When I came to, I was in a large room, stark-white and with many beds with white sheets. I kept trying to decide where I was.

"Naminé! Thank God you're awake." I groaned and started to turn my body, only for a hand to push it back into place. "No, no. Stay still. Let the doctors check you out first." My fuzzy mind managed to piece together that it was a man's voice. A familiar voice. And I finally recognized it.

"Father?" He leaned over so I could see him. We don't look much alike. He's all sharp angles and skin and bones, with sickly-looking skin and acid green eyes. I guess I look more like my mother. We do have the same hair color and a similar (apparently. I'm not sure, honestly) personality.

"What is it, dear?"

Things came back to me. The attack on the school. Ven saving me. Getting Demyx out. Running to find Roxas and bringing him to safety. Finding out Ven hadn't made it out. "R-Roxas." In the panic of my brain, I meant to shout it. I could barely get it out on a breathy gasp.

"His left leg is broken in one place, right below the knee. It'll be in a cast and he'll have to use crutches for a while. He also had a few minor cuts and bruises, as pretty much all of you do."


Father bit his lip nervously and looked away. "There's been no sign of him. An AMBER alert has been sent out, but there's no—"

"Ven's… he's still gone?" The world started growing dizzy. Darkness crept at the edge of my vision…

"Naminé Shiro, don't you dare pass out again on me!" I started back to full consciousness.

"Father, I doubt yelling at her will help her recovery."

I turned my head to look at the newcomer. "Zexion?"

He pulled up a chair. "Hey, Naminé." He gently ran a hand through my hair. "How are you feeling?"

"Ven's… gone." Zexion nodded quietly. "And Roxas?"

"He's stable. They've set his leg. I just came from his bed over there." He pointed a few beds away, hidden by a curtain. "Everyone was admitted here. You, Roxas, and Demyx are the only ones not let out yet."

"I want to see them." I tried to sit up. Father kept me down.

"No, Naminé. Wait for the doctors."

"But I—"

"They're entering right now," Zexion interjected.

And so they did. A few nurses, dressed in pink scrubs, and a doctor, slightly aged, with blond hair and reddish-orange eyes. "Ansem?" It was Father's dear friend and mentor, Ansem Wise.

"Hello, Naminé. How are you feeling?"

"Physically, fine."

"Emotionally?" Ansem's face was kind and tender. Perfect for working with possibly-traumatized patients.

"Ven's gone. I saw him—he saved me. He told me to run. So I did. And no one's seen him since. And Roxas is hurt and Demyx…"

"Oh! Ansem, we forgot to mention how Demyx Mizurio is doing," Father said.

"Ah, I see. Don't worry, child. Demyx underwent surgery to fix all the internal damage. He's stable and should recover soon."

"Who could've done this?" I murmured.

"That's something we'd like to know, Kiddo."

Father winced. "Xigbar, I told you: Don't intrude."

Xigbar Haiiro, brother to Principal Xemnas Haiiro, and local gym teacher, just waved Father off. "Come on, Vexy. The police are clueless. Xemmy's worried. Just tryin' to help."

The sudden intrusion was making my head hurt a little. Xigbar is never one for subtlety or even quiet, so every time he entered a room, all the people in the entire world would know where he was. From a few beds over, I heard a groan.

I knew that groan. "Roxas!" I tried to get up again.

"Naminé, stay down. Roxas is still recovering. As are you," Ansem said.

I huffed and turned teenage girl on him. "Well, is there any way I can get out of this room?"

Ansem sighed his Fine-I-get-it-so-I'll-relent-on-this sigh. "You may go to the restroom if you need to. There's a wire inside for you to pull if you feel dizzy or anything." And so I finally got up, got the IV unhooked, and headed to the bathroom.

"Naminé. I see you made it out of there. What'd the old coot have to say?"

"Vanitas. Don't call Ansem 'old coot'. He's family to me."

I assume that Sora and Vanitas look a lot like their mother, Nexi, because their near-twins, despite having different fathers. "I'm amazed, though. The Heartless didn't do near as much damage as I'd feared." The black-haired boy said.

I stiffened. The Heartless. I remembered the name. The gang that attacked us. "What did you say?"

"The Heartless. They're out for revenge." He backed me against a wall, looking down at me. I hate being so short. Most boys—such as Vanitas, for example—are so much taller than me. "They're looking for the Ror Ret Foxis. Trying to avenge their leader, so I've heard. And listen, Naminé. You have a habit of snooping, of getting your nose into places it doesn't belong. And it doesn't belong in this mess. If anyone gets in their way, they'll kill that person. So stay out." Then he started walking away.

"Vanitas!" He stopped. "H-How do you know all these things?"

"You're the mystery-lover, little sleuth," Vanitas said. "You should know."

How would the Heartless know when and where to attack? Demyx made most plans up on the fly and texted us all the night prior. Sometimes the day of? And it was a Saturday. They weren't aiming for the whole school. So how did they know? They couldn't, unless…

I swallowed. Sora and Aqua and Mr. Ao were all very nice people. From what I heard, Mrs. Ao was very kind too. But Vanitas's father… he was the kind of person older people would talk about in hushed whispers. Slivers of rumors, all covered in darkness, and what a shame Nexi ever married him. I came to my conclusion. The Heartless couldn't have known when to plan an attack… unless there was a person on the inside.

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