In the small town of Destiny Islands, there lived several families linked by one interest: Music. Demyx Mizurio, a young, newly-hired teacher and aspiring musician, and the younger brother of long-time resident Xaldin Mizurio, formed the Music Education area of study at the local high school. His twin daughters, Kairi and Xion, soon joined the band as a member of the Colorguard (while playing flute in off-season) and a baritone player, respectively. As soon as word got out, more high school kids joined the band. Naminé Shiro, daughter of Vexen, the science teacher, joined as a full-time flautist, while her adoptive brother, Zexion Murasaki, took on the tenor saxophone.

Then, the Ao-Kuro family decided to join. The Ao-Kuro family had seen much misery. Xehanort Kuro had married a young woman named Nexi, and she conceived, but before their son, Vanitas, could be born, Xehanort was killed in a tragic accident. A year after her husband's death, Nexi married Eraqus, the principal of Destiny High, and had two children: Aqua and Sora. When young Sora was five years old, Nexi was killed in a horrific car crash, leaving Eraqus to care for his children and stepson. Vanitas played trumpet, while Aqua and Sora played clarinet.

The Haiiro son then joined band. The head of the household was Xemnas Haiiro, the assistant principal at Destiny High. Also living there was Xemnas's younger brother, Xigbar, the gym teacher. Xemnas's son, Saïx, joined as a baritone saxophone player. Then the three children of the Kiiro family joined. The twin brothers Roxas and Ventus, as oboe and alto saxophone respectively, and their older sister Larxene as a trumpet. Roxas, as you may find interesting, was Naminé Shiro's boyfriend.

Many others joined band. Axel Aka, Xion Mizurio's boyfriend, joined as a baritone as well. Terra Midori, the nephew of history teacher Lexaeus Chairo, became a tuba player. And finally, Marluxia Momorio, Larxene Kiiro's boyfriend, joined as the second member of the colorguard.

The stage was set for success… if not for the dark secret hidden within the network of people of Destiny High. Most of the people didn't know there was a secret. Or, at least, not until… the Heartless attacked.

Destiny: And this is the marching band story to replace Star-Eyed Dreamers and Dedicated Marchers! Granted, it's a mystery story, but it's still band kids.

Naminé: And here's a fun fact for you: Inspired by the game Clue, all the last names in this story are colors in Japanese.

Sora: And one other. The only OC in this story, Nexi, gets her name from Square Enix. In this case, the "Enix" is scrambled to form "Nexi", similarly to "Square" becoming "Eraqus"

Axel: So review and to get and enjoy more. Destiny says she has the plot, the clues, the red herrings, the cliffhangers, the suspense, and the ending all planned out. All she needs is reason to type it up and post it.