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Hermione Granger stood in front of the ornately carved chair, her head bowed in submission to the man who sat in it. Her hair was a wild mass of curls that seemed to defy the order that the girl exuded in every other aspect of her life. In one hand was her vine wand, in the other a mask that would not have looked out of place at a masquerade ball.

"Look at me, my dear." The man commanded, his impetus so great that there was not a moment of hesitation. "Did you complete the task with which you were charged?"

His red eyes burnt into hers and she felt ruthless fingers begin to pull her mind apart. Images of the broken bodies of the Dursley family flashed and she replayed the sick pleasure of wielding her wand at them.

"Potter has lost the last remnants of his pathetic family, all due to the good will intent of his mudblood best friend," he laughed. It was a cold, callous noise, but one that sent ripples of delight through her and the others that were assembled. "Your arm my dear."

Wordlessly, Hermione offered her left arm to the wizard and waited for him to seal her fate and future. His spindly fingers gripped her wrist holding her firmly in place. His wand pressed to her skin and seconds later the pain began, she fought not to cry or scream out in agony as her flesh burnt with magic. Her body crumpled to the floor and she took in her arm. The Dark Mark was etched into her skin, tying her to the Death Eaters forever.

"Severus, tend to our young one," commanded the Dark Lord. "She has pleased me."

Professor Severus Snape crouched at her side and poured pre-measured doses of pain relief and calming drought down her throat. His inky black hair shielded them from the others.

"Well done Miss Granger. You have made me proud." A small smile crossed his face. "You must prepare mentally for the next stage."

The hook nosed man removed himself from her side with a sneer and rejoined the assembled circle.

"Now as Miss Granger has proved herself worthy of joining our crusade and Potter has lost the last remaining members of his family. He will be destroyed when he realises that it was at the hand of this girl." With a flick of his hand the double doors swung open and in came a group of house elves wielding trays with wine and canapes. "Tonight my warriors, enjoy yourselves however that may be. Severus a word."

Hermione thought that this resembled any usual celebration, but in the back of her mind she knew what was still to come. A celebration like this could consist of many things and it was her duty to not react and to go along with the flow. She watched teacher talk with Voldemort (she knew that saying it was ill advised for anyone wearing the Mark but she never imagined that thinking it would even hurt). She nibbled on a small crostini and observed what was going on around her.

Draco Malfoy walked up to her, his usual superior air somehow subdued, and extended a hand.

"Welcome Granger. I'd never have expected to see you here." He looked curiously at her. "At least not in this capacity. Could I..."

"DRACO!" The cold voice of his father cut across the room, both young people turned to watch him stalk the floor. He leant in towards his son and hissed. "You will not sully yourself with this witch regardless of her sudden acceptance into our circle. She would be a better plaything for someone who of lower standards."

Hermione shuddered at the way in which these fellow comrades were still able to talk about her as if she were worthless. Malfoy Jr had, however, piqued her curiosity, he was something for her to mull over later.

An arm gripped her around her waist and she was pulled in close to a hard body. Her pulse quickened and she almost started to panic. Almost. "Well mudblood, since you have been accepted for sport, care to let me play?" The voice sent chills down her spine as she realised that the man behind her was Fenrir Greyback. She didn't move and waited, hoping he would get bored. She knew she would be sport for someone tonight but Greyback was the bottom of her preference list, if such a thing existed. He slowly drew his tongue down her neck tasting the flesh down to the cleft between her breasts.

"Go find your sport elsewhere, animal. I'm taking this one for my own tonight." The distinctive drawl of Severus Snape sliced through and she felt the arm slip away. She hadn't prepared for this, despite the tens of different scenarios that they had prepared, him being the one hadn't even been considered. Panic flared through her body; her muscles tightening and her eyes flashing. The Professor put his hand on her shoulder unexpectedly, causing her to twitch.

"She can't stand you Snape. You make her shudder in disgust." The harsh cackle of Bellatrix Lestrange cut off any response Greyback may have had, she had been observing the girl from the sidelines and was taking the opportunity to rile the dark haired man. The older woman stalked around the group, before flicking her wrist at the werewolf, who left immediately as if dismissed. "Your student Severus? Have you been harbouring a wittle fantasy?"

"If you had experienced Miss Granger within an academic setting Bella you too would delight in an opportunity to exact some... revenge," he drawled whilst skimming a hand down Hermione's body and nestling his face into the crook of her neck. "This will be an entirely pleasurable experience for me. A young, nubile witch. Flexible, I imagine, though we can test that. A stubborn, determined Gryffindor. Ahh, the things I will do to you."

Hermione couldn't determine how to react; whether the man was being truthful or weaving a web of deceit. She was one of them now, a Death Eater, and her participation in this was almost a test in itself as much as a reward. She decided to speak, hoping that the fear was hidden in false confidence. "It is I who have had the fantasies, Mrs Lestrange." The hand on her body stilled and tightened, Snape had frozen.

"Ooohh, tell Bella. You've been thinking naughty things about your Potions teacher?" The older witches eyes twinkled with glee.

Hermione steeled herself with a deep breath. "I've often imagined Professor Snape issuing me a different task to brewing." Suddenly, the girl wasn't sure if what she was about to say was fact or fiction. "I've thought about his long fingers... stroking up my leg during class, touching me while others could see. The need to control my every movement so as not to give away what he is doing to me. The idea of a detention being more... corporal punishment or..." A tiny gasp came from behind her and she realised her own breathing had become shallow. "Sexual. The thought of..."

"ENOUGH!" Snape growled, gripping Hermione's wrist. "I think Bella has had enough entertainment from us for right now." Before she could say or do anything, Hermione was dragged across the room, her robes and hair billowing. The next thing she knew, she was pressed against the wall. Her arms were stretched above her head and his weight was pushing her into the unforgiving stone. "Do you think this is a game Granger?" he hisses into her ear.

She shook her head, for the first time all year she was scared by him."N..no."

His breath caressed her ear "You should think of it as a game, a dangerous one but a game none the less. It'll make everything easier and so far you are playing well."

She felt his mouth move against the sensitive flesh of her ear lobe, nibbling it and sending shivers through her body. "Really?"

"We didn't plan for this did we?" he asked, one hand sliding down to her breast, whilst the other continued to restrain her unresisting arms. "However, it is perfect. It makes a perverse kind of sense. The good little girl..." His hand found its way under her top, gliding over her sensitive skin. "Gets to live out a forbidden fantasy, that the Dark Lord detected hidden in her mind. Whilst I, the current favoured one, gets to exact revenge on one who has irritated him intensely for several years."

Hermione gasped as he pressed his lips to hers, this allowed him to slide his tongue into her mouth and begin kissing her fiercely. Her eyes fluttered shut, for all that they had done together in preparation for this they had never kissed. This breached the trust, this changed their relationship. He'd been preparing her mind and body for months, showing her both heaven and hell, but never had they kissed. A kiss was a simple gesture, but when she'd asked after a night where he'd taken her to dizzying heights of pleasure his response was "a kiss is an intimate act, one which shows more than the base desires of lust and the purpose of this is not love nor any imitation of it, this is merely about the sating of lust."

Wordlessly, he vanished her clothes; the cold air tingled as it rushed over her bare flesh. She could feel eyes on her and knew that part of his task was to humiliate her in front of the others. He didn't remove his clothes, he simply pulled his erection free and then took her. Her mind slipped away into her subconscious, she could process what happened afterwards.