Transformers Barricade: Prologue

(Location: Cybertron)

(After the fall of Praxus)

"Still nothin'!" Jazz growled as he and Prowl searched through the rubble of what had once been a building. It had been hours since the Decepticons had attacked and the Autobots were still searching through the wreckage for survivors.

The Autobots were use to Decepticon attacks but the target this time hadn't been an Autobot stronghold or outpost, it had been a city, an entire city of Neutrals.

Till now Neutral areas had usually been left alone but now even they weren't safe from the Decepticons wrath.

Praxus, Cybertron's technological and cultural center was now nothing more than rubble. It had been devastating.

Praxus had believed in progress and had agreed with Megarton's anti-caste system beliefs, but they had not agreed with the violent path the Decepticons had taken. Angered by this Megatron had ordered the city destroyed. . . and everyone within killed. The Autobots had arrived as soon as they had received word of the attack but it had been too late.

Prowl gazed across the rubble that had once been his home city. He had left the city several years ago but it had still been a shock. The city had some dark memories for him but it had still been his home. Optimus had thought it wasn't a good idea for Prowl to come but the strategist had insisted and surprisingly Jazz had backed him up, pointing out that Prowl knew the area better than anyone and Optimus had finally agreed.

Prowl tried to keep his processor on the task but his mind started to drift, 'What are you doing? You can't do this! STOP!'

He shook his head to clear the unpleasant memories and activated his comm. :Prowl reporting. No survivors yet:

:Same here: Hound reported.

:And here: Ironhide called.

:Keep looking: Optimus called over the link. :We can't give up yet:

Prowl and Jazz looked at each other, it had been hours and so far no sigh of life. They continued but all they found were deactivated bodies that they laid out to retrieve later. The hope of finding survivors was fading fast.

:Optimus sir: Springer's voice sounded over the comm. :Were getting word of Seekers in the area:

:Understood. Has the entire area been searched:

:Clear in sector 5: Trailbreaker called.

:No survivors in sector 7: Smokescreen a fellow Praxian reported.

:Nothing in sector 8: Firestar answered.

:Nothing from what I can see: Powerglide called as he surveyed from the sky. One of the few Autobots that could fly.

:Almost finished here: Jazz answered.

:Finish up and meet us at sector 2: Optimus ordered.

:Yes sir: Both Jazz and Prowl answered.

Prowl looked around, this was one last area of rubble to check. He made his way over, but what was the point he wondered. No one had survived. No one could have. Even the ever cheerful Jazz had lost hope. Prowl walked over to a building where the wall's stood pretty much intact. He listened for a few moments but didn't hear anything. He sighed and was about to comm. Jazz that the area was clear when he froze.

For a moment Prowl thought he had heard something, but after several tense seconds the Praxien decided it was his imagination and reached for his comm. when he heard it again. Someone was crying.

"Hello!" He called.

:Yeah: Jazz answered and Prowl realized he had activated his comm.

:Sorry I need to check something: He cut off before Jazz could ask and started moving derbies from the partly destroyed building. "Hello? Is someone there?" The crying stopped but Prowl dug where he had heard it coming from. Soon he could see inside what was left of the building and gasped in surprised. A sparkling was pinned down by a steel beam. :Jazz get to my location now!:

:What? Why?:

:I found a survivor!:

:Really! Ah'm on mah way, Jazz out!: The line went dead and Prowl continued to make his way towards the sparkling growing worried when he didn't make any further noise. "Ah'm here!" Jazz called behind him. He looked through the opening and cursed. "Primus! He's jus' a sparkling!"

Prowl finally reached him as Jazz made his way in, Prowl grabbed the beam and lifted it as far as he could while Jazz gently pulled the by then unconscious sparkling out and carried him out of the building.

As soon as they were free Prowl radioed Ratchet, :Ratchet we need you in sector 3!:

:Why? Did one of you get hurt. I told you to. . .:

:No! We found a survivor! A sparkling so please hurry!:

:What. . . Really! I'll be right there!:

Soon the comm. link was alive with feedback, :Did you hear!:

:Prowl and Jazz found a survivor!:

:I can't believe it!:


:I heard it was a sparkling!:


:Primus! It's a miracle!: And many more.

As they waited Jazz and Prowl looked over the survivor. His leg was twisted and his body was covered with scratches and dents but they couldn't find much more wrong with him, but they'd still feel better when Ratchet looked him over.

"I can't believe it," Jazz whispered.

"Neither can I," Prowl admitted. Jazz glanced at him, seeing emotion on Prowl's face was rare.

Suddenly the sparkling moved. The two adult mech's looked down as blue optics slowly opened to gaze at them. A loud shriek filled the air causing them to jump, who knew something so small could be so loud. The sparkling suddenly clung to Prowl and sobbed uncontrollably. Prowl was shocked and at first tried to gently pull away but the sparkling refused to let go of him. Not use to children Prowl looked to Jazz for help only to be meet with an amused grin from the black and white saboteur.

Jazz leaned towards the kid and gently patted his back, "Hey little guy." When the sparkling turned to him he continued, "It's okay, were here ta help. Ah'm Jazz and this is Prowl, what's yo' name?"

The sparkling just looked at him with tears still rolling down his cheeks and Prowl decided to help. He rubbed the sparkling's helm and asked softly, "What's your name?"

Looking between the two he answered in a voice almost too small to hear, "B-Bl-Bluestreak." Both smiled happy that they got him to talk.

"Not much of a talker are ya?" Jazz said amused. Before anyone could say more they heard the approach of tires as their fellow Autobots arrived.