This intro continues two events, happening simultaneously. Like in a movie. Each with their own letter style.

Wolf's voice:Italic
Other: Normal

*Narrator in Wolf's voice*

Starwolf Audio Log. Date: 24 ALW

My name is Wolf O'Donnell. Leader of the legendary Starwolf team, also known as the heroes of Lylat. Starfox? Who is Starfox? They are a legend, a myth, something forgotten. For 10 years already, we have had the privilege to serve Lylat and bring peace everywhere where we are called upon. As our mighty Great Wolf flies through our system, we watch everything.

Darkness hauls the man entering the local pub a mysterious glimpse as his shining white teeth are seen grinning as he has set his eyes upon his target. Holding something beneath his all-embracing dark lavender colored cape while hooded, we slowly walks towards his targets table. He's drinking from a big beer glass as some foam is left around the mouth area. He is wrapped up in rags of textile, looking very fuzzy and grey. Nobody around cares for the hooded man's appearance. The bartender is cleaning out some glasses, two guys are playing cards while another is vomiting in the bathroom, audible enough.

When a cry for help sounds, we'll be there.

'Hey, mercenary-for-hire. You got a job.' says the mysterious man. His target looks up at him and gives him an angry glance.

However, we'll do it our way. We have our methods and the people of Lylat respect these.

'Don't look so angry at me. I'm the offering you a job. *places a green sack, tied up by a knot made of rope, on the table as he grabs it from under his cape* And this... is payment!' introduces the man. The angry glance doesn't change but at least he puts his glass back on the table as he wipes whatever residue there is still left. He points at the bag and signals that he has to give it to him. The man pushes it towards him.

Together with my team...

'What is in it?' he asks interested as he feels what's inside of it by squeezing into it.

'Your reward... *grabs an envelop* for killing your target.' answers the man.

...we'll fight for justice! And I could have never done that without them.

'*places the envelop before him* So, what do you say?'

'*reads the name on the letter* Who's picture is in here?'

Although Starwolf has known many new members, we are a firm team!

'See for yourself.' gestures the man. Fairly interested, he sits upright as he opens the envelop. With his left paw, he reaches into the envelop to grab a hold of four photo's. He holds them up in the air, into the lamp above him, and lays them on the table in front of him. The second one is blank.

'Who's my target?'

*points at the first photo*

Leon Powalski. Probably the most loyal of all Starwolf members. Ever since the Lylat Wars called upon us, he was there. The Great Leon is a member of Starwolf and I'm proud to say that.

'Not(!), your target. *points at the fourth photo*'

Panther Caroso, also known as Caluroso. Quite the ladies men and managed to get a lady away from Fox. Who knows what happened to him. I'm grateful he's part of Starwolf.

'Also, not your target. *points at the third photo* This one however...'

And as last but not least, the newest in our team and the lady I talked about: Kursed.

'...can be a pain in the ass. *he picks it up and holds it in front of his face* As you can see...' says the man awkward.

'Why should that be?'

Once known as Krystal, she completely changed her look.

'Because she is somebody that you used to know. Or are you not recognizing her anymore?'

'Hmm... of course I do.' he answers dry.

It met our expectations perfectly and she became a real Starwolf member.

'She used to be mine. I think the reason you are implying that I couldn't give a shit, is probably because of change in look and attitude. Her hair is longer and darker purple. Even black to some extent at the ends. A shadow hauls over her eyes, to characterize her. Very creative.'

She completely forgot about her past. Since Panther helped her get it over with.

'It shows her attitude well. Geh... I guess even good guys can turn bad after all.'

'You are one notable example, am I right?' grins the man.

She was still in quite disarray over her parents death and the destruction of her home planet: Cerinia.

'This is Krystal, your target.'

'Who ordered this? *is handed letter showing a picture*'

Also, her adventure on Sauria wasn't pleasant either.

'Captain Amrish himself.' answers the men.

'Amrish? Why would the Cornerian Army be involved with this?'

She had constant nightmares. Fox was too distant to talk with her about it.

'Amrish sees that Starwolf has the legendary status Starfox used to have. Because they were a criminal organization, the image of Lylat is at stake!'

'Big deal...' he waves off.

In contrast to our ladies men; Panther!

'Big deal indeed. Our trustworthiness is flushed down the toilet because of this in comparison to the other systems. Recus is already threating with sanctions and the Earthlings already broken some bonds with the Cornerian Federal Board! So yeah... big deal.'

'What's her role *points at the picture* in this all then? She is new.'

He helped her over her biggest fear...

'Amrish believes she is the glue keeping it together. When she falls, Panther goes with it. With that... Wolf... and with him... Leon.'

'Good theory. *grabs the third picture and holds it in front of his face* Well, we meet again eh?'

She was afraid of the crystal and the installation she was kept in. But that wasn't her biggest fear. The thing that was keeping her alive in there... that was her biggest fear.

'Oh... the so beautiful Krystal. *strokes her face on the picture* Why did you leave?' he says melodramatic. But then: '*SPIT* Fuck you. *slams the picture 'face down' on the table* Your days, are counted!' he states angry.

It were those blue creatures, flying through the skies and encircling her time after time again.

'So... you are willing to take the job?'

'*grabs the bag and hooks onto his belt* Indeed I do. And I already found a way, to get the most horrendous kill out of her. Lylat will know why she carries the name Kursed. Because that, is what is gonna follow her till the day she dies.'

The Krazoa Spirits!

'*As if he heard that* Gehahahaha... *stands up and walks away, pushing the man away* That is the way I like it. *turns to the man as he stops right before the exit* Tell Captain Amrish... that Forsaken has found his target. And that he also knows, how he's gonna take her down' he states before walking out of the bar. He closes the door behind him and enters the dark, cold night of Quinsol. A firm wind is blowing and feels like sandpaper to his skin. He walks up a steep hill until he reaches the top. The surface is getting a little flatter again before he reveals his real outfit from under the rags. In his left paw, between his middle and index finger, he's holding Kursed' picture and the right hand, a squared remote control with a big red NES style button in the middle. He presses it with minimal effort as he walks towards a dark entity in the distance. He wears a black tainted body armor with a large white skull painted on it. It wasn't dry when first used it so as it has been dripping everywhere. A katana sword penetrates the top of the skull through the middle and comes out on the underside while the skull itself looks like it's screaming. He attached sleeves to it, also colored black and white. It's pattern is like that of an 'I'. First, the surrounds are black while the I is white. With that, always dragging along the doubt of the past since the pronunciation intonated his state of mind. The following image is the other way around. His pants are completely black if you don't count a white kneepad and a white belt around his left leg, forming a part of the belt mentioned earlier.

The wind is blowing harder at this height and created a dirt storm.

'Committed foul and wicked ways, unseen the sins that fall the strong, subjected full to judgment days and punished are all who wrong.' he quotes to himself as he walks on. 'On my own terms...' concludes Forsaken.

As Forsaken disappears into the dirt storm, flames are coming from a ground zero. The local pub is nothing more then a smoldering heap of wood and stone. The lavender hood is undamaged, but the inside is covered in blood as the mysterious man isn't in one place anymore. A cockpit is heard closes as liftoff commences. As the last glass breaks because of the heat, the ship Forsaken flew away in... is nothing more then what the bar is now: Nowhere.

*And those terms are met. What kept her alive, is what is gonna be her demise. On to Sauria...*

Since she has become Kursed, she has gotten over it. And with that, I'm gonna end this audio log. Starwolf is Lylat's greatest pride! Wolf out.

Imagination demands Productions

proudly presents...

Venus de Milo: Forsaken Krazoa

-by Phantomfoxx

Hope you the intro do my newest fanfic. However, this is pretty special. I'm not gonna write it out by myself. This is a fan-based project. Meaning that all of you out there can suggest what should happen next. Forsaken (Fox) is going to Sauria, in order to meet the Krazoa's, Krystal's worst nightmare. The intonation is set for the story. Up to YOU... to give it its proper following and storyline. Everything is allowed! OC's, other systems etcetera. HOWEVER(!): Bullshit, ending the story way to early and just pure crap will not be excepted. Also, it needs a proper image. I'm open for suggestions!

BUT(!): if this not working out properly, it will become another standard Phantomfoxx story. Choose wisely...