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"We are gathered today to witness the reaffirmation of Gil and Sara's wedding vows. The original marriage was only witnessed by Gil's mother. This time they wanted their families and friends to celebrate with them. They have written declarations to each other. Sara has requested to go first." The justice motioned to Sara. She took Grissom's hands.

"Gil Grissom, I have never loved anyone the way I have loved you. I can't imagine ever loving anyone else the way I love you. Over the last fifteen years of our lives together, you have inspired me, fought me, challenged me, and cherished me. In your arms, I am truly home."

"Whatever road we walk down from now on, know that I will never be happier than when I am with you. To be near you, to love you was always my greatest dream and is now my greatest joy. I am yours. Forever."

The justice turned, looked at Grissom and nodded.

"Sara Sidle, the moment I met you, you captured my heart. Your eyes, your smile, your amazing intellect. You are the only woman I have ever loved and the only woman I will ever love. In your arms is the only place I will ever want to be. There I know I am home."

"I do not know what tomorrow will bring, but I know that I want to face it with you. By my side, my lover, my friend. I am yours. Forever."

Grissom and Sara kissed while the audience clapped. They proceeded to walk from under the canopy as their guests threw rose petals.

The courtyard at Cupid's Kiss was set up for the reception. It was a small affair done as a buffet. The food was a wide variety of cuisine to accommodate everyone's taste buds.

When the meal was over, Jim Brass stood and tapped his glass. Everyone turned to listen to him. "I am honored to be here to celebrate the re-union of Gil and Sara. I won't mention the profound anguish I felt at not being able to do this at the real wedding, but I guess we all have to be thankful that we have today."

"And we do have a lot to be thankful for. Thankful that we are all here now – new friends and old ones – sharing in the celebration of Gil and Sara's love."

"I would like you all to raise your glasses and toast Gil and Sara. Never forget what you mean to each other and you will never forget happiness." Brass lifted his glass as did the rest of the guests. Sara stood up and grabbed Brass for a long and cherished hug. Grissom turned around to watch, and then gently pulled Brass away kiddingly. Sara and Brass sat down but Grissom stood standing.

"I would like to say a few words of gratitude for those who are here today. Thank you both to my mother and to Sara's mother for being here. Thanks to members of my old team and Sara's new team for attending. Many thanks to Catherine Willows for taking the time out from her busy FBI schedule to attend. And to all our other friends and colleagues, I know I can speak for Sara as to how happy we both are that you are here with us today." Grissom raised his glass to their guests and everyone took another sip of champagne.

After dessert was served, most people started to disburse into smaller groups while others bid happiness to the couple and left. Catherine came over and sat next to Sara. She gave her a hug and told her how beautiful she looked.

"Thank you, and thank you for coming cross country," Sara said. "We've both missed you."

"I've missed you all as well. I met Finn. She seems very nice. Not me of course, but who is," Catherine said smiling.

"No one that's for sure," Sara replied. Sara happened to look to her right and Catherine's eyes followed.

"Who's that sitting with Gil over there?" Catherine asked.

"Doug Wilson, NTSB. He was very instrumental in saving Gil."

"Oh your ex-lover," Catherine exclaimed. Sara shook her head and made a silent promise to hurt whoever told Catherine that.

"Yes Cath, Doug and I were involved."

"He's dreamy."

"He's available," Sara replied. Catherine smiled but told her no. She said she was currently seeing a fellow agent and that it looked promising. Sara told Catherine she was happy for her. They sipped their champagne and chatted about their work. Their attention was drawn back to Grissom as he got up, shook Doug's hand and walked over to them.

"So what do you two talk about?"

"Catherine you have not changed a bit," Grissom replied. They both smiled. Grissom then turned to Sara. "I was just thanking him again for helping me to see the error of my ways." Sara smiled and grabbed Grissom's hand. She felt so loved at that moment that she didn't think anything could ruin her mood.

"You know who I'm surprised is not here," Catherine said looking around. Grissom put his head down and waited for it. Sara smirked – nope nothing could spoil her mood.

"Yeah I meant to whip up an invitation to her," Sara said making the gesture. "Forgot for some reason. Oh I think I was slaving over a hot stove cooking dinner."

"Clever Sara," Catherine said raising her glass. "So what are you two going to do now?"

"Sara wants to continue working with the team," Grissom said proudly.

"What about you Gil? Ever think about going back to crime scene investigation?"

"Not really. I've been offered the position of establishing a sound entomology department at UNLV so that will keep me busy and in Vegas," Grissom replied. "But if there is a case they need me on, I would make myself available." He looked lovingly at his wife.

"Yes!" Sara exclaimed and then leaned over to kiss her husband.

The End…