Summary cont. Follow up to 'For You, For Asgard', but can be read as a stand-alone. When Loki's torture comes back to haunt him, affecting his health, Thor must choose if to believe the trickster or not. But when the mental torture turns physical, and Thanos' threats begin to come true, the brothers must come together, to help one another, as well as Asgard. But what secrets will arise? What horrors must they face? And will everyone make it out alive?

A number of reviews left on 'For You, For Asgard' requested a follow up/sequel, and although it took me a while (I started this around 8 months ago) I've finally completed it. Not beta'd so all mistakes my own, I apologise. I own nothing I'm afraid, Marvel does. And Mumford and Sons own the song lyrics. :) A song I thought fit the brothers, with Thor unsure if to believe Loki's lies, how Loki must show his weakness from time to time, and how Loki's soul must be awakened.

How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes
I struggle to find any truth in your lies
And now my heart stumbles on things I don't know
My weakness I feel I must finally show

Lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all
But lend me your heart and I'll just let you fall
Lend me your eyes I can change what you see
But your soul you must keep, totally free

Awake my soul

Walking was agony, just the mere movement of a toe was enough to send shockwaves up his leg. He hadn't used his body in so long. Nightmares had kept him awake at night and the connection to Thanos kept rearing it's ugly head, it's very ugly head. His screams would echo off the walls of his cell, the prison he had been refined to since his return to Asgard. Now he was finally able to walk the halls of his once home again, allowed to see the golden walls shimmer in the light of the vast realm. Though to say he was 'walking' was an overstatement, the guards holding him were forced to drag his limp body along behind them as a child would a doll. The All-Father must have altered his guards, for those who held him now were unfamiliar; unless it was his rattled mind that was finally failing him. They had forced open his prison doors telling him that Odin had demanded his presence, there was no choice in the matter, for he was pulled up mere seconds later. The manacles were still in place, designed especially for his magic, locked up just as he was, and screeched along the stone floor sending sparks flying. There was no-one in the halls, no servants, guards or palace staff, which strangely unnerved him; surely they were not all in the throne room waiting for his new punishment. What did Odin want anyway? Had he not told the monster that he would never be free until the day Odin saw fit, and that he would never be allowed to exit his cell until that day? Maybe he'd changed his mind and was going to kill him afterall. Or maybe they were under attack and they had decided his cunning could be an advantage. But no, surely they were not under attack, not yet at least, for he had heard no sounds of battle.

Before him, the great doors to the throne room stood tall, almost mocking his now pathetic shriveled existence. He spat at them, just as they were opened from the inside, the only thing he could do without bringing about pain. A huge part of him wanted to stand tall as he entered the grand palace, just as he once had, but he could not. Pulling one leg up was agony enough and as soon as he bared pressure on it, the thing collapsed under him; it was only by biting his tongue that he did not yell out in front of everyone. And so, he was dragged, straight towards the throne, before being thrown down, nothing more than a long forgotten toy. The whole time his head had been bowed, not out of respect, but out of weakness. The idea of holding his head up was just as painful as walking, he just could not do it, and so was reduced to watching the floor, seeing his reflection looking up at him, a shattered picture of the prince he used to be.

"Loki Odinson!" A pause. "Or should that be Loki Laufeyson?"

He recognised that voice, but not as that of the All-Father, nor even Thor. Whoever it was sent shivers down his spine, shivers of fear. Why was a stranger sat on his father's-No! Odin's- throne? No wonder he had not recognized the of the corner of his eye, he saw his supposed family knelt with their hands held firmly behind their backs, guarded by armed men. They were hostages! Loki did not have the courage to look at them directly, and even less courage to look up at the man who had stolen the throne. A kick came crashing into his back, making him reel upwards crying out as the nerves spread all over his worn body.

"You do not ignore your Lord, you scum." One of the guards behind him yanked him up by the hair, pointing him in the direction of the throne.

"Loki. How good it is to see you. I have not looked upon that face since I sent you off on your little errand to Midgard."

His pain was now replaced by fear, crippling fear that paralyzed him. He knew he would soon wish for the pain of the cell, for whatever concoction the monster in front of him was brewing, would be far worse. He wanted to act as the Loki who had once roamed the halls of Asgard, stood proud and would banter with even his worst enemy, but the truth was he couldn't, he was broken, and he was scared.

"What do you want?" The little confidence he'd started the sentence with had completely subsided by the time he had finished.

"My payment." The man acted as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, had he been a Midgardian teenager he probably would have added 'durr' onto the end (something Loki had learnt within his first 2 hours on the godforsaken planet).

"I...I do not understand." Loki had given up hope of being the Silvertongue, now he reflected how he had once been as a child.

"I think you do Loki. Bring him to me."

Guards surrounding the royals brought forward Thor,who already looked a little battered and bruised. Loki finally understood the threats.

"No...Thanos please! No. You can do anything to me, punish me, kill me, please. No!" Now he definitely forgot his pain, he was trying desperately to get away from the guard who was holding him down.

"Oh Loki. We both promised the other something, you broke yours which means I carry mine out. Punish you? I am punishing you."

Thanos gracefully stood from the throne, walked down the steps and pulled out a dazzling dagger that, given a different situation, Loki would have been envious of. Before Loki had time to react, he had to witness the blade disappear into his adopted brother's heart. The young man began to convulse and bleed from the mouth, the dagger was slowly pulled from his chest, and he fell forward. The great Titan made his way back up to the throne, as Loki was set free to race towards the man he had once called brother.

Reaching him, Loki noticed the dagger had fallen just short of Thor's heart, making his death slower and a lot more painful. But sure enough, within the next few minutes, the thunderer would be dead. Had he had his magic, Loki would have been able to save him, to stop the blood flow and repair all damaged muscle, but his bloody chains stopped that from happening. Thanos' threats from years before echoed in his head 'invade Midgard and retrieve the Tesseract or I shall make sure Asgard crumbles before your eyes and your family die bloody in your arms'.

"No, Thor...please. You cannot leave me." Loki's tears fell onto Thor's face as he begged.

"Do not touch me. This is all your fault." Thor tried to push Loki off of him, but he did not have the strength.

Loki looked up at Odin and Frigga. "Please, you have to do something, save him."

"I cannot." Odin's eye showed more disappointment and regret than Loki had ever seen in his life.

"You have killed us all Loki. You finally have the attention you craved you stupid boy." Loki could not believe Frigga was treating him this way, she had never shown such anger towards him, ever.

"I wish I had never brought you from Jotunheim. It was my biggest mistake." Odin's gaze moved away from Loki and down to Thor.

Loki followed his gaze, fresh tears staining his mucky face. Thor was barely breathing, his eyes were dark and stared up towards the sky, no longer bright with the excitement of war. More blood bubbled from his lips, before he finally became still...lying dead, and bloody in Loki's arms, just as Thanos had promised.

The young man tore his gaze away from his brother and up at the man who had promised him so much pain. He was laughing, a mad laugh to accompany a mad tyrant, looking down at the scene he had just caused, pride blossoming like the first flowers of spring. Loki closed his eyes, the smell of copper filling his nose, the taste of salt on his lips, and the sound of crazed laughter- for once not his own- filling his ears.


Loki woke up screaming, the now familiar sound echoing off the walls of his cell. He clawed at his hair, at his clothes and skin as he tried to clear it of the blood of his dead brother. Only there was none, it had all been a dream. He just about heard the doors to his cell being opened above his screams, but only just. Strong arms snaked around him in a tight embrace that was meant to soothe him, large hands pulled away his clawing fingers and began stroking his hair. This was not what he wanted, yet it was. He always welcomed the comfort and relief that usually came after a bad night, but at the same time, a large part of him hated it. He was no longer a child who needed to be coddled like this, he was a strong, powerful man who had found he lived much better on his own. No you are not.

"This is the 4th time in as many days Loki. I sit there watching as you writhe about in your sleep, mumble words of apologies and pleadings, until you finally awaken with a god awful scream. Tell me what ails you."

He was starting to calm down, but he still worked his hands, still tried to wipe them on his bedding, to rid himself of the blood. The strong hands moved off his back and instead took hold of his shaking ones. "There is nothing on your hands Loki. Look at them. Truly look at them."

"Blood." Was the only word he could muster. "Blood."

"Who's blood? Yours?" Loki shook his head. His fear was now ebbing away, just as it did every time the situation arose. It was beginning to be replaced by anger. Thor had no right to play nurse maid, he had never cared for Loki before, so why did he have to start now?

"Leave me." He mumbled.

"Not this again Loki. Please. You need me."

"NO!" Loki finally found the energy to pull himself away from his brother's sickening grip. "I said LEAVE! GET OUT! "

"You are ill. I shall not leave you in this state Loki. Please allow me to speak with Father, let me try and sort everything out."

"No." One quick, short bitter word, the closest he had come to his old Silvertongue in nearly a year.

"Then I shall allow you peace. As I see it is all I can give you." Loki had to endure one final kiss on the forehead before he had the cell to himself; though could that be said when you shared it with the ghosts and nightmares of your past?

I really tried not to make anyone OOC but it was a little hard at times, so I apologize if you feel they are on occasion. I know for sure Loki is more evil/vengeful than I have written him, but for the sake of the fic, this is how I wrote him (but not all the time, he is often very angry and sneaky.)