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Warnings: Contains spoilers for all four seasons of the Walking Dead, sexual content, smut, strong language, possible consent issues. Set during the fourth season, so watch or for spoilers, sometime in between the second, third, and forth episodes.


Chapter One

She'd been fuming all day – a whirling ball of tangled nerves, rough-shot adrenaline and aching muscle. There had been no smiles today, no heady laughter or well-meant teasing. No companionable silences where they could exist in each other's company and just, well, be.

This new disease, flu, or whatever the hell it was had everyone spooked. Every cough, every sniffle and tickle in the throat had suddenly taken on a new meaning – everything was significant, deadly – everything was something to be feared.

She'd been stretched to her limit two days ago, but there was no one else to pick up the slack. Everyone was either too sick, too scared, too busy, or too young. He'd been having a hell of a time just keeping everyone fed. And if you asked him, considering what he'd seen in just the past three hours since he'd made it back to the prison carrying a skinny, three year old doe on his shoulders, he figured he'd gotten off easy. He couldn't imagine having to blow noses, ferry supplies, and help coddle people 'in shit.

He was gettin' dizzy just lookin' at her.

She needed to relax. She needed-

He knew what she needed.

He waited for his moment, gauging and watching as she flittered back and forth between cell blocks, trying her best to be three places at once as people chirped out – cryin' for her attention like chicks in a nest.

He finally cornered her in the back of the supply room, locking the door behind him as she jumped at the sound, a bag of crackers – plain saltines to quell someone's upset stomach – flew from her hands as she whirled in place. One hand fell automatically to her belt knife before he loomed out of the shadows. Her sigh of relief was audible.

Good girl.

"Ever heard of a coffee break?" he grunted, stalking across the room with a slow, loping gait. "Christ woman, you're letting' them run 'ya ragged."

He'd backed her up against the wall without even thinking about it. He was already too far gone to take it slow – too committed. He braced his hand up against the wall at her back, tugging playfully on one of her silver-grey spikes before burying his head into her nape, scenting along the length of her as he breathed her in.

She smelled like the rain. Like familiar things.

The skin under his lips trembled, quivering as she shifted underneath him. He took the opportunity to dig deeper, letting his free hand roam across her back, rubbing circles around the knotted muscle he found there – easing the soreness as he went.

"What's gotten into you?" she asked with a tired laugh, hips rising up to meet his on pure reflex as her hands came up, wrappin' around his neck in one of those loose embraces she'd gifted him with months ago. A moment when a hug had somehow tipped over the line and had them kissin' – awkward and sloppy, against the side of the prison, oblivious to the fact that anyone and their maiden aunt could'a seen 'em. He'd been rusty, she'd been hesitant, more worried about him than clacking teeth and wayward tongues, but somehow it had been perfect anyway.

Their kind of perfect at least.

He didn't answer, instead he let his fingers do the talking as he inched up the hem of her shirt; his callouses rasping across her freckle-flecked skin in a way that had them both shivering.

"I have to-" she began, seeming to remember why she was here for first time since he'd backed her clear into the wall, the bag of crackers left abandoned on the floor somewhere behind them. But he couldn't have cared less.

"It can wait," he growled, the words nearly a god damned purr as he trapped her in his grip, hands on her hips as he pulled her into him, bringing her in for a lingering kiss. God, she smelled so-

What was that old saying? Deep down we were all just animals?

He pulled away when she tried to deepen it, making an irritated sound in the back of her throat when he took half a step back. He wasn't here for that. Not now. He had a better use for his tongue at the moment thank you very fuckin' much.

But any noise of dissent she was planning to make died when his fingers started working on her belt, tossing it off to the side as she tugged urgently on his fringe.

"Daryl…Daryl! Not here, we can't-"

There was no gentleness, no finesse, when he yanked her pants down to her ankles. Usually he liked to take his time when he had her like this, drawing it out until she was squirming across the sheets and he was leaking pre-cum up against the mattress, unable to stop himself from pressing up against the edge – desperate for friction.

But gentle wasn't what she wanted. Not right now.

She wanted it hard and uncompromising. She wanted the burn of his stubble and his face snug and choking against her lower lips. She wanted him licking, sucking, biting until he'd all but ripped her pleasure from her.

She didn't want it slow, she didn't want to be coaxed. No, she wanted it down and dirty, making her quake with the sheer roughness of it as he shoved a couple fingers up in there just to hear her moan at the intrusion, flicking at her clit with his tongue until he could actually feel it as she started to fall apart around him.

He wasn't good at a lot of things, at talking, or at feelings and shit. But he was good at this, at her. He'd taken the time to learn her, from top to bottom, he knew every freckle, every dip, arch and scar. He knew her body better than anyone - maybe even better than she knew herself.

And he planned to use it all to his advantage now.

He was gonna make her scream.

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