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Chapter 7: Candle

Kyo was hiding. In Yuki's room to be precise. It was the last place the rat would look...

He heard the door open. The idiot! Of course Yuki would go to HIS room! Kyo braced himself as the door opened...

"Hello, Kyo..." Yuki said calmly. Kyo blinked. What? No beatings? Then he noticed the candle in Yuki's hand. Damn.

Yuki threw water on him. Wait...water doesn't smell like gasoline...

Oh crap.

Yuki threw the candle on the panicking cat."Ah! Help!" Kyo screamed. Yuki looked at Kyo thoughtfully."Um...let me think about that...oh...tough question...no." Yuki said shortly. Kyo was running about the room with his hair on fire."Oh...you have got flaming red hair haven't you?" Yuki remarked.

"Shut up! Help me!" Kyo shouted.

"Don't be such a hot head Kyo." Yuki said smirking."I always knew you had a flaming temper."


chapter 8- Gorilla

Kyo was confused. That was understandable as there was a gorilla in his room."Ahhhhh!" Kyo screamed. He ran away from the massive primate. The gorilla followed him crashing through the house."SHIGURE! HELP!" Kyo screamed at his cousin. Shigure glanced up."...no..." He said before going back to his book.

Kyo glared at the dog and kept gorilla followed.

Several minutes later, the house was full of a tip. And Kyo was sadly...without his face. Shame...

"When he respawns he can tidy this up." Shigure said happily.

the end

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