry lived or even if he lived anywhere close.

Arthur had asked Sirius and Remus to stop by to talk, and they were coming by for lunch. Dumbledore was coming too, though he wasn't in the best of moods with the election for a new minister coming up. Plus he'd ran into Harry in Kingsley's office some days ago, and the boy just blew him off like he was nothing to him.

"Where are they?" Molly was making lunch when Ginny came in.

"They'll be here soon mum." Ginny was setting the table for everyone. "Still no word?" Molly shook her head.

"Nothing." Ginny sighed and grabbed the silverware. She had been missing Harry more and more, and though she had been against the marriage in the first place she thought it was best when Dumbledore told them why it had to be done. Yet Harry turned the tables by marrying three Slytherins including Snape and Ravenclaw Cho Chang, Ginny somewhat wished she could've married Harry…but didn't think much of it.

"Molly." Remus and Sirius stepped through the floo and greeted Arthur in the living room. "Arthur." Molly came over to hug them both.

"Good to see you both, have you heard anything?" they both shook their heads. "Oh well, sit down lunch will be ready in fifteen minutes."

"Thanks." Sirius looked a mess, his face looked as if he hadn't slept in days, and his hair looked recently combed but slightly messy no less. Remus didn't look much better, but he seemed to be better one of the two. They had been trying to get a hold of Harry for days, but every letter they sent came back unopened. Harry refused to see or talk to them, and they knew why too well.

"Albus." Dumbledore stepped through the floo moments later.

"Hello Arthur, Molly." He shook Arthur's hand.

"Hello Albus." Molly started bringing in the food. There was an awkward silence between everyone, but they would talk once they ate.

"Everyone is looking excited with the final elections tomorrow." He sat down in the living room. "It's going to be a good one this time."

"Yes, everyone's voting for Kingsley to win. Did you see his campaign?" Remus held onto Sirius.

"I can't think of anyone better." Arthur smiled slightly. "Kingsley's got everyone's interests at heart, he knows what this world needs and what'll help it heal since the war is over."

"Indeed so…" Dumbledore sighed. "Have any of you heard or seen Harry?" everyone shook their heads. "I was afraid of that."

"He won't talk to any of us, not a single person in the Order and Ron and Hermione won't talk either." Ginny felt herself get mad, but kept it down. "You'd think he'd be over it by now."

"He will never be over it Ginny." Remus spoke up. "Being angry at us for what we did, he will never 'get over it'."

"Now Remus I'm sure that's not true…" Remus glared at Albus.

"Lunch is ready." Molly brought out the last bit of food and everyone started towards the table. They ate quietly at first, but Remus didn't feel like holding his tongue any more.

"It's useless for us to try and reason with Harry, he isn't going to forgive us anytime soon."

"Come now Remus Harry's not like that."

"He wasn't like that until you brought out that blasted contract." Remus growled slightly. "You knew how he felt about Snape and we all knew how he wanted to live his own life without interference but no, we had to let you make us think a new Dark Lord would appear someday and now Harry's become one of the most powerful wizards in history." When the prophet gave the stories of Harry's weddings everyone felt angry that he didn't invite them, but Kingsley advised them to let it go or they'd all have charges on them. Sirius was angry that Harry married Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass, and though he knew Cho Chang was a Ravenclaw he still didn't like the girl that much.

"It was for everyone's own good Remus, and Harry has married Severus so there's no point in any of us fighting on this."

"Unless by some chance he decides to use his titles to gain power in the Ministry." Sirius looked up as he spoke. "Those titles each give him a spot in the Minister's eye, he could be powerful enough to become Minister but if I know Harry he won't want that."

"You're right he won't, he'll just be considered second in command to Kingsley if he wins the election." Remus agreed. "Harry would need a reason to have it though."

"That wouldn't do." Dumbledore put his drink down. "Harry knows what everyone would think of him if he took power in the ministry, that's why I wanted him to marry Severus."

"Even so Harry is the dominant male in those marriages, they do as he says and that's why we haven't seen him or his family. He's probably told them not to speak to anyone in the order and most of all, not to speak to you Albus." Remus pointed at him.

"How do you know all this?" Molly stared at him.

"I haven't spoken to Harry, but I know him well enough to see that he's going to be angry with us all for a long while. If he has children…then we might never meet them." he heard Molly gasp.

"Nonsense, Harry will…"

"Don't delude yourself Molly; I know that before any of this went down Harry told me that any children he'd have…he would never let them go through what he had to. Since he feels betrayed by us all, he'll shelter them from us."

"Even so…there's still hope." Albus sipped his drink. "I had been doing some research on Harry's titles, and though it would seem all have the proper marriages…there's still one left."

"What're you talking about?" Sirius stared at the old man.

"While the magical titles have been fulfilled to Severus and the others, there's still the one left of Mr. or Mrs. Potter. See the titles Harry has are Lords Black, Potter, Gryffindor, and Peverell, but there's also the one of Mr. or Mrs. Potter, so he's got space for another wife or husband."

"So what? Don't tell me you plan on finding him another one?" Sirius glared at him angrily, he'd already lost his title as Lord Black but even more so he'd lost the trust Harry had given him after so much trouble during the war. He didn't want anything else to go wrong with this.

"Not entirely, if I did I would suggest that Ginny here could make a good wife for Harry." Ginny gasped. "But since Harry has taken in his full inheritance I cannot, though I'm certain he knows of this already."

"Where does it concern you? Haven't you interfered in his life enough Albus?" Remus spoke that time. "Besides he's of age now, no other contracts can be made without his consent."

"I'm only concerned that if Harry takes power in the Ministry it will cloud his mind and make him as power-hungry as Tom once was. We can't risk another war."

"There won't be another, Harry may have defeated a dark wizard but he's nothing like him. You may think you've done your best to ensure the safety of our world, but all you've done is hurt more than help especially with Harry."

"Remus you know I only did what I thought was best for him, Harry is young and at his age being single with all that money could be trouble. Severus would've taught him to be responsible with it…"

"That doesn't give you the right to take away his freedom, and look what happened. He turned the tables on you and us, and we were stupid to listen to you. Harry hates us all now, and if ever does forgive us in the future we will never betray him again." Sirius stood from his chair and turned to the floo. "Coming Remus?"

"Yes, good day everyone." They left quickly, and Molly just sank in her chair.

"I must go, lunch was delicious Molly thank you for having me over." Dumbledore stood up and left as well. Arthur sighed and finished his meal, but Ginny kept staring at her plate.

"Harry would need a fifth wife, but he'd never choose me." she felt guilty enough for letting her parents agree with Dumbledore on the first arranged marriage, so she really couldn't blame Harry for what he was doing. It still hurt though, her family felt and seemed so broken. She still had some feelings for Harry, but if he hated her now what was the point? He'd find some way to make her miserable, and she'd likely never see him.

"Ginny…" Ginny stood from her seat and left towards the stairs.

"I'll be in my room, thanks for lunch mum." She went upstairs without another word. Molly and Arthur just stared at each other for a few moments, but as Molly got up to clear the table she sighed.

"Albus did what he thought was best, we cannot say he didn't."

"Even so Molly, it may have cost us our family's trust." Molly went into the kitchen, and Arthur got ready to leave for the Ministry. He felt upset about all this, but he couldn't help but agree with Dumbledore.

Gryffindor Hall, Harry's study:

"Harry love." Cho and Astoria knocked on the other side of the study door while Harry was at his desk.

"Come in girls." He was glad to see them when they came in. "What can I do for you both?"

"Oh well we just wanted to tell you that my parents wanted Astoria and I to have lunch with them today."

"Where at?" Cho smiled.

"At the family house, Daphne's meeting us there as well. Oh and Harry…I think something's going on with Severus." Harry put his quill down. "He's been looking pale lately, and he's been quiet more than usual. Draco can't even talk to him much."

"Hmm, I'll see to that. Where is Draco?"

"He's in his wing; he's taking a nap I think. Severus is…I think he's in the library."

"Alright then, now you two go and have a little fun and call if you need me." he went over to kiss his wives sweetly, and let them take his floo. If Severus wasn't feeling well he needed to look into it, plus he wanted to go and see Draco as well.

"Wispy!" a house elf appeared.

"Yes Master Harry?" she squeaked with a smile.

"Could you check on Severus and Draco for me and if they're free to come see me immediately." Harry hadn't really been with any of his wives or husbands in the last few days, and frankly he felt he needed to do something about it…his needs wanted more but of course needs of his family came first.

"Right away Master Harry." Wispy vanished from the room, so Harry decided to wait on them. The elections would be over by tomorrow, and if Kingsley won Harry would be able to take his rightful spots in the Ministry. He didn't care about Dumbledore or his precious order; he just wanted to help give the magical world the peace it needed.

"Harry…" Severus and Draco entered the room some moments later. "You wanted to see us?"

"Yes, and…Severus are you feeling alright?" he could see Cho was right about Severus looking pale, and he looked as if he hadn't slept much at all.

"Not entirely, I haven't been getting much sleep as you would see." He had bags under his eyes.

"Why's that?"

"I honestly don't know, I've just been so restless as of lately." He rubbed his eyes.

"Hmmm…do you feel sick or anything?" Severus shook his head. "Alright then, now before I say anything else I want the two of you to go to my quarters and wait for me there. I'll be up in five minutes and I expect both of you to be on my bed with nothing on but your shorts. Go on." They exchanged a glance between each other and Harry watched as his two husbands left the study.

When the five minutes passed, Harry made his way up to his own room and loosened up his shirt and made sure the button on his pants was undone. When he entered the room he saw his two husbands on the bed and mostly naked as he'd instructed them to be.

"Lovely…" both husbands looked a bit shy, but Harry was going to make this a night neither of them would forget. "Draco, sit up and face Severus. Severus lean back against the pillows and stay there until I tell you to move." They nodded and did as told. Draco's body looked a lot healthier than it did on their honeymoon week, Harry's elves and the girls not to mention Severus' potions had been doing wonders for him.

"Mm." Draco blushed with a moan, right as Harry got behind him and encircled his arms around the thin waist.

"Don't speak, just feel." One of Harry's hands moved to the hem of Draco's shorts, and his pointer finger tucked under stroking the skin just below Draco's belly. Draco's breath hitched as Harry lowered the shorts to reveal Draco's slight erection; just a simple touch of Harry's finger turned him on.

"Mmm…ahhh…" Harry's finger began to stroke Draco's length gently from the base to the tip. His other hand moved to Draco's chest and flicked his nipples getting a whimper from the blonde.

"Harry…" Severus groaned, and he had the same blush as Draco plus he was panting slightly.

"Stay still Severus, you'll get your turn soon enough." Harry started to kiss Draco's neck and Draco moaned more. "That's it Draco…moan for me." Draco moaned again.

"Please…" he whimpered and Harry fully cupped Draco in his hand.

"Severus, come in between Draco's legs." Severus did so. "Now wet your fingers for me, Draco open your legs for him." Harry managed to spell Draco's shorts away, and the pale legs spread wide. Harry felt his mouth water as he watched the two. "Severus I want you to finger Draco, but do it gently." Severus nodded and inserted a finger into Draco's opening.

"Aaah…!" Draco yelped as it entered him.

"Easy Draco, he won't hurt you." Harry kept stroking him until he was close to coming, and then stopped as Severus entered three fingers inside. "Now stay like this, while I see to Severus." Harry kissed his neck again and this time he slowly moved to get behind Severus. Draco's moans were making him crazy, and soon enough Severus would join in.

"Mmm…H-Harry please…" Severus was getting hard, and Harry kissed his naked back.

"Now Severus…I want you to take Draco, and I will take you. Remember he cannot become pregnant by you, only me. I will take you when Draco is comfortable, but while I prepare you be sure you don't hurt him."

"Y-Yes…" Harry watched as Severus kissed Draco's forehead and slowly eased into him. Severus froze when Draco moaned in slight pain, but Harry slicked his fingers as he began to carefully position Draco's legs on both sides of his waist. When Harry began to prepare Severus the older man panted heavily, and when his hips began to move with Draco's both men moaned and so Harry positioned himself behind Severus.

"Now my dears…we will begin." And he pushed himself inside.

Later that day:

"Ahh, Harry, Draco, Severus what's happened to you three?" Astoria and Cho returned two hours after leaving, and when they returned they found their men all in the den with a rather nice glow to their bodies.

"Harry cheered us up, that's all." Draco smiled at Harry. "Perhaps you two could use a little?"

"Draco." Harry laughed at the blonde. "Girls?"

"Not tonight love, we are rather exhausted and…well we went to the Ministry and you won't believe the chaos going on there. First it's the elections and then the reporters wanted our reports on being married to you, the Savior of the Wizard World." Cho rolled her eyes.

"We barely got away; they nearly mauled us with their cameras." Astoria took off her cloak and hung it on the rack.

"Why'd you go?" Harry stared slightly.

"My parents wanted to vote for the next minister before the polls close. They asked us to come and they voted for Shacklebolt, as did we." Cho sat down on the sofa next to Severus and Astoria sat on the other side. "It'll all be out tomorrow at noon."

"Yes indeed, and it'll all hit the prophets." Harry sighed. "Does anyone want a snack before dinner?"

"I do." They all said.

"Very well, Musty! Goldie!" the two elves appeared. "When will dinner be done?"

"In about an hour Master." They answered.

"Very well, could one of you please get us some tea?"

"Of course master."

"Good and when dinner is done you can all take the rest of the night off. I'll see to the dishes."

"As you wish master." They popped away, and Harry saw the copy of the daily prophet in Severus' hands.

"Severus hand me the prophet for a moment will you? Just the sports section…" Severus nodded and pulled the edition out, but as he stood up he staggered slightly. "Severus are you alright?"

"I'm fine I just…" before Severus could finish his eyes rolled backwards and he felt back onto the couch.


Can you imagine what's wrong with Severus, and if he's sick will any of the others get sick with him? Will Kingsley win the election? Will Harry see Dumbledore or the rest of the order when the polls are up? Is it possible Harry will have a fifth husband or wife or will he just wait?