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John caressed Sherlock's cheek as he looked up at him. They smiled before Sherlock leant down to capture John's lips again. Both their mouths were swollen, Sherlock had a torn lip but it didn't keep them from showing their love for each other. John opened his eyes for a little while – he wanted to see Sherlock kissing him. And it was one of the most beautiful sights he had ever had the pleasure to see. Sherlock's hair was damp with sweat and it curled even more than usual. John pressed one thumb on Sherlock's right cheekbone. He could never have too much of them. John pulled away from Holmes only to place soft kisses on the sharp bones that dominated Sherlock's face.

Holmes smiled and brushed their noses against each other, John kissed the tip of his chin and rolled them over. Sherlock yelped in surprise but he relaxed immediately when John wanted to repay for all the love-marks and bites on his own neck. He made sure to leave some well-visible right under Sherlock's face. He smirked when Sherlock's hands found his waist and wanted to regain his control.

„Nah, it's my turn now. Behave," he whispered against Sherlock's sternum.

„Is that an order, captain?" Sherlock inquired as his fingers slipped down from John's back and trailed over his sides.

„Of the highest priority, private," John licked his way to Sherlock's left nipple. He circled it with his tongue and noticed Sherlock's heart thundering under his face.

„That's not fair. I was never given a chance to get promoted," Sherlock replied before his breath caught in his throat when John bit his sensitive flesh.

„And you won't get it if you keep complaining," John teased and kissed his way on the other side of Sherlock's breast.

„Aye, sir," Sherlock bit his already injured lip in attempt to remain silent. John had learnt how to make him cry out loud and he was determined not to cry.

„That's my boy," John said when he returned into the center of Sherlock's chest. Holmes took a deep breath in anticipation of pleasure from his groin and John smirked. He nipped his way up Sherlock's sternum and kissed the latter's chin. Sherlock whimpered and pressed his hips against John's in frustration. The doctor had to concentrate on keeping himself off Sherlock very hard.

„Patient men win the day," he murmured instead and Sherlock growled in frustration.

„I swear to whatever god exists that you're gonna pay for this," he hissed and glared at Sherlock.

„I hope it'll be worth it," John smiled. He feared Sherlock might try to do something himself so he led his mouth down to Sherlock's abdomen. He kissed the line of Sherlock's pelvis and teased Sherlock when he licked the line from his belly button down but didn't do anything else. Sherlock whimpered.

„Screw that, John, you're too slow!" He spat suddenly and rolled them over. John grinned at him.

„It was an experiment. I wanted to know how long you'd endure," he said and managed to keep his voice calm even though he felt an urgent lack of blood in his brain.

„And did I pass?" Sherlock kissed John's forehead.

„Not entirely. We'll have to work on it some day."

„I'll keep that in mind," Sherlock said and continued where John had stopped.

„Darling?" John murmured as he pushed a strand of hair of Holmes' forehead, that had clung to it with sweat from their previous actions. They were curled in each other's arms, John lying on Sherlock's naked chest.

„Hmmph," the detective mumbled back incoherently. He didn't open his eyes – he was exhausted with happiness and great ammount of physical activity. Sherlock was a very eager lover and he put everything into it which usually left him tired and defenceless.

„I've got a present for you as well," John said and caressed Sherlock's cheek.

„You don't need to give me anything," Holmes breathed out but he opened his eyes with effort.

„Of course I don't. But I want to." John cooed and stood up. Sherlock's sight followed him while he went to his bedside table and pulled something out of the drawer. He didn't move so John went back into the bed and sat next to Sherlock.

„It's not even half as awesome as your perfect day, but I hope you'd appreciate it anyway." John said and tried to seem confident, but he was quite unsure about the gift. Sherlock took the small pack into his hands and examined it before opening it. He ran his fingers over the edges, weighed it and watched the pattern of the wrapping-paper. It was light blue with small teddy bears all over it. Sherlock didn't question it. He removed the tape gently not to tear the paper. A small book lay in his hands and his heart began to melt constantly at the sight.

Stories of Sherlock Holmes, Full versions

„The only copy that exists," John whispered.

That caught his attention. He opened it and he suddenly saw what the full versions meant.

I love him. I know I love him and I no longer wish to pretend I don't. I've got to talk to him. This time is as good as any other. Now or never.

Sherlock closed the book and held it firmly against his chest. He closed his eyes for a while.

„Thank you, John, I love it," he whispered.

„I knew you would," John replied ashamed for lying.

„How?" the detective asked, eyes suddenly wide.

„I might not be a genius, but I am observant. I can find out what I want to find out." John said and lay down beside Sherlock.

„Thank you." Holmes said again and reached for another kiss.

„I love you, Sherlock," the doctor whispered when they pulled away.

„As I love you, John," Sherlock pulled John closer and wrapped around his body fell asleep happily. John sighed and watched his beautiful lover dream.

And so the bell has rung and this is the story's end

(I'm sorry for that, every Czech fairytale ends with this sentence)

I hope you guys liked the story, I had really great fun writing this. Live long and prosper and may the odds be ever in your favour.