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Warnings: possessive/wall sex, sweet lady kisses, your standard Brittany topping Santana (I mean duh) and sexy costumes being taken off.


Part 2: Shelltastic Sheddings and Bodacious Endings

"You dressed me as a ninja turtle!?" You're talking louder than normal to be heard over the bass pumping through the speakers, causing vibrations to rumble under your feet.

Brittany smiles over her shoulder at you, her hand still tangled in yours as she leads you through the crowd after Natalie who is showing you to where the beverages are.

When you get into the kitchen she pulls you into her side, her arm wrapping smoothly around your waist and squeezing as her lips press warmly to your ear, "Not just any ninja turtle San. You're like the coolest ninja turtle and it so fits you!" She places a kiss on your cheek after she speaks, and it warms the skin for more reasons than one.

You shake away your slight paranoia of someone else witnessing you so close to Brittany, so intimate, because that's the reason you came to this party in the first place, so that you could be like that with her. Just like you should have been all those times before.

The two of you spent all summer dancing around the possibility of dating after the ending occurrences of your junior year. You confessing your love, and sexuality, to Brittany, her breaking up with Artie, your trip to New York and the way you seemed to shift towards each other and get closer and closer everyday. The same way you used to be, only different.

Now you take baths with Brittany and want them to mean more. Now you touch her and look at her in a way that you always should have, that you always wanted to, but now can fully appreciate. Now there are feelings, lots and lots of feelings involved, and you can admit to Brittany and yourself that you're in love with her, and she says it back and means it the way you want her to.

Because she was right, she always is, and it's better with feelings.

You smile because that's all you've ever really wanted, and if it means spending the night dressed as some ninja turtle then you can deal. Everything is worth it if Brittany's the one you get to share it with.

You lean in closer to Brittany as she's reaching out to take two red solo cups from Natalie's hand, wrapping your arms around her waist and pressing your lips tenderly to the exposed porcelain skin of her neck. You smile when you feel her shudder in your arms.

The spell is momentarily broken when some drunk asshole shouts out "Hot chicks kissing, fuck yeah ladies!" from the other side of the kitchen and you feel your blood instantly boil. You're about to go all Lima Heights on the royal douche when someone else steps up to him.

They're wearing a long purplish trench coat, striped and calf high pants, mismatched colored socks, and a large abnormal top hat with crazy red hair flowing out from all angles. When they turn their face, Santana recognizes David, Natalie's boyfriend, even though his face is painted white and 'crazy' looking.

In the chaos of an almost fight between David and the drunk frat douche, Natalie is the first to speak up and defend you and Brittany.

"Hey that's my cousin and her girlfriend that you're talking about."

Frat guy smirks and raises his cup, "Even better!"

"It's time for you to leave. Get the fuck out of our house and don't come back."

You just witnessed some seriously shitty stuff, but your heart is racing for an entirely different reason.

Natalie just referred to you and Brittany as girlfriends. Do you want that? More than anything, but you and Brittany never officially discussed titles and you don't want to scare her off by coming on too strong. You're best friends, working towards the idea of being more (even if you've always been more, right from day one.)

Though, Brittany hasn't denied the notion that you two are girlfriends, and that makes you feel better.

Suddenly you feel Brittany taking a hold of your hand as she places a kiss to the corner of your mouth and whispers, "Come on my sexy ninja turtle, come dance with me." Then she's tugging you off towards the dance floor before you even have a second to process anything.

Not that you'd argue. If there's one thing as sexy as Brittany the girl, it's Brittany the girl, dancing.


Your arms are wrapped securely around her neck. Brittany's hands are gripping tightly at your hips. Your bodies are pressed flush together. Your hips cradled between hers as she rocks you both back and forth in a dizzying rhythm. Your foreheads, although beginning to perspire, are pressed together as her darkened eyes gaze into your own.

You hear, see, and feel nothing else but Brittany and the rapid beating of your heart as it thumps in an uneven tempo against your chest.

Brittany's nose nudges your cheek before her lips tilt in and press against your own. It's a straight electrical jolt although your body as the way her lips slide against your own feel like they're breathing air into your oxygen starved lungs. You find your hands reaching up to tangle in blonde hair at the base of Brittany's skull, holding her close while tethering your own body.

You're at risk of flying away from the way that she makes you feel.

Your lips brush against each other for what seems like hours until you feel Brittany's tongue glide across the moisture caught on your bottom lip, you moan at the action and part your lips to allow her access without delay. You feel long fingers roam the small of your back and the curve of your ass, sending little licks of electricity through your skin even though you're covered in cotton as Brittany angles her mouth to delve her tongue deeper into your own.

A cool hand glides up the length of your back before cupping the nape of your neck as Brittany secures your mouths together. You taste love, happiness, and content on Brittany's lips and you give in to her absolutely and completely.

It's not until someone stumbles into Brittany from behind and jostles you both forward that you remember you're surrounded by a crowd of people, a group of college aged kids you know nothing about. Your eyes flutter open through your haze, your heart still pounding from exhilaration; it always does that when you're this close to Brittany. She smiles at you and asks a silent question with her eyes.

Is this okay? You smile back and nod, tilting up on your tiptoes before pecking her lips. She grins into the kiss before sighing against your lips.

"Do you want to sit down for a bit?" The tenderness of her tone melts your heart, you nod and she smiles again. "Okay I'm going to go get some water and I'll meet you on the…couch." She then says after surveying the area and pointing out a vacant sofa in the corner. You nod and she pecks your nose before she winds her way back through the crowd towards the kitchen.

With a content sigh you make your way over to the sofa.


You tell the couple you've been talking to for the last six minutes, Carson and Brenda you think they said, goodbye as they inform you they're going to be heading out. It's only a few seconds before you feel another presence plop down next to you. At first you're hoping that it's not some nasty guy who's going to proceed to hit on you, but then you realize you probably should have hoped it wasn't an attractive girl smiling at you.

With dark brown hair and what appear to be dominant green hazel eyes. Her skin is lighter than yours but darker than Brittany's, and she's got a small birthmark just above the left side of her upper lip.

You'd never admit it but you're horrible talking to other women unless you're insulting them, or it's Brittany. And really your mind and heart are only ever focused on your beautiful, blonde best friend (and lover) but you've also just admitted to yourself that you're attracted to women, so one sits next to you and smiles and suddenly you feel all flushed in embarrassment and wondering how the hell you're going to tell her,

"I'm seeing someone!"

Well, cat's out of the bag now. The attractive brunette next to simply chuckles at your accidental outburst, her lips curving into a kind smile.

"That's okay Raph, so am I," she says kindly with an incline of her head to the area behind you. When you turn around to see what she's glancing at, you find an attractive blonde woman waving in your direction, or rather the brunette's, and blowing a kiss. You suddenly find yourself hot around your nonexistent collar.

"Oh," you mumble out, blinking and avoiding eye contact, "I'm sorry, I'm not used to being in situations where I…talk about it. I get nervous sometimes."

She laughs and pats your shoulder, "It's okay, I understand. I saw you with your girl earlier anyway, pretty blonde with striking blue eyes and moves I've never seen on a dance floor." She says.

You nod because that's the easiest way to describe Brittany, the brunette nods with you.

"Thought so, you too are adorable. Don't worry Raph; I'm not about to steal you away from your girl. I've got my own O'Neil."

Your head is nodding before you even fully register the words, but when you do your brow screws up and you frown slightly, "Wait, why do you keep calling me Raph?"

The brunette chuckles again and points to your get up before she points to her own, which you now notice is strikingly similar except with accents of orange where yours is red, before she grabs an orange mask and holds it to her face.

"Because you're Raphael, and I'm Michelangelo." She says with a smirk before she drops the mask, "Your girl put you up to it."

You laugh because yes, "I could never say no to her. She started talking about how cute turtles were a few weeks ago and how much she loved them, I thought it was just Brittany being Brittany but then she showed me this outfit. I didn't put things together until we actually got to the party. But, I get to carry these!" You say as you hold up your metal knives (the 'sais' you will eventually discover Natalie was referring to.)

"Awesome! I get nunchuks!" She says holding up the weapons and then shrugs her shoulders, "But yeah, doing what she wants? Classic case of severely whipped."

You shoot the brunette a pointed glare and she raises her hands in defense, "Sorry but I'm just laying out the truth. Trust me though, it takes one to know one." You find yourself nodding, it's not like you ever could've successfully denied it.

"Yeah, I'd do anything for Brittany."

"And I'd do anything for Allison."

The sincerity can be heard in your new acquaintances voice and when you glance in her direction, you can see the way she's looking off towards her girlfriend, a certain narrowed focus evident. Like there's no one else in the room but her.

It's the same way that you look at Brittany, and always will.

"I'm Santana by the way, in case you don't want to call me by our 'super secret ninja names', as Britt would say." You tell her and she flashes a smile in your direction before holding out her hand.

"I'm Cori, nice to meet you."

You shake your new, let's just go with friend's hand and then laugh at a joke she tells seconds after as she pats you on your bare thigh. You don't see the way clear blue eyes have zeroed in on you and are narrowing in suspicion.

You definitely don't see the way that Brittany stomps through the crowd in your direction, a look on her face that could crisp someone in a second (if Brittany was capable of so much as hurting a fly), but you do feel the way Brittany suddenly yanks you from your spot. And you undeniably hear the way she's suddenly hissing through grit teeth at Cori still sitting on the sofa.

"Hands off stuff that isn't yours."

Two things occur in that moment.

One, your face flushes in mild embarrassment at Brittany's assumption that anything besides friendly chat is happening between you and Cori, and two, your body heats with desire at the possessive edge in Brittany's tone. You've seen her angry only a few times in your life and you can't deny how incredibly hot it is (even if it's a little wrong to think so.)

Right now, possessive and jealous Brittany is winning all the sexy awards, hands down.

"Britt," you start to murmur, but don't get much further than that one syllable before she is turning away from the sofa and storming off, her hand wrapped thoroughly around your wrist as she tugs you with her. You don't have any idea where she's going until you suddenly find yourself ascending a stairwell and Brittany drags you into an unoccupied room, instantly spinning you around and pushing you, face first, against the door to close it as she reaches around your body to flick the lock.

Her body presses deliciously into yours, her hot breath on your neck. You utter out a barely concealed whimper at how incredibly turned on you are right now.

And damn, that escalated quickly.

"What did that girl think she was doing?" Brittany husks into your ear, it's a rhetorical question because she doesn't give you a second to answer. She's quickly getting a grip on both your hands and holding them together in her left one, pressing them into your stomach so you are unable to move an inch. She nips at the skin exposed at your neck and you gasp before you feel her right hand tracing against the edge of your dress hem.

Brittany's fingers dip under the material and trail up the front, and then the back, of your thighs making you shiver under her touch. She continues the action until your dress is bunched up around your waist and you hear her groan lowly behind you, her eyes no doubt having caught sight of the underwear you wore particularly for this occasion. Her hand smoothes over the curve of your ass, drawing a whine from your own lips, before her thumb skims under the green material of the boy shorts that cover your right cheek.

"These are sexy San." Brittany whispers in your ear, causing a spark of arousal to shoot directly between your legs again. She nips at your ear as her hand curves up the swell of your backside and grips at the band of your panties before she begins to tug them slowly down your legs.

Seconds later and your lower body is fully exposed to Brittany, and she quickly takes advantage of that, sliding her hand up between your legs and running her fingers through wet heat.

"Mmmm Santana, you're dripping." Brittany accentuates in your ear and you nod furiously as the tips of her fingers ghost up and down the back of your thighs, curving teasingly towards your aching center. "That had better be because of me." She then punctuates with a sharp nip to your neck as she slides a single finger through your wetness.

You shake in her arms, gasping at the teasing touch. It's almost worse than not being touched at all.

"Yes! Oh God B, yes it's for you. It's always for you." You practically sob out as her finger slides through your slick folds again, this time even slower. You feel her smile against the skin of your neck where her lips are pressed.

"And why's that Santana?"

God just the seductively possessive sound of her voice makes your center throb, your hips roll in a wave and your back arch in an attempt to push your backside further out in search of her fingers. Then suddenly her fingers are on your clit and she holds your body in place with her hips pressed to the curve of your ass to the point you are helpless to move and she's in absolute control.

"I asked you," she starts to say again, giving you the most delicate of pressure, "why is it that only I can make you this wet?"

Your brain is fuzzy from arousal, your heart is beating erratically in anticipation, and your body is practically trembling in Brittany's arms, but you're still coherent enough to know what she wants.

"Because I'm yours Britt…please."

The reaction is almost instantaneous with your words, because the second they escape you Brittany is pressed up as close as possible to your back and her fingers start working in circles against your bundle of nerves. You're a quivering mess within seconds, crying out as she pulls you closer and ruts her hips against your backside.

"Ugh fuck B, don't stop!" The words barely leave your mouth before you're crying out for a different reason. Frustration, because you feel Brittany's fingers leave from their spot between your legs and the warmth of her front side disappears from your back, releasing the grip she held on your hands.

You attempt to look over your shoulder to see where she's gone but are met with a bruising kiss from Brittany's lips that equally distracts you and keeps you from seeing what's going on.

"Close your eyes and wait." The commanding tone sends another throb between your legs and you're about ready to move your own hand down there but Brittany beats you to it, grabbing your wrists and moving your hands so they are pressed palm in against the door just above your head. She kisses that spot just below your ear before she steps back again.

You hear the sound of ruffling and then something fall to the ground before you gasp when you feel her hands on your legs. She urges you out of your boots first and takes the mask off your face before slipping your panties all the way down your legs until they pool at your feet and you step out of them. She presses into your body again and even through the cotton material of your dress you can feel the way Brittany's no longer wearing her coat, but she's definitely wearing something.

Her breasts push deliciously into your back as she leans into you and runs her hands down your sides, placing hot, wet open-mouthed kisses down the column of your neck. The way the cotton material of your dress creates a friction against the smoother material of her 'top' and practically squeezes her breasts upwards makes you think she's not wearing just a bra.

You almost snap your eyes open when you realize what Brittany is wearing.

The smooth surface covering her from breasts to hips, the way it's undoubtedly cinched ridiculously tight up the length of her spine, molding her waist in a perfect hourglass figure and accentuating her breasts as they practically spill from the top. If your suspicions are correct, you moan at the thought of actually seeing such a garment on Brittany.

And you won't have to wait long to.

Brittany's fingers return to your center and you jolt a little at the welcome contact as she teases your clit again before she's suddenly spinning you around to face her. Your eyes nearly fall out of their sockets, and your sex throbs desperately at the sight of Brittany in a black lace corset. Your jaw drops and you know your eyes immediately turn two shades darker.

She smiles smugly at you as your eyes continue to roam over the goddess she is.

There's fringe hanging from the bottom of the corset covering her hips and the pair of matching lace panties she's wearing. Other than that, she's got nothing else on.

"This is what you were wearing underneath?"

She nods, that same smug smirk pulled across her lips.

"Holy shit Brittany, you're incredibly sexy." You tell her, leaning forward with the thought that you'll get to kiss her but her hand presses into your chest to stop you and she shakes her head.

"Uh uh, I'm still in control here, and I still have to show you who you belong to." She rasps her tone laced with such a smoldering conviction that your knees wobble in weakness. Her hands fall to the hem of your dress bunched at your waist and she slowly tugs it upwards. Your arms shoot towards the ceiling in an effort to help her as much as possible.

In an instant, you're as naked as the day you were born, but somehow feeling a whole lot more confident with the way Brittany's blue eye now darken in lust and appreciation as they rake over your body. Strenuous Cheerios practice keeps you both in excellent shape, and you know that Brittany's a fan of the toned slimness of your body and the fullness of your breasts. Medically enhanced or not, they're still one of Brittany's favorite assets.

Her eyes flicker back up to yours and a grin tugs at the corner of her mouth, "Santana Lopez, you're going to stand still and behave until I'm satisfied that you know you're mine."

Through a shuddered gasp of breath you manage to nod.

Brittany smiles wickedly in approval before her right hand reaches out and cups the curve of your breast, pulling a moan from the back of your throat at the jolt of pleasure that courses through your body. You bite your bottom lip between your teeth to try and starve off the desperateness in your demeanor, but you're afraid that you are already too far-gone for it to matter.

You suspect that Brittany is fully aware of this too as she leans in and cups your other breast with her left hand and attaches her lips to the one palmed in her right. You groan at the feeling of her tongue swirling around your sensitive skin, your hands clenching into fists at your side as you fight your desire to reach out and dig your fingers into her blonde hair.

The pulse between your legs throbs when Brittany glides your nipple between her teeth and tugs on it just enough to make you cry out in a mix of pleasure and pain.

"B-Britt! Oh!"

She kisses across your chest to provide the same attention to the other one, her tongue swirling agonizingly slow and her teeth nipping until the bud remains hard and erect.

With one final kiss to the swell of your heaving breasts, Brittany abruptly falls to her knees in front of you. Another gasp leaves your lips as she presses her mouth into the twitching muscles of your stomach as her right hand slips down the length of the back of your left thigh, until she grips at your knee and tugs, hooking your leg over her shoulder and exposing all of you directly to her mouth.

There's a pause before you hear Brittany murmur from her spot, "Are you ready…baby?" And the term of endearment sends another jolt through your body. For whatever the two of your were before, and whatever you have been for the last few months, nothing means more to you to hear Brittany say that in regards to you. It makes everything so much more solid and complete and worth it.

"Yes, God yes Brittany…please." You beg, your body trembling in anticipation.

Brittany smiles up at you, her breath cool against your scorching center, "I want you to look at me while I taste you, don't close your eyes or I'll stop."

God this girl is the ultimate form of torture, but still so absolutely blissful. You swallow thickly but nod in agreement, your fingernails digging into the wood of the door where you try to hang on. Your mouth opens to plead again, but your breath is sucked out of you when Brittany beats you to it and leans in to glide her tongue through your wetness, moaning at the taste she finds there.

You can't help the way your eyes fall closed on instinct, the pleasure causing your stomach muscles to twitch and your supporting knee to shake. But then the pleasure is gone just as quickly as it appeared. Your eyes snap open and glance down at Brittany who is shaking her head and clicking her tongue at you, her face a mere inch from your sex.

"Someone's not very good at listening." She reprimands, her palm not wrapped around your hoisted leg gliding up your thigh and across your stomach until she pinches your nipple before ghosting her hand back down to your hip and anchoring you in place. "Shall we try again?"

You nod, afraid your voice won't work. Your eyes stay open and focused on her as she leans in again. This time the stroke is broad and she teases the tip of her tongue around your clit before wrapping her lips around the bud. You gasp and whimper but manage to keep your eyes locked securely on twilight blue. She smiles into her work, humming against your center. The vibrations send an extra spark of pleasure through your body and you know you're not going to last much longer.

"Mmm…oh Bri-Britt…ungh fuck!"

Before you even gather another breath of air to your starved lungs, Brittany's tongue glides down to your entrance and she pushes inside of you. The feeling of wet on wet warmth makes you moan again as she angles her tongue deeper inside of you, spreading your legs further apart by pushing the one on her shoulder out. Her eyes glance back up to you as she thrusts in and out, and you struggle with keeping your own open as your walls tremor around her relentless tongue.

The gasps and moans are tumbling from your lips without your control, your eyes burn to snap shut and Brittany's head is still bobbing between your legs.

"Ungh God…oh God…ohhh!" You feel her dip even deeper and hold her tongue pressed inside of you. Your eyes almost fall closed while pleasure wrecks havoc on you. Just when you think Brittany's thumb is going to come down and rub against your clit to send you hurtling over the edge, she suddenly slips her tongue out of you and begins to furiously kiss up your body after lowering your leg to the ground.

When her lips meet your lips in a heated kiss, her hands wrap around your thighs and tug you up. You jump into her arms and wrap your legs around your waist. You gasp at how incredible it feels to have Brittany's heaving breasts pressed so deliciously to your own, the lace material of the corset rubbing against your skin in the most erotic manner, creating a tantalizing friction against your breasts and instantly hardening your nipples again.

Brittany licks into your mouth and you moan at the taste of yourself on her tongue. You feel her snake a hand between your bodies and she's entering you easily with two fingers before you can even blink.

That's when you realize you still haven't closed your eyes.

"Mmm Santana, you feel incredible. You're so wet for me," Brittany husks against your lips and you have to rip them away to release a cry of pleasure as her fingers curl within you and her thumb presses against your clit. She attaches her lips to your neck and sucks hard before soothing the mark with her tongue while her fingers continue to fill you up.

"Fuck…Britt…ugh harder!"

You should have known you'd get the exact opposite. You whimper pathetically when Brittany's slows until her fingers are sunk deep inside of you but aren't moving. You try to roll your hips, your breathing heavy and your eyesight hazy, to get any kind of friction or pressure but she's got you pressed too firmly against the door you can't hardly move.

She nips at your neck and curls her fingers forcing another cry of pleasure from your lips before her hot breath washes over the shell of your ear and she's growling against the flesh, "You belong to me Santana, and I'll tell you when to come."

She strokes the tips of her fingers along that spot inside of you she knows so well.

Brittany's never really been one to demand in bed, she's never had to-you're both so in tune with what the other wants that the sex is never unsatisfying.

Despite the fact that you'll argue otherwise on a regular basis, she's also more than likely to always top you (see current position and control) but the raw nature of the way she's literally got you in the palm of her hands right now and the way you will do anything to give her what she wants, not for your own good, but because of how you feel about her, speaks volumes of how far you've both progressed.

From friends with benefits and you denying that it meant anything more than sex, to best friends and lovers searching for something more. You want to have with and give everything to Brittany.

"Say it," Brittany's voice draws you from your inner musings and you whimper again with the way that even though the words are supposed to be demanding, they're still laced with more love and affection than you could ever hope to find, or want, from anyone else. Those words from Brittany are like a light on your journey home.

You turn your eyes until you're looking directly into her dark blue and smile as you stroke your fingers through her long blonde locks. Leaning forward you place a soft kiss against her lips, "I love you Brittany and I am always only yours."

Something akin to relief flashes in Brittany's eyes before she captures your lips with her own and her fingers pump in and out of you again and again and again until your hips are rocking with the motion of her hand and you have to rip your lips away from hers again just to gasp for breath.

"Let go San. Come for me baby."

She whispers into your ear before her lips press into the column of your neck while her fingers thrust deeply inside of you and her thumb swirls against your hard clit. You feel her teeth bite into the skin of your neck and you cry out as the pleasurable pain hurls you into one of the most intense orgasms you've ever experienced.

You feel your walls clamp down around Brittany's fingers, trapping them deep and squeezing hard as if trying to pull them in further. A shudder runs through your body as your head flies back and bangs against the door behind you, your eyes finally snapping shut as your vision clouds with white spots.

Your nails dig into the material at the back of the corset and even as you feel Brittany's fingers curl and pump slowly within you to draw out your climax, you're clawing at the lace up binding and desperately trying to rid her of the garment.

All you want right now is her skin on your skin. You finally get it free as Brittany lowers your shaky legs back to the ground and keeps you anchored in your spot, the fingers of her right hand still buried inside of you, her other hand brushing softly against your hip.

She's gazing at you with a mix of awe, hunger, and love as you manage to finally remove the corset from her body, groaning at the way her breasts bounce lusciously once free. You sigh, leaning in as close as possible and pushing at the small of Brittany's back to bring your bodies flush together. Your lips instantly attack hers and she gasps at the emotions she can no doubt feel pouring from the connection.

All you care about is Brittany, and you barely notice her fingers slipping from within you until they glide across your other hip still wet with you and hold you close. You gasp into her mouth.

Just as you're about to push her back towards the bed and show her how much she means to you, there's a very uncalled for thudding on the door behind you.

You break the kiss for a moment, your heart pounding against your chest in a rush of adrenaline. Brittany tries to take a step back from you, gazing at you, unsure of how you're going to react. Normally any sort of interruption, especially when the two of you stand naked and embracing, would be grounds for you to quickly extract yourself from her and throw out any kind of excuse to get away.

But you're done hurting Brittany like that. You don't want that anymore, you just want her.

You take a step back to her and pull her close shaking your head, "I meant what I said Britt. I love you." You murmur and the smile that lights Brittany's face chases away any last notions of fear you might have had. Your lips meet again, albeit briefly because another thudding sounds behind you and the deep voice of some drunken asshole calls a grumbled mess through the door.

Anger flares through your body and you're about ready to turn around and give the bastard a piece of your mind when Brittany's giggle and soft touch to your forearm stop you. You turn back and look at her, a faint blush covering her adorably freckled cheeks.

"San, we're both still naked and as much as I'm sure that oaf wouldn't mind seeing that, I don't want to have to fight off another someone for what's rightfully mine."

You feel a blush cover your own cheeks, "Oh, yeah I guess that makes sense. I just, I really wanted to…make love to you."

Brittany face softens as she pecks your lips, "Well my parents are supposed to be gone all night and Kiley's at a friend's house so…" She says referring to the whereabouts of her family before trailing off. You grin triumphantly and nod in agreement to her silent suggestion.

"Oh and that girl you saw earlier, baby I promise she was just a friend." You tell her and see the way she's coyly smirking at you.

"I kind of figured, this outfit has really helped you come out of your shell and not be so awkward turtle," She admits and you feel your jaw drop slightly until you realize, that's just sneaky Brittany doing her thing. You playfully roll your eyes and she leans into you again, "I just wanted an excuse to drag you away." She then whispers and it sends a shiver through your body before you lean into kiss her again almost loosing control once more before boisterous laughing from the hall interrupts you again.

With a sigh and a silent nod of agreement you take a step into the en suite bathroom and get a little presentable before changing back into your clothes, stealing glances in Brittany's direction and then helping her put the corset back on before she redresses.

A few minutes later, the both of you step out of the room to a few shocked, and impressed, faces.

You ignore them and tenderly hold Brittany's hand all the way downstairs.


As soon as you get to the bottom of the stairs you spot a familiar face waving to you as she walks your way.

"Oh hey Britt, this is Cori. And Cori this is her, this is Brittany." You say with a goofy grin on your face while holding Brittany's hand. Cori smiles widely at you and then at Brittany.

Holding her hand out to Brittany she nods to her, "Hey I'm Cori, Santana's told me a lot about you. It's nice to meet you."

You can see Brittany blush a little under the compliment, or perhaps her embarrassment from earlier, but she takes Cori's hand and gives it a firm shake, "So nice to meet you too. I'm sorry about earlier, I get a little possessive of her." She admits sheepishly with a brief nod in your direction and your heart swells ten times larger in your chest. Cori lets out a laugh and nods.

"Don't worry about it, I know the feeling. That's what happens when you're in love right?"

Brittany simply smiles in return and you wave goodbye to Cori while she shouts at you to look her up on facebook as Allison comes up and drags her away. You're chuckling and light-hearted as Brittany turns back around to you.

"I guess she's got a point doesn't she?"

You laugh and smile, tugging her close and pressing your lips firmly to hers, "She definitely does." You murmur before you walk with Brittany towards the door.


You and Brittany manage to find Natalie and David fairly quickly and tell them thank you and goodbye before you're walking across the street with your arm wrapped around Brittany's waist on the way to your car.

Glancing over, you see a large smile plastered across her face and it makes your heart flip knowing you are partially responsible for that. You lean over and press a kiss to her still flushed cheek and she giggles and snuggles closer to you. You take a moment to admire Brittany back in that yellow jacket, your heart tenses as you consider what rests beneath it, and what happened when she came out of it not too long ago.

And then another thought occurs to you. She said that your outfits would match, and suddenly you remember.

"Wait, you're April O'Neil!" You exclaim and Brittany simply smiles at you and nods. You feel like hitting yourself in the head because duh, how many times in your life has Brittany made you watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, but soft lips are pressing into your own and stealing your breath again before you can even think about it.

"The contest!" You then suddenly blurt, remembering the main reason (besides Brittany's pouting) that got you into your current outfit. Brittany smiles at you but shrugs, leaning in to kiss your lips again.

"Don't worry San, I don't need the costume contest." She whispers against your lips as her eyes gaze lovingly into your own, "I've already won the best thing I could ever win."

It's cheesy but it works because you almost literally melt in Brittany's arms.

"Me too." You whisper back. She is amazing, and you know that you will never love anyone more than you love her.

You guide your lips together again.

When Brittany pulls back the second time, she's bouncing a little in her spot. You can already see the wheels turning in her head. She's planning something. And then sure enough, she tells you.

"Oh and San, next year you're dressing up as a nail and I'm going to be a hammer okay?"

You're pretty used to Brittany's eccentric way of thinking, but even this throws you for a bit of a loop. You squeeze her hand and tug her back to you, your brow furrowed in that way that you know will make her answer any question you have.

Sure, she's got you wrapped around her finger but there are still times when you have a little bit of power.

"Why's that Britt?"

Her body presses deliciously against your own and her breath tickles across the skin on your jaw. What was that you were saying about power again? You're mind is blanking because her lips are now pressed to your ear as her hands squeeze at your hips.

"So I can say," Brittany's starts to husk, drawing the words out because you know she knows what this is doing to you. She licks at your ear before pulling back completely from your body with a bounce in her step. She shoots you that wink that should have a patent and pokes you lightly in the dimple.

"Nailed it!"


Go Brittana Halloween! As always, thanks so much for all the amazing awesomeness you all continue to show! And I hope everyone has an awesome Halloween!

Bonus question: Can anyone guess what Natalie and her boyfriend David were dressed up as?

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