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The Party

Shizuo sighed and took another drag of his cigarette as he waited outside the venue for his brother. The party inside was raging…no it wasn't…it was his mother's 50th birthday. His whole family was in that room decorated by balloons and streamers and so were all his mother's friends who just couldn't help themselves when it came to saying how adorable he looked in his three piece suit. It was stressful and you know what else was stressful? The fact that he had been forced to bring a date to this. Now his mother had hit the big 50 she was desperate to see him with 'a nice girl'. She wanted a wedding. Shizuo didn't.

That's where his brother came in. Kasuka had suggested hiring an actor for the night to play the role of his girlfriend. Shizuo agreed. Kasuka had set the whole this up but…there's always a but…this girl wasn't a girl at all. Kasuka had said something about 'demoralisation' and 'prostitution' before stating that his date would be a male actor in a dress. Then Kasuka had said something about an acting exercise.

Shizuo didn't mind that his date was going to be male. Actually he preferred that. Yes, he was gay. He had been since high school. Not that his parents knew. It was a little hard to come out to your mothers when she expected little rugrats and the perfect daughter-in-law. His brother knew of course, that was probably why he had chosen a guy.

Shizuo had the uncomfortable feeling that he was being set up by his little brother.

"Nii-san, have you been waiting long?" A voice void of emotions asked. Shizuo looked up from his shoes.

Kasuka stood infront of him, wearing an identical black three piece suit the only different was the tie colours. Shizuo's was gold whilst Kasuka's was red. A little behind Kasuka was his date, the popular singer, Ruri. She was wearing a black dress and a red rose along with her red headband.

"Nah, I've only been here an hour."

Kasuka nodded. "Your date is just fixing his wig."

Shizuo nodded. "How did you get him to agree to it?"

Kasuka gave him a steady look. "He owed me a favour."

"You look lovely by the way, Ruri." Shizuo complimented the singer.

"Thankyou, Shizuo-san. You look nice too." She replied calmly.

It was a little unnerving how similar the couple were sometimes.

"I can't walk in these shoes at all." Came a grumble from a short distance away.

Shizuo turned his head to see a breathtakingly beautiful woman walking towards him. She wore a black dress that came to her knees, it was fitted at the top and puffed out at the bottom, a golden ribbon was tied around her waist and her shoes were also gold. Her dark hair framed her heart shaped face perfectly, her skin was pale but her cheeks were rosy and her eyes…

hey…wait a minute.

"Kasuka, what the hell?" Shizuo hissed at his brother. "Izaya? Really? What the hell were you thinking?"

"I don't like this any more than you do, Shizu-chan. Do you know how ego-shattering-ly awful this is?" Izaya, the breathtakingly beautiful woman, said.

"He owes me a favour. Please treat him well." With that Kasuka nodded to Izaya, Ruri linked her arm in his and they both walked away.

Izaya crossed his arms over his chest and pouted. "Aren't you going to tell me how beautiful I look, Shizu-chan?"

"Shut the fuck up you damn flea." Shizuo sighed and grit his teeth, remembering what Kasuka had said moments ago. " Lets just try to be civil. Just for tonight."

"I agree. I'm paying a debt, that's the only reason I'm here. Tonight I'm Kanra, you're loving girlfriend." Izaya mocked.

Shizuo had to do this. For his mother's sake. He held out his arm and waited for Izaya to get the message. The informant rolled his eyes before linking with the blonde, resting a hand on Shizuo's toned bicep.

"You look beautiful, Kanra." Shizuo said testing the name.

Izaya smiled and batted his eyelashes. "Thank you, Shizuo. You look very handsome too." His voice was softer and a little higher.

Shizuo's eyes widened at the use of his real name. He couldn't help but like it, not that he'd tell anyone that.

He held the door open for Izaya, the soft music caressing them. Shizuo could see his mother across the room taking to Kasuka and Ruri. Her eyes met his and they instantly brimmed with happiness.

Izaya watched as a pretty woman with caramel hair and brown eyes made her way over to them, he felt Shizuo stiffen next to him and knew that this woman must be his mother.

"Shizuo, dear. Are you going to introduce us?"

"ah, yeah. Kanra, this is my mother. Mother, this is my girlfriend, Kanra." Shizuo smiled,

Izaya smiled at the woman. "It's a pleasure to meet you. You look stunning."

Shizuo's mother laughed and took Izaya's hand in hers. "Oh, you're so beautiful, Kanra-chan. I'm so glad that Shizuo's found someone as lovely as you."

"You're too kind." Izaya said with a blush.

Shizuo smiled at Izaya's flattery. Trust the flea to be good at this. A waiter chose that minute to come round with a tray of champagne, Shizuo's mother took two and handed one of Izaya. Izaya took it out of politeness. This happened all the time with clients, Izaya hated alcohol but he'd just have to put up with it and keep his smile in place. He had to play the dutiful girlfriend.

" Oh, mum, Do we have orange juice. Kanra isn't a fan of alcohol." Shizuo said as he took the champagne glass from Izaya.

Izaya's eyes widened. Shizuo's mother blushed. "Oh, dear me. I'm sorry Kanra-chan, I should have asked. We have juice at the bar, Shizuo. "

"No, it's my fault really."

"I'll get you an orange juice, Kanra. Slice of lime too right?" Shizuo said. Izaya nodded, his shock building.

As Shizuo walked off, Izaya was left with his mother. "How long have you and Shizuo known each other?" She asked.

"Since high school, though we only started dating recently." Izaya said.

"Namiko-chan." A familiar voice said from behind Izaya. A chill went down the informant's spine as he froze where he stood.

You have got to be kidding me.

"Kyouko-chan, you made it." Namiko gushed. "Kanra-chan, this is my childhood friend. Kyouko-chan, this is my little Shizuo's girlfriend, Kanra-chan."

The dark haired woman stepped next to Izaya and looked at him through familiar reddish-brown eyes. A spark went through those eyes and a devious smile formed on Kyouko's lips.

"How lovely to meet you, Kanra-chan."

"Likewise. Your broach is beautiful." Izaya complimented the golden swallow.

"Thankyou. I was planning to pass it down to my daughter but then I had twins. Though I think I've found a solution now." She explained.

Izaya gave a painful little smile. "If you'll excuse me. I'm going to find, Shizuo." Izaya smiled.

"Yes, yes. Go enjoy the party, Kanra-chan. I want to see the both of you dancing later." Namiko winked.

Izaya walked away at a fast pace, finding Shizuo on the way back to them.

"Got your drink." Shizuo motioned and frowned at the frantic look on Izaya's face. "What's the matter,"

"What's the matter? My whole life it over. The jig is well and truly up." Izaya hissed as he glanced back at Shizuo's mother. "You see that woman standing with your mother?"

Shizuo looked over Izaya's shoulder to see the familiar dark haired woman. "Yeah, Kyouko-san?"

"Orihara Kyouko. That would be my mother, Shizu-chan."

Shizuo froze. "Well, shit."

"'Well, Shit. ' indeed, Shizu-chan."

Namiko hugged her old friend with a huge smile on her face. "It's been so long. The last time I saw you was a few years after you'd had little Izaya-chan."

"Yes, the boys got along well didn't they?" She laughed daintily.

"It hasn't changed. Though I do wonder why Izaya-chan is calling himself Kanra."

Kyouko smirked. "Shall we mess with them a little? My entertainment has been a little lacking lately."

"Kyo-chan, so mean. Though I do agree. Shizuo-chan needs to be punished for not telling his mother about his preferences. Being gay is nothing to be ashamed of and they make a beautiful couple."

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