~ Reader x Character collection ~

Chapter One: You x Kirino

l/n = last name f/n = first name h/c = hair colour h/l = hair length e/c= eye color


Tap tap… The sound of the rain falling on your umbrella made you smile. You loved rain. It was Saturday, late afternoon and you were on your way towards the mall, when you suddenly crossed a little girl with pink, mid-back hair. She was laying on the ground, her knee scraped. You bended over.

''Hey, sweetie. Are you okay?'' You asked.

The girl looked at you with tears in her eyes.

''No, I fell…'' She replied.

''Does your knee hurt?'' You asked.

She nodded.

''Well then, shall we treat it?''

She nodded. You took out a clean handkerchief out of my pocket and wiped her wound clean. Then, you tied the kerchief around her knee.

''That's better.'' You said with a smile.

The girl looked a bit happier now.

''What's your name anyway?'' You asked.

''Mizumi!'' She said with a smile.

''Well, Mizumi, I'm (L/n) (F/n).'' You introduced yourself.

Mizumi smiled at you.

''Shall I bring you home?'' You offered.

Mizumi nodded. You held the umbrella above the two of you and together, you two walked towards Mizumi's house. Mizumi stopped in front of a door.

''Hai, this is my house.'' She said.

I ruffled her hair.

''Take care now, sweetie.''

''I will. Thanks, (F/n)-san!''

You smiled and waved. Then, you walked away, while you heard Mizumi knocking on her door. Just when you were about to turn around the corner, you heard a familiar voice. One that made your eyes widen. One that made your heart race. One that made your breathing stock in your throat.

''Mizumi, there you are! Where have you been! I was so worried!''

''I'm sorry, Onii-chan. I was walking through the rain, but then I fell. But a girl, (F/n)-san, helped me!''

''Wait… (F/n)-san? As in (L/n) (F/n)?''

You slowly turned around and your eyes met light blue ones. Your long-time crush, Kirino Ranmaru, was standing in the door opening. The defender was staring wide-eyed at you.

''K-Kirino-san, hi.'' You smiled awkwardly.

''You helped Mizumi?'' He asked you.

You nod slowly.

''Anyway, I should go now.''

You wanted to turn around.

''Wait! I want to thank you.'' You heard Kirino say.

''T-That's really not necessary.'' You said with a smile.

''(F/n)-san, come on. Please come in for tea.'' Mizumi pleaded.

You hesitated. But Mizumi's puppy eyes were irresistible. Finally, you gave in.

''Fine then.'' You sighed with a smile.

''Yay, (F/n)-san is going to have tea with us!'' Mizumi chimed.

You shyly entered the house and closed the door behind you.

''Mizumi, why don't you pull on some dry clothes? I'll make some tea in the meantime.'' Kirino asked.

''Hai.'' Mizumi replied, and she ran up the stairs.

Then, you realized you were all alone with Kirino in his living room. A blush crept up your cheeks.

''T-Thanks for having me over.'' You awkwardly tried to start a conversation.

Kirino smiled at you.

''Of course. We invited you after all.''

Then, he looked away.

''Sorry for going through all this trouble for my sister. She can be a little reckless sometimes.''

You smiled.

''Sure, no problem. She's a sweetheart.''

Kirino smiled at you. Then, he walked over towards the kitchen and started making the tea.

''So, how are you, (L/n)-san?''

''I'm fine.'' You smiled.

''I'm glad.'' Kirino replied.

Silence filled the room and the only thing that was audible was the water cooker. Then, Mizumi entered the living room again, this time wearing a different outfit.

''Hai, I'm done!'' She smiled.

Then, she walked towards me and handed me my handkerchief.

''Anoo… I don't know if you want it back. It's a bit bloody and stuff. But I thought it would be nice to return it to you.'' Mizumi said to you.

You ruffled her hair.

''You can keep it. But wash it first.'' You said.

''Hai!'' Mizumi replied.

Then, tea was ready and the three of you gathered around the dining table.

''Where are your parents?'' You asked.

''On a business trip. They'll come back in three days.'' Kirino replied.

''So, you two live on your own for now?'' You asked.

''Yup,'' Mizumi replied. ''But Onii-chan takes good care of me.''

''I believe that.'' You smile, turning towards Kirino.

Did you just imagine it, or did Kirino blush a little?

''Shouldn't you call your parents to tell them where you are?'' Kirino asked you.

You looked at your folded hands on the table.

''Don't you know? I live on my own. My parents are dead.'' You replied.

The eyes of Kirino and Mizumi widened.

''(L/n)-san, I'm so sorry. I-I didn't know.'' Kirino quickly stumbled an apology.

''It's okay.'' You smiled back.

''Isn't (F/n) lonely?'' Mizumi asked.

You smiled a small smile.

''Sometimes… But that's what comes with living on your own.'' You replied.

''Ehh… that's so sad.'' Mizumi pouts.

Then, she suddenly jumped up.

''I'm going to make a drawing for (F/n)-san!''

And with that, she dashed out of the room. You blinked three times and then, started to laugh.

''Your sister is amazing.'' You said to Kirino.

He smiled too.

''Yeah, she is.''

Then, his glare turned serious again.

''Don't you miss your parents?''

By the thought of your parents, your glare immediately hardened.

''No.'' You replied cold.

You saw Kirino frown.

''But… why?'' He asked.

''Because… Because…'' You tried to start.

You bit your lip as you felt your eyes starting to burn. Don't cry. Don't cry, (F/n). And especially not in front of Kirino. Keep your composure.

''(L/n)… it's okay to cry.''

Your lip started to quiver.

''I hate my parents. My father used to beat me. And my mother… she did nothing to stop it. She always looked away and pretended nothing happened. Sometimes, she would even pretend that I didn't exist. They always told me I was a failure. I-I… I'm glad they're gone.''

Kirino stared silently at you.

''That's horrible, (L/n)-san…''

''Just… forget about it. It's what I deserve. After all, aren't I a bother to everyone?''

Then, you heard a hard smack. You realized it was Kirino, who had slammed his fist on the table. His eyes stood fierce.

''Never ever dare to say that again, (L/n). There are a lot of people that care about you. I… care about you.''

And after saying that, Kirino turned a bit softer again. You silently stared at him.

''How can you possibly care about me?'' You asked softly.

''How can you not?'' Kirino replied, with a small smile.

''I… don't understand.'' You said.

''(L/n)… No, (F/n), can't you see? What qualities you have? You're nice, smart, caring, funny, outgoing and honest. You have all the qualities a person could only wish for.'' Kirino replied.

You felt your cheeks redden up.

''K-Kirino…'' You stammered.

''(F/n)… please don't say you're a bother. Because you're not. You're the opposite. You're fun to be around. So please… stop saying things that aren't true.''

You stared at Kirino in silence. And then, you couldn't take it anymore. His hot looks, his sweet words. In less than a second, you smashed your lips onto his. You felt Kirino freeze and immediately, you pulled away.

''S-Sorry, I just… Forget it, I'm sorry.''

You hastily wanted to stand up, but you felt how Kirino grabbed your wrist and pulled you back. And then, you tasted his lips again. Realization hit you. This time, Kirino is kissing me! You closed your eyes and sunk into the kiss, as you felt how Kirino's arms wrapped around your waist. He pulled you a little tighter and you placed your hands on his chest.

''O-Onii-chan? (F/n)-san?'' A voice woke you two up from the moment.

Startled, you two let each other go and looked at the entrance of the living room. There, Mizumi was standing with widened eyes. Then, she grinned bright.

''Yay! Onii-chan is in love with (F/n)! This is so cool! (F/n)-chan is going to be my Onee-san!'' She chimed.

You blushed.

''O-Onee-san?'' You repeated.

Then, you heard Kirino chuckling and you looked at him.

''Oh, like you mind, (F/n).''

You grinned and gave him a small push.

''Shush… Ranmaru.''

And then, you got pulled into another kiss.

~ The End~

Author Note: Yay, Kirino x reader! Everybody, I'm going to do a reader x character collection. You can let me know if you liked the chapter! I'll do my best and see if I can write as many reader x character stories as possible. And, of course, I also need to finish Inazuma Games and to continue Inazuma Eleven: Rewritten. But it will be all right! ^_^ This chapter was dedicated to Mahi-kun! ~ Minna, enjoy your day and watch out for the flu. (I just recovered… o_0) Bye~ xoxo