Fluffy Johnlock fic about their first year anniversary. It was supposed to be a one-shot, but it got too long. I've already finished it, but I wanted it to be divided into shorter parts.

Enjoy and let me know what you think about it.

Sherlock woke up earlier than John; there was nothing extraordinary in it. Even though he was sleeping significantly better since they had moved into one room, he still couldn't sleep for more than five hours. He propped himself on one elbow and watched his lover with a little smile upon his face. He loved watching John sleep; almost as much as he enjoyed John's embarassed expression when he woke up and the first thing he saw was Sherlock's eyes staring at him like on some interesting experiment. John loved the feeling of being watched by Sherlock, but he would prefer if it didn't happen when he was asleep and probably doing various embarassing things. He had no idea Sherlock had a notebook where he was writing down things John had said in sleep. Some of them were really sweet. And there was no way he was going to know before there was enough of it to make it a book. Sherlock considered publishing it as a personal revenge for all those things John had written about him in his blog.

After some time Sherlock got up; earlier than usual but that day was special. He suspected that John would think he had forgotten about their anniversary and he wanted to surprise his beloved as much as he could. He thought most of the things he had thought up during many hours spent by silent watching of the doctor sleep were sentimental, but he couldn't care less. He was almost sure all those things were going to make John babble with happiness. Almost sure; Sherlock was getting quite uncertain about John. It was pleasant and he loved the fact that they still could surprise each other but he was really worried John would find his actions ridiculous. But it was John; he wouldn't laugh at Sherlock, he was such a good person Sherlock doubted he deserved him.

The detective went into their kitchen and stretched himself. There was a lot of work before him but he was impatient to start. He took a kettle and filled it with fresh water. He let it boil and while the water was getting hot, he ran to his former room where they were keeping different things in the moment and searched for a big, painted mug he was hiding there. He had seen it in a shop few weeks ago and he'd known he had had to cook tea into it one day and give it to John. It was made of ceramics, hand-painted and the design resembled pattern of one of John's sweaters a lot. Sherlock had fallen in love with that mug immediately when he'd seen it.

He returned back into the kitchen and washed the mug. He saw that the water was almost boiling; he didn't have much time. He had watched John prepare the tea countless times before but he felt nervous anyway. He got the thing he had seen John using and put one small spoon of the tea into the small ball. Right when he finished closing it, the kettle let him know the water was boiled. He waited for some time – as he had observed John had been doing – and carefully poured it into the mug. He watched the liquid darken and he was fascinated by it.

He had no time for staring on tea so he got himself an apple to eat. John was much more successful in forcing him to eat than he had been when they were just friends, because there were greater motivations behind it. Sherlock had got used to eating so much he ate two times a day, at least. John was quite proud of himself for that. After four minutes Sherlock pulled the tea out of the mug; he was quite unsure about this amount of time, though. John didn't have much order in this but Sherlock understood it was quite important. He had counted the time John had been leaving the tea inside and it was approximately four minutes.

He opened a fridge and found a box of whole milk. He knew John didn't like cold milk in tea so he found a tiny cup that was for this purpose and poured some of the milk inside. He put it into a microwave – which was functioning at the time, Sherlock had been trying not to destroy it with his experiments for some time because of this. He warmed the milk up and got it into the tea. He stirred the tea with a spoon and looked at his work. Everything was working so far.

He smiled and went into the living room to get a piece of paper and pen. He had to borrow John's but he hoped the doctor wouldn't mind. He didn't realise that normal people didn't recognise two different inks. He wrote down a small note for his lover and walked into their bedroom with the tea and note in his hands. John was still sleeping like a baby. It was hard for Sherlock to not kneel down and kiss him on forehead, but he didn't want to risk waking John up. He placed the mug and paper on John's bedside table and smiled again before leaving.

„I'd like this donut with chocolate – no, not that one, it obviously fell down somewhere, maybe even on the ground. It doesn't look good or hygienic. I want this one." Sherlock had spent five minutes in the bakery and it didn't seem like he wanted to leave any time soon. Young woman with short, dyed ginger hair almost rolled her eyes and gave Sherlock what he asked for. It was quite early so there were no other customers; Sherlock regretted that a bit, annoying people was a quite nice hobby.

„Anything else?" She asked for the third time during Sherlock's stay there and he noticed she was upset and let it be seen. Part-time worker – Sherlock thought – only people who work on Saturday mornings.

„Yes, the cinnamon roll right beside the opening." Sherlock replied and gave her an amiable smile. She almost managed to hide a sigh, but he registered it. His grin widened and she made a sound as if somebody was throttling her.

„Is that all?" She sounded really annoyed by that time. Sherlock seriously had no idea about what he was doing that seemed to annoy everybody so much. It wasn't his fault he was better than them.

„Yeah," he answered and she stared at him for a while as if she couldn't believe her ears. Then she smiled broadly as if Christmas came sooner and asked him to pay. He did so and took the bakery. On his way back home he checked his phone for any sign of a text from John, but the doctor either hadn't woken up yet or was simply obedient. Sherlock looked up at the sky and watched grey and dark blue clouds chase one another. He closed his eyes for a while and let the air thick with water caress his face. God, he loved the weather right before it started to rain. With a thought that John wouldn't agree with him that this was a perfect weather for an anniversary date Sherlock continued walking.