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Izaya stormed out of the women's bathroom with his head held high. He spotted Shizuo over the heads of the other party goers. He made his way towards the blonde only to get a surprise that he most certainly didn't expect.

Has Shizuo changed his suit? The man standing before him wore a white suit with a pink pin-striped shirt and black tie.

"Well, well, well. Who are you?" The blonde asked. A seductive smile slipping easily onto his face. Izaya blanched. This wasn't Shizuo.

"I'm Kanra. It's a pleasure to meet you…"Izaya smiled.

"Delic, and the pleasure's all mine. This meeting could be even more pleasurable through." He said as he took Izaya's hand and raised it his lips.

Izaya giggled slightly. "I'm sorry, Delic-chan. I'm already taken."

"Well, of course you are. A beauty like you would be snapped up instantly. I wouldn't have left you alone, who knows who might try to steal you away." Delic smirked, his eyes leaving Izaya's for a second as he saw a familiar blonde walking towards them with a sour expression on his face. "Shizuo, Nice to see you. Still looking good." Delic winked.

Izaya turned to see the blonde with an irritated look on his face. "Oi, Delic. Put it back in your pants and get away from my date." Shizuo grumbled as he stepped closer and wrapped an arm around Izaya's waist pulling the small raven into him.

Izaya stumbled slightly, a blush sneaking its way onto his face. "Shizuo-kun, where do you go?"

"Your date? Your. Date." Delic's eyes widened. "Have I slipped into some bizarre world where you aren't gay anymore?"

"Delic!" Shizuo whisper yelled.

Izaya's eyes widened as he stepped out of Shizuo's arms, looking at the blonde with disbelief. "You like men?"

Delic smirked. "Oh, well. Sorry. Maybe you'd like to spend the rest of the night with me. I can definitely show you a good time." He said to Izaya.

Izaya gave him a lovely smile. "Leave. Now. Before I cut off your penis and feed it to you."

Delic's face paled, looking between Shizuo and Izaya. "I understand you're upset babe."

"Fuck off, Delic." Shizuo hissed, his face was bright red.

Izaya was anticipating a fight. Shizuo was close to losing his temper and Izaya knew what that meant. The party would be ruined and he would end up failing to keep his favour to Kasuka. Izaya grabbed Shizuo's hand and dragged him away from the other blonde.

Delic stood in shock. "Huh, suppose she's one of those girls."

Izaya and Shizuo made their way outside the venue. Izaya sighed and let go of Shizuo's wrist. "You can't start a fight here. It would ruin your mother's birthday." Izaya explained and flicked his long hair out of his face.

Shizuo was stiff, his face red and angry. "I can't believe that bastard."

Izaya leaned back against the wall, looking at Shizuo curiously. "So, it's true then?" Izaya smiled deviously and shrugged. "I guess we know why you chase me so much. Shizu-chan likes watching my ass as I dash away."

Shizuo's head whipped towards Izaya. He was about to lash out at the younger man but realised that the raven wasn't making fun of him but trying to cheer him up. "Tch, as if I'd watch your scrawny ass." Shizuo growled out jokingly.

Izaya looked over his shoulder at his own ass. "No, I'd definitely tap that."

Shizuo couldn't help it, the loud laugh that left his throat. It was heartfelt and made tears come to his eyes as he tried to gasp for breath.

Izaya pouted childishly, a blush finding its way onto his face as he realised how much he liked Shizuo's laugh. "Remember to breath, moron."

"Ha…ha…sorry, flea. It's just…pfft…" Shizuo chuckled for a little longer before he grinned. "Yeah. I suppose you have an alright ass."

"Alight? Alight? My ass is glorious."

"Can we stop talking about your ass?" Shizuo smiled. "Thanks."

Izaya looked at him curiously. "For what?"

"Stopping me for making a scene and well…calming me down. First time you've done that." Shizuo raised an eyebrow.

Izaya shrugged. "I'd owe Kasuka-chan big time if I let you run rampage."

Shizuo's heart seemed to stop at that. He'd forgotten that Izaya was only here because his brother was making him. This was all an act to Izaya. He was just fulfilling a favour, nothing more. Shizuo didn't know why this made him feel so down. He might have had a small crush on Izaya in high school but the little shit was a little shit. He hated the bastard.

"We should get back inside." Shizuo suggested. The joking tilt that his voice had previously was gone.

Izaya blinked as he watched Shizuo's retreating form. What happened? They had been getting along right?

Izaya followed Shizuo back into the party. He linked onto Shizuo's arm and smiled up at him, the mask of Kanra settling back on his face. "You know, Shizu-chan. You have a nice ass too. I wouldn't mind tapping it." He gave the blonde's butt a little smack before unlinking and walking off towards the bar.

Shizuo's face was red. His mouth agape. "Damn flea."

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