"De, can we go twick or tweating?" the youngest Winchester asked as he walked home from school with his big brother.

"No Sammy, you know dad doesn't want us out late at night, Especially on Halloween." Dean Winchester lamented for the thousandth time in the pass day or so.

"But what about the candy? How will we get any candy De?" Sammy questioned innocently.

"I'll get you some candy Sam tomorrow, as much candy as you want, just let's not talk anymore about Halloween okay buddy? " The little hunter pleaded.

"But I want to go twick or tweating!" Sammy whined as Dean threw open the door and ran towards the bed.

"I'll make you a deal, if you promise not to cry anymore, we can go trick or treating." Dean suggested as he locked the dead bolt and cuddled up to Sam.

"Really?" Sammy smiled his Mary smile.

"You bet buddy, we just got to get you in costume first, how about being a pillow monster?

"What's that De?" Sammy asked puzzled

"It keeps all the sleepy kids from taking naps; it wakes them with its stinging feathers." Dean said pulling the pillow case off the pillow and cutting holes in the bottom. "In you go, Sam"

"De- where's the stinging feathers?"

"Oh right, you can't be a proper pillow monster without the stinging feathers." Picking up the pillow he took out his knife, and slashed through the cotton skin, with a handful of feathers he stuffed them in the sides of the pillow wrapped younger brother.

"Alright I am gonna go in the bathroom, and you go ahead and knock.

With the bathroom door closed, Sam Winchester ran up to the bathroom and knocked yelling "TWICK OR TWEAT!"

Opening the door, dean scooped up his brother and gave him his only lollipop. "Happy Halloween Sammy"