Title: All Good Things, Ch. 2

Author: andi1013

Rating: PG

Spoilers: Nothing after Biogenesis exists.

Keywords: Alternate Universe, MSR

Summary: There is more to leaving than what is said.

Disclaimer: We've been through this. We all know I didn't create them. I won't even pretend I did. I just like to borrow them for creative purposes.

Notes: I got some good feedback, so I decided to post this little addition to the story. I felt that while Scully's intentions to leave Mulder were true, that maybe she had her own agenda and reasons for leaving as well. Something more personal that she couldn't tell Mulder without him insisting on coming along. This is what this story is about. It does lead into another part that I haven't written yet, but bear with me and I'll get the wheels turning soon.




The cab pulled to a stop in front of Scully's apartment building. The timing was perfect, for as the ride ended, she put the finishing touches on the letter and held the envelope in her hand. This if for the best, she thought over and over. There is no other way.

"Ma'am? We're here." That cab driver gave a concern look, but did not pry into her business. Instead he took her money, including a very generous tip, and nodded his thanks as she exited the vehicle.

Scully stood in the middle of the road and looked up at the brownstone complex as the cab drove off. This was her home for seven years. It wasn't fancy, but it was a nice place to live. The neighborhood had been ideal for raising a family. And the trees on the curb gave a sense of peace with nature. Scully smiled at the thought of how she loved to gaze out at them during the times of change and watch as they changed color, wilted, dyed, and came back to life every year.

She was definitely going to miss this place.

She was alerted by the front door opening at the front and her brothers appearing into the first sunlight of the day. They had arrived the night before from mom's to help, and although she felt bad for leaving them to do most of the packing, deep down she believed they would understand and not question it.

She walked up onto the sidewalk and held open the door for them as they walked past and loaded the boxes into the back of Bill's SUV.

"Is that all of it?" she asked.

Bill put his hands on his hips, visibly trying to catch his breath. "Yeah, that's everything. All except that box you told us to leave behind."

"Thanks, guys, for all your help."

"Uh, huh." Charlie didn't even attempt to hide his tone. "I guess I should just be happy that you didn't have more than this."

Scully eyed her little brother. "Well, most of it's already in storage. This stuff is going to mom. I thought she'd might like to have it."

Charlie smiled at his sister's seriousness. "I'm just kidding, Dana. You know you can always call me to help you with anything. It would've been nice to have you here to help, though."

Scully returned his smile and rubbed him lightly on the arm. "I know, and I'm sorry about that, too. Believe me it wasn't planned." Charlie nodded in understanding. "Could I ask you to do one more thing for me?" Charlie eyed her wearily. "Could you go ahead and bring down that last box and lock it up for me? I don't think I need to see the place again." Charlie sighed in mock frustration, but agreed to do so. He turned to bound up the stairs, but was stopped mid stride. "Charlie? Could you also leave this on the mantel above the fireplace for me?" Charlie nodded, again, and continued his pursuit up the stairwell.

Scully turned back and saw Bill leaning against the vehicle. She didn't say a word and swiftly walked over to him and buried herself into his chest, sobbing quietly into his sweater. His arms came up to encircle her and rested lightly across her back as he rested his head on hers.

"I'm guessing he didn't take the news all that well," he said.

She chuckled into his chest, which sounded muffled. "You could say that." She pulled back slightly and smoothed out the area she was crying on in a vain attempt to make it better.

"You know," Bill hesitated a little, "when you called me this morning, I almost expected you to say you changed your mind and to unpack everything."

"If I was leaving just because of him, I would have said just that. But he's not the only reason why I'm doing this," she confessed. She pulled fully away from her brother and wiped the tears way from her eyes. Bill fidgeted, wanted to badly to help his sister but not knowing exactly how to do that. He wiped his hand across his mouth, down his neck and around to his nape and rubbed, hard.

"Look, Dana, I know I'm the last guy who would plead a case for Fox Mulder. But even in the worst times, it was so easy to see how much he cares for you, and he has proven this probably more times than I know about."

Scully pulled out a tissue and wiped her nose before responding. "Caring for each other has never been the problem, Bill. The problem is that I have found a new path that I must follow, and I cannot ask Mulder to come with me. He has what he has searched for, now I must go and search for what I need to find."

Bill nodded like he understood, even though he really didn't. And he probably never would. All he knew was that the move his sister was making only made him worry more. The fact that she was leaving Mulder, too, was not soothing to him either.

He noticed a blue sedan pulling to a stop behind the SUV, as did Scully. Her eyes brightened just a little more at the sight of the tall, young lady exiting the driver's side door. He had only seen her once before. When Scully first asked him over two days ago to ask for his help, he arrived a few minutes early and saw the same woman standing in the middle of the living room. She left soon afterwards and had not been seen until now.

There was something eerie about her to Bill, and she seemed very cautious of him, as well as the area, looking around with a sense of paranoia. She didn't approach Bill or Scully but leaned against the car, waiting.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked, still sizing up this new person.

Scully sighed deeply then answered. "Yes, but I'm also scared, too, if that makes you feel any better."

Bill smirked. "Maybe just a little." Scully returned his expression just as Charlie walked out with the last box. The young lady against the car moved for the first time in three minutes to circle around and unlock the trunk. Scully motioned for Charlie to place it in the back and he did as he was instructed, gasping for air as he finished.

Scully hugged Bill tightly around the neck. Bill was a little reluctant to let go. He couldn't explain it, but he had the sense of dread that it would be a long time before he saw his sister again, if ever.

"You call me if you need anything, you hear me?" Scully nodded in agreement, tears threatening again as he opened the driver's side door of the SUV. Before they could fall, though, Charlie whipped her around and scooped her up in a big bear hug. She couldn't help the laugh that escaped as he spun her around.

He finally set her down, kissed her goodbye and crossed over to get into the passenger's side of the vehicle. As they drove away, Bill kept looking in his rearview mirror for any sign from his sister to come back, but it never came.

As they disappeared around the corner, Scully turned and walked up to the young woman.

"Are you ready?" She asked.

The young woman nodded and pushed herself off the car, looking around one more time before opening the door and climbing in. She looked over at Scully and noticed the sad look in her eyes. In spite of doing what came natural and asked what was wrong, she chose to ignore it, started the car and pulled out into traffic.

"Where do we go now?" she asked.

Scully looked out the windshield. The world was wide open to them. They could go anywhere they want, but first they needed to find answers. "Probably best to head North to Canada. We'll start looking there."

The driver nodded in agreement and maneuvered the car towards the exit heading North on the interstate.

"And keep it under the speed limit, okay?" Scully reprimanded. "The last thing we need is a ticket to bring us back here."

The driver just smirked. "Yes, mother," she replied. "Whatever you say."

They rode in silence, each lost in their thoughts. Scully looked longingly out the window as they passed the exit for Arlington. She hoped he would understand, hoped one day he would forgive her. Most of all, she hoped one day fate would bring them back together again.