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Chapter 1: The Gathering

Danny was absent-mindedly walking with Sam and Tucker, who were talking about the Disarming of Nuclear Weapons, that had been approved yesterday. Sam, was of course, delighted that the government agreed to disable them. Tucker, on the other hand, was not.

"I still can't believe that they would do that," Tucker said, miffed. "Harming those innocent technology."

"There's nothing innocent about those warheads, Tucker," Sam said. "This is for the good of the planet!"

While they were arguing, Danny was still thinking about those images in his head. He suddenly snapped out of it when his friends were saying his name.

"Hello? Earth to Danny?" Sam said, waving her hand in front of him.

"Yeah?" Danny said, shaking his head. "I think Mr. Lancer's assignment is tough?"

"…Are you alright?" Sam asked, worried. "You're acting strange."

"You seem to be spacing out on us," Tucker added, looking concerned.

"I'm fine," Danny said, grinning. "Just tired. I think I'm gonna call it a day. I'll see you guys tomorrow."

Danny then ran away from his friends, who were looking at him with concern. Danny ran through the streets until he reached the familiar skyscraper that is his home. He entered the bizarre building and saw his parents working on a new invention and his sister, Jazz, reading a giant textbook.

"Hello there, sweetie," his mom said, taking off her mask to reveal brown hair and teal eyes. "You're home early."

"Yeah, I'm a little tired," Danny said, faking a yawn. "I think I'm going to bed early. Good night."

His family stared at him as he climbed upstairs. He entered his room and placed his bag near the desk before he piled his pillows under the blanket to make a fake body.

Danny then transformed into Danny Phantom and phased through the roof. He sadly looked down on his house.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "But there's something I need to do…"

Danny flew towards the horizon, away from Amity Park, away from his home.


Superman flew towards the source of the signal, flying as fast as he can. He reached the place; an abandoned Star Labs building. He landed on the roof and entered through the door. Inside the room was a mess, like someone just had a fight.

Superman walked through the darkness until he heard the signal. He turned his head and his eyes widened when he saw a gloved hand under a fallen shelf holding the signal watch.

"No…" Superman said before he hurriedly went to the shelf and cast it aside. On the ground was Batman, who was barely conscious. "Batman…"

He picked up the Dark Knight and was about to fly away when something big and bright flew pass the building. Superman looked through the window and saw a giant, flaming meteor flying towards the building.

The giant meteor crashed on the middle of the park, causing people to run away in panic. The meteor kept moving until it stopped in the middle of the streets, causing cars to stop and crash into each other.

Superman flew towards the meteor, carrying Batman. As he was flying, he saw an ambulance below him.

"Medic!" Superman exclaimed as he flew towards the ambulance. "He needs help!"

Superman landed in front of a stretcher and gently placed Batman on it.

"What happened?" she asked, looking at Superman.

"I'm not sure," Superman replied before he flew towards the meteor.

The medic watched as Superman flew away before she turned her attention towards Batman. She checked his pulse and her other hand slowly went towards his mask. Before she could touch it, Batman suddenly grabbed her hand, surprising the medic.

"Don't even think about it," Batman said, looking at the medic.

Near the meteor, firemen were putting out the fire as helicopters flew around it. A news van stopped near the fire trucks and police cars, and reporter Snapper Carr and a cameraman exited the van and ran towards the meteor.

The firemen fired water at the fire until it finally died. When the smoke cleared off, a giant rock appeared, smoking from the heat.

"Look at the size of that thing!" A policeman exclaimed.

"Careful. It's still hot," another policeman warned.

Before anyone else could say something, the rock suddenly cracked, surprising everyone.

"What is that?" A policeman asked as they backed away from the rock.

Suddenly, a giant, white leg burst from the rock. The policemen screamed as the leg was coming towards them. Before they could run, Superman swooped in and grabbed the two policemen away from the danger.

Superman flew towards safety when another leg burst from the rock. Superman placed the policemen on the ground and looked back at the rock when another leg burst from the rock. Suddenly, a giant, white head that was connected to the legs appeared from the rock, green slime oozing from its buddy. On the center of its misshapen head was a giant red orb.

"Incredible!" Snapper Carr exclaimed as everyone looked at the thing with shock. "Is it some kind of machine?"

Before anyone could react, the giant creature fired at the streets, hitting a police car. The vehicle exploded with a loud bang. The civilians screamed and started running away from the creature. Superman flew towards the creature, intending to punch it when it suddenly fired a red beam at him, blasting him away. Superman landed on the other side of the street, groaning.

The policemen started firing at the creature with their guns, but it was doing little effect. Thhe creature just smashed the fire trucks and police cars with its sharp, crab-like legs and fired at the street.

Snapper Carr and his crew were hiding behind their van, looking at the creature.

"C'mon guys!" Snapper said, looking at his crew. "Are you getting this?"

The cameraman hoisted his camera on his shoulder and taped the creature that was destroying the city. Near the creature, the medic looked back and saw the destruction that was happening. While she was watching, she didn't notice Batman shooting a grappler towards his Batwing.

"We need to get ou-!" the medic said as she turned to look at her patient, who was gone. She looked up and saw the Batwing flying towards the creature, who was firing at the buildings.

Batman fired missiles at it, but it didn't do any damage. The creature fired at Batman, who quickly swerved to dodge it. On the streets, the citizens helped Superman up to his feet. Superman glared at the monster before he charged towards it.

Superman punched the creature with both fists and it fell towards the ground. Superman then landed on the orb and tried to break it open. Just as he was about to split the thing open, the creature blasted him away.

Superman was blasted towards a building and fell to the ground, the debris burying him. As Snapper Carr ran to help him, Batman fired at the creature. Snapper dug threw the debris when Superman pushed the largest one on top of him. He groaned as he steadied himself.

"Whatever that thing is, I have to stop it!" Superman said, looking at the creature.

"Look!" Snapper said as he pointed at the meteor, which was moving.

Everyone watched with horror as another creature burst through the rock, followed by another. The three giant monsters started firing at the buildings, causing more damage.

"It's not safe here," Superman said, looking at Snapper. "Go and fi-!"

Suddenly, Superman screamed in pain as his head started aching. He clutched his head as images appeared before his eyes. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open and stared at the space blankly.

"Are you okay?" Snapper said, looking at Superman. When Superman didn't reply, he snapped his fingers in front of his face. "Freaky…"

Suddenly, without warning, Superman flew away. Not towards the creatures, but away from them. He flew passed Batman, who was surprised to see him go.

"Where's he going?" Batman asked as he watched Superman fly away.

Suddenly, Batman looked around him as jet fighters flew towards the creatures, firing missiles at the creatures. Below him, tanks were firing at the creatures, trying to take them down. Batman narrowed his eyes before he decided to follow Superman to who knows where.


Batman flew towards a military facility that was surrounded by mountains covered with snow. He looked down and saw the place was so messed up that a hurricane went by here. He landed the Batwing near the entrance and exited his vehicle.

Batman looked at the building and saw a hole on the wall. Batman entered through the hole and walked in the corridor, which was eerily quiet. He suddenly noticed a broken down door near his right. With narrowed eyes, Batman walked towards the door and pushed it open. He gasped at what he saw; people trapped in man-sized eggs filled with suspended animation.

As Batman entered the room, he heard a loud bang, like metal breaking metal. He walked towards the source and saw a giant hole on the wall. He walked towards the wall and saw Superman pounding his way through a secured, metal door. Batman threw a batarang towards Superman, hitting the metal door.

"Hold it, Superman!" Batman exclaimed as Superman turned around. "Destroying government property isn't your style. What's going on?"

"See for yourself," Superman replied as he tore the metal door away and threw it to on the side.

The two heroes entered a room filled with computers that had strange monitors on it. Superman pushed another metal door off its hinges and entered the room. Batman followed him but stopped when he saw what was in the room: a green, humanoid-like creature that was trapped in a strange machine.

"What is it?" Batman asked as Superman walked towards the switch.

"Mankind's only hope," Superman replied, looking back at Batman.

Superman pulled the switch, causing the machine to release him. The alien started falling towards the ground before Superman caught him.

"He's been trying to reach out to me telepathically, but that stasis field interfered," Superman explained, looking at the alien. "When his message finally broke through, I came to rescue him."

"What's he doing here?" Batman asked, walking towards them. The alien looked at him with yellow eyes.

The invasion, a voice said inside Batman's head, surprising him. The alien slowly stood up, Superman supporting him. I came to warn you, but I was captured and imprisoned here. They wouldn't listen.

"Big surprise," Batman said sarcastically.

I sense you do not trust me, the alien said. Perhaps this would help…

Suddenly, the alien's appearance started morphing. Batman suddenly backed away as the alien turned into a green human wearing blue. On his chest was a red X that held the blue cape in place.

"I am J'onn J'onnz," the alien said as he walked towards Batman, offering a handshake.

Batman just stared at the hand.

"Don't take it personally, J'onn" Superman said, getting between them. "He doesn't trust anyone."

"A wise policy," J'onn commented.

After that, the three exited the building.

"We need to contact the joint chiefs right away," Superman said.

"Stop right there, Superman!" a voice exclaimed.

Suddenly, bright lights surrounded them, stopping them in their tracks. In front of them were soldiers, their guns aimed at them.

"You're trespassing under a restricted area!" the commander said, pointing at them. "Our orders are to keep that freak here!"

"Wait!" Superman said as he stood in front of J'onn. "I'll vouch for him. You must let us go!"

"I don't think so," the commander said.

"But the world's security may be at stake!" Superman exclaimed.

"That is why he'll never leave here alive," the commander exclaimed as he and his men transformed into hideous, pale monsters.

Batman and Superman's eyes widened as the aliens walked towards them with blasters ready to fire.

"It's them!" J'onn said as they readied themselves to fight.

The aliens fired at them. Superman managed to push Batman and J'onn away, but he got blasted towards a tank.

"Stay down!" Batman said to J'onn as he pulled out a batarang.

He threw the batarang on top of the aliens. The projectile exploded, blasting the aliens away. Batman was about to throw another batarang when an alien behind him fired.

"Behind you!" J'onn exclaimed as he went through Batman. A strange light surrounded him as the blast hit him. J'onn fell on the ground just as the light vanished. Batman threw the batarang at the alien, knocking it out.

"J'onn!" Batman said, looking at J'onn. "Are you alright?"

J'onn just groaned in reply. Batman grabbed J'onn's arm and started supporting him.

"Hang on!" Batman said as he stood up. Suddenly, Superman grabbed a tank and used it to cover Batman and J'onn.

"Carry him to safety," Superman said. "I'll cover you!"

Batman carried J'onn towards the Batwing. He put the injured alien on the back seat before sitting on the pilot's seat. J'onn suddenly woke up, his eyes glowing brightly.

Just as the Batwing was about to take off, Superman threw the tank towards the aliens, causing it to explode. Superman then followed the Batwing.

"That was close!" Batman commented, looking back.

"We're not safe yet," J'onn said as he looked down. "Look."

Below them, about thirty alien-like jets were flying towards them. The jets started firing at them, causing the heroes to swerved. Batman tried to shake off the pursuers by flying through a narrowed path. Superman flew towards the jets and blasted them with his heat ray.

Just as Superman was about to fire again, one jet managed to blast him towards the mountainside. Superman weakly stood up just as the jets were firing at Batman.

Batman managed to out maneuver the alien through a small path, causing most of them to explode. His success was short-lived, however, when one managed to hit the Batwing. The Batwing started spiraling down the ground.

Batman tried to regain control, but it was no use. Just as they were about to hit the ground, they suddenly stopped.

"What happened?" Batman asked as he looked around and saw that the Batwing was surrounded with a green glow.

"Help has arrived," J'onn replied as he looked up. Batman followed his gaze and saw Green Lantern hovering them with his power ring.

Suddenly, a blaster went towards him, missing him by an inch. Green Lantern looked up and saw two jets flying towards him. Suddenly, he saw a shadow of a hawk. He turned and saw Hawkgirl flying towards the jets, her mace crackling with electricity.

With one swoop, Hawkgirl smashed the jets into scraps. The jets exploded as Hawkgirl flew towards the other jets.

"Hawkgirl?" Batman said, surprised. "What's she doing here?"

J'onn suddenly phased through the Batwing, which was placed near the cliff by Green Lantern, and flew towards Hawkgirl. Later, Superman and Green Lantern followed them.

"Sorry I was late," Green Lantern said. "There was an uprising near Rigel Nine."

The four heroes then charged at the jets. Green Lantern blasted the jets with his ring as Superman grabbed one of the jets and threw it towards the other jets. Hawkgirl smashed the jets with her mace as J'onn turned intangible so the blasts would through him and towards the other jet.

Batman just stood on the cliff, watching. He suddenly looked up as a jet was falling towards him. He jumped away as the jet exploded on the ground. He used his cape to cover himself from the aftershock.

Hawkgirl was flying towards one of the jets when one suddenly fired behind her. Hawkgirl managed to dodge the blaster, but it hit the mountainside. Hawkgirl yelped when she got caught by the explosion.

She landed on a small edge on the mountainside. She weakly pushed up and saw a jet flying towards. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a woman dressed in a red, strapless bustier with two gold W's, a large golden belt and blue briefs with white stars on them. She wears red boots, silver bracelets and a gold tiara. On her belt was a gold lasso appeared in front of Hawkgirl.

"Allow me," she said, looking at the jet.

The jet fired at her, but she deflected them with her bracelets. One of the blasters went back towards the jet, hitting it. The jet exploded before it could reach them. Suddenly, two jets were flying from behind them.

"Look out!" Green Lantern exclaimed.

Hawkgirl and the newcomer turned around and saw the jets were about fire at them. Suddenly, a black and white figure landed in front of the two women. He raised his glowing green hands towards ship, firing at them. The green ray hit the jets, destroying them.

The jets started falling towards them. Green Lantern quickly fired at the trio, making a green dome around them. The jets hit the dome and exploded. When the smoke cleared off, the trio was unharmed.

"Who're the rookies?" Green Lantern asked to Superman as the dome vanished.

"I'm not sure," Superman replied, carrying a jet, which he threw away.

"Thanks," Hawkgirl said as the two newcomers helped her up. She then looked at Danny, surprise. "Aren't you Inviso-bill?"

"That's not my name!" Danny said, annoyed. "My name's Danny Phantom!"

Danny looked at the place. He knew he was supposed to be here, but he didn't know other heroes were going to be here.

"Man," Danny said, looking at the mess. "When I was coming here, I didn't expect a party."

The three then flew after Superman, Green Lantern and J'onn. Below them, there was red blur carrying a giant chunk of metal.

On the cliff where Batman is, the Flash appeared, carrying a chunk of the Batwing's wing.

"Hey Bats, I think you dropped this," Flash said, smirking at Batman.

When Superman and the woman with tiara landed near them, Flash ogled at the newcomer.

"Woah!" Flash said as he handed the chunk to Batman. "Where have you been all my life?"

"Themyscira," she replied simply. Flash just stared at her, confused.

"The home of the Amazons," Hawkgirl replied as she and the others landed. "I always thought it was merely a legend."

"I assure you, it is real as the ground on which we stand," the woman replied. "I am Diana, Princess of the Amazons."

"Pinch me, I must be dreaming," Flash said. Superman suddenly nudged at Flash to be quiet.

"Themyscira is protected by the gods," Diana continued. "But I could not idly stand by while the rest of the world was in danger."

"It was lucky that you showed up when you did," Superman said.

"No, not luck," J'onn said, causing everyone to look at him. "I telepathically summoned them."

"Okay, time out," Danny said, shaking his head. "I know I'm always clueless, but will someone please tell me what is going on here."

Everyone looked at J'onn, waiting for him to explain.

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