# Banana #
So...I'm bored. And I wanna kill Kyo.

Yuki's cunning plan to kill Kyo #1

The Banana Yuki looked at Kyo smiling."What is up with you?!" Kyo said looking scared. Yuki...was being nice! Yuki held out a yellow fruit."Would you like a banana Kyo?" He asked politely.
Kyo shook his head."No. Definitely no. Its probably poisoned!" He said backing away. We smiled creepily."Oh Kyo...its not poisoned. That I can guaranteed that!" He said darkly.
Kyo backed away. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" Kyo shouted. Yuki stepped closer to Kyo." !" He demanded. Kyo backed away quickly."Hell no!" He shouted. He ran away screaming madly. Yuki ran after him.

Kyo hid in the wardrobe shaking slightly."What is up with that damn rat?" He muttered. Then Kyo heard footsteps."Kyo?" Yuki called."Your not very good at hiding are you." Yuki pulled open the wardrobe."Hey!" Kyo greeted."I was just...visiting Narnia! I'll be off now!" He pushed past Yuki and ran downstairs. Yuki chased after him.

Kyo glanced around."I finally lost him! Thank God!" He said sitting down under a tree.

"Sneak attack!"

Yuki leapt on Kyo tackling him to the ground." .Banana!" Yuki ordered. Kyo struggled."NEVER!" He screamed. Yuki put Kyo in a headlock. "Eat the *bleeping* banana!" Yuki shouted. Kyo shook his head."NOOOOO!" He screamed. Yuki shoved the banana in his open mouth.

It exploded. Kyo died. I cheer.
The End.

:D hehehe this is dedicated to the Characters Death. I DID IT!