So here is the challenge from Zombyra

"Professor what happened" I yelled seeing houses destroyed "Ash team rocket came they destroyed everything looking for you when they found out you weren't here they left but they promised to return." The down professor oak said. I was furious my aura was rising how dare team rocket do this to my hometown. Just then those three imbeciles came out of nowhere. "Prepare for trouble" but before James could come in a punched him across the face "WHERE IS TEAM ROCKETS BASE AT" i yelled grabbing his shirt "wow the twerp has an attitude" Jessie said I looked at her with my eyes glowing blue and she cowered in fear "I will ask you again WHERE IS THE BASE" "i-iit's in the game corner in celadon behind a poster" "thank you" I said punching James across the face and throwing him to the ground "now pikachu thunderbolt full power" "PIKAAAAAAACHUUUUUUUUU" a zigzagging bolt of electricity struck the trio sending me flying through the air "I don't want to mess with the twerp again" "oh man up" "both of ya need at shut up" "we're blasting off again" *ding* "charizard come on out" "RAAAAAR" the large fire/flying type roared as he emerged from his Pokeball. "Charizard to celadon city ASAP professor if I don't come back tell everybody I love them let's go charizard" charizard took off with pikachu and I on his back blasting towards celadon city today team rocket falls by ask ketchum's hand.

Charizard landed right in front of the game corner I walked in and headed straight for the poster in the corner I started to peel it back but a worker grabbed my hand "hey don't touch this poster" I turned to him with my eyes glowing blue and he ran out of the game corner in fear. I ripped off the poster and I saw a switch I flipped it down and a the wall moved revealing a passage way. "You ready buddy" "pika" he said assuring me that he was ready we started down the hallway. I turned a corner and about 100 grunts were there "hey look somebody grab that kid" "charizard come on out use flamethrower and torch them all I'll catch up to you later" "Char" he said before spewing flames everywhere I ran down the hallway and met huge double doors "let's do this" pikachu iron tailed the door causing it to break down and we saw Giovanni at his desk shocked "wh-what are you doing here" "Giovanni for to long you have caused people and pokemon to suffer today team rocket is destroyed" "oh really did you think you could walk in and do it like a fairy tail. Suddenly a golem, nidoking, nidoqueen, Persian, sandslash and marowak emerged from the shadows. I threw my poke balls into the air and oshawott, snivy, pignite, boldore, and krookodile came out and a stream of fire came in followed by charizard." "It's over Giovanni" "fool it isn't over until I say it is and it has just begun" "attack" "kill them" pikachu started attacking Persian with iron tails the cat pokemon couldn't compete with him in this game of cat and mouse(call me lame if you want) charizard hit a slash and dragon tail combo on the nidoking Oshawott hit Marowak with a razor shell and ducked to avoid the bone that was about to strike him and fired off a hydro pump. Snivy held sandslash in the air with her vine whip and fired off a leaf storm and struck him with leaf blade boldore and golem were in a battle of strength each trying to get the edge over the other but boldore began to lift golem and them threw him into the air and hit him with flash cannon Krookodile hit the nidoqueen with dragon claw then finished her with stone edge "how were my pokemon defeated so easily" "because you only use them they aren't your friends now Giovanni consider yourself lucky I'm not going to Kill you I'll just send you to officer jenny" "fool you'll never take me alive he tried to run but I stuck my hand out and blue strands of aura stopped him." I put him on charizard and we flew out of their and down to the flashing police lights" "officer jenny I've got your perp the leader of team rocket Giovanni" "sorry kid but I don- hey that is Giovanni we've bee. Chasing him for years how'd you do it" "you just need a little motivation" she didn't say anything she just cuffed Giovanni and put him in the back of the police car "if you're willing to do it we'd love to have a press conference with you" "I don't know officer" "oh come on the world deserves to know who saved them" "okay officer if it will make you happy" "ok tomorrow at noon"

Time skip- the next day at noon

"And now your hero mr. Ash Ketchum is now excepting questions" "Mr. Ketchum what caused you to go after team rocket" "well they were actually chasing me for a while and I stopped a lot of their plans but the main thing that caused me to stop them is when I got home from the unova region and found my hometown destroyed" "and how did you do this by yourself" "well my pokemon actually did a lot to so I can't take all the credit" "Mr. Ketchum you're only 16 we're you scared in doing this" "actually no being an aura user I've done way more dangerous things" i went wide eyed at what he just said "and now I have got to go" I ran out of the conference knowing the danger of what I had just said.

There you have the first chapter.