Transformers Barricade

Chapter 6


(Location: Cybertron; Praxus, the early stages of the war)

In a dark alley Prowl leaned against a wall holding his bleeding side, luckily it wasn't a fatal wound. He finally had a moment to think about how things could of gone so wrong. Like everyone else he had wanted to pretend that it wouldn't lead to war, he wasn't naive anymore.

Prowl knew Barricade would be long gone by the time he got back to Headquarters. A deep feeling of hatred and pity rose in his spark, Barricade had made his choice so Prowl was making his.

He had planned on staying neutral, he had thought. . . hoped it wouldn't come to war. His spark had wanted one thing his battle computer had given him a different answer. Barricade had always said he was to emotional.

Prowl gazed out at his home, Praxus was going to remain neutral so it should be safe. He couldn't ignore the war anymore, not after what he had seen. Praxus would be fine, looks like he was taking that transfer to Iacon after all.

But he could never get close to anyone ever again.


(Location: Earth)

Barricade laughed as he kicked Prowl down and pulled out his blaster, he pointed it where Blue was tied up. . . only to gaped in surprise. Bluestreak was gone. "WHAT?!"

Suddenly something slammed into his back knocking Barricade face first into the ground. With fast reflections he reached behind and grabbed the ankle of the offending mech and threw him off.

Barricade jump to his feet and faced his attacker to find Jazz who twisted in midair and landed on his feet. The two stood there for several minutes glaring at each other. Barricade was actually impressed the Autobot had gotten by the traps he had set up.

"I forgot, head of Special Operations. I should of known you would be trouble."

"Ah like ta surprise," Jazz said in a cold tone.

"Though I'll admit I am a little surprised. I didn't think this little prick had any friends." He gave Prowl a harsh kick in the chest causing him to cry out in pain.

Jazz's visor flashed, "More 'en ya Ah'm sure!"

Barricade narrowed his optics as the two started circling each other, each looking for an opening or weakness in the other.

Suddenly Cade lunged at the smaller mech but Jazz sidestepped the larger con easily bringing his elbow between the dark Praxian's door wings. Barricade stumbled back, before he recovered Jazz jumped and kicked him down.

Almost falling Barricade moved, turning quickly he caught Jazz's fist as the bot tried to punch him and twisted his arm. Jazz twisted his body with his arm. He slammed the palm of his hand into Cade's Olfactory sensor and gave a grin when he heard a snap. Barricade stumbled back as energon poured down his face and gave snarl and charged. Jazz took a running start and jumped into the air, he grabbed Cade's shoulders and flipped over the startled con landing behind him dropping onto the ground and kicking Barricade's legs out from under him.

Jazz crouched there waiting for a counter attack but was surprised when Barricade chuckled, he looked at the Saboteur almost with respect. "Impressive. Cyberninja training?"

"Ah've dabbled a little."

Barricade snorted, this was no novice. He was dealing with a master. "Well it makes this game all the more fun. . . not that it will help you. After I remove all your inner workings, 'while you're still online,' I'll do the same to Prowl."

Jazz looked at him with disgust, "Ya ar' a psychopath."

"Why thank you." Barricade suddenly kicked Jazz's legs out from under him. Jazz was grabbed his throat and Barricade slammed his head into the ground repeatedly, Jazz 's visor cracked and one of his sensor horns broke off. After that he was grabbed by his shoulders and slammed him into the ground as Barricade pinned him down. As the world spun Barricade leaned close and whispered, "Now you die!"

"NO!" A silver form collided with Barricade knocking him off the black and white Autobot.

Realizing who had save him Jazz cried, "BLUE STAY BACK!"

Ignoring him Bluestreak tried to tackle the larger con, seeing this Prowl tried to move but the wound in his chest made him cry out as he fell again. As he tried to push himself up he noticed his Acid pellet gun.

Barricade growled and brought his arm up driving his elbow into Bluestreak's face knocking him off. The Decepticon pulled out a knife and stabbed it into Blue's leg.

"NO!" Jazz cried as Bluestreak cried out in pain.

Barricade pulled the knife out and slammed Blue into the ground. Pinning him down he raised the knife, "NOW YOU DIE!" Before Barricade could deliver his blow he heard a shot followed by a blinding pain in his left door wing.

Losing his grip on the younger bot he was knocked off by Jazz. As he was slammed into the ground Barricade spotted Prowl with his Acid pellet gun. He quickly looked at his door wing to see the acid wounds. He gave a harsh kick to Jazz knocking him off and jumped to his feet facing Prowl. The Autobot enforcer was trying to keep his grip on the gun. "I'll tare you apart Prowl!"

Before he could advance something collide with the back of his head. Surprised he whirled around to see Bluestreak holding rocks. One hand was held like he was going to throw another. Barricade stared at him dumfounded, the punk actually thrown a rock at him.

"STAY AWAY FROM HIM!" Bluestreak cried.

"You-You Brat!" Barricade growled through clench denta.

"Leave him alone." Jazz jumped in his way. "Your fight is with meh!"

"Fine you first!" Barricade lunged at the smaller mech but Jazz was prepared this time. Using Barricade's momentum against him Jazz flipped him over his shoulder and onto his back. Barricade tried to get back up but before he could recover Jazz grabbed his right arm and brought it down on his leg as hard as he could and was gifted with the sound of something breaking.

Barricade cried out in pain as he felt his arm brake. Jazz released his grip and Barricade pulled away.

"Prowl!" Jazz turned to see Bluestreak crawling towards the black and white door winger who had a hand on his bleeding wound.

Hearing metal scraping against rocks Jazz turned to see Barricade crawling up one of the cliffs, the con stopped and looked back at the three Autobots. When he saw Jazz was looking at him he gave a venoms glare that promised they'd finished this one day.

Jazz returned Barricade's glared, he wanted to chase the con but Prowl and Blue needed him. Barricade disappeared over the ridge and Jazz ran to Blue and Prowl.

The three slowly made their way towards base. Jazz carried an unconscious Blue on his back since the younger mech couldn't walk with the bad slash in his leg.

Prowl limped besides him, a hand on his wound. After traveling in silence he spoke, "Jazz. . . I'm sorry."

Jazz gave his signature smirk, "It's okay Prowler, Ah know ya had your reasons."

"No it's not, you and Bluestreak. . . you risked your lives for me."

"Tha's what friend's do."

"Yes. . . friends," Prowl was quiet for a moment. "It was in Praxus. Barricade was my partner, we were on the same Enforcer unit. We were good friends almost like brother's until. . ." he trailed off.

Jazz looked at him, "Let meh guess, th' Decepticon's?"

"Yes, it was near the beginning of the war before Optimus became Prime. Praxus was one of the better cities to live in, there wasn't a lot of crime or poverty or strict castes laws like in the other city states. . . but we weren't blind to how the rest of Cybertron was. We both didn't agree with how some things were run or how some mech's were treated."

"Many didn't," Jazz pointed out.

"True, when Megratron appeared promising freedom and rights for everyone we listened. Cade wanted to join him right away but I held back. I wanted to see where this would lead first. And I'm glad I did because Megratron's ways soon turned rather violent."

"Ah remember," Jazz muttered. "Th' council didn't listen and so th' uprisings grew violent and soon it wasn' about equal rights anymore, it was about who was th' strongest."

Prowl nodded, "Barricade always did had a fierce streak. He started disappearing and wouldn't tell me where he went. After awhile I noticed information and bots stared disappearing. One night I followed Barricade and witnessed him murdering a bot. I learned that he had ran afoul of the Decepticons, he wasn't even armed. Barricade was. . . the look in his optics when he killed that bot. . . I didn't even know who he was anymore. He admitted to having joined the Decepticon's and had been stealing information for them among other things. He tried to make me join but I refuse. I tried to talk to him, help him but he. . ."

"He what?" Jazz asked.

"He tried to kill me. I barely escaped and he disappeared. After that I transferred to Iacon. That's. . . that's why I didn't want to get close to anyone."

Jazz laughed, "Well ta bad because Ah'm here ta stay. And so is Blue, Optimus, Ironhide, Blaster and the other's."

Prowl had to smile at that, "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For coming for me. For helping me."

"Anytime, and Ah'll be there when Cade returns."

"Me too." Both turned in surprise to at gazed at Bluestreak.

"Heya kiddo Ah thought ya were asleep," Jazz grinned.

Bluestreak smile, "I couldn't, and I'll be there to."

They continued towards the Ark each lost in their own thoughts of what would happen when Barricade returned. But none of them were afraid because they had each other and their fellow Autobots. They were a family no matter what.

Barricade stumbled through the forest as his arm swung uselessly by his side. He growled as it sparked painfully where Jazz had broken it. "You'll pay for this Prowl," he growled, "You and your friends."

"Really now."

Barricade turned to find Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave a few feet from him.

He quickly dropped onto a knee in a bow. "Lord Megarton."

"I must admit I'm surprised Barricade, especially since I didn't order you here." Just the hint of a growl was under that seemingly calm tone.

"I've. . . come to serve you."

Starscream snorted but Megatron laughed, "Don't take me for a fool Barricade." The black and purple mech cringed, he knew what was coming.

I hope you liked the story. And don't worry you haven't seen the last of Barricade, he'll appear again. I hope you'll like my other upcoming stories I'll post soon.