My at signs were murdered. Please forgive me. I'm no more pleased about it than you are. I've attempted to replace them with a


Seems someone had something better to do than kill us. Maybe next time? (ps in need of cases that do not involve cheating spouses or ash)

everyone It's not my hat.

Boring, obvious. Not even putting on pants for that case. Sent John with the laptop. #lessthanseven

Mycroft wasn't pleased with my choice of attire for the palace. John intervened. #whosmothernow?

Shut up John. Nobody cares that the queen reads your blog. #mineismuchbetteranyways

Note- don't make John angry. You don't like John when he's angry. (Very good at punching, despite his short stature.) #doctorANDsoldier

Noises are important. #thankgoditwasntababy

aJHWatson Vatican cameos! #itoldyouthrowingallthosedisheswouldpayoffoneday

I feel funny... dsfghjtsdlkzvvl;aeratogfdvm

aTheWhipHand Drugging people is not nice. Take note. Thanks for stopping by though. Love your addition.

Christmas is so full of family, joy, and happy people. I hate it.

Dead body for Christmas! It's shaping up to be a good day. XD #johnsaysitsinappropriatebutidontcare

I'm not moping John. I'm always like this. Shut up. Go out with your latest girlfriend. Oh wait. She dumped you. #shocker

Sometimes, when people look dead, they're not dead. Or, the dead person isn't the right dead person. #lifelessons

Do. Not. Touch. Mrs Hudson. It may be very well the last thing you do. But aDILestrade showed up so the... burglar was apprehended. Alive.

Someone's been sleeping in my bed... and she's still there! #noseriouslygetout #johnjustwashedthosesheets #andwillhavetoagain

Bond air... I knew I should have paid more attention to those movies John made me watch.

Novel. Suppose those body complaints were relevant, but oh so boring. #shutupfatcroft

I still won, in case anyone's interested. I'm sure John will write a dreadful blog post about it, in time.

aTheWhipHand run