My target this time is Travis Wilder, a notorious arms dealer. Now that the Glades have been destroyed, illegal arms deals have increased. Felicity has tracked him down to an abandoned warehouse that's been having high-energy spikes for the past week. He will get his chance today to turn himself in, but that's all he gets.

"Oliver you have two guards coming up on your left," said Felicity over the comm. He replied with a barely audible grunt as he notched two arrows at once and released. The arrows hit both the guards in their shoulders, disabling them.

"I'm in," he grunted into his comm.

"Good," replied Felicity, "and you better hurry because there's a large energy spike going on now." Oliver ran onto the roof of the warehouse and climbed through an open skylight in the center of the building dropping down onto one of the many large support beams. There was a wall that separated the space in two rooms. On one side there was a blinding light that blocked out the scene from view. The other room contained his target, but this was not what he was expecting. A woman with black hair and a striped cat mask was holding Travis Wilder at sai point. Whatever she was getting from him must have been completed because not a second later, she pulled a flash drive out of the computer they were working on and backed out the door. "Felicity I'm going to need you to cut the power in 60 seconds, I'm not going to a fight blind."

"What ever you say; power cut in 60," said Felicity. Oliver fired a warning shot at the desk. Travis was sitting back up against the wall and slid down putting his hands up.

"Travis Wilder you have failed this city. You have one day to turn yourself into the police and right your wrongs or you'll go out with an arrow through your skull," the Hood announced. He released another arrow that pierced through Travis' hand, pinning him to the wall. Soon after, Travis fainted from shock.

"Power Cut," said Felicity. Instantaneously an explosion blew up the separating wall. Surprised, Oliver quickly turned and notched an arrow. Aiming at the dust, he waited to find a figure to focus on, but instead there was what felt like a gust of wind that cleared the air.

Two people, both teens, emerged from behind the wall. As Oliver, saw them he lowered his bow, but only slightly. The first was extremely large, with muscles on top of muscles, and had raven black hair. He wore a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt with a red shield and an S inside on it. The other teen had dark skin, striking light hair, and eel tattoos coming down and around his arms. He wore a skintight suit that had a red sleeveless top with blue paints. It appeared as though he was wearing a black backpack that had twin silver poles sticking out. But the oddest features were located on his toes and fingers, which looked webbed, and on his neck , where there were slits almost like gills. In a confident and commanding voice the second teen addressed the Hood. "Stand down and you shall remain unharmed."

"Not going to happen," the Hood replied.

"Then you leave us with no choice." Both of the teen's hands went to his back, grabbing for the two protruding silver sticks. As he whipped them around his shoulders, the eel tattoos surrounding his arms glowed with an unnaturally bright blue. The sticks glowed to match his arms. At the tips of the sticks, the light continued, building upon itself until it came to a point, forming a blade. While impressed, Oliver still didn't want to injury either of the boys. They were only teens after all.

"Listen kids you don't belong here, now get lost before you end up like him," Oliver stated pointing over towards the still unconscious Travis Wild. He was hoping to scare the kids away. He'd never been good with Thea but always assumed it was her. But he wasn't so sure because instead of running away, the boy with the black tee became enraged. He yelled out, "Were not kids", then turned and punched the wall. Instead of being hurt from the hard and rough concrete, he was fine and the wall caved and turned to rubble.

Surprised but trying not to show it, Oliver quickly aimed and shot an arrow at the inhuman kid. It didn't get far before the one with the blades leapt forward, sliced it to bits, and then distributed the residual movement by tucking and rolling until he stood. Alright not so harmless. The teen got into a fighting stance and spoke to the other boy, "Superboy go retrieve Team Beta then meet me back here." 'Superboy', what type of name is that? It's worse than the hood. Superboy jumped towards the other room and rose about 15 feet in the air before he started to descend. That was all Oliver could take before he started to fight. He lost arrow after arrow, but every single one either was dodged or smashed to bits. Finally, he got one through the defenses. It stuck into the teen's skin, but he barely even flinched. Oliver met him eye to eye as he pulled the arrow out like it was a splinter, and through it to the ground.

Just then, Superboy walked in with a few other people, supporting a person on each side and carrying another in his arms. The one fighting spoke their names, "Zatanna, Artemis, Robin." The two on Superboy's shoulders perked up at hearing their names, but the girl being carried didn't move. The boy, who the Hood aged to be only around 12, due to his small size, pulled himself onto his own weight.

"Meg'an, Rocket, and KF are missing and Zatanna's out," Superboy said. Oliver took this interruption as his chance to make a get away, not thinking he'll be able to last another minute. However, he still needed information on them, so he made his way up to the rafters and started recording their conversation.

"I can't get an answer from B and our comms are cut off from the rest of the league too," Robin said frantically. The blonde stood and after she moved, Oliver was able to determine she was holding a bow and quiver of her own.

"Wally can't be missing I-," she was cut off as Superboy stepped in front to silence her.

"I hear 7 sets of hearts but I only see six of us," he said. Oliver froze in his spot, but didn't have time to think things through, because explosives suddenly hit inches from his head. Jumping away as arrows followed, he notched his own, aimed one at each of his attackers, and released. The boy effortlessly flipped out of the way but the archer was just a little to slow and got hit in the left leg, crippling her. Good to know not all these kids are indestructible. More circular disc explosives were thrown and the youngest yelled, "Aqualad, Superboy, get them out of here."

"We leave no one behind," Aqualad replied.

"I'll keep big, bad and mysterious over here busy. Besides, there is no way I can carry anyone like this," said the youngest.

"Are you sure?," Aqualad asked. The kid nodded and said "We shall comm. you our location."

"Hey," yelled Oliver. "No one's-," but he couldn't finish because the boy ran forward and kicked him in the gut, hard. Spots danced in his eyes while all the kids but Robin disappeared. Another circular disc came flying, but instead of an instant mini explosive, it stuck in the concrete. It began to tick faster and faster until it exploded, sending Oliver flying.

As he fell, he tucked and rolled to absorb the energy. He began hand to hand combat, but the kid smiled, almost like he was waiting for this. Oliver went all out throwing punch after punch, but they were all dodged and met back equally. Next Oliver did a sweeping kick, trying to kick out his knees, except, Robin dodged it by doing two back handsprings into a back tuck. Running out of options, Oliver went back to his bow. As he grabbed an arrow from his quiver he realized it was his last. I'm going to have to make this count. He notched the arrow and fired within a second. He was lucky that one finally made contact, but instead of hitting a limb, when the kid jumped to try and dodge, it pierced his chest, stopping him in his tracks. Blood was instantly everywhere.

"Felicity are you still there," Oliver said into his comm.

"Yea," she replied.

"Good. I need you to prep for surgery and a transfusion by the time I get back.

"Oh god, Oliver what happened? Are you ok?"

"I'm fine but the kid I have here isn't. He's losing blood fast so I'm going to need you to relax."

"Alright I'm breathing. You know we don't have his blood on stock and you can't give him yours. It could kill him. Find out what type and I'll be ready when you get here." Turning off the comm. he faced the kid and heard that he was whispering into his own. "I'm down and may not be coming back. Tell B I'm sorry," he said. As he turned to Oliver, his face of pain turned into one of hatred. "You're not going to survive you know. They will hunt you down until you're scared of your own shadow."

"Come on kid you're not in any position to be making threats," Oliver replied. He went to grab him but the kid struggled and tried to kick away. His efforts were wasted and strength drained.

"Where are you taking me?," the kid said.

"Somewhere, now kid I need your blood type I'm going to do a transfusion."

"Not going to happen."


"If you think I'm going to tell you my blood type let alone let you stick something in me you're out of your mind."

"Fine we'll do this the hard way."

Moving around, Oliver was able to find some rope so he tied the kid up, blindfolded him, and finally placed him on the bike. "You better not die on me," Oliver said.

"If you're really all for saving my life then I'll tell you a little secret," said the kid. "I have this bag in my back pocket filled with genetically enhanced blood cells. They will temporarily increase the reproduction rate in my cells. But the only way to get this out, is for me to open the pocket, which I won't do until you give me an unopened needle, and I do it myself. And one more thing, if even one drop of blood doesn't go straight from that bag into my body, I'll make sure my face is the last one you see."