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Not Like You've Been Counting

Chapter 5

"What do you think about Avy? Avy is quite cute."

"You do know that I had an ex-girlfriend with that name when I was in high school, right?"

"Right." You nod, feeling stupid that you had forgotten it in the first place, but then again, it's not your fault you don't like to think about Holly and her history with ex-girlfriends. Or you know, that this is the seventh name you have come up with in the past twenty-eight minutes that got blown off by Holly right away.


"Nah." You say, your mind immediately going to the woman you had taken in for assault a few weeks ago.

"How about Acara, 'thorny tree.'" Holly reads aloud. "Now that's quite an interesting name."

"We are not naming our daughter 'thorny tree' Holly, not in a million years." You say, getting slightly annoyed of having to listen to yet another one of Holly's ridiculous baby-names.

"Why not? It's unique, I like it."

"Yea just like, what was the name again? 'Born on Monday', who would name their kid after something stupid like that?" You ask, the words leaving your mouth harsher than they are intended.

"Ama." Holly says, realizing the name you had been searching for moments before.

"Right. Like I said, not happening." You sigh, annoyed by the fact that you are back discussing this ridiculous name again.

"What about Annabelle?"

"Yeah, sure. Whatever." You say absently, having focussed your attention back to the television that had been playing in the background. Your hand still drawing little circles over the small bump on your wife's stomach. At least Annabelle sounded quite normal.



"You can't just whatever this away. This is our baby's name. Not some stupid shopping list you couldn't care less about."

"I know." You say silently, still sounding a little irritated, by having to listen to Holly call up at least a dozen different, mostly ridiculous, baby names for the past half hour.

Holly sits up, which forces you to slide off her body and land on the couch.

"What is it?"

"What is what?"

"Gail, don't." Holly warns you in a stern voice. "I don't feel like playing this childish game with you, not again. So spill whatever is on your mind. Please?" Holly asks, sounding exhausted, which makes you feel a little bad about yourself. You know you should be excited about this, and to be honest, you had been about half an hour ago when the two of you had started coming up with some names after watching yet another episode of Grey's Anatomy. But 30 minutes later and Holly vetoing all the names you had come up with, it just didn't seem that much fun anymore.

"I don't know, okay?" You say more irritated after being called out on your behaviour. "I mean, can't we do this another time!? We have had like what, 31 baby names already? And we're still only half way through the A-section in your stupid baby-name book."

"It's not a stupid book."

"It's a really stupid book. Who comes up with the idea to write a book with over 2500 baby names in it? No, no wait…who comes up with the stupid idea to purchase such a book? Oh wait, you." The words had come out harsher than you had meant for them to sound. But you were serious, if you had to listen to Holly suggesting yet another baby name not to mention their equally stupid spiritual meanings, you were going to vomit.


"No, I'm serious Hol, it's a stupid book and you know it. Why would you want our kid to be called 'joy of the father', that's just weird. "

"Okay, you have a point. But in my defence, I had not read the meaning behind that name yet, when I pointed it out to you. And Abby is a beautiful name. I'm sorry for wanting to name our baby after you, Abigail Peck." Holly says, getting slightly annoyed by your attitude.

"I don't even like my own name, you know that." You state. Holly takes a deep breathe, before putting the book down on the table, and taking both of your hands in her own.

"Okay. So, sweetie, tell me, how do you suggest we do this."

"I don't know." You say shyly, not having come up with a better plan than Holly yourself. "But if we keep this rate up, we'll only be at like the M-section in the book by the time the baby gets here."

"Fair enough." Holly laughs, causing you to place a soft kiss on her lips. You don't want Holly to be mad at you, you just had looked forward to a quiet night in with your wife. Preferably having a lot of sex, instead of going through a stupid book she had bought on instinct the moment the two of you had found out you were expecting a baby girl.

"So how about we both write down ten names we like, and compare them with each other after the end of the week, and see if there is anything on those lists we both like?" You nod.

"Sounds like a plan to me."

"Good. Can you please stop the pouty face now? It's not fair, you know I can't stand it when you look at me like this." Holly says, before leaning in and placing a soft peck on your lips.


"It's alright. I just got a little carried away with all of this, I guess."

"You guess?" You say teasingly, raising an eyebrow, causing Holly to shove your shoulder playfully.

"I just want it to be perfect, you know? I want you to think it's perfect, and I-" Holly doesn't get a chance to finish her sentence, because you capture her lips with your own once again.

"It's okay Hol. We'll find the perfect name. We still have time." Holly's only response is to capture your lips with her own again, and deepen the kiss you had started moments before.

When the two of you pull apart after several minutes, agreeing to continue this in the bedroom, you grab your phone form the coffee table. Holly shoots you a questioning look.

"I really liked Aliyah by the way, I think it's cute. I'm just adding that one to my list." You shyly confess. The smile that stretches over Holly's face makes your stomach do happy lovesick turns. You continue typing and drop your phone to the couch, before making your way over to your wife, who is still standing in the living room. You wrap your arms around Holly's enlarged body, landing your hands on her hips as your lips seek out and wet the soft skin on her neck.

"Now, where were we?"

You love it when the first rays of sunshine warm your exposed skin, getting rid of the chilly cold air that has been torturing Toronto for months. Holly's hand is firmly placed in your own, as the two of you make your way around the crowded park. It's quite busy for a Sunday morning, the rays of sunshine just seem to have that effect on the city.

You had not wanted to leave the apartment this morning, planning on starting the day where you had ended it last night, with Holly in your bed, naked. But as soon as Holly had opened the curtains this morning, allowing the bright light of the sun into your bedroom, you knew she would insist on taking a walk or some other outdoor activity. So before she could persuade you to go out for a run with her, or worse, get you to cycle another 25 kilometres with her, you had suggested a walk at the park that was located a few blocks from your apartment, figuring it would involve less activity. So, 2 hours and one round of 'good morning' sex later, you had found yourself exactly there.

"We are not going to be one of those, are we?" You ask, pointing towards a group of young women that were chatting up together, while keeping a close eye on their toddlers running and crawling around.

"What's wrong with becoming one of those?" Holly asks, a teasing smile showing on her face.

"Holly have you seen them? They are right from suburbia. I bet they even already enrolled those kids into kindergarten, probably even elementary school."

"There is nothing wrong with planning your kid's future Gail." Holly says smiling, gripping your hand a little tighter, when she feels it starting to slip away.

"Well there is something wrong with you, if you wear that outfit to the park." You say in disgust. Let's just say the group of woman standing a few feet away from you, are definitely not your type of people. You bet their husbands are off to playing golf, or some other kind of expensive sports.

"Well, there you might actually have a point." Holly says laughing, dragging you along towards another direction of the park.

"Ugh, they remind me of the type of people with kids my mom would make me hang out with. You know, whenever she decided that it was time for me to socialize with people my own age, instead of her colleagues." You say. "It was awful. All of those kids were snobs, all I wanted to do was climb in trees and build forts, but the people my mom hung out with had daughters that wanted to have tea parties with their stupid stuffed animals, and play dress up for fun. The worst part of it all was that my mother already made sure I was dressed up for said playdate. Like why would you dress up your kid in her Sunday dinner dress for a playdate, only to tell her that she can't have any actual fun, because the dress she is wearing has to return as spotless as it was before leaving the house. 'Don't get dirty Gail. Behave. Remember, these are very important people to me, I don't want you to make a mess.'" You say in a mocking voice that should represent your mother.

"You returning that dress spotless? Yeah, I don't see that happening." Holly says, teasing you.

"No, of course not! I was a kid! I wanted to go on an adventure, get dirt all over me. I didn't even want to wear that stupid dress."

Holly laughs and places a soft kiss on your cheek. "I promise you right here right now, that our daughter won't have to wear stupid Sunday dinner dresses she doesn't want to wear, okay?"

"I'm serious Hol. I'm not telling my kid to not have any fun because she might get dirty playing outside. She gets to play outside with whoever she wants, and she can return as dirty as she wants, as long as she had fun. I mean, didn't they invented baths and washing machines for those kind of situations!?"

"They did." Holly confirms.

"Exactly. So, that's why we are never going to be one of those people. Now, those people," you say, pointing to a group of mothers that are chatting up near the playground, watching their kids get sand in their hair. "Those people, I wouldn't mind spending time with."

"I'm glad we're on the same page here." Holly says before placing a soft kiss on your lips. You stop walking and grab Holly and pull her closer towards your own body, as you deepen the kiss. When the two of you break apart, you catch a woman around the age of 40 looking at the two of you. You quickly shoot her an apologetic smile, before a blush appears on your cheek. Making out in front of a playground filled with kids under the age of six, might not have been your best idea. But the woman doesn't seem to mind, and shoots you a smile back, before returning to the book she had been reading moments before.

Holly and you continue to walk along, hands still intertwined. You love how the two of you don't have to make conversation to be comfortable around each other. After walking for another few minutes, and heading near the exit of the park, Holly suddenly comes to a stop.

"Well that's kind of odd." You turn around to see what your wife has been looking at, and see a young boy around the age of four sitting on a bench near the exit of the park. You don't think twice about it, until you notice that he is crying. You look around to see if his mom or dad is around, but notice that Holly and you are the only ones around in this area. The closest people you see is a group of teenagers, that are sitting on the grass about 50 metres away from you.

"Should we go to him?" Holly asks.

"We can't just leave him like that, Hol. He might be lost."

"Do you see his parents?"

"I don't see anyone. It's kind of quiet on this side, it always is. I've been here a few times on patrol. This spot is too close to the main road, it's kind of dangerous for a family with kids to wander around here. And since there is barely anyone out here, it's a perfect spot for drug dealers."

"Well looks like even drug dealers get to sleep in on a Sunday morning." Holly says, pointing out the empty space around you.

"Should we approach him?"

"Yeah, carefully. I don't want to scare him. He might run off, and the cars are driving pretty fast down there." You say as you point to the main road that starts only 30 metres away from the bench the boy is sitting on.

"Hey there buddy. You okay?" You say as you slowly approach him. Your police training, immediately kicking in. "My name is Gail, can you tell me yours?" The boy looks up from his little feet, to acknowledge your presence, before turning back to stare at the floor.

"It's quite a beautiful day today isn't it? I bet you were super excited to go out to the park and play on the slide, weren't you?" You try to make easy conversation in order for him to open up to you. "I went out on a walk today, with Holly over there. Do you see her?" You point to Holly, who is still standing a few feet away from you, unsure of what to do. "Did you come to the park with anyone today?" The little boy looks up towards Holly, and as soon as he acknowledges her, rushes off from the bench, and wraps his tiny little arms around her legs.

"Uh, okay." Holly says, unsure of what to do. The little boy starts to cry harder, and you see Holly's hand circling his back, trying to reassure him that he is going to be okay.

"Seems like he trust you."

"Yeah." Holly nods.

"I'm going to make a few phone calls, see if someone reported him missing or anything, you okay with handling him for a moment?"

"I think so." Holly says, as she grabs the boy's hand in her own, and leads him back to the bench he had been sitting on moments before.

You pull your phone out and dial 15's front desk number, while you keep a close watch on the little boy that seems to slowly open up to your wife, as you see him point to the little bump on Holly's stomach.

"Hey Chris." You say, as soon as you realize that it's one of your best friends who picked up the phone.

"Gail? Why are you calling? Aren't you off today? Everything okay with you and Holly?" You hear your friend ask in concern.

"What? No… yeah, everything is fine. Chris, can you check if any kids have been report missing today?"


"Yeah. Holly and I came across this little boy at the park. Caucasian, blonde, red t-shirt and blue jeans, around the age of four, maybe five."

"His name is Javier." Holly says from the bench. You notice that the little boy stopped crying, and that he is chatting up to Holly while his little hands are playing with Holly's fingers. You can't blame him. If you were lost, scared and alone, you would have want to come across someone as easy going and caring as Holly as well.

"Javier something." You tell Chris.

"No, nothing, no missing kids today. I don't know about older reports though, could take me a while to go through them. You want me to put out an alert?"

"No. Holly and I will just walk around the park to see if we can find whoever he came with here. There must be someone looking for him by now. Just, umm, let me know if someone comes asking for him, okay?"

"Will do."

"Thank you Chris."

"No worries, take care." You hear Chris say, before the line disconnects.

"Did someone report him missing already?" Holly asks.

"No, not yet." You inform her. "So, Javier huh?" You ask Holly.

"Yea, he started to open up, after I told him I was pregnant. I think his mom is expecting a baby as well, or something like it. Might explain why he came running to me in the first place."

"You reminded him of his mother."

"I think so." Holly confirms. "He said he came here with her, should we go looking for her?" You nod.

"Yeah, let's walk around the park to see if someone is looking for him, before taking him to Chris." You say as you kneel down in front of the little boy, making yourself smaller, to come to his eye-level. "You up for a little walk Javier?" Javier looks at you like a deer caught in headlights, before looking back at Holly with a questioning look. Holly gives him an encouraging nod.

"Come on, little champ." Holly says as she gets up from the bench, outstretching her hand for him to take, which he happily does. To your surprise, his other hand grips yours, and you look at Holly who smiles up at you.

"He knows, you're only looking out for him." You smile shyly at your wife before wandering off into the direction you came from, the little boy's hand never leaving yours or Holly's.

The three of you walk back to the playground in the middle of the park, and Holly and you look around for anyone who might be searching for the little boy. You walk up to the woman, who caught you making out with Holly before.

"You have a beautiful family." She says smiling, looking at the little boy in between the two of you. A blush appears on your cheek, and you can see Holly getting shy as well.

"He, uh, he's not ours." You quickly confess, before elaborating what is going on. "We found him at the end of the park. We're looking for his parents. Did you happen to have seen anyone that might be looking for him?"

"No, sorry. I've just been here all morning. Watching my daughters." She says as she points out to two little girls that are quietly entertaining themselves a few feet away. "I know quite a few parents and their kids that come here every now and then, but I haven't seen him around before. You might want to take him to the police station, they might be able to help you there. Tell you if someone reported him missing."

"I'm a police officer." You tell her. "I called some of my colleagues back at the station, so far no one has reported him missing yet. We're just finishing our walk through the park before taking him in. Don't want to put him in the system right away. It's quite possible, his mom just lost sight of him for a while."

"Hmm, yeah I understand. Sorry I couldn't help. Hope you find his folks soon though."

"Thanks, if you see someone looking for him, tell them we brought him to 15 Division. It's a police station not far from here."

"Will do."

"Thank you."


"Ella!" The little boy suddenly screams as he points out a mother and her baby, before dragging both Gail and Holly off in their direction.

"Do you think that's his mom?" Holly asks you.

"She doesn't really look like she lost her son." You explain. "I mean, I don't think I would be feeding my baby so peacefully if my other child was missing. Plus, I think he'd have rather called her mama than Ella."

"Hmm, good point."

"What if Ella is the baby though? He could have a baby sister. It would explain the interest in your pregnancy and the baby over there." You point out.

"Ella!" Javier calls again, freeing himself from both yours and Holly's grip.

"I'm so sorry." Holly explains to the woman that looks up from the little boy that just jumped onto the bench to look at the little baby she had been feeding before getting interrupted. "He lost his mom, and we think she is out here somewhere with his baby sister. She must have reminded him of her."

"It's no problem. I heard some woman call out a name a few minutes ago, somewhere in that direction." The woman points out. "They might have been looking for him."

"Thank you so much." You say thanking the woman.

"You ready to find your mama Javier?" Holly asks the little boy in excitement.

"Mama?" The little boy asks, before he starts crying again

"Yes, let's go find her baby boy." Holly says, before picking the little boy up in her arms, and balancing him on her hips. The sweet gesture causes Javier to stop crying and tuck his little head into the warm safe space between Holly's neck and shoulder.

"Hol, you shouldn't carry anything heavy."

"Gail, I'm pregnant, not disabled. Plus, he's not that heavy. It's fine. Really." Holly says, before slipping her free hand into yours.

You two walk off in the direction the woman had pointed towards. After a while, you come across the spot on the grass, the group of mothers you had commented on before had gathered.

"JAVIER!" A woman suddenly yells. You see her handing a new born baby to one of the other moms, who is trying to protest, but when she sees the woman rushing of in your direction, she remains silent, before following her friend towards you and Holly.

"Mama!" The little boy yells. Holly puts the little boy down as he runs into his mother's direction.

"What the hell were you thinking! Kidnapping my son! I'm going to write you up, the both of you! Fucking dykes kidnapping children nowadays. God knows you two will burn in hell."

"Excuse me!?" You ask stunned by this woman's rant.

"You heard me. I'm going to call my husband. You will hear from our lawyer. I won't let you get away with this. Just because you can't get a family naturally by yourself doesn't mean you have to go around and steal other people's children" You look at Holly stunned. Is this woman for real? After giving both you and Holly some mean glances she finally acknowledges her son's presence. "Javier, did these mean woman touch you? Did they hurt you?" Javier, who has finally been addressed by his mother shakes his head. "Are you sure? Mama is so sorry she let these two mean ladies take you away from her." You feel your blood starting to boil. Commenting on your relationship with Holly is one thing, but accusing you of kidnapping is a whole different level.

"Now you have to listen very carefully to me lady. We found him okay. He wandered off and we found him near the main road on King's corner. We didn't kidnap him or anything like that. We were just trying to see if we could find his mother. Had I known she was such a hateful mean person, not only to my wife over here, but also to the little boy she was supposed to take care of, I would have taken Javier here, right into the police station myself. Let him be put in the system and start an investigation as to why you lost sight of him in the first place. And let me tell you, as a police officer with 15 Division, I have seen parents getting a visit from child protection services for a lot less."

The woman that carries the little baby in her arms walks up to where the three of you are standing.

"Erica, let it go. Javier is here, he is fine. These ladies did nothing wrong."

"What do you know about it!?" She yells at what you assume to be her friend.

"They found him, they handed him back to you, well and all. Look he doesn't even have a scratch on him. You don't have a case. Just because you don't approve of someone's life style, doesn't mean you get to blame them for your mistake. You lost sight of him while feeding Ella. It's not these ladies fault that he ran off. It's ours. Be glad this gentle police woman came across him, and knew what to do." She focusses her attention on both you and Holly after lecturing her friend. "I'm very sorry for my friend's behaviour ladies. She was just a little spooked by losing sight of him. He usually always sticks around, so when he didn't, we just assumed the worst."

"It's no big deal. I'd probably have been the same if our baby girl ran off in the future." Holly confesses, as she lands both of her hands on her stomach, pointing out the little bump to the women in front of you.

"How far along are you?" Erica's friend asks Holly politely.

"Six months." Holly says, causing a smile to return to your face.

"Well, I wish you ladies the best of luck. Thank you for returning him. And again, I truly apologize about Erica's behaviour. She was not serious about pressing charges or anything like that."

"Thank you." You tell her, glad that there are still open minded people in this world. When you and Holly start to walk away, you are stopped by little Javier running towards you.

"Hey there little champ." Holly tells him as she kneels down in front of him. "Are you going to listen to your mama this time?" The little boy nods before wrapping his tiny little arms around Holly's neck.

"Thanks 'Olly." He says, smiling, showing Holly his front teeth. Before wrapping your legs in a similar embrace, and thanking you as well. You look at his mother standing a few feet away, and see that her friend is still trying to calm her down. The woman, is holding the baby again, and when her eyes meet with yours, she mouths a quick 'thank you'. You notice her friend giving her an approving nod, you know the thank you, probably wasn't on her own terms, but you still wave at her, letting her know it was no problem. Javier runs off towards the two women, and his baby sister again.

"We should probably let Chris know we found his parents." Holly tells you.

"I already send him a quick text, saying we found his 'lesbian-hating' mother."

"Not everyone is going to be supportive of our relationship Gail, you knew that."

"Yeah, I know. Doesn't mean I won't get to be pissed at them for being stupid closed-minded people that shouldn't raise cute little boys like that." Holly places a soft kiss on your cheek before grabbing your hand, and dragging you back towards the main path.

You look at the watch on Holly's wrist, and notice that the two of you have already been in the park for a little over two hours. Your last meal has been hours before, and to be honest, you were getting quite hungry. You place a soft kiss on top of Holly's hand, before dragging her towards the little hotdog stand, on the other side of the lake.

"Come on, let's feed you and that beautiful baby girl of ours."

It had been way too long since your last proper meal. Four hours, twenty-one minutes, one round of 'good-morning' sex, two laps around the park and one missing boy later, to be exact. And right now, all you could think about was the lack of food in your stomach.

Four hours and twenty-one minutes, not like you've been counting or something.