Chapter 7

~ District Two ~

Almond Casey, 18 – Laurel Hadennes, 18

Laurel hopped down from her chariot, feeling rather queasy. Her top had been too tight for her for the entire duration of the ceremony, and the cool breeze wasn't helping her exposed stomach.

As she attempted to adjust her costume for the nth time, Almond landed on the floor beside her with a cheerful grin and a lax posture, not at all uncomfortable with what his stylist had given him to wear for that night. Laurel couldn't help but bitterly scoff.

"What's wrong, Laurie?" Almond asked her, noting her sudden hostility. She shot him a scathing look. His grin didn't falter.

"Don't call me Laurie," Laurel growled through gritted teeth.

"Laurel's an effing mouthful if you ask me," Almond commented.

Laurel's snarky remark was silenced by her mentor's appearance. Raegan Hammersmith was the type of person who always stood proud and confident. Her back was pin straight and her chin was always held up high. She addressed her tributes as if they were mere inferiors to her. Laurel didn't like her one bit. She found herself particularly annoyed with the way her blond locks curled so naturally and perfectly and how her eyes always shone with control.

Everybody knew Raegan wasn't who she presented herself to be, and Laurel didn't understand why she still bothered to be somebody she wasn't.

"Don't dawdle," the Victor snippily said, impatiently gesturing for them to follow her to the elevator.

"I promised Pompous and Peridot we'd speak after the rides," Laurel found herself speaking against her, mustering up all the courage she had.

Raegan's eyes flashed. She was barely taller than her tribute, but Laurel somehow still felt incredibly small next to her. She hated the feeling and wanted to get away from Raegan as soon as possible.

"Talk tomorrow," Raegan said with finality in her tone. "Zach is waiting for us upstairs."

Laurel was ready to argue, but Raegan was already striding towards the elevator. Almond, still with an idiotic grin on his face, jogged after her eagerly. Shaking her head at her partner's antics, she followed after, painfully admitting that she had lost that argument.

"I was under the impression that you were going to disobey my orders," Raegan mused as Laurel stepped in just in time before the doors slid shut.

"Laurie's probably afraid of you strangling her or something," Almond snickered.

"I'm not afraid of anything!" Laurel suddenly exclaimed.

"How nice." Almond genuinely smiled. Laurel growled.

Almond knew what she thought of him. It was no different from how the others did. He'd overheard her talking about him and his siblings. Sometimes she'd do it behind their backs, but most of the time she'd spit right in front of their faces. Almond didn't mind. He preferred the more outspoken ones who didn't beat around the bush. He appreciated Laurel's opinionated personality. It was much easier to understand her that way.

Feeling rather giddy, Almond observed the others inside the elevator. The pair from Ten were the only ones present besides the group from Two. As soon as Almond turned his head to look at the redheaded girl, her eyes narrowed and steadily held his gaze.

Looks like she wanted to play. Almond continued to stare back, his lips falling from a grin to a competitive smirk.

"Is there something funny?" Ten snapped, mistaking his smile with something along the lines of mockery probably.

"Oh," Almond said in genuine surprise. "I thought we were playing a game."

There was a ding and the elevator doors slid open to reveal District Two's floor. Raegan briskly walked out without giving any of her tributes any attention. Laurel scathingly pushed Almond out of her way, too annoyed by his behavior to speak.

Blinking absentmindedly, Almond gave the girl from Ten a friendly wave (which she returned with a suspicious scrunch of her eyebrows) and stepped out of the elevator last.

He was still able to get an earful of Laurel's complaints from the sitting area.

"He's absolutely crazy! I am this close to not even considering him for the alliance, Zach!"

Almond entered the room with his signature grin, silencing Laurel but not entirely wiping the angry look on her face.

"Ah, Almond," his mentor, Zachary Dovian, greeted him kindly. "I see you've decided to leave the elevator after all." He pointedly looked at Laurel who simply huffed.

"What did you expect me to do?" Almond asked, plopping on the couch opposite where he seated and where Laurel stood beside him. Raegan was nowhere to be seen.

"Laurel was under the impression that you wanted to join forces with the tributes from Ten instead."

Almond pondered on the thought. The girl looked to skinny to be a useful ally for him. She'd probably die during the bloodbath.

"I think I'll pass." Almond shrugged it off as if it were an offer he just declined.

"Well I don't think it was as much of a big deal as you described it, Laurel," Zach said calmly, addressing the blond. "Perhaps you were overthinking it."

Her bottom lip curled, but didn't comment. Mumbling swearwords under her breath, Laurel stalked off to her room, most probably to rip the blasted costume off her body and change into something much more comfortable and appropriate before dinner.

Chuckling lightly under his breath, Zach's eyes shifted to look at Almond who was openly laughing.

"She swears like my fourteen year-old sister."

Zach blinked. Perhaps Laurel had been correct at some points about her district partner.

~ District Four ~

Denver Murray, 17 – Minet Reska, 15

The clinking of metal utensils on the ceramic plates echoed in the silent dining area. Every few moments, Denver would lift his head, dart his eyes around the table's occupants then dip his head back down to his plate with a smile on his face. Every time he would do this, Minet would grip her utensils until her knuckles paled. After the third time, Minet had had enough.

"Will you stop that?" she snapped.

The sound of clinking abruptly halted, a tense silence replacing it. Minet was frowning threateningly at Denver who merely returned it with an amused grin.

"It's not hurting you," Denver replied.

Minet narrowed her eyes. "Just cut it out."

"Now it's not wise to turn against each other three days before the games," Denver's mentor, Rion Dorine, spoke from his seat, smirking. "Minet, apologize."


"You heard me," Rion pressed, dark eyes twinkling.

Throwing him a slightly scathing look, Minet grumbled an apology and proceeded to eat, ignoring her district partner completely.

"It's all right," Denver said, his grin never faltering. "I've met lots of angry people before. You're not much different."

Minet hadn't known whether to be insulted or to just brush away the comment. From the corner of her eye, she gazed at him carefully, wondering exactly how he worked. From the first day she met him after the reapings, she already knew how difficult it would be to read him. He was obviously not right in the head, but most of the people of Four already knew that. It was old news to her.

Rion, happy that the two tributes had finally started interacting (despite it being rather hostile, mostly in Minet's part), suddenly took the opportunity to discuss tactics. Sutter Caverly, awkward and blonde, was sitting stiffly beside his fellow mentor, murmuring agreements to whatever Rion would say. Rion didn't actually mind, but Minet was bothered.

How is it that Denver Murray, Four's resident weirdo, was assigned the decent mentor, while Minet Reska, the Academy's prodigy, was paired up with the most unaccommodating and unhelpful of the lot of victors? She couldn't help but suddenly feel weak beside Denver. She may not know much about him, but now she knew that he could have the advantage of having Rion as a mentor. She didn't like it one bit, and she swore to herself that she wouldn't allow herself to leave those two alone in case they were planning to plot against her.

"This is good!" Rion exclaimed optimistically. "We're all finally agreeing on things."

Denver nodded enthusiastically. Sutter shrugged.

"Excuse me, but nobody seems to be asking for my opinion," Minet seethed, stabbing her food forcefully with her fork.

"Maybe it's because none of them want it, dear." Medalla suddenly sashayed out of one of the doors and took her seat around the dinner table. There was a small mocking smile on her face as she caught Minet's eye.

"Don't start, Medalla," Rion intervened before Minet could lash out.

"It was the truth," Medalla said with a shrug, placing vegetables onto her plate.

Denver, who was chewing silently until someone on the television behind his mentor caught his eye, suddenly spoke up.

"That's District One?"

Rion, Medalla and Minet turned towards the television only to see the replayed scene of District One on the their chariot.

"I wonder how it feels to snap that boy's neck in two," Denver commented offhandedly.

Minet's eyebrows shot to her hairline.

"He happens to be very smart," she snapped at him. "I overheard him already talking strategy with Two."

Denver glanced at her expression, then back to the sticky boy on screen. There wasn't anything that looked special about him, Denver noted. It was obvious that their stylist was trying to go for something manly, but Pompous Lebeau could barely pull it off with that stature. Imagining a very skinny man struggling with the weight of his armor, Denver chuckled a bit under his breath.

He noticed Minet was still glaring at him from her seat, but it didn't faze him. Returning her hostility with an innocent grin, he resumed eating his dinner. As soon as his plate was clean, Denver jumped to his feet.

"I'm going to my room."

"Planning on how exactly you're going to snap Pompous' neck, are you?" Minet asked snidely.

But Denver merely shook his head. "No. I was actually going to draw something on my drawing pad. But if you'd like that arranged, maybe I could slip you in in the plans too."

With a wide smile, Denver left the dining area, leaving the rest of them speechless.

~ District Six ~

Cambric Araujo, 14 – Nyomi Harley, 15

"How are you feeling?"

She was terrified. She couldn't think straight. It was as if she was back home alone, waiting for her father, if he were to come home at all.

Except this feeling was much worse. She's always been worried about her father, Markus, Oliver, and the rest of the runners who risk their lives every single day.

But Nyomi never did. Her father would never let her, so she was always in constant worry for the people she cared about. They were all gone now. They were back home watching her on television with no idea how exactly she was feeling. They didn't know the crawling feeling in her stomach whenever she set her eyes on the Career tributes. They didn't know how she refused to eat because she constantly felt like vomiting out whatever was left inside her.

It all came back to that one question. Nim was feeling a lot of things, but she couldn't voice out a single one. Instead she straightened her back, looked Cadmus Trevers in the eye and spoke.

"I'm fine."

Cadmus hadn't believed her. She didn't think anybody in that room did. As she walked back to her room after dinner, she could feel their pitying stares following her out. She didn't need their pity, but she didn't comment on it either and simply ignored them.

Now as she lay on her comfy mattress, she felt her stomach growl. Cursing under her breath, she tried to ignore it. Her stomach wouldn't give up without a fight. Five minutes passed, and Nim had begun to feel a bit of pain. She hadn't eaten since the train rides to the Capitol.

Unable to hold it any longer, she sat up with a groan and walked to her door. It was about eleven in the evening, but she didn't mind. It wasn't like she'd be able to sleep anyway.

Wrenching the door open, her head spun left to right. There was nobody in sight. She had hoped at least an Avox would be out for late night cleaning. She headed towards the dining area. Perhaps somebody would be there to help her get some food. Her feet padded across the carpeted hallway, making much effort to remain silent.

The television room and dining area were also empty much to Nim's dismay. She was just about to turn around to return to her bedroom with an empty stomach when she heard a cough.

Twisting around, hands squeezed into fists, she found Cambric standing by the couch in his pajamas, eyes squinting sleepily and his hair disheveled.

"Oh, it's just you," Nim said in relief, dropping her hands.

"I heard someone walking down the hallway."

Slightly embarrassed, Nim nodded. "Yeah, I was looking for food."

"You haven't been eating," Cambric stated with a ghost of a smile.

"Has it been obvious?" Nim bitterly laughed.

He answered with a shrug, and suddenly walked towards the dining area. There were stacks of drawers by the left wall that Cambric started opening one by one. Once he reached the very bottom, it was loaded with bags of chocolate chip cookies that made Nim's stomach churn.

Cambric chuckled and pulled one bag out. He handed it to her with a glint in his eye.

"It's Trek's secret stash," he said humorously as Nim timidly accepted the food. "I caught him stealing cookies from the buffet during dinner a while ago after you left."

Nim laughed before taking a bite of her cookie.

"I don't think I ever really introduced myself," Cambric said thoughtfully. "My name's Cambric. Friends call me Cam. And you are?"

"I know who you are, Cambric," Nim chuckled rather darkly. "And I'm pretty sure you know who I am too."

"But you don't actually know who I am," Cambric retorted playfully. "You know me from hearing my name announced in front of the whole of District Six. I never got the chance to introduce myself to you in person. It's kind of unfortunate."

"We don't need introductions," Nim said somewhat coldly. "We were reaped to fight. Not to make friends, Cambric."

"Well if you don't like the idea of friends, then what about allies?" Cambric daringly asked.

Nim's eyes widened, taken aback. There was a flash of hopefulness in Cambric's eyes that Nim hadn't missed. She quickly tried to analyze the boy in front of her. He was a year younger than her, but he didn't look useless. He was friendly enough and Nim doubted she'd get along just as well with other tributes.

A small voice in the back of her head was telling her to wait for training before making allies, but she couldn't bring herself to say no. She'd be passing up a good opportunity. District partners were in fact the best people to ally with after all…

"How do you know I'll be a good ally for you?" Nim asked. "You barely know me."

Cambric shrugged. "Wouldn't you think it'd be easier to plan with someone who you share a floor with?"

Nim chortled, but did not object. After giving him one last skeptical look, she finally replied.

"All right, sure. We'll be allies."

An ear-splitting grin grew on Cambric's face and exaggeratedly shook Nim's hand.

"Great doing business with you, Ms. Harley!"

~ District Eight ~

Kelvin Viper, 16 – Ivanna Keelan, 16

It was three in the morning. In a few hours, Merry was going to barge into his room and shake him awake for the first day of training. He could only imagine the look on her face when she sees that he isn't even in bed anymore. Instead, he was seated in the television room with two tapes in hand.

The first tape was labeled 'The 40th Hunger Games' and the second was labeled 'The 52nd Hunger Games'. Kelvin scrunched his face at both tapes, wondering which to watch first. He ultimately decided on watching his mentor's first before Roman's. He could still remember a few tidbits of Zelda's Games just last year. He caught a few glimpses of scenes on the television before his mother would scold him for it, claiming fifteen was still too young to watch.

It started with Zelda's reaping where she was able to hold her composure the whole way up the stage. Kelvin felt a jolt of respect for the girl. The scene shifted to her chariot ride and a few clips from training. During her interview, she shone. Everybody loved her. She stood out and Kelvin sort of understood why she such a perfect victor.

He also felt a stab of jealousy for her. Her charisma was so strong that she could stand out with her words alone. Kelvin had no idea how he could fill in her shoes. Nonetheless he started feeling better when the Games began. He watched as Zelda slowly began to lose most of her charming charisma to desperate manipulations instead. It made her seem more real to him.

He watched Zelda interact with her current and only ally Necali Reinerston from District One. A bit over an hour passed as he watched, and he caught a shadow move from the corner of his eye. Quickly pausing the tape, he turned to see Roman Valdez standing directly behind him. He was fully dressed and it was four in the morning. His hands were stuffed inside the pockets of his slacks and he held his usual expression of impassiveness.

"Is that my tape?" Roman's eyebrows scrunched together, eyes narrowed at the tape left unattended on the cushion beside Kelvin.

"Uh, yeah," Kelvin shakily replied. "Sorry."

"Good thing you decided to watch your mentor's first then," Roman said, taking the tape from the couch. "I'll be taking this."

Flustered, Kelvin dared to speak. "I was hoping to watch your Games too actually…"

"Well you can't."

Kelvin blinked. "Why not? I was hoping to get something useful from it."

"You won't be getting ideas on how I won, Viper," Roman said snippily. "Believe me, I said the same thing to Zelda before she entered the arena. And look at her. She's a victor."

Spluttering, Kelvin tried finding the right words. This had actually been their first one-on-one interaction. Kelvin wasn't sure how to act around him. The only person Roman Valdez seemed the tiniest bit comfortable around was Zelda, and Zelda wasn't here.

"Zelda stood out," Kelvin finally said. "I can't stand out like she did."

"Who said you needed to?" Roman raised an eyebrow. "When I said you won't be getting any ideas on how I won, I meant that for Zelda too. You're got your own skills, your own strengths. Use them."

Without another word, Roman briskly walked out of the room, leaving Kelvin open-mouthed. He didn't know whether or not he should be irritated with Ivanna's mentor. He finally settled with being a bit annoyed, but grateful for his advice at the same time. Glancing at the paused tape on the screen, he thought perhaps Roman was right. Knowing how Zelda won would be almost useless.

Leaving the tape unfinished, Kelvin walked out of the television room and back to his own. Walking down the hallway and vaguely wondering how things were going to begin in two hours, he suddenly caught a pair big bright blue eyes peeking out of a door. There was a yelp, and the mahogany door closed shut with a click. Slightly alarmed by this, Kelvin just entered his own room to get some rest before the first day of training.

In the room opposite his, a redheaded girl had her back flattened on the door as she slowly inhaled and exhaled. Ivanna had considered joining Kelvin outside, but Roman walked in before she could. She was able to listen in to their conversation, and she couldn't help but feel that she was at the disadvantage.

How come it was so easy for Kelvin to get advice from Roman when he didn't even ask for it? Ivi had to scold herself in her room whenever she would be too shy to talk tactics with Roman during mealtimes. Ivi had tried impressing her mentor by acting friendly and at ease during chariot rides while Kelvin just stood there. Roman didn't seem to have noticed her efforts.

No matter how much she hated herself for thinking it, Kelvin was the enemy. For some reason, she couldn't help but not trust him. She scolded herself for it. Kelvin couldn't be a bad person. He was here for the same reason as everybody else. They were forced into it. Ivi liked to think that maybe even the Careers were. The way they were brought up was because of the Capitol. In a way, it was like they weren't any different from everybody else here.

As she walked back to her bed feeling rather drowsy, Ivanna whispered to herself, promising one thing.

"If I get out of this alive, I'm going to come out as Ivi. I won't change in there. I can't change."

~ District Ten ~

Caleb Trainor, 17 – Melisent Ontone, 17

When Caleb entered the dining area, Melisent and Kia were already seated. His district partner was sipping from a cup of steaming hot coffee. His mentor was flicking through channels on the television.

"Caleb!" Tala Kaine greeted him cheerfully. Her hair was a lovely shade of sky blue today and was curled to perfection. Her make up was also blue based and her outfit was a tad less skimpy than usual. She looked decent for an escort.

She steered him from the entrance to the table and forced him to sit on an empty chair. She began to pile a variety of breads and muffins onto his plate and filled his glass with juice. Melisent stifled a laugh across him.

"Um, I–I think–er," Caleb stuttered through Tala's chatter about how having a full stomach would get him through the day with no problems.

"Tala, I think the boy's got enough on his plate," Kia interrupted politely. "Quite literally, I must say." She eyed the overflowing plate with amusement.

Melisent snorted as she took a bite of her blueberry muffin. She immediately caught Tala's attention.

"Oh, Melie, don't laugh while eating! You could get choked!"

Tala abandoned Caleb and began fussing over Melisent who looked on the verge of absolute irritation. She was able to hold her tongue throughout the fretting which Caleb was mildly surprised with. Looking down at his plate, he wondered briefly what he should start with.

"Tala, I think it's time for you to check on their stylists if they have the outfits ready," Kia suggested to the mentor, interrupting her once more.

Utterly agreeing, Tala marched out of the dining area to search for the tributes' stylists. Melisent blew a stray strand of red hair from her face in annoyance before resuming to eat her muffin.

"I'm surprised, Melisent," Kia said conversationally. "I expected you to curse her off."

Melisent shrugged as she chewed. Caleb nervously glanced at her from behind his pile of food.

"Some people deserve shit; others really don't," she said.

Kia smiled slightly, but nodded to her tribute. "Well said."

Once Melisent finished her muffin, she turned her attention to Caleb. Sensing this, Caleb shrunk in his seat and hid behind his pile of food. Melisent couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

"I'm not going to stab you with this fork," she laughed, waving her utensil around. Caleb visibly flinched.

"Knives would be the archetypal weapon for stabbing, but forks aren't indubitably risk-free either."

Despite herself, Melisent guffawed. Kia and Caleb watched her reaction in mixed surprise and amusement. Caleb stirred from behind his food. Perhaps Melisent wasn't all too bad. She didn't seem as hostile as she did during the reaping, and Caleb was glad. He didn't know what he'd do if he faced someone like that again.

Tala soon returned. She cast a strange look at the laughing Melisent's direction before turning to Kia.

"Everything's in their rooms, Kia," Tala said breathlessly to the mentor. "They've got half an hour to change and get down to the Center."

"Nice work, Tala," Kia commended her, rising from the table and looking down at both her tributes.

Melisent stopped laughing almost immediately. Her stern look had instantly taken its place on her face once more and it was as if she hadn't just been laughing a few moments before. Not commenting on it, Caleb turned his attention to Kia as well.

"Training is important," Kia began, looking rather solemn. "The Careers have had that advantage for years, but for the rest of you, it'll only be three days. Make the most out of it. Since Melisent here has requested to mentor both of you separately, be ready to speak with me alone after your first day."

Caleb stole a glance at Melisent's direction, feeling a pang of hurt. He didn't understand why. He knew very well the feeling of being let down by other people. It was exactly why he obsessed over his work instead. Perhaps a small part of him had hoped that Melisent wouldn't be like the rest of them who shunned him out. He was foolish to have hoped.

"Now off you go," Kia dismissed them with a wave of her hand.

Determination etched on her face, Melisent immediately stood and strode quickly to her room. Caleb barely even stood from his chair when he heard a faint bang of a closing door from the hallway. He sighed and turned away absentmindedly, unable to notice that Kia was trying to catch his attention.


At her raised tone, Caleb froze on the spot and spun around, expecting an angry sermon.

"I thought you'd gone deaf from Melisent's attempts at laughter," Kia comically stated.

"Sorry," Caleb sighed in relief when he realized she wasn't angry with him.

"It's quite all right… Listen, Caleb. I have a request."

"Request?" the seventeen year-old repeated, clearly dumbfounded. "Oh, er, okay."

"I need you to stick with Melisent during training."

Caleb awkwardly gawked at her. "I–I don't think she'll appreciate my company very much–"

"Trust me, Caleb," Kia said with finality in her tone. "Just stay with her."

Unable to say no to her piercing black eyes, Caleb robotically nodded. After receiving a smile of approval, he took his chance to bolt from the dining area to his room.

~ District Twelve ~

Everett Carson, 17 – Anicla Dovimen, 14

Anicla stared at herself in the mirror. The uniform was fitting and made her feel rather conscious. She had thrown a dark sweater over her uniform to cover her arms. She wanted to get through training with no awkward questions. Maybe this way nobody would notice her.

There was a sudden rap on the door. Anicla jumped in surprise. Ebony Wilkins' silky tone rang from outside.

"We have less than ten minutes, Anicla! Hurry up!"

Anicla wrinkled her nose. After one last look at her reflection and making sure it was completely hidden, she walked out of her room to face her first day of training. As expected, Ebony was still waiting for her by the hallway. Instead of giving Anicla a pleasant greeting, Ebony's face twisted into absolute disgust.

"What is that you're wearing?"


The fourteen year-old tried walking away, but Ebony's screech kept her from going any further.

"Absolutely not! You're to take that off, young lady!"

"I can wear what I want," Anicla said through gritted teeth.

Ebony growled back, but Anicla couldn't stand hearing a single more rebuke from her escort. Hoping to get through the floor without running into anybody else. She vaguely heard Ebony complaining to somebody, but she couldn't bring herself to look back. Somebody might actually be able to convince her to take the sweater off.

"Ah, you're certainly early," Everett said sardonically once Anicla had reached the entrance of the elevator.

"Open it," Anicla ordered desperately.

"Someone's in a hurry," he muttered, pressing his thumb to the button.

With a ding, the elevator doors slid open and Anicla threw herself inside. Raising an eyebrow at her antics, Everett took his time getting in, which infuriated his district partner even further. Just as the doors were about to slide close, the pair caught another painful shriek from their escort. Everett snorted under his breath, and Anicla giggled.

The elevator slowly began its decent. There was a tense silence in the air around the pair from Twelve. Everett didn't look fazed, but Anicla was constantly shifting around in nervousness.

"Aren't you scared?" she asked, breaking the peace.

Everett's eyes darted to meet hers for a second before resuming to stare at the opposite wall. Anicla felt rather stupid for asking that question. Everett didn't look like he'd be afraid of anything.

"It's just training," he finally replied with a shrug.

Everett avoided her eyes in case she'd be able to detect any sort of emotion in him. Truthfully, he was afraid. There was no denying the fact that in the three days given for interaction and training, he still might end up alone. There was always his district partner, but he could feel that she was just as wary of making alliances as he was. No, the pair of them wouldn't end up together in the arena in any way. He was at least certain of that.

There was a ding, and Everett's stomach stirred. He was ready to step out when the doors opened, only to find both tributes from District One joining him in the elevator.

"Whoa there, buddy," the boy said playfully. "Training Center's still a floor away."

Speechless, Everett withdrew his foot that was already fixed on District One's floor. The Career boy gave him a wink as the doors slid close. Anicla squeaked from her corner. Everett could see One glancing at her with a glint in his eye. Unaware of what he was doing, Everett grabbed Anicla's arm and jerked her closer to him.

It was a small movement that he hoped none of the Careers had noticed, but One's eyes locked with his directly. A fearful jolt ran down his spine just as the elevator dinged for the third time.

"Good luck, Twelve."

It was barely a whisper, but both tributes from the outer district heard him as if he were whispering into their ears. The Careers stepped out first, leaving Everett and Anicla alone. They shared one last look before ultimately going their separate ways.

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